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Health is wealth and it includes our dental health also. So dental health should not be neglected at any point of time. Many studies have shown that if dental problems are ignored they can prove to be fatal. If you have ever taken any dental treatment you very well know that how costly these services are. That's why it's always recommended to take dental insurance for you and your family.


Dental treatments are getting expensive day by day. Dentists require the patient to visit them once in a while for certain procedures such as prophylaxis, checking and maintenance of dental fillings, etc. The visits are also needed for procedures like dental implants, crowns, braces, envisaging, etc. Frequency of check-ups may actually vary depending on the dental procedure one has undergone It is very difficult to pay huge amount of bills of dentists on every visit. So dental insurance policy holders pay a specific premium to the health insurance companies that provide the dental insurance coverage according to terms and conditions of the agreement signed between both parties. If they exceed the amount agreed upon in terms of coverage limit, they are supposed to pay the extra bill from their own pocket



There are various dental plans available for people so that they could choose very wisely keeping in mind their budget and preference as prevention is better than cure.

FULL COVERAGE DENTAL PLAN - People are often charmed towards this insurance plan. They are often mislead that once they take this plan all their dental charges will be covered. But it can't be the case. Most of these full coverage insurances mostly cover basic services such as tooth extraction, normal check-ups and prophylaxis .So it's better to carefully check the policy of the company or the agreement they have with the providers. So ask everything beforehand regarding the plan that you get. Most of these full coverage insurances however should cover basic services such as tooth extraction, normal check-ups and prophylaxis.

As this plan is very expensive compared to other plans so it's better to first know that how worse is the condition of your teeth. If it's too bad that requires you frequent visit to the dentist then this type of plan is best for you.

PPO DENTAL PLAN - PPO stands for preferred provider organization. This plan is amongst the top choices for most of the people today. In this plan people have the freedom to choose the dentist they want. Unlike other dental solutions that have a limited number of dentists who are included in the network, this plan provides you with the services of any dentist across the United States.

PPO dental plans are very advantageous as other dental insurances come with limited coverage. PPO dental plans cover several basic, surgical and preventive services. Preventive services include oral examinations, cleanings, topical fluoride treatment, sealants and x-rays. Major services that are covered include crowns, bridgeworks, dentures, dental on lays and inlays as well as dental reline and rebases. Basic services that are usually included in the package are procedures such as root canal or endodontic, periodontic or gum therapy, oral surgery, fillings and routine extractions, prefabricated stainless steel crowns, denture adjustments and repair and of course the immediate remedy for pain. It gives many benefits and more flexibility which other dental insurances don't provide.

AETNA DENTAL PLAN - This plan is also gaining popularity when it comes to dental insurances. Aetna Dental plan holder's gets up to 15 to 50 % discount from various dental care services. It also aids in knowing that your insurance is handled by one of the leading companies when it comes to health insurances. This way it assures you that you\'ll get the value of the money which you have spent for the plan. It has two packages in it which are as below:

AETNA ACCESS - It is for those who are looking for basic services only.

AETNA VITAL - People who want more perks, benefits and lot more services should opt for this plan.

CAREINGTON DENTAL PLAN -This plan is one of t he most selling dental plan. It's USP is their money back guarantee. Within 45 days after you paid up for the plan, and you can choose to cancel for whatever reason, the company will refund you your payment. Due to this service many people switch or choose their insurance over the other insurance providers. This let them save almost 20 to 60% on various dental procedures such as oral exams, prophylaxis, dentures, crowns and root canals. Children and adult can get as much as 20% savings on Orthodontics procedures such as braces and invisalign. Procedures under certain specialties like Oral surgery, pedodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics and periodontics can also be availed using this plan at discounted rates. Besides that, plan holders can get discounts on specialty care or cosmetic procedures such as bondings and veneers.

When you have a dental plan, you will know how much you will save and how much things should cost. This will save you a lot of time when you put in a claim. If you have dental insurance, your insurers might not reimburse you as much as you would like and you will have to go through all the trouble of submitting forms after forms and claims after claims just to get what you think you deserve or are entitled for.

So once you decide to buy a dental insurance, keep this thing in mind that generally, dental insurance plans cover non-cosmetic oral operations as well as emergency tooth replacements. Surgery is an important part of dental care, as the more serious tooth or gum complications normally need surgery-based solutions, thus it is imperative that this is covered in the policy. Emergency tooth replacements are covered in the case of an accident or an injury that may cause you to lose a tooth or two. In most cases, dental X-rays are also included as part of the policy.

Always remember that whatever you choose, make sure that you do visit the dentist for a checkup every 6 months to ensure you have healthy gums and teeth.