Dell use basic supply chain management components

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As it is evident that Supply change management (SCM) is all about the network of processes that are involved in delivering a finished good or product to the end consumer. It consists of all the major role players that are involved right from the manufacturer to the end consumer. It further involves resourcing of raw materials, assembly plants, warehousing, order submittals, statistical distribution and delivery. Dell Computer Corporation has been a pre-eminent direct Computer Systems Company which was launched back in 1984 by Micheal Dell.  Dell's value chain consists of all this but it has a unique way of selling and as we call it a USP. Dell provides its customers value in terms of easy customization of the product within the hands of the customer. Even such a direct value delivery network needs to follow some basic Supply chain Management techniques. Dell is one of the most flourishing and productive computer companies in chronicle. They're well-known for their innovational customer service and end-product custom configuration. As Dell continues to grow, it is confronted with the challenge of how to conserve its customer alliances and inventory management, and at the same time persisting in to meet the demands and requisites of its customers.

Some realities about the Dell Supply Chain Management

The first and foremost step is to plan it all throughout. Certain obstacles exist in achieving complete hold over a Supply Chain Management. Simple obstacles could be: increasing diversity in products, decreasing stages of the product lifecycles (PLC), and increasingly demanding customers can also be an obstacle at times, atomization of the supply chain ownership, globalization or facing difficulties against implementation of new strategies. Dell has a single and simple concept that is to retail computer systems straight off to customers. Dell's clients exist worldwide and extend from individuals, small businesses and established organizations, such as schools and hospitals and other health facilities. Dell's mission statement is "to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience" (http:\\

In the entire due course Dell has proved itself well in creating brand image through innovation and setting up a value delivery network that the customers are satisfied with. Dell needs to plan on further Globalization of its product, opening more stores and outlets worldwide. Dell might also be considering the fact of lacking promotional marketing. It is though true that a big-shot like Dell doesn't need to prove itself time to time but at the same time what's the competition like nowadays? Dell should consider planning for the course as being one of the prime providers of computer systems and among the best provider of custom machines.

Factors to work on to improve the Supply Chain Management

After examining Dell's IT and their competitive strength as a consequence of their encouraged and productive IT, it was intriguing to come up with recommendations to help them accomplish more positive results in a field that they already flourish in. Nevertheless, even with Dell's present victory, we perceive that in an ever-changing technology field, there is always room for betterment.

Adding suppliers and vendors to the SCM.

Due to the increment in Dell's worldwide sales, Dell may want to look at particularly adding together extra suppliers to their supply chain management system. The extra suppliers should not implicate in any substantial cost to Dell and they may be able to pull off better component costs from new providers. New providers would want to take part in this substitute because they would be ascertained doing business with a preeminent technology company

Exercise Client Surveys and connect to customers to gain market share.

Whilst Dell does well in its markets abroad, Dell has lost a little domestic market share and has more potentiality abroad. It is significant for Dell to publicize and get their products noted in external markets. With the of attain this destination; detailed customer satisfaction surveys ought to be used in contest where they lag behind their competitors. Also in the US, Dell's margin of leadership has declined even where they were ranked high among competitors. Besides surveys Dell can send out questionnaires to former consumers to see how they can enhance their end-product. By directly talking to customers they can know where they fall short of strategies as well as better connect with customers, who would feel how Dell really cares about their old and prospect customers

Materialize more in Research Activities

As per the growth of the whole market and ultimately in the competition, it is almost significant for Dell to hold on its core competencies by extending new products and services to cater to the market. Dell might also want to expand into the peripheral device markets that could enhance their computer system sales. This could include differently configured systems solutions for doctors, architects, designers, composers and as well as gamers, music freaks etc. Dell also needs to be watchful about its competitors and keep an eye on their product and value delivery techniques and supply chain.

Increased Customer support

Customer back-end support and communication plays a vital role when it comes to technology and computers. It is of top notch importance that Dell keeps qualified and well-trained personnels on the phones support and on Internet for customer service dealings. Basing the fact on some surveys Dell seems to be losing its customers to the hands of decreased support and difference in perceived and actual view of support in the mind of the consumer. Dell's technique of cheaper labor costs comprises of routing tech support calls from US headquarters to India. The problem stated by corporate customers is that they did not receive the kind of support they expected.

Promotional and Advertising Campaigns

Dell's visibility has been an issue as Dell lays little emphasis on such campaigning. In the course of keeping Dell's name in the market, Dell should consider advertising campaigning and BTL activities which would prove instrumental in enhancing Dell's visibility. Advertisements of new price cuts, deals etc should be on the newspapers, internet, magazines etc. Dell once happened to increase its brand image with its "dell Guy" activity. This would aid dell in getting noticed and eventually getting business through prospect and present customers.


Raising employee productiveness, making business relationships and alliances, elevating decision-making, and facilitating worldwide reach are vital to the extended success of Dell and IBM in nowadays fast-paced technology compulsive surroundings.