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Definition of Organizational Culture. Organization culture is the enterprise formed after many years of development, entire staff recognition and observance, a belief in the business and faith, enterprise values, a management style, an entrepreneurial, moral philosophy, the sum of the development goals is a sense of business leaders to cultural change, human function used in enterprises, so as to solve the problems in the enterprise management. So, there is an organizational culture.

Organization culture is important in an enterprise

Organization culture is the core competitiveness of enterprises, so the organization culture is very important for the enterprises. Every enterprise cannot do without the organization culture. Organization management is an emerging economy, is a modem idea of management philosophy by the increasingly competitive market nowadays. The purpose of existence of organization culture is using the spiritual, the material and the cultural. It means to meet the staff needs with spiritual and material. And it can improve the rally power of the enterprise. It also can stimulate the activities and creativity of the staff which is normally working for the company. So as to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, organization culture can be said as an essential to a business. It is an important part of strategy management. Such as China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Mobile Communications cultivate advance organization culture, it temper lasting core capacity to shape the organization image of excellence the three measure from good to great. It as an important measure of the strategy is to make the organization culture to promote the enterprise to let them development to achieve a new leap in the power source. To cohesion the spiritual power of a corporate and to establishment the culture of the concept system that has characteristics of China Mobile. The corporate of China Mobile culture construction experienced the ¿½¿½Practice, knowledge, practice again a knowledge again¿½¿½ to continue and enhance in process. In 2005, China Mobile conducts a whole review of the history, since the establishment of the enterprise. In a profound summary of the enterprise development practice cohesion and prominent cultural quality and cultural connotation, for the principle of inheritance and innovation, deliberation and discussion after repeatedly up and down the whole group, The final integration, the pursuit of excellence in the concept of corporate culture system refined into China Mobile. So companies only have their own culture, to enable enterprises to have enough vitality can develop and grow in order to survive, to serve the whole society.

The impact of organization culture on strategy management

Organization culture played a crucial role in the strategic management. It can change the fate of a business, if a company does not have a organization culture, which is equivalent lost soul, it will lead the staff do not have faith, philosophy, and also not the will of innovation lose enthusiasm and get together, so that the business will face closure. Like a the modern top financial institutions, Citibank, creating the predecessor of today's Citigroup are in nearly two centuries, a pioneer in the field of financial services development. The earliest precedent is engaged in trade finance company established by Johann Heinrich Schroder in London in 1984. The company later became Europe's most respected financial institutions, and in 2000 became one of the Citigroup. The concept of Citibank's corporate culture is people-oriented, paid great attention to the cultivation and use his human resources policies continue to create a corporate atmosphere of the cause of keeping the pay and conditions, sentiments of affection, so employees and businesses grown, so employees in the United States have "a sense of accomplishment," home feeling " Also, they will put the customer first, it is the soul of the organization culture of Citibank, the optimal corporate culture is to improve the quality of service and customer-centric as the bank's long-term strategy, and fully understand that the key to the implementation of this strategy is to have to attract customers brand. After painstaking exploration, the United States has been successful. Citibank's business market covering more than 100 countries around the world, more than 100 million customers, and the brand is known world in the eyes of many customers, "United States" should be representative of the standards of a world-class financial services. It seeking innovation: the sublimation of the corporate culture at Citibank, large development strategies, small forms of service are constantly innovating. It believes, the transition and bold decision-making is a key breakthrough in the development of the enterprise, and if you can foresee the future, you have a good future. This means that the enterprise must be endless, incessant, innovation, Citibank successful, with more than 100 million customers in more than 100 countries around the world, the sublimation of the corporate culture at Citibank, ranging from the development strategy small service in the form in continuous innovation, which can be seen corporate culture is very important for the strategic development, it is also indispensable.

Let people know what the culture is

Organization culture cannot only limited to publicity inside the company to the employees, but also need to let everyone to know the organization culture of the business. Organization culture needs to advertise. It also can be driven by the market sales of company, objective economic benefits, such as the world's largest enterprise Wal-Mart, they have their unique organization culture, the basic principles of their organization culture is that respect for the individual customer service and the pursuit of excellence write their organization culture and it purpose to each of the inside supermarket, Wal-Mart customer advocate is god. There are two slogans, the first one is customer always right, the second one is that If you made a mistake, please refer to the first, such as these slogans that will help Wal-Mart to attract for a very large customer base, the quality of service and quality of organization culture to create objective economic benefits, as well as China MengNiu Dairy, in 1999, when MengNiu start-ups, the strength of incompetent, weak, it is very hard to be created a famous brand. But thing always have two sides, there is a powerful competitor Yi li. But it also a good role model to learn for Mengniu. Thus, the birth of "The Creation of the Inner Mongolia dairy brand creative. The first well known brand is Yi li in Mongolia, but no one knows, who will be the second brand. When Mengniu was born, it raised record "second brand" This is tantamount to rejection of all the competitors back of the head, for their own occupation of a person under the top of the commanding heights of the people. Gensheng the founder of Mengniu, he thoughts: "they need sensation, but they cannot spend more money on it." Hohhot signs advertising just grow up, no one will do this, so Gensheng realize that this is an opportunity, so he finds the person who is responsible for a billboard advertising, he said: "Your brand has a long time no one goes on advertising, go on it will indefinitely shortage of, the small shortage will cause to a big problem; if let Mengniu to do it for three month over the area, people would recognize its value, one share will caused 100 people purchased so large quantities of media. So we use your lots of media, in fact, it also advertising for you. You can only charge us nominal fee to become a big winner.¿½¿½ So that the person in charge thinks that is right, so they sold them in cost. Give the right to publish tMengniu more than 300 signs to advertise three months. The results of that year, all the main streets in Hohhot are erected full of the brand, ¿½¿½Mengniu dairy, the second brand in Inner Mongolia.¿½¿½ They make the big repercussion in Inner Mongolia. It using the second brand signs to record 37 million yuan in the first year. While Mengniu provide green dairy and spread the concept of health to the consumer.

? To the client: win-win cooperation and common development.

? To shareholders: highly responsible, long term return

? To staff: education and training, success in life

To society: to operate in compliance with the law, strong milk dairy, ecological protection, public feedback with the advertising to tell consumers the organization culture.

Because of the publishing of organization culture, for Mengniu development has laid a solid foundation, so publish the organization culture is necessary to develop the enterprise.

The experts of an enterprise

Each enterprise should have their own vision, then, what is the ¿½¿½vision¿½¿½? Vision is formulated by the organization of members, after internal discuss by the team, and reach one consensus, and ultimately the formation of the future direction to everyone whom is willing to go. There is a management master, Peter Senge use ¿½¿½share vision¿½¿½ as one of the fifth discipline in <The Fifth Discipline>. He through a large amount of research and demonstration think, in group of human activities, there are few people like to shared vision and will inspire such a powerful force. One of the reasons to people is seeking to establish a common vision; it is their inner desire to be attributed to an important task, the cause or mission. For example, Hewlett-Packard's purpose is "for the technology to contribute. HP's founder, former CEO David Packard said: Many people think that money is the purpose of existence of the company, in fact, that just results, "a group of people work together, we called institutions exist in order to be able to work together to complete the power of their own cannot do things, and that is to make a contribution to society.¿½¿½ Enterprises with a clear purpose, to know which is what they should do, and what they should not do. Therefore, the enterprise vision not only belongs to the responsible person of the enterprise to have the individual, the enterprise internal each staff should participate in design make vision and communication consensus, and by setting the process of vision, can make enterprise vision has more value, enterprise and therefore more competitive. At the same time, enterprise vision is enterprise strategy development is an important component of the enterprise existing stage according to the needs of the development of business and management for enterprises, and the direction of future development is a kind of expectation, a forecast, a positioning

A man who has no great ambitions and excellent culture of enterprise, it cannot go too far. Each enterprise all need to have their own vision and goals.


Enterprise culture for an enterprise, it is an indispensable a spiritual support, is the soul of an enterprise, is the enterprise faith. Lost the enterprise culture, the company will ruin, the enterprise staff need to remember that the enterprise culture and enterprise also need to own enterprise culture propaganda out, therefore, the creation of every enterprise, it must first find enterprise culture, can make the enterprise development,