Customer Relationship Management To Help Understand Customer Behavior

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy helps to know about customer needs and behaviors to develop relationship more strongly with the after all quality customer relationships in the heart of business success. Many of the components with technological to CRM, but thinking about CRM in primarily technical terms fails and the most of them are useful way to consider about CRM is a procedure that contributes too many common pieces of data about customers, sales, effective marketing, responsiveness and trends in market.

Goals of CRM:

The idea is that CRM helps businesses using the technology and resource of human to better understand customer behavior and value to attract customers. If it works as expected, the company may:

Improved customer service were provide

Making the Streamline Call Center

Cross-sell products are more efficient

To help sellers close deals faster

Simplify the process of sales and marketing

Find new customers

Increased revenue from customers

The following are the keys for implementation of CRM:

Break your project of CRM into manageable parts by program of pilot setting and measurement in short-term. In a pilot project to all necessary departments and groups, projects to drive fast, but it is small and flexible enough to be included in your path.

Be sure to include your CRM provides a framework for scalable architecture.

Do not underestimate the amount of data you might collect (there will be many) and ensure to build systems, must be able to do so.

Be thoughtful regarding what data is gathered and preserved. The impulse is to pack and store each piece of data that you can, but often there is no reason to data storage. Storing data on the costs of unnecessary money and time.

The recognition of the individuality of the client and respond accordingly. A system of CRM must have that flexibility built into the price (Quality Integration, 2009).


Article demand and innovation in Customer Relationship Management is a process of inquiry into the CRM module for analyzing customer demand, indicating their impact on developing innovative products. This study provides an overview and analysis of results from five different organizations through the use of qualitative methods. This study also presents problems when the consumer needs and continues to influence the organization of production. These results and analysis of the study is to analyze in detail the process of CRM, the production of business innovation.

This study is an analysis focuses on different areas of organization; innovation is not a complete review of business processes and common tools. Report on the research arm of four years, divided into cycles of innovation in product development. This means that the study of four phases, taking into account the importance of innovation in business and economic concerns as the role of consumers in the innovation process to the needs of the product. The third step, with examples of organization for the promotion of innovation as a commodity. The fourth and final phases of the research are part of some conclusions and suggestions of some organizations and other sectors, including politicians, government and even drive business processes.

Of ideas and customer satisfaction has an significant role in the procedure of innovation in the organization. The process of qualitative analysis, the study examines the role of consumers in the process of innovative products. The qualitative analysis is to assess the area, taking into account the case studies by various organizations. This provides a detailed analysis of the various sub-sectors. Therefore, this research approach is an effective means of analysis, followed by studies of this.

The main themes of the evaluation study to consider the need and importance of seeking innovative and new idea approach to the organization. In this cycle of self-assessment of innovation that may be involved in attracting customers to view. All these issues are critically examined and evaluated with qualitative research.

The methods used in this article

Several schemes were taken into account in this procedure, the innovative making affected by the research organization. Few topics on which research has been done, demand of consumer, changes in economic, changes in the importance of participation of consumers in emerging markets and the economy in different countries. According to these criteria, the search process, which takes into account the different organizations to discuss the case with the five held, for example,

A major retailer ASDA

A small architectural firm, and his colleague John MacAlsan,

Taylor Woodrow is company construction

Financial Institutions

Audit and appointed PwC.

These organizations provide a variety of services, including industry, business, creative and business and financial services. As a result, a thorough analysis was carried out, the study focuses on a different subject areas. Analyze the process of investigating a case that has facilitated the analysis of consumers in different areas.

The study, the second phase of the project focuses on the desires and needs of consumers in the today’s market. Thus, the needs and preferences of the client, and that is the most important part of the innovation process is defined. It is obvious that role of modern in the organizations own development, since it favors the preferences of consumers. The process of innovation is the utilization of innovative ideas flour into practice. This test is also important to ensure that the scripts successfully the demands of practical proposals and approaches of the decision. Innovations and their affect on the market in different countries were analyzed, showing that the UK has innovations such as the value of life and economic prosperity of the nation. In some of the countries the process of innovation must be policies of government to improve productivity. It was noted that the OECD countries achieve an agreement to ensure that innovation is a strategies of business, competition between companies in the country in the world economy.

Though discussed about process of how organizations can apply different consumers and their preferences and how they are taken as member of innovation and production. This method of communication between research association of three dealers and consumers, these options are on the market for brokerage clients and agencies in the market and innovation in the process, the articulation and coordination of government to reward consumers and state and local power and the final approach is the direct result of innovation with customers who consider themselves democratic innovation (NESTA, 2010).

Some strategies of analysis and research in this field of research are on consumer preferences and organizational innovation. It is the ability to be a thorough investigation. This research process opened the way for a variety of approaches that can be successfully conducted in the study of the innovation process, including the needs and preferences of consumers are paved by highlighting the problems with much more emphasis on specific issues.

Framework for the innovation cycle within the organization, this framework has been developed. This framework centers on the impact and influence of consumer preferences and needs for the future development of the organization. The framework we analyzed the organizational skills and enthusiasm to produce innovative products. The body contents of experiential learning that the organization is the possibility that the organization is motivated in terms of process innovation and of interest to the organization, not the foundation of resources or support. This framework should take into account the processes of eighteen hours of successful innovation in the various organizations of different pay, while not innovative five cases in five other organizations was created (NESTA, 2010).

In this analysis, the survey also revealed that most organizations that collect data directly from the discovery of customer preferences. On the other hand, has information on the consumption preferences of workers, which in turn drew a contact directly with customers. The research network for the analysis of five case studies show that innovation is a body bent to the need for customers' preferences in two ways. They are:

Incremental Innovation: The procedure is explicitly taken into account the needs and preferences of consumers directly to a further discussion of the organization with consumers and try to answer directly.

Radical Innovation: Innovation is long-term needs of consumers, who are white and help the organization, taking into account the benefits and market development.

These are some process and techniques adopted in the project cycle of innovation in organizations framework. Analyzed in this context, the research process and the various procedures and methods and develop a vision of being aware of our customers and have adapted to develop an innovation process within the organization to overcome these parameters and procedures for the effective practice of innovation in organizations. Considers that the different organizations in different areas and analyzed to determine the planning body which leads to an effective force for research analysis, detailing the research process.

Each step of the analysis of the research process in different processes and take the needs and desires of customers for innovations in the production of the organization to complete. He also said that customer needs and preferences play an important role in innovation and organizational development. The various issues and schemes such as economic growth, market conditions and competition in the world to perform an analysis of the importance of innovation development of the organization watching in this competitive world. It is always a clear analysis of the relationship between consumer preferences and business innovation. This article contains a detailed analysis of the problems in the innovation process and the negative impact on customers' needs for them. All these factors have an analysis of case studies of organizations and processes. Under this view, to discuss some of the recommendations of the organization is an efficient innovation and product development (NESTA, 2010).

The reasons for the recommendations in section

Recommendations for grassroots organizations in the areas of international economics and ethics was found that the state of the innovation process, the interaction of Providence. This means that the members from time to time direct and open communication with all other agreements, but also using the ideas of customer preferences and needs clarity. Producing these preferences and ideas in the innovation process of effective and innovative products, taking into account the demand of customers affected. There are different ways, and ask that the process of innovation of high value to the organization of research is in progress. Parts of the research process are follows:

The declined the opportunity and space for employees in the company of research issues and in some cases.

Importantly, the creativity of this activity, which is responsible, but the systematic management can generate the conditions for creating such opportunities would be forced.

The organization is committed to its corporate customers in the process of innovation for maximizing their benefits and competitiveness of the market economy.

Flexible relationship with customers and workers in the organization, especially when goods and services to government, citizens are acquired should be retained.

The process of investigation, three organizations and policy recommendations for public authorities when. This report assesses the effectiveness of innovation processes in the company.

Recommendations of the study are described below:

Space organization to the innovation process is the collection process itself. This is described by creating relationships with customers and suppliers, innovations in user processes.

Hidden needs and preferences of the organization is a powerful innovation in the study of responses to awakening.

Management Agency, can communicate effectively with customers, corporate culture and ethics to be implemented to promote innovation in the process.

All previous recommendations were improved enchanting into description the shape inside and outside of the third stage of the research was done. They are also examining a case study to analyze the proposed method, created for the each study, the recommendations of these examples, and the following analysis of case studies. For example, this recommendation was the transition to digital television. Among the organizations that had informed its customers digital TV, is a new product in its publications, and might even have some advantages for customers to request information. At the same time, the company intends to raise further the needs and preferences of consumers in order to improve the development of new products through innovation. The same was necessary for policy makers to propose guidelines for the revitalization of the organization in the product from customers, positive or negative. This will benefit customers come the blue skies - clear ideas, suggestions or complaints about their fondness for journalists. This is a test this maintains the motivation of consumers to free up some ideas on an annual survey of open innovation process.

Recorded during the entire process of analysis of qualitative research was the real time zone, case studies and examples to analyze. Even some of the results of a large study, the catches were taken from a lack of research. In this process, the research interviews with 50 to 10 organizations had an average half-hour instead. In the process, questioning the workers was asked about their perception of the innovation process within the organization. The interviews were semi-structured data on all matters of the innovation process of the company effective measures to put pressure on the methods of the most creative organization of these new elements, in particular, innovations, education and innovation.

Therefore, this research is to make a thorough analysis of consumer preferences and demand, and ensure that the impact on innovation, productivity. Some ethical issues such as work culture in terms of global competitiveness of the organization and other issues are involved in the process of innovation in the study analysis. Research the organizations in this closely the recommendations of the interaction of data collection to improve productivity. Therefore, analysis of research results, management of customer relationships is increasingly important business strategy for any organization in their innovation processes to improve the production system. It was noted that the innovation and application of the interdependent needs and preferences play a crucial role in the innovation process (NESTA, 2010).