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The following assignment talks about the strategic human resource management in context to WIPRO.Human resource management is one of the critical issues to be studied for the efficient performance of the company.for the success of the business the main elemements responsible are its employees though there are other factors responsible such as infrastrucrure,technology etc.therefore the management of the human resource has always been the major issues of concern for the companies over the year. companies put a lot of effort in order to manage the workers in the best possible way in order to have the skillfull , efficient and productive labour force

This assignment has four parts which will talk about the recruitment process, training & development, emloyees relations and diversities related to the human resource management in wipro.

All these issues have great importance.recruitment process helps us to understand how efficient is the company in selecting the candidate with right set of skills and knowledge that can help the company to and development processes in a company helps to polish the employees and equip them with the required knowledge to perform the tasks of the company efficiently in order to produce best possible results.this assignment also discusses the importance of employee relation.this is a very narrow topic depends a lot on the organizational behavior of the company.the compny needs to have an efficient and decentralized organizational structure where there can be proper communication between the upper and lower staff so that all the staff of the company has a clear idea and focus of the vision,mission and objectives of the the same time it helps in giving a comfort level to the employees where they can discuss their probems and can find a solution for it.the diversity part of wipro talks about variety in the staff on the basis of skills ,religion and efficiency of wipro to manage them properly.



Human resource management is one of the critical issue of concern in the managent of an can be defined as the study of how to imrove the process of recruitment of an organization to select the best suitable and skillfull task force for an organization and it also focus on different measure that can be taken to train and develop them and also to manage them efficiently in order to build a relationship with the employees so that all the sections of the organization can be synchronized and effectively focus on the mission,vision and the end objectives of the organization.thus hrm is a subject with wider prospective for the the efficient management of the work force of an organization.


Staffing of work force- the primary function of HRM is to recruit people which are most suitable and skilled to work in the company.

Training and development-once the company selects the candidates then it becomes important to train them with the skills required and also to improve the employees where they are lagging.

Employee relationship- employee shoud be regarded as human beings and it is really important for the company to understand the needs and career objectives of each of them in order to understand themin a better way.

High organization culture- their should be decentralization in the hierarchy of the organization so that there can be proper communication between the upper and lower staff in order to understand different needs and problems of employees and also to ensure that everybody is focused on the final objective of the company.

Planning strategies- this is also the role of hrm to plan strategies for the optimal utilization of resources of the company to efficiently achieve the final objective of the company and improve its performance

Appraisals- it is necessary to recognize the employees with rewards and awards and to appraise them for their good performance in order to motivate them to perform more better and also to create a sense of competition between the other employees to work hard and achieve appraisal.this inturn helps to increase the productivity of the company.

Strategic Human Resource management

Strategic human management is very necessary for the effectiveness of proper human resource management.we have discussed before that how critical and important human resource management is for the better performance of an organization.

We can define strategic human resource management as a set of plans to achieve the objective of the effective human resource management. It helps the staff to achieve the objectives and the requirements of the organization and helps the organization to fulfill what employees require from the company.

Company Background-

Wipro was founded by Azim premji in beginned with the production of vegetable oil and in 1980 came into business of technology sector.Over the years wipro has worked a lot to earn a good status in the business industry.wipro is a global company doing business in vast fields like

IT services

IT products

consumer care products

Its IT services includes-

business process outsourcing

consulting for IT


Customized designing of applications

Integration of systems

Outsourcing of technology infrastructure

Implementation of package

Its products includes-






Wipro is listed in New york stock exchange , mumbai stock exchange and national stock generated a revenue of six billion US has around 100,000 of workfource from 70 distinguish has 72 branches in over 55 countries around the world..wipro has a credit of a number of inventions in its basket . there are a lot of co-innovations amounts to 136 is first in the world to have SEI CMM certification of level5.wipro is the third highest in the research and development category all over world. wipro has a strong R&D department which helps the company to understand the market and the customer well and follow strategies to improve the performance of the company.there are a huge number od technoogies that we use in our day to day life which have the parts manufactured or developed by Wipro.

The R & D department in wipro are emphasising on few core technologies now a day like-


Mobility applications

Social computing

Cloud computing

IT management


Wipro has grown and developed a lot over the years in different business categories with on organizational history of more then 50 years.during this long duration wipro has been successful in crossing the borders of its birth marketplace, India and becoming a global.this all has been possible because of the right use of management has used the right and efficient strategies for the human resource management.

The wipro's human resource planning system covers the following issues-

Planning of workforce



Performance appraisal

Promotions,demotions and transfer

Activities for welfare etc

All these issues together contribute in employing a skillfull labour,training them and building a relation ship with them in order to manage them properly and guide them to focus on working together to improve the performance and achieving the objective of the company.all these issues together helps in managing the human resource.


we can define recruitment as the process or set of plans company decides to follow in order to intake the best suitable and skillfull labour to work in the talks about different issues like how to save cost and time at the same time not compromising with the quality of the selected workforce.recruitment is one of the most critical issues for the company can excel alone with the other resources like capital,good infrastructure and technology if it does not have a skilled work force who can intelligentally work and make optimum utilization of these resources in order to achieve the vision,mission and the final objective of the company.

Recruitment is of two types-

Internal- process of recruitment that takes inside the organization is called as the internal recruitment.for example-promotion of an employee or transfer of an employee in an organization.

External-recruitment process that takes place out side the organization is called external recruitment.for example-recruitment through employment agencies, advertisement or on-campus recruitment,educational institutes etc.

Recfruitment at wipro-

Recruitment procedure of wipro consists of the following steps-

FIRST ROUND- Written test

Verbal- this part of written test examines the language knowledge of the candidate and has fifteen questions associated to synonyms,prepositions,comprehention in reading etc.

Aptitude- it also contains fifteen questions concerned with the topic of aptitude which involves topics such as puzzles,ratio proportion, distance and time ,percentage etc.

Technical-it contains around 20 questions regarding the technical subjects such as c and c++ , java ,unix and linux etc.

SECOND ROUND- Technical interview

This round checks the technical knowledge of the candidates and thus candidates shoud have a sound knowledge to clear this round.

ROUND THREE- HR interview

This is a one to one person interaction round between the candidate and the interviewer where he will be asked some basic question like spek about you or why do you want to join this company etc.

ROUND FOUR- Placement

Here the customer is seleted and then is provided with the primary information like his employee code and filling of some necessary forms to fufill the further conditions of the recruitment process.

Above is the complete recruitment process followed at the wipro campus.the on campus intake covers 40 percent of total recruitments.others means followed for recruitment process is through online placements from national skill registry.

Wipro had designed a rigorous recruitment as discussed above to ensures that it intakes best suitable and quality employees which can help the organization to grow further and become successful.


Training is the crucial part of human resource management.every organization needs to train its recruits in order to impart the necessary knowledge needed to perform the tasks in the company in an efficient way and also to improve the recruits wherever the are lagging.this helps to improve the performance of the organization.

Wipro understands the importance of training and development of its employees and has always work hard to adopt efficient training strategies to equip its employees with the required skills and knowledge.

Wipro has a department known as talent transformation which focus on what strategies and planning should be adopted for the successful training and development of its employees.induction program is designed for employees with smaller than one year of exoerience to impart them with the required knowledge.

Wipro is a PCMM certified organization and therefore to carry on its standards and competency it emphasise as lot on imparting the technical education along with the business knowledge depending upon the needs and requirements of the work.

The talent transformation works on educating the workforce with the technical knowledge and the business knowledge whatever required for the tasks in order to develop its competency.

Wipro also has made use of technology like internet to make it easy for the employees who are not able to attend the classes to go through an online training called e-learning.

At the end of the day wipro wants to ensure that it has successfully imparted and educated its employees with the required skills so that the can work synchronized to achieve the final objective of the company.

Wipro training model-

Rapid learning- understanding the importance of time wipro has designed rapid learning programs which helps the company to impart the knowledge ti its emloyees in a short duration time.basically its like a fast track training course for its employees.we all know time is money and sometimes it become so crucial to perform some time with a time constraint.thus wipro has emphasized on this problem and came out with a solution of Rapid Learning.

Process training- wipro knows that the business environment is fast growing and competitive and due to this the processes of the organization changes as the tasks changes.therefore it is required that company should have adequate preparation.planning and arrangements to educate the workforce with the new processes.Different process training provided by wipro human resource,payroll etc.

Different parts of the process training (analyze,inform,involve and support)


For the success of an organization its really important that company should have strategies to develop its employees to grow further and become leaders in the organization to guide the new recruits or the already working staff.wipro's first initiative for this was back in 1992 and was successful. wipro has produced strong leaders with the focus on the vision,mission and the management strategies of the organization.leaders are provided with a 360degree process of this process feedback is obtained from respondents and then leaders design a personal development plan depending on the type of feedback.

Different kinds of plans under the development strategies of wipro to produce leaders are as follows-

ELP- it stands for entry level plan and helps the junior staff to develop the attributes of a manager.

NLP- it stands for new leader program and it has the focus on developing the employees which have the ability to become leader.

WLP-it stands for wipro leaders program and it focus on the leaders of middle level, who have the equipped knowledge of the process and management and development of new project and processes.wipro leaders represents the values and the face of the business to the outside corporate world.

BLP- It stands for business leaders program and focuses on the development of high level or senior the company focuses on imparting the vast business knowledge to the leaders in order to produce profits for the company at the same time controlling the losses.

SLP- It stands for the strategic leaders program and is concerned with the top level the company has a focus on communicating the vision,mission and the objectives of the company and the required skills to design plans and strategies to achieve success globally.

CCD- it stands for custom content development where the wipro act as a outsource service provider and caters the needs of other company by providing expertise to train and devlopemployees as per the requirement of the wipro focuses on delivering quality work taking into consideration time constraints.

CCD services are as follows-

Application training

Trining on specific product or process

Training on regulations and compliance related issues


This is one of the most important issue concerned with human resource management. For a company to manage its employees in an efficient way it is important to buid a relationship with them.this helps the company to understand the needs of its employees in a better way and same for on the part workforce to understand the objective of the company and align them to workhard to achieve it.performance appraisal fufill the needs of people to grow and thus focus the customer to work at his best in order to achieve this need and this inturn increase the performance of the company.

Performance appraisal can be defined as a process through which a company examines the performance output of an employee.the performance covers the various aspects such as quality of work and quantity of work,cost constraint and time taken to complete the work etc.perfoemance appraisal is done by reviewing the performance of the employee at reguar intervals.

Objectives of appraising the performance are as follows-

To tell the employee that where he is lagging and where he is performing well and can improve.

To examine the areas where the employee needs a training

To note down the information as arecord of an employee which can be assessed to decide the eligibility of an employee for rewards and benefits.

Gives the measures to help the company to analyze the performance of the employee and to decide wheather to increase in the salary .or to give him promotion or to take a deciplinary action against the employee etc.

It helps to build a bridge of communication between the employees and the company's administration.

It helps to make it fair on the part of the employees and also proves the technique of selection and the policies of the company as ethical and fair for the employees.


WIPRO understands the need and importance of performance for the strategic HRM. WIPRO

has designed an integrated solution for the performance management of its employees which is very efficient and has high processing speed. wipro calls this solution as e-performance is developed with the help of best studies conducted in the management of performance of the employees.

Aims of wipro's solution for performance management-

To keep a record of the employees who are constantly performing well.

Makes the employees to keep intact and focus on the goals and objectives of the organization.

Measuring and assessing the performance of the employee at regular intervals and give them the opinion and support to improve their performance.

Helps to recognize the employees for their good performance and reward them online.

Once the employee's performance is examined by the HR officer then the data of the employee performance is updated and then is evaluated to give score to the employee.on the basis of these scores the employee is promoted.

A promotion can be defined as the progression in the ranking of the employee in an organization wipro the hr managers decides which employees are eligible for the promotion by critically evaluating their performance and then a list of employees is prepared.the head of departments are also asked to give their recommendations to the vice presidents HR. after this a final list is drafted by the HR managers and is sent to the site president to be announced to the managers and to the president of the group to be announced to the leaders.

Requirements for the promotion-

Seniority- it means the employees working lifespan spent with the organization.the age of the service is interrelated to the performance of the employee.seniority helps to create a feeling of security in the waorkforce who is working for the company from a also helps to eliminate the conflicts related to the issues of promotions.

Merit- it means how a company measures the skills, performance and the knowledge of its employees.wipro tries to emphasize on periodically evaluating the skills and the performance of the employees in order to reward them with the promotions.this ac as a stimulus t motivate the employees.

Transfers- transfers are generally done in order to fulfill the requirements of the other sites of an organization with respect to workforce and also to give an opportunity to the employees to grow them in the other business fields of an organization.

A transfer can be defined as changing the job or the place of an employee in an can be change in the responsibility,site or the department etc of an organization.

Reasons for transfers-

Fulfill the needs and the requirements of the organization

Optimal utilization of the staff

To enhance the flexibility and adaptability of the workforce

Fulfill the needs and requirements of the workforce

Provide liberation from the work pressure or the work load to the employees.

Organization should focus on designing a transfer policy which is not partial to the employees in order to provide fair deals to the employees and to avoid any conflicts which can hinders the performance and growth of an organization.

The requirements of a fair transfer policy are-

Specify the basis depending on which the transfer is made

Indication of the pay to be given to the employee

Appointing a person who will have the authority to analyze the employees and decides transfers

Clear indication of the reasons and conditions of the transfer

The policy should be clearly mentioned in a written format and should be clearly delivered for the employee's concern

The policy should not be made on recurrent basis just for the purpose of transfer


Compensation can be defined as a process of recompensing or rewarding the employee with money or promotion in return to their performance and output produced in an is of great importance for a company to focus on the issue of compensation in order to satisfy the employees and to provide them a fair works as a stimulus to motivate the can help to serve the various needs supporting the recruitment process,performance of an employee and his satisfaction from the job.

The structure of the salary process is very important to retain the staff and to fulfill their needs to support their satisfaction which can stick them to the organization.

Payscale of the staff at wipro is shown in the table below-

Employee class

Numbe of employee

Salary ( U.S Dollars )



















In todays business world there is great need of designing a hire & fire provision in the policy to dump out the employees who proves to be a trouble or hinders the performance of an organization.

Welfare activities and wipro-

Its really important for every organization to think about the welfare of its employees to build a relationship with them and give them a comfortable,friendly and family like environment where everybody focus on the final goals and objectives of the organization and try to work hard to achieve it.

Wipro understands the importance of welfare activities in an organization and works a lot for employees in order to motivate them to work hard and improve the performance of an organization.

The various welfare acticities started in wipro are as follows-

Education- wipro has its own school in English medium which provides cleasses upto senior secondary level to impart education to the children of its employees.

Medical- wipro understands its responsibility towards the health of its employees and thus provides the doctors and medical dispensiries at all the working sites which work 24x7.

Housing- wipro has build its own housing facilities for its depends on the availability of the houses to allocate them to defferent employees.all the expenses related to the maintainance of the houses are paid by the company

Canteen- the company provides the canteen facility at the working sites to fulfill the food related needs of its employees.its not enforced on the employees to use the facility and it depends on the choice of employee to bring their own food or purchase it from the canteens.the allowance is provided in the pays and wages of the employees.wipro signs contracts to vendor its canteen facilities to the service providers.

Sports- wipro understands the importance of fitness and likes of its employees.tu fulfill this purpose company organizes different sports event regularly to inculcate motivation in the employees.

Recreation activities- company organizes various picnic trips and family get togethers for its employees.

Club membership- wipro provides the club membership provision to its employees to provide its employees a platform to socialize and meet other employees and mix up with them for leisure and fun.

Insurance policy- wipro understands the importance of the life of the employees for their families and for the company.thus wipro provides a provision of an insurance policy to its employees.the expense of the policy is partially beared by the employee and partially by the company.