Creativity in car production

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Executive Summary

In this analysis, the core responsibility will be the sale of an environmental friendly car model within an automobile industry. Under current economy, individuals are faced with the challenge to choose between fuel efficient vehicle and cheap pollutant cars. E-commerce techniques will be applied to evaluate the validity of its performance in an effective manner Development of the new car model will require use of checklist method, attribute listing and forced relationship technique.

Idea Generation

Within the automotive industry, vehicles have been found to be consuming many gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel per year. Urban transport has proved unsustainable due to excessive energy consumption, population health is affected. Huge investments have therefore been unbearable within the industry, while service levels and quality has been declining. Such negative impacts have disproportionately fallen on the disadvantaged groups. Oil prices have been experiencing an upward trend, plus high material costs. This has resulted into stiff competition from the public sector transport since consumers have been incapacitated to purchase private cars. Energy saving vehicle idea generation has thereby emerged. Under checklist method, during idea generation considerations will be made by stating product components specifications or standards. For example, automotive components that are deemed to be environmental friendly or safe will be used during assembling. In our second phase, checklist will be used to compare the sourced materials to align their specifications with our checklist information. Attribute method will be considered by highlights key details such as attractive color, design and car shape, among others.

When generating the idea of producing fuel saving and environmental friendly car, attribute listing will be essential. Attribute listing will help us to determine our strengths against our competitors, weaknesses, opportunities or threats within the automobile industry. After recognizing the attributes of our product, our car will be manufactured in a manner that it will benefit the targeted market, since we will know the size of the market segment targeted (Graylin, 2001). With such information, we will analyze the competitor producing similar products to implement attributes that are more advanced. In production of our product, the attribute listing will be useful in knowing whether we can meet the cost of production and also the price we anticipate.

Idea Screening

In idea screening, we will evaluate our capacity in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats within the automobile markets (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008). Using our checklist, we will devise the competitive pressure for the product, our ability to manufacture the product. Similarly, we will know whether our targeted prices will generate significant profits. Industrial sales will be checked plus market trends. In our checklist, we will understand whether the targeted product will meet the consumers need. Lastly, predictions on targeted market growth and size will be determined under forced relations where key attributes associated with attribute method will be aligned with our intended or planned design components in order to establish a forced relationship. Similarly, under forced relation while we will manage to know our product competitiveness because we will determine the benefits our products is offering to our clients. With such information, our relationships with our target group are up-graded.

Concept Development And Testing

Using our checklist, we will devise the beneficiaries of the car model, effectiveness on product costs, customer reactions to the product and the amount it will cost to produce the product. The relationship among the variables may be established my considering auto parts anticipated quality, or even standards under attribute approach (Graylin, 2001).

As we apply our attribute listing, there is need to know who our target market is so that our products can be manufactured in that alignment. Such a method will help us know the features to include in our car model. To include such features, we must analyze the cost of manufacturing our specialty designed safe-fuel efficient car.

Under forced relationship approach, determining our target market, improving the features of our products or evaluation of customer reaction to our product can help us evaluate the customers' attitude towards our product. Forced relationship will assist us know that customers are using our product (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008).

Business Analysis

Using checklist, we will be able to estimate selling prices to beat the competitive market and estimate volumes of sale on the basis of the market size plus effective profit or performance estimation (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008). Our application of attribute listing will help us know the price setting of our product so that we can determine the profit anticipated.

Beta Testing And Market Testing

A checklist will be useful to help evaluate interviews to customers and customer acceptance evaluation within the test market. With such information, adjustments will be made efficiently where necessary. Forced relationship approach will be vital here where business analysis can be done through determination of the relationship our customer has with our car product. Winning customers to the new product's purchase will ensure we confront the competition and identify the customers' feedback. With the feedback, we can know whether the purchase is attractive or it's out of lack of alternative as per the attribute listed under attribute approach. Such information necessitates adjustments where necessary.

Commercialization And New Product Pricing

Commercialization will require us to place advertisements which we have produced, and ensure distribution and promotions are effected. With the use of a checklist, a critical path analysis will be adopted. New product pricing enables valuation analysis both external and internal will be reached. At the same time, listing will have assisted us to analyze competition and devise new or alternative competitive technologies. Similarly, varying value segments such as value, price or needs will be known. Our listing ill show the production costs anticipated, and volumes, profit and revenue forecasts. Under attribute approach, our advertisement strategy can highly determine the relationship we have with our clients. Product promotions, distribution will ensure we establish tight attachments with our clients, hence more sales volumes. We will also determine the impact of our product to the market.

Alternatives To E-Commerce

Essentially, e-commerce is crucial in e-business operations such marketing, customer relationship management, product ordering, sales management and performance regulation, among others (Graylin, 2001). While developing a product, e-commerce is not always the key method. There are alternatives that can be applied. Use of secure order forms which use encrypted emails can be very effective during commercialization procedures. Consumer details or credit card details will then be processed manually through merchant EFTPOS machines. Strategies of such kind ensure refunds process doesn't have to be done, customers appreciate services. Similarly, use of gate way such as e-way, paymate or pay pal can be an alternative to e-commerce. Services of gateway ensure transactions move to servers which are secure. In such servers credit card details plus individual information is processed.


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