Corporate Social Responsibility On Health And Environment Safety

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Corporate Social Responsibility is making a company socially and environmentally responsible in terms of their business operations. Socially responsible means their responsibility towards the society or social cause and where as environmentally deals with the eco-friendly and green issues. In this project we are going to look whether the companies are really involved towards the CSR or they are bound to do so by the government or other sources. I have taken two important responsibilities of any company while considering the CSR they are health and environmental safety. The key roles and responsibility of companies are said to implement their status in the society. These responsibilities are not only includes the responsibility towards the external society but also towards the workers within the companies. In most cases the CSR is not considered to be the external part of business, it is like taking responsibility towards society is like company itself. And the most important above everything is the Impact of this social responsibility, is it that companies with good CSR are well reputed and well known in the society point of view. And are these companies doing enough or they have to do more about it or they are just doing this to increase their brand image.


In the recent years Corporate Social Responsibility is gaining more popularity among many companies, the CSR has become the communication tool for the companies towards the consumer and to highlight that they are socially responsible (Baghi, Rubaltelli, & Tedeschi, 2009).

Communication, Stakeholder Engagement, Implementation, Measurement and Business case are the five important elements which involves in the managerial and organizational levels of focus on the CSR issues. These are when it marks a notable view of consumers and other stakeholders. It is through which the managers and stakeholders build a bridge of relationship to endeavour common goals. The company orients the CSR within the own firm and behaving ethical by improving the quality of life for its own employees and make them differentiated from other companies (Lindgreen & Swaen, 2010).

Need For Corporate Social Responsibility:

(Kotler & Lee, 2005) States that "corporate social responsibility as a commitment to improve community well-being through discretionary business practices and contributions towards corporate resources". As Corporate Social Responsibility is gaining more attention in past two decades, it is more important for any company to be responsible towards the most contexts of the environment and health issues. It is by which the particular company gets a goodwill of the customer and improves the image in the society and stand apart for other companies in the same business. (Crowther & Rayman-Bacchus, 2004)Moreover it is concerns to grow relationship between the local society and company. And it also improves the bonding between the company and its stakeholders. (Scott, 2005) The purpose of the CSR is control and to reduce the effects of the emissions that could effect in damage of the environment. The companies which involves in the CSR will take necessary measures to control the environmental hazards which have been created by than company, for which the company will spent a sum equilibrium amount of profit for the CSR.

(Sternberg, 2009) Argues that due to a conventional approach people misunderstood the concept of CSR as most of the businesses are not corporate in form so they neglect to participate in a socially responsible motive. It is that when a company adopts a high standard of positive effort towards the social responsibility it achieves its goals by becoming financially wealthier by getting high profit returns (Garcia-Castro, Ariño, & Canela, 2010). The egoistic approach from the managers for neglecting the corporate social responsibility might increase the profit in short run and grabs more selfish investors. But as they fails to note in the long-run only the brand image and value which earns them profit, if they don't show enough interest in CSR means they will lose their brand image (Hill & Manullang, 2007). The mixture of norms and other official motivation is the core issue for any retailer to practice CSR (Hu & Wang, 2009). The high degree of responsibility and knowledge exists is not in strategic term but as ethical and there direct and exhibiting links between social activities and social harms pushes towards a socially responsible solution mainly to achieve their financial consideration (Pava & Krausz, 1997). The idea behind the socially responsible corporate behaviour proves itself to be distinct from anti-theoretic, self-righteous and self-congratulatory pragmatism (Dunne, 2008).

The most crucial challenge for a company is to establish with a clear and distinctive identity which increases the creditability and legitimacy of both customers and stake holders. A good influence of the corporate will result in a good corporate identity. The organization shares the brand image not only with the stakeholders or consumer but also to the members of the organization. The organization should have the ability to detect, assess, safety needs, wants and desires through product or services. The significant practice of CSR will result in the corporate identity and purchasing intention (David, Kline, & Dai, 2005).

To be in general, every organization on the face of the earth is there to earn profits. This CSR is gained popularity in past 2 or 3 decades. It is to be told by the managerial thinkers that the CSR will increase in brand value and result in profits in long run. Aren't companies got brand image before 30years. The question now is why to go environmental friendly and what makes them to do it? We could speak of the current trends in the CSR.


Which business practices can really count as responsible CSR behaviour??

What are company benefits of tangible and intangible assets for engaging from CSR practices and activities??

What makes a company to think towards socially responsible objectives..??

Does CSR result in profit for the organization??

What are the factors through which the organization is bound to choose CSR??

Will environmental friendly and health issues result in brand reputation and brand image??

What make a consumer to buy a particular product through CSR?


The reason for choosing this particular topic on Corporate Social Responsibility makes I'm going to be an environmental friendly person or not. It has created a great interest in me to know, what these corporate people really think about the CSR. Do they really breaking the basic norms of business from earning profits to do good for everyone? As a general consumer what I personally feels about the Corporate Social Responsibility is that each company involves in any kind of business should involve in a socially responsible manner. Even if a company doesn't attain the desirable profit from its capital invested, it is considered that it has wasted the society's resources. The two main issues which are going to be the centre of my dissertation are environment and health. These two are brings great significance and add value to the human life. It's good to use a recyclable and bio decomposable product or to use recycled products, which is good for the environment and other species. But I would like to emphasis in organizations point of view as well, are they really get in to the corporate social responsibility or they are bound to do so by external forces.


The methods through which this project is to be done is by getting secondary and primary sources of information's and through interview and survey. The secondary sources relation to corporate social responsibility can be obtained through Journal Articles, E-Journals and research books. In the mentioned above sources they have already been reviewed, analyzed and quality of information's in these will help a lot. And there have been many empirical study have done on this particular topic, this to ensure the quality of the research. The primary means of data includes the interview and survey methods. Primary data means getting a new raw data for the first time. Through interview with the employees in the company's we can get what is the main aim of the CSR. That is the only way through which you can get the information's relating to the company. To know the consumer point of view the only way is to get the information is through survey.

All the above mentioned methods are important for this project because thorough secondary information's we can get the information's of the past happenings in this field of study. The cases studies which are discussed are to get an idea of where this study leads to. Interviewing the employee's of the company which involves in the CSR or not in the CSR will make us to think about the motives of these organizations. And the last is to know the consumer point of view, interview each and every consumer will take more time to end up and moreover it will result in confusions and adverse because of different ways of answering a single question. So with certain set of answers for a particular question will help in a better result. The other key contacts are through my friends and relatives in London are Arun Ganesh is a supervisor, Somerfield, Ameen Hudha, Asst RGM, Pizza hut, Lewisham. Michael, employee, Primark. Ritesh, employee M&S. Other sources are yet to confirm their status to help in my project.



March/April Secondary sources of information's. Finalizing companies for research.

April Meeting with Supervisor and discuss about collection of data.

May/June Collection of primary data for finalized company. Discussion with supervisor on collected data. Analyze all the data collected.

July Starting the first rough draft dissertation. Meeting with the supervisor. Sending step by step finished parts of dissertation to supervisor and expect review for each steps.

August preparing second rough draft. Discussions with supervisor and feedbacks via e-mails.

September Final Draft reviewed by supervisor. Submission of Dissertation.


All the above mentioned research can be done in and around London. All the secondary sources of information's are available in university library in the forms of Journal articles, E-Journals and books. For the sake of primary data after finalizing the company only it is to me discussed. I might be travelling to U.S for family get together, so at that time with the permission of supervisor, i might go there. Where my brother in law has promised me to arrange an one to one meeting with store manager in Wall-Mart. As it is a personal travel to U.S. so the cost of that will not be considered in the project. Other than this the cost of local information's will come to my mean.


The dissertation topic has got more popularity in recent years, may studies have come across this topic. The main objective of this project is to bring the ethical view of the corporate towards the social responsibility. This topic is gaining more interest of many people and companies to improve their brand image and standard towards the general consumer. It has got no vulnerability towards the topic as it is general and interesting topic as of today's managerial trend.