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I have been interviewing, Mr. Bruce Williams, he is the store manager in Sandersville, Ga. IGA Supermarket. He graduated in 1975 from Washington County High School. He did not attend college and has been in the grocery business since 1973. He has worked in the grocery business most of his life from high school until now. He started as a bagger and worked his way up the chain from there. His job at IGA includes the smooth running of the business and assurance of proper cost effectiveness. His position with the company is guaranteed as long as the IGA brand is in business. If the store in Sandersville closed down then they would move him to another store to replace a manager that was not guaranteed a job.

The building has been in this location for several years, it has been IGA for 4 years, and the company has been done its best to ensure that it keeps at least 30 people that actually live in the community employed at all times. Mr. Bruce Williams is supposed to be the back bone of this store; he is required to use a certain amount of fair judgment, and ethical skill to ensure that the business is running smoothly. He has to do the hiring and firing to make the company profitable as well as community oriented.

The management books that I have read have all defined the customer as the most important thing (Daft, 2009). I have found since working with the company that the most important thing is the money that is being made not the safety and welfare of the customers. I have watched the manager and I do not believe he is actually doing his best with the ethical part of his duties. Mr. Bruce is not making a positive impact on the organization because he is not dealing with his employees in an ethical manner. I can give one example for this statement; one employee who's title is head bookkeeper, scheduled to report at 6:00 am five days a week. She never comes in until 6:30 am each morning, he does nothing. This constant lateness is making other employees that are scheduled for work at 6 am late. Mr. Bruce lives 1 hour away from the store, he is forced each morning that this employee is scheduled to open the store, meaning he has to work from 6 am most nights until 10 pm; he does this to cover for this late employee. He is not leading with this behavior he is not setting a good example. He has the concept down and he runs the store to the best of his ability however he lacks any professional training. I choose Mr. Bruce for my report because he is the focal point of the company in this area; he is the one that the people in the community are looking to for possible employment for their children. If he is holding a job for someone that is not reliable then more of his judgment might be clouded.

Part of my report will be based on the fact that it is true that for a business to be truly successful you must use both ethics as well as good management skills to ensure a winning company concept.

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Corporate Culture

Sandersville, Georgia a small town just west of Augusta, a small grocery store called IGA (Independent Grocery Association). Is the company being run in an ethical and socially responsible way? Does the fact that the store is located in a town where the small grocery store is more like a neighborhood corner store. Should this be a factor in the way this company is run or should it be run the same as the larger chain store; Publix and Winn Dixie.

This IGA has been in this town for a few years, before it became an IGA it as a Buy-low which closed down because it could not run the company without a profit. When it closed down the town was without a small grocery store (Harrison, 2009). When IGA first opened here it was as if a weight had been lifted, a lot of people here are poor and do not have transportation to get to the next town to buy reasonably priced groceries. Walmart is in Sandersville, but the prices of their groceries seem to be very expensive.

This supermarket is just one is the chain of many, I focused on one store because it would not have been possible to travel to all of them and compare them to the running of this one. In this small town the manager travels for 1 hour each morning to open the store at 7 am, he has a bookkeeper that is supposed to arrive at 6 am to start sorting money and getting the change order for the bank. There are 3 bookkeepers, 2 arrive on time each morning one is late every morning. Mr. Bruce handles this by doing nothing. Is that good business management (Daft, 2009)? What are the criteria of good management is it allowing your employees to basically manage themselves. In order to be a good manager you have to have a good handle of the everyday workings of your business. You have to be able to discipline and give praise when necessary. It is not good to arrive at your company each morning and not care about what is happening there. Besides the bookkeepers there is one assistant manager and one warehouse manager. There job is to run the store when the manager is not there.

This store is run like any other small business, however if you look at some other small grocery stores like Publix for example they have a different approach to getting the job done, not only do they only hire a certain type of employee, the employees share in the profit of the company. If the employees share in the profit (Publix Super Market, Inc, 2010) it makes them helps to keep the store clean and to help you find what you are looking for it is actually money in their pocket. At IGA not only is there no profit sharing there is no customer service to speak of. The people in the neighborhood come to the store because they can walk there. Mr. Bruce is not showing good management skill, he is using his emotions to run the company.

The business is also suffering because the company believes that if you have worked there a while a management job should be yours, even if you have no training. In this case of IGA the assistant manager is being trained to run the store by the manager who does not care how the store is run (Bromberg, 2010). The end result will be that the trend will continue, the district manager is so busy with all the stores that he has to oversee that he does not see the problems that are going on in this particular store.

The poor management skills are not the only problem with this store there are the problems of ethical issues meaning not all employees are treated fairly. The manager gives preference to certain employees, the head bookkeeper is late each morning and is not disciplined, and she is also stealing from the company. The attitude around the store is if he says nothing to her then he should not say anything to me. This attitude is making for the employees to have unethical behavior; they steal and do not take the customer in as the back bone of the store. If the employees do not care, and the manager does not care who does?

On several occasions money has come up missing and no explanation has been given, one young lady lost her job because the head bookkeeper doctored the deposits and took the money. The bookkeeper not being ethical has given the cashiers the attitude of "I have to watch my money I cannot trust her to count it for me". All these distractions are making it harder for the company to thrive and make a reasonable profit (Bromberg, 2010). Every employee is busy trying to protect themselves because at any moment they can be terminated over something that was not reasonably researched.

Once the company lost the respect of the employees the flood gates open for other errors. Lack of initiative, enthusiasm, and loyalty, employees begin to voice their displeasure which in turn makes for customers not wanting to shop there. Each employee has an obligation to ensure that the company runs smoothly, right along with the manager.