Core Business Skills

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At the beginning of the module I was think about the target or why I need " core business skills " before I don't have any idea about this module, but when I start learn some skills such as:     communication, team work, numeracy skill… I understand these skills help my future career   especially when I want to do an interview, training, when I get my job and also in my daily life.

Before I start this module my communication skill was normal and I don't care about it because I don't have any idea about communication and purpose of a good communication us I know    before is to speak with someone about something or discuss some issues. The skill which am not like it is team work because in high school I always refused to be in a team due to the people who are working with me in a team and they have a different way of speaking and they didn't like to tell them the true if their answers are wrong or give as a bad solutions, but I was an excellent student in mathematic this is why am good at numeracy skill and prefer to do a lot of exercises in math but what I need it's just a little speed when use calculation .

About my information skill I like to have a lot of information in my mind because it help me to have an ability to discuss and discover new things in Morocco and outside Morocco and also I spend my free time search on internet or read some books to get more and more information, when I was child I have a dream to be a business man but my goal is not clear and specific and also I have no idea about my personal and career development what I know just to work and earn money, and I have a bad skill is time management I don't have ability to manage my time in    effective way and I waste a lot of time and am not make a plan daily, weekly and monthly.

In my life I like to learn and I have a good strategy to learn and understand because of good   listening and don't speak when the teacher or one of my colleagues speak this method help me to understand and learn very well and quickly.

How my skills changed during the module

Due to my excellent teacher "Adil ELfakir "who teach me this module, my skills are  progressively improving day after day because I learn a lot of advantage and the value in private and business life of all these skills which I studying during this module such as: communication, team work, research and planning, numeracy skill… and also I do a good job and I work hard to improve my skills.


The six transferable skills are changing

A lot of skills are changing in this module especially my communication skill, now I have the    ability and confident to speak front of people and explain to them with clear voice and also to be specific about what I transmitted to them and according to my class I learn a lot of characteristics of communication such as: speaking effectively, expression idea, negotiation, and editing … these characteristics it help my future career and also my university activities. After that the ability to work in a team which help me both in private and business life, this team work joint action by two or more people to discuss some problems and share different interest and opinions to achieve common goals but now I have a good ability to work in a team and I can't care about the members of my team if are good or bad because now the purpose of a team is the result not the members of the team, and also how to become a leader in my team or when I get my job, and people are influence me and to share tasks with my partners in a team  this skills you shouldn't have a diploma or bachelor because it's like a talent or given by god, but people can learn how to become a leader and the characteristics of a leader. After that comes effective learning skill and the purpose of it is how to learn and how to understand by listening clearly to what the teacher said and colleague, but according to my class I have the ability to memorizing, reading, speaking and summarizing, finally don't forget a successful learner always reviews by go back and look over the topics and if it need more information I can use internet and books.

My numeracy skill is become very well because now I have the ability to calculate quickly, and also how to use math in the business and the big role of math in business, according to my class I learn how can I use and calculate statistics and I can't waste time to the statistics, and this skill I need it and it help me in finance and accounting. And also information play a major role in our life this is why I learn how to get information and also why I need these information by searching on internet, books, magazines and article by taking just the key words and in    dictionary the difficult words. And everyone must have a plenty of information in his or her mind because you can meet. Some one from another country or to work in outside Morocco you should have a lot of  information or general culture.

Every one they don't have any idea about the future or what will happen tomorrow only god who knows. But according to this module I can imagine what will happen for my future career and also to achieve my goal by starting with short goal to the long one. And also I generate from this class to have self confident, leadership and optimistic… and a lot of skills which help me in my future career especially when I get my job or when I will have an interview. I learn in this method to work in a company and to love my job and don't work like a machine and don't do things   daily. But now I need a lot of training in different companies because it help my future career and to reach experience.


Other skills are changing

 There are other skills are changing due to this model such as: time management, negotiation, leadership, and creativity … I will start by time management this skill is improving in positive way because now I have the ability to recognize and solve my personal time management  problems and also I become able to maintain balance between family lives and university activities and don't make a change between the both, this time management it help me to control my time and my life and also to achieve my goal with a specific and limited time. After that come negotiation its help me to drive a super-deal, and also the better at bargaining you are the huge profit you will make and you will also help the business growth and always you are going a great job.

There are a lot of universities where you can study negotiation such as: Harvard University,  Manchester University, and Liverpool University …. Those universities there a specific orientation of negotiation to be an expert and a good negotiate.

According to my teacher who help me to be a good leader and how to make people influence my opinions and my suggestions and also to share tasks with our group to resolve some problems and common with a good result. If you want to be a good leader you must have a vision to      provides directions and to share your vision because it help my leadership develop and also to grow my vision. And the best skill that I generate from this module is creativity which   includes: imagination, brainstorming, problem solving and inventiveness …All these technique of creativity it helps me to have an idea about creativity and how can I solve my problems by influence some strategies like identify problem, problem finding, fact finding, identifying idea, and selection… and to know the different between group brainstorming and the individual brainstorming and how people prefer brainstorming group than individual because in the group there a lot brains and a huge ideas and you can common with a great result.


The purpose of changing these skills

 These skills play a major role in my private and public life and also help me to achieve my goal if it is clear and realistic; any one can not live without these skills if he or she wants to be a     successful person and also to make everyone trust you in the work and outside work you must to have these skills.

According to this module now I have a good confident and the ability to speak effectively front of people, to write a good essay or report, to manage my time and I know the purpose of time     because the good manager and the successful business men they don't waste time, to become a good leader, to make an action plan it's help me to achieve my goal and also to solve any     problem, to calculate quickly and to know how to calculate statistics, and a lot of skills are    changing during this module which help me a lot to become a successful student and also in my  future career to become a good manager and if possible a good CEO ( chief executive officer ).


   As you know no one born perfect and born with having all skills but every person have some strengths and weaknesses, me also I need other skills to improve or develop in the future to face any problem I will have. I would like to improve my writing skill because I don't the ability and confident to write an essay, assignment and report and also with a limit time don't use a lot of time to write one of them; am very enthusiastic to become a good writer.

Writing skill is very important to my future career and also it can help me to achieve my goal. And also I want to improve my listening because I don't have the ability to give a full attention to what other people are saying and take my time effectively to understand the points being made, asking others some questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times. This is why I need to improve this skill very well because it play an important role in my future career and I will do better and work effectively to reach this skill. When I speak about listening skill I don't forget when I get my job in a big company I should have this skill because it help me to understand quickly and be an active employee or manager. I need also o improve my strategy of planning and researching and I would like to do a huge effort to develop this skill because it help me to reach my target, and also I want to improve my IT (information technology) skill because it play a major role in the business life, but this skill it's always changing within the new technology. After that I want to have a good method of solving problem and be flexible person when I get my job and also now in the university.  The best skill which help my future career and also to achieve my goal is training skill because now I need a lot of training in a different companies to practice what I learn during this method and to see to relation between university activities and job tasks.