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The assessment for this unit is based on the selection by you of a range of possible placement host organisations.  The organisations must be relevant and provide experience and appropriate opportunities for you to complete the learning outcomes for this unit.

Company background, location and information should be researched as part of the selection process, which may involve a pre-placement interview. Forward planning is essential to ensure that you maximise your experience and secure your industry experience.

You must set your own aims, objectives and targets forming a focus for the management report in section 4. These must be agreed with your tutor and the organisation you are placed/working with.

You should investigate current working practices and analyze your findings. You should ensure that you collect appropriate information in support of the Management Report.

Harvard Referencing Style must be adhered throughout and collusion or plagiarism must be avoided.

Section 1

Use methods to arrange industry experience that will support the development of a management report in an appropriate service industry context


Research and select a range of organisations that could provide you with suitable industry experience. Provide evidence of your research in the form of:-

lists of organisations, department, contact person, outcome of inquiry/ job application

published samples of advertisements and where they were found.

List of Job Applications:

Name of Organisation: Full Contact Entertainment Private Limited.

Wage: Nil.

Designation: Assistant to the Director.

Contact Person: Prashant Kumar.

Contact Details: (EMAIL).

Outcome of Job Application: Accepted.

Method of Job Application: NA

Interview: Cleared.

Response got through: Telephone call

Note: The acceptance of my job as an intern was done by means of communication on the telephone therefore I cannot provide with the proof of that.


Explain how your chosen industrial experience would contribute to the development of a management report.

I started my internship with full contact Entertainment Private Limited. I started the internship during my holidays April to May 2011.

I was working as an assistant to the Director of the company. I had to work under the Director and I had to co-ordinate and delegate work to the employees but also to the different departments and hence helped my communication skills improve and get better than before. The Director Mr Prashant Kumar use to allocate work to me on a day to day basis which I had to make sure to complete on time and therefore it helped me create time and it also benefited me because I learnt how to manage my time properly. The Director used to tell me a lot about the world's 11th richest entrainment company which is the UFC and this company is set up in the United States of America and I have gained a lot of knowledge from that and I can use the knowledge in the future. I was given a job to find a good location to organise a Dj Party along with a fight night which Full contact specialises in doing and that everything from the Dj equipment to the ring and the drinks should be in the budget and I had to do a lot of research to find out who was giving me the best deal then I finalized Hard Rock café Mumbai as it served the purpose and it was in the budget.

My Management skills developed and gained a lot of knowledge while working as an intern with Full contact Entertainment Private Limited which has helped me to make the management report. I understood how each of the departments exactly works and I was able to make use of it in the management report, I also understood how motivation and the leadership styles and the theories that the company uses and this helped me to prepare my management report. I also learnt how all the departments in the company use the leadership styles and the motivation theories. While working with Full contact Entertainment Private Limited I understood their organisation structure which is used in the report. By working as an Intern with Full contact Private Limited it has given me a huge benefit as it helped me develop my management skills and at the same time given me a lot of knowledge which I have used in this Management report for this assignment. 

Section 2

Prepare and agree aims, objectives and targets of the management report with the appropriate manager within the selected organisation (append a copy of your job description where possible)


Set prioritise and agree aims, objectives and targets for the management report.


My main aim is to develop and also improve my management skills and at the same time understand how the entrainment industry works while working with Full contact Entertainment Private Limited.


My main objectives are:

  • Improve my communication method.
  • Learn to solve problems.
  • Learn to work in a team.
  • Learn about the Entertainment industry.
  • Improve time management.


  • Complete the job per the deadline and improve time management.
  • Learn how to solve problems.
  • Learn how to communicate and develop team spirit and also work as a team.
  • Improve how the company works.

Job Description:

Skills needed:

Name of Organization: Full contact Entertainment Private Limited.

Wages: Nil.

Departments: All.

Designation: Assistant to Director.

Contact Person: Prashant Kumar.

Contact Details:  (EMAIL).


Understand the entertainment industry and understand how the organisation works and also assist the Director and help in the decision making.

Professional skills needed:

Be able to speak and write English.

Good communication and social skills.

Be a good team member and player and score the goals.

Eager to learn.

Be flexible and decisive.

Be open minded.


Explain how the aims, objectives and targets will benefit the organisation and you as a learner

Since I am a learner I wanted to gain exposure and knowledge at the same time about the Entertainment industry. With my management skills improving I would be definitely an asset for the company as well as my team. I was the assistant to the Director and therefore my work was to check that everyone in the different departments were caring out the work efficiently which they were allotted by the manager and the Director. I carried out all the instructions to the employees which were given by the Manager and Director and the process of communication to the employees working in the different departments became smoother and therefore the work was completed on time.

I developed a good team spirit and a virtual understanding with my team members and therefore the work was completed smoothly without any mistakes and delays. I and my team members had good interaction as during free time we used to discuss about our likes, football and IPL and off course a healthy team spirit which was very beneficial to the company.

My team members always asked me for suggestion to solve a particular problem like marketing and finalising the location of the event; therefore I used to do research and find out the solutions or tell the team members an alternative and I would also give the Director various suggestions about how to solve the problem or problems in the future.  I also developed the skill to find solutions and also research skills and by my skills improving and developing the burden of the Director and the manager reduced as I used to tell and suggest them different methods how to handle the matters. As with my suggestion the work burden became less and all the departments started to work efficiently and the work started to finish before the deadline.

My management skills developed like time management skills, problem solving skills,  and communication skills and I also gained a great deal of knowledge as working as an intern with Full contact  entertainment private limited. I and the organization got a lot of benefit from my professional development.

Section 3

Monitor and evaluate progress in achieving aims, objectives and targets, using relevant sources of information.


Gather information to monitor and evaluate progress from a range of sources and assistance


Evaluate progress against original aims, objectives and targets (set in 2.1)

The main aim why I did internship was to develop and improve my management skills and also learn a lot of knowledge about the   Entertainment industry.

During my internship as an assistant to the Director of Full contact Entertainment Private Limited my management skills were developed and also improved and at the same time I gained a good deal of knowledge about the entertainment industry both domestically and internationally.

As an assistant to the Director my communication skills improved as I was made to check the progress of the work in the departments on a daily basis. I was also made to give orders to my team which were given to me by the Director as well as the manager.

My time management skills also developed because the jobs which were given to me can with a time limit and therefore I created my own strategy to finish the work on time I used to do it in parts and the work used to be finished on time.

My problem solving skill also developed as every time my team had a problem they used to come to me for suggestions and therefore I had to find out the best method I used to research and tell them the solution and sometimes also tell them an alternative.

The first 2 days of my internship I had to understand how the organisation works and how the departments also work until understanding the actual business of the company. This helped me understand how the research is done for a venue who would attend the event and all of this was done online through the computer and find out how much will be the cost incurred for the event.

As working as an intern with Full contact entertainment private limited I was able to achieve my goals and objectives set.

Section 4

Write a management report which determines conclusions that are consistent with your aims, objectives and targets, identifying data and information to support the conclusions. Present the report in an appropriate format outlining the research undertaken and analyse the outcomes.