Contribute to sustainable economic development through improving the quality

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I. Introduction

Corporate social responsibility is understood as the commitment of businesses to contribute to sustainable economic development through improving the quality of work life of employees and members of their families, beneficial way for businesses, as well as the overall development of society. Businesses want sustainable development must comply with the standards of environmental protection, gender equality, occupational safety, training and employee development, community development. It is important that a sense of social responsibility of companies in all areas regardless of whether they have complied with the code of conduct or performance of any social responsibility in the ethics rules as they deem appropriate with the requirements of society and be socially acceptable. We will offer solutions to respond to the questions above through research from the company. We will research from a company such as Vinamilk Co. and Thep Mien Nam Co

II. Body

Today, corporate social responsibility covers many more aspects. Many researches have shown that only a modern enterprise is considered a social responsibility as: ensure their activities do not cause harm to the environment, it show friendly with environment during their production, and this is a very important criteria for consumers. Interested to the employees not only materially but also emotionally, forcing the employees to work until exhaustion or no solutions to help them reproduce their labor power is totally alien to the social responsibility of enterprises. Must respect the equality of men and women, are not discriminated against in terms of gender in employment and salaries that must be based on equality of each person's capacity. Not be discriminated against, denied or underpaid between normal and disability about body or their past.

So company should provide good quality product, not harm to the health of consumers, this is a very important criteria to the responsibilities of business to consumer. Company should aside part of their profit contribution for operate community help. For the community and share burden to the community is a goal that businesses have social responsibilities are towards development goals alongside their profit, as the program supports African, Asian in the field of health care by billionaire Bill Gates is a typical example. Indeed, many children would have been save life, more children go to school more ... if businesses are willing to share benefits with the community.

The company wants to have a good Corporate Social Responsibility; they must have standards of social responsibility as

Safety and health at work: using equipment, environmental conditions such as illumination, noise, air pollution, water and soil, temperature, ventilation air, the track-care regularly and periodically (especially the regime for women workers), equipment and labor protection that workers need to be available for use depending on the workplace, the means of fire prevention equipment -Fire as well as instructions, time use, problems and plans for evacuation in case of escape fire. Enterprise Management; Management problems of employers, including issues related to the appeal rights of employees and the obligation to reply or answer the complaint.

Environmental management is to show responsibility of business for the community, to society. Environmental protection is to protect human health, protect natural resources and making the country sustainable development. Business leaders must demonstrate the voluntary and commitment by his.

Discrimination prohibited: Do not allow any form of discrimination in the hiring and payment of remuneration, to participate in training, promotion, termination or retirement based on gender, age, religion, race, status society, social context, disability, ethnic origin and country, nationality, membership in the organization of workers, including associations, joined the political, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.

Working Hours: Company must comply with relevant national laws and industry standards on working hours. Maximum work hours allowed per week is prescribed by national laws will not exceed 48 hours and maximum overtime hours allowed in one week may not exceed 12 hours. Overtime hours allowed to work only on a voluntary basis and are paid at best. Each employee shall be allowed to have at least one day off after six days of continuous service.

Health and Safety Workplace: company should need regulations and procedures must be established and follow to the problem of health and safety at work, especially prevention and use of personal protective equipment, clean bathrooms, can potable water and if necessary to provide safety equipment for food storage. Especially not allow younger workers to work in dangerous situations, unsafe or bad for your health.

Prohibiting the use of Child Labor such as prohibit any form of exploitation of children. Prohibit the employment conditions as slaves or harmful to children's health. Rights of young labor must be protected. In the case found that children working in the right situation with the definition of child labor above, company need to set it and save the policies and procedures to compensate for the child. Moreover, suppliers that need to provide appropriate support to enable such children to continue attending school until large enough.

Issues CSR in developing countries

Consumers in European countries - the U.S. today are not only interested in product quality but also interested in how the company makes products that are friendly to the community, environment, humanitarian and healthy. Many the movements to protect the interests of consumers and thriving environment. Movement such as boycott of fattening foods targeted at companies producing fast food, fizzy drinks, the movement to boycott products made with fur, boycott products Product exploitative child labor, movement consumer of conscience.

Social pressure most large companies have taken proactive CSR into their program activities in earnest. Thousands of programs have been implemented, such as saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, literacy, school construction aid, disaster victims, establish and fund research centers vaccines ADIS and other diseases in tropical countries, developing countries. These include big names at the forefront of these activities, such as TNT, Google, Intel, Unilever, Coca-Cola, GE, Nokia, HSBC, Levi Strauss, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, DuPont, Toyota, Sony, UTC, Samsung, Gap, BP, and ExxonMobil.

Issues CSR in Vietnam:

In Vietnam, the government has to raise the awareness of enterprises and other stakeholders on CSR; CSR is regarded as an important content in the agenda of sustainable development. The international development organizations in Vietnam have a lot of effort in promoting and implementing CSR. Programs and projects related to CSR focuses on some important content of CSR depend on the project's objectives, resources and experience available.

The contents include: working conditions, occupational health and safety, environment, quality and productivity, labor relations and human resource management. Consulting services and certification of management systems is growing and expanding, such as quality management system (ISO9000), Environmental Management System (ISO14000), Labor and Social responsibility Assembly (SA8000).

However, important issues raised in this paper is the need to correctly understand and agree how the social responsibility of business. Actually very easy to misunderstand the concept of social responsibility in terms of "traditional", the implementation of enterprise social responsibility as an active participate in solving social problems of humanitarian nature, charitable.

Past practice shows that people's perception of CSR is still poor and management lax of the state, legal documents are not realistic (as the fine is too low) has lead to easier law spleen, denied responsibility and business ethics (M3CPD infected cases sauce, milk contaminated with melamine, gas stations cheating) or environmental pollution severity in a long time without treatment (for Hyundai Vinashin, Vedan, Miwon).

The implementation of CSR businesses have achieved significant benefits including lower costs, increase revenue, increase brand value, reducing employee severance, increased productivity and more opportunities to access markets new.

Southern SteelCo. (SSC) did not use child labor under 15 years; the company has not use forced labor, including labor for repayment or prison labor. Company no acts of discrimination against women, insulting the honor and dignity of the woman and company do not unilaterally terminate labor contracts with women labor because of marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, care child under 12 months old and Sort of work for female employees after maternity leave out of time to work again to suit the professional work of the employees professional and fully implement the regime relevant to women workers.

Company training for employees when the company recruited if they did not have the knowledge and skills consistent with the assigned work, the company will train accordingly. The company also has the responsibility of improving vocational training for workers when workers' needs. Companies also have policies to encourage self-study workers improve their skills in the training establishments that by the workers themselves choose to learn. If the companies take go to training the company will support. If the self-participate to improve the skills the company will support a part depending on the ability of the company's financial.

On working time, the company has adopted the industry standards on working hours in any case, the normal working time does not exceed 48 hours per week and every seven days, the company arranging at least one day off for employees. Workers did not exceed 12 hours per person per week when work do overtime for the company. The company has reduced work time for employees doing heavy work and toxic.

Safety and health of employees, the company plans to regular health examinations for all officers and employees in the company once a year, when detection of occupational diseases, the company will conduct up to the employee records for appropriate treatment. The company has created a working environment safe, healthy and have adequate bathroom and sanitary drinking water. The company has the equipment for occupational safety, fire safety and sanitation. The company always inspect the implementation of occupational safety and health are periodically detect and prevent occupational accidents occurred at the company during the implementation process.

When company are using CSR in business, products companies become increasingly familiar to consumers at home and abroad, extensive distribution system, covering all the country, reputed in the market.

Vinamilk is the abbreviation of the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company), a production company, trading milk and dairy products as well as related equipment in Vietnam. Vinamil An Khang Clinic opened in Ho Chi Minh City in June 2006. This is the first clinic in Vietnam with management of electronic information systems to help people the most are the poor. Company have adopted UHT sterilization technology and advanced modern. With this technology, the product is not guaranteed to be almost perfect nutrition, safety, but also stored at normal temperature for a long time. 

Vinamilk associate Fund child Vietnam established the program "School Milk" to help the children can beneficiary the best nutrients. Vinamilk has spent over 25 billion to implement this program, so have many children as students in poor localities are often  participate drink free milk, helps to reduce many children are malnourished. At Vietnam have many poor student, Vinamilk was timely encouragement, direct help for children in the learning their process.

Vinamilk has a lot of activity on CSR therefore Brand of Vinamilk was become familiar to consumers in Vietnam and other countries.

We can see two examples above companies are using CSR in business but SADAKIM Co. was used CSR within the internal of company more than Vinamilk Co. Contrary, Vinamilk Co. was use CSR in society more SADAKIM Co. However CSR helps companies create brand and increase productivity for companies.

III. Conclusion

The implementation of CSR businesses have achieved significant benefits including lower costs, increase revenue, increase brand value, reducing employee severance, increased productivity and more opportunities to access markets new.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is committed to the enterprise's business ethics and contributes to sustainable economic development; improve the quality of life for workers and their families, local communities' local and general society. CSR is considered to be an important factor as the other traditional factors such as cost, quality and delivery business. CSR is integrated into business strategy and become mandatory conditions for enterprises to survive and grow. If the soon to be aware and application, CSR is an effective tool to help local firms gain advantages over competitors in the region.