Contemporary Topics In Marketing Surviving In The Age Of Rage Business Essay

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During the whole semester we were ask to present 3 professional article base on the Marketing 09/10 Thirty second edition. We have learned a lot through the article that we presented in class. During the week 5 29th of September I presented article 11 in class. The topic of my article is Surviving in the age of rage. The article is about how employee manages tried to manage with angry customer when it is a crucial part of today service landscape. The issue that we have been discussing in the class was how Segi College tries to manage with angry customer if they don't continue to change their management system. There are this 4 T we manage to learn in class Target, temperament, triggers and treatment. Don't be surprise that student in Segi college will have rage towards the college. When they are always been treated with unsatisfied answer they will start take target on the employees of Segi college because of their failed management. The topic we discussed in class was what are the problem that causing student to be angry and is there any solution done by the Segi College to resolve the entire problem. One of the problems that is causing student to be so angry is also because of the college management system. the system that they are using very outdate and its very troublesome for student for instance when ever they have to register subject they would have to go from 10th floor to bursary and to look for lecturer, their academic advisor then only go back to throw in their registration form to the coordinator. Mrs. Anna the 10th floor American Degree Programmed coordinator she is also the part of the cause to the rage of the student as know as the customer. Since the day she start working as the coordinator of the American Degree Programmed at 10th floor she have been causing a lot problem to the management and she isn't like the previous coordinator Ms. Shantini being so patient and helpful all the time although when the student being so angry. She have forget that the student are the customer they are the one who is paying the college, therefore college is paying the coordinator to work. There is a statement saying that customer is king, so no matter how angry they are they should still be respected with tolerance. The problem that causing student to be so angry is because when ever they ask question from Mrs. Anna she will give them with a fierce, laziness, busy, not helpful and arrogant look or with a unhappy tone of voice. She has forgotten who the boss of the college is. Therefore Segi College should have come out with solution so that rage wouldn't happen again from student towards her. Nevertheless we have learned the solution for before actions, during actions and after actions in this chapter. For before action in solution college should find out what are the warning mechanisms and procedures for handling rage episodes. Before Mrs. Anna takes over Ms Shantini place she was not trained cause anger in student because the Segi college 10th floor is so in need of a coordinator on that time and they didn't manage to teach her anything that Ms. Shantini have left behind. So during the action if the upper management saw things like what she did take immediate action like resolving the problem and calming down the student and give them a very good explanation and make sure that they won't make a big hoo-ha out of it to avoid any unneeded uproar of other student. So after the action happen what are the measurements that the Segi College should take? For instance the Segi college management should find out what are the causes that affect Ms. Anna to behave in such manner. If they don't do so student will start to spit Segi college name into the dustbin and it will affect Segi college business and reputation. The solution for Segi College is they are possible to fire her or give her a warning letter if she continues to cause anger, unhelpful, lazy, and arrogant and any other negative attitude towards her work. So Segi College has to follow up with case and apologizing to their customer and come out with valid reason to state what are the problem. There could be many reason that causes student to be so angry with the college management so the best solution for the Segi college to come out with is find out and learn from mistake that would be the process improvement, otherwise they will never improve themselves but causing more anger in students because they know that they are the boss and they are paying for a price and they have many reason to be not mad with Segi college. Below is an additional article that I have presented and discuss in class. The title of the article is London cabs cause road rage in Kosovo author Busiana Xharra. This article basically is to help to back up article 11 saying that everything we have cover through the chapter it happens in real life as well. The article is about the son of Kosovo president Fatmir Sejdiu operating 15 black cabs but other taxi driver complain that the firm should not have received license to operate the vehicles and the political connection of helped secure the company (Busiana Xharra 2010). This article is about how the people in Kosovo deal with all the rage they face by the cabbie. What is all the progress that they have to go through just like the article 11 and to deal with it?

On the week 10th 27 of October the second article of mine would be article 26 the topic title is the very model of a modern marketing plan. In this article we have discuss what the meaning of marketing, and it consist of the 4ps that is the price, product, promotion and place. There are these three sections we have talked about in class, which would be the goals, the strategy and the execution. The first section we discuss in class was that, in every successful company they need to tell their employees what are their motto, their mission and their organization goals. The reason is because the employees need to know what are they working for, for instance and manager ask their employees what are the mission or what are the goals of the company and the employees answer the manager with a wide open mouth. They need to know their goal for the particular organization so that they can work efficiently so that the organization could work in a productive manner. Nevertheless to achieve marketing goal the employees need to convince the customer to behave in a certain way so that they would only purchase your product. The section two we discuss was the strategy. The strategy is an explanation of a company plan to operate in order by following the sequence. James Lowry chairman of the marketing department at Ball state University quote that "employee's today are better than any we have before. They want to know what's going on in the organization. They don't wan to be left out. And every time they interact with customer or vendor, they are marketing the company". From here we also know that the employees want to know whether is the company they are working for is reliable and trustable for them to work a not. They also need to feel the security of working under the organization so that they only could do their job with much relief matter so that they could promote your company product to consumer and the feel the confidence of their job. The very last section is the execution. Execution is where budget takes place. There is question that has been thrown by student saying that how does budget affect organization goal. The goal or the target of the organization is higher it will affect their budget because the higher their goal the more they have to spend to achieve the goal. When budget takes place they need to inform their employees so that they will be aware of it.

On the week 15 the 1st December it is my very last presentation for contemporary topic in marketing. My final article would be on article 40, topic of the article is the battle for china's good enough market. Basically this topic is talking about how company survives in the middle market. Before I proceed I am sure that there are these three segments when it comes to purchasing product, the higher end segment, middle range segment and the lower range segment. So now the target of the topic is on the middle range that they call it the good enough market. There are many reasons that it affects the buyer decision to go for good enough goods instead of the lower range or the high end goods. Because of this the evolving opportunities for good enough good is rapidly expanding compare to low end and the premium goods. Base on the statistic on the share of market in 2005 television, the television that are sold in Good enough market dominate the highest percentage compare to low end and premium. The reason why people aren't going for the low range product is because the consumers are willing to pay more for reliability, even with a variety of lower cost choices. You wouldn't want to purchase a product that the next day will ended up in dustbin or it will risk your life isn't with the amount of your paying. Mark Bernhard, chief financial officer of General Motor's Shanghai based GM China Group, said that "For GM to remain a global industry leader, we must also be a leader in china. China economy is growing so fast that none of any other country could chase up with their cheap labor and products. Nevertheless why people would go for the good enough market is because income also plays a role in it. example, a average income family, they would also prefer to go for a good enough product is because income is the factor that blocking them to go for premium product but their thinking is why would I go for lower end product while I can afford good enough product and the reliability of low end product isn't there. Meanwhile for the higher income family, some of them they don't really mind to go for premium product but because they would also have a thinking that telling them why go for premium while good enough good is enough to satisfy our satisfactory. While consumer won't go for low end product is because the reliability is not there and they are not well known. Therefore there is an evolving opportunities for the good enough market. Making an entrance for the good enough market is also not an easy job because they need to determine when or when not to enter the fray. If the growth of the company on premium segment is slowing and the return is eroding the company will need to find a way to enter the good enough market. Otherwise it will not help them to improve their sales if they keep focusing their product at only the premium segment. During the presentation I have shown the class a short clip of video of China Ipod Nano vs Apple Ipod Nano. This video basically shows the burrowing up from below. Those low end markets are trying to move up to the market to compete with the good enough goods and the premium goods. It is a very unique way of how they can imitate the exact look of how Apple Ipod Nano exactly just by modifying the features and the outlook of the Ipod Nano that's it. Even the packaging also looks the same as Apple Ipod Nano packaging. Furthermore there are many big corporation are trying to own some of China's company. The private equity firm Carlyle Group is trying to buy Xugong Group Construction Machinery but it was rejected by the officials in Beijing because they insisted that the nation's construction equipment industry should be controlled by "domestic hand". The reason is because imagine that if they company is own by other party China's scare that their economy will drop to the other party as well and to be the world leading good enough market they have to control their own market themselves or that their economy will be slowly dominate by the other party. In order to play in the global arena, Chinese companies believe that they need to forge ahead buying the established western brands and distribution system whether or not they have the experience and management tools to handle such acquisitions ( John E.Richardson 2010). For instance, the Chinese companies try to imitate the Apple Ipod Nano and sell it out to the public so that they can play it in the global economy. They are trying to build their reputation burrowing up from below and to buy their way into the market. Those are the 3 article I have presented in class, therefore the whole semester I have manage to learn a lot base on this entire 3 article. I have learn, whom to deal with in future business, how to deal with customer anger and what are the marketing plan that I need to know so that I can enter the market without and problem.