Evaluation and Comparison of Chemitex and Standard Chartered Bank

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Due to our extensive knowledge of Textile Industry we are able to develop and or market various products, very effectively and efficiently. We can manufacture many specialty textile products that would meet all international standards what so ever. We know where a particular chemical is used, what its category is, where the right market of that product is, how a client could replace other products with it while benefiting financially and bringing better quality to his products. These are the issues that a client would think of and talk about when one markets a product. Therefore knowing these issues enables us to create effective sales.

1.2 History:

The founder of Chemitex Private Limited, Mr. Kafil Ahmed Hashmi, has been in this field for last 36 years. He is the guiding star for all the personal at Chemitex Private Limited. With his experience and our own team of Textile Engineers and Chemical Engineers we bring best technical support to our customers. We also have strong technical support of Textile Technicians from BASF. These are highly trained individuals and have complete grasp over the issues of this sector. Thus our teams of professionals provide best technical support to our clients and can help develop lots of textile products, which would be difficult for the others to develop on their own.



2.1 Recruitment:

Company is using an internal source of recruitment; vacancies are displayed on bill boards. Employment is also made through influences. Walk-in interviews held in company to attract capable job applicants. Decentralized recruitment prevails in different branches of the company in Pakistan.

2.2 Selection:

Unstructured interviews held with MD of the company. Hiring is on eligibility based; depends upon post requirement like experience, skills qualification etc. It maybe nepotism or influences involves in selection but priority is given to job criteria set by a company.

2.3 Training:

On job training is given to a new employee, which is especially observed by MD of a company through performance appraisal. An informal training is given for a period of 3 months. If performance of an employee is upon expectations, then the job made permanent by the company.

2.4 Compensation:

Two full salaries grant as a bonus on Eid-Ul-Fitar & Eid-Ul-Azha, One quarterly paid half salary in month of April, Medical allowance up to 15000 in a year to every employee, vehicle fuel & maintenance, refund of tax deducted at source, utilities for Sales Director & Recovery Director, recreational tours to hill stations once in a year.

2.5 Performance Appraisal:

Hidden point ranking system is used, which is directly proportional to salary increment. Behavior and performance is observed of an employees by HR manager and informed to MD of the company. Secrecy maintained in this regard by HR manager & MD of the company.



3.1 Strengths:

Company is providing one of the best products for textile industries. Committed transactions held. Company is selling chemicals to one of the leading textile industries of Pakistan, i.e:

Crescent Bahuman Ltd.

Master Textiles

sarena Industries & Embroidery

Siddique Sons Dyeing & Printing Mills

Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd.

3.2 Weaknesses:

Leg pulling by superiors or co-workers, professional jealousy, Nepotism and Influences involves in selection of an employee.

3.3 Opportunities:

Providing best quality products (chemicals) to most leading textiles in Pakistan. Devoted for the best fabrication in Pakistan. Only this company has a license to import & distribute of BASF products.

3.4 Threats:

All the transactions of the company is on credit, all the affairs are running on recovery basis, if there is recovery shortage or bad debts occur, then by this company may insolvent. Competitive threats by Hunbul Tex, Inter Tex Chemicals.


Thus, company is adopting HR strategies in its affairs for the best outcome from employees and to become a leading importers and distributors of BASF within the boundaries of Pakistan.



Interview Of: Mr. Nabeel,

HR Relationship Manager,

Defence Branch Lahore.

4.1 Introduction:

As one of the world's most international banks, Standard Chartered employs 70,000 people, representing with 125 nationalities, worldwide. This diversity lies at the heart of the Bank's values and supports the Bank's growth as the world increasingly becomes one market.

4.2 History:

The history of Standard Chartered in Pakistan dates back to 1863, when the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China first established its operations in Karachi. In 2006 Standard Chartered Bank acquired Pakistan's Union Bank. On 30 December 2006, Standard Chartered merged Union Bank with its own subsidiary, Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan), to create Pakistan's sixth largest bank.



5.1 Recruitment:

We develop recruitment strategy keeping in view for business expansion plans. Develop a robust pipeline of internal & external candidates using multiple Resourcing Channels Head Hunting to identify, engage & attract key players of the market. Conduct in-house Career Presentations for potential employees. Conduct recruitment market intelligence surveys. Conduct Behavioral Interviews to assess candidates on the basis of logic & intuition. Develop and conduct common sense / logic based recruitment tests to use as pre-screeners. Centralized recruitment prevails, internal & external recruitment sources are used.

5.2 Selection:

Several generic standards are held in selection process, which are reliability , validity, generalizability, utility , and legality. Standard Chartered selects employees based on knowledge , skills and talent. They are committed to providing equality of opportunity to all employees, regardless of gender, race, nationality, age, disability, ethnic origin , or marital status.

5.3 Training:

On job training is given to new employee with his/her co-worker or superior, training period is of 1-4 months. Self Learning the bank sends out CDs and books to staff for them to study. In this training program, the employees are given strategic perspectives and business goals management skills; people management , networking and customer focus abilities to better understand and manage their jobs. Role-play, people act out a particular situation. They may act themselves or play the role of another person. There is no written script in role-play and the focus is on what happens between the characters in roles they play.

5.4 Compensation:

The way the Bank pays its management plays an important role in motivating the critical performance needed to run it effectively. Basic salary is not the only component of the typical compensation package. Compensation packages typically comprise the following components: Basic Salary, Annual Incentives, Long-Term Capital Accumulation, Deferred Compensation Arrangements, Special Severance and Retirement Arrangements, Medical benefits, Child Birth Allowance, Funeral Allowance.

5.5 Performance Appraisal:

Standard Chartered creates and communicates performance measures that reflect its unique strategy. Performance management is the process through which managers ensure that employee activities and outputs are congruent with the organization's goals. It is central to gaining competitive advantage. It adopts well-executive performance management plan which enables it to achieve critical goals such as: Recognize the efforts and contributions of current staff, Reward staff with compensation directly linked to performance, To motivate staff to improve performance, Orient staff towards goal achievement, Retain key employees through the use of competitive compensation programs, Attract quality employees with an effective performance management system.



6.1 Strengths:

It has Support of its parent company and promoter's viz. Standard Chartered Bank, Competitive rates, Good & diverse product, Network of branches, Flexible Spread Margin, Highly qualified research team, Strong network throughout India, strong presence in WEST, NORTH and SOUTH.

6.2 Weaknesses:

The major weakness is that Standard Chartered is at present facing more than a few dissatisfied customers of credit cards as more banks are offering lower rates and fees. These customers are having a slight impact on the bank's image as word of mouth circulates their dissatisfaction. This then has a direct impact on personal loan sales and other products of the Bank.

The department at present is facing the problem of continuous hiring and firing. This is resulting in greater difficulty of coordination and the synergy that may exist in a stable environment because they takes to much time to train a new employee & pay a nominal pay against it.

6.3 Opportunities:

They are going to reprocess their services, now the clients can open their accounts at their door step through their agents. Another opportunity is the rate of conversion of already approved loans into enhancements and top up cases. As more people are utilizing this service.

6.4 Threats:

The major threat that this department has a stress levels that are running high due to certain employees not been able to meet their targets. This is having a -ve impact on the figures for the entire department & causing increasing tensions.

The state Bank has limited the limits on credit cards to Rs. 4999999. So people who wish to have this sort of money are shifting from financing their needs through personal loans to instead utilizing the limits on their credit cards.


It becomes Pakistan's sixth largest bank. Capturing the money market and exchange market through having best HR strategies also having strategical assistance of foreign experts because of multinational institute.