Comparison Between Having Knowledge And Having Money Business Essay

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- The higher the education a person could obtain on a certain subjects allow them to construct a better inform decisions that would result in increased income or better equipment. The value of good education is the basic key in getting a good solid job that able to support us to have a decent lifestyle. With education, we are able to go through different task in a job and with the qualified papers we are able to climb our careers upwards. The passion of wanting more in education gives us a broader mind and view towards the world and different concepts on how the world ticks. In a way having a good education reflects on a person. As they value your knowledge and education, you are not afraid to voice out your opinion and create doubts in one self.

Eg: Capital - A huge capital in a business ensures that the business is able to take losses and risk for a period of time. This is very crucial especially in starting a business as the company's profile is fresh and needed time to venture their product into the market. In starting a business, the right amount of capital is essential because of the company's instability and with a huge capital, owners are able to gamble their business into a bigger perspective without drawback in funding. A huge capital gives an advantage to business since money is needed to pay for machines, labors and goods produced. With the proper funding, the company are able to plan their growth and make additional adjustments to widen the business. A huge capital enables company to maximize their market using various of ways such as advertisement, samples and road shows.

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SM 2: How can knowledge be a stepping stone to success?

Eg: Skill - It is vital for anyone that ones to succeed in their career or business to learn different skills. Whether is it communication, planning, productivity and creativity. One must be able to acquire the technique to communicate and persuade customers to buy their product. They must also able to plan their schedule and make preparations for the future event and predict the best strategy to boost their productivity. In the fast growing world of business, its is comparably hard to excel a business as the competition is big and there are various levels of competitors in the industry. To even begin with something, first we must have a strong foundation of knowledge in the particular field. This comes by constant exposure and experience which makes them mature in decision making. If one's foundation is not strong, they will have difficulties in dealing with intense problems and they might miss out in lots of opportunities.

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Eg: Perspective - In many stages of life, we might be struggling with many obstacles and difficulties in our work life. Sometimes we're unable to tackle the problem due to the complexity of the problem. In every problem there always have to be a solution to it. Before we rush to solve a problem, it's always best to look at the problem from a different point of view whether from ourselves or another person. By doing so, we are able to identify the root problem and widen the choices of solution. Furthermore, we are able to widen our mind by not thinking inside the box but outside the box and able to achieve the best results.

Angle 2: Comfort

SM 1: How can money bring comfort to life?

Many people say, "money is not everything, money does not bring happiness in our life, etc," but money does bring comfort in life. In my opinion, money can buy quality goods such as healthy food, a better and more comfortable shelter or branded clothes to make our life become more comfortable. Quality goods usually cost more than other normal goods. Money can fulfill one's desires. With money, we do not need to worry about our daily life or any financial problem. For example, we can buy leisure things such as a big house or car so that we and our family can live in a comfortable environment. Therefore, money makes life become easier and money does bring comfort in life.


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SM 2: How can knowledge bring comfort to life?

With knowledge, it's possible to invent new technology to make life comfortable. With knowledge, it is possible to create new products to make life more comfortable. New technology that can relieve us from disease and work can be created with knowledge. With these new technologies, we can live a healthier life and our works can be reduced. These can bring comfort in our life. Other than that, new beauty products can be created to enhance one's look with knowledge. Some technologies have made our life more comfortable. Air cooler is one of the examples. Air cooler is useful to us in a hot day. It makes us to be more comfortable. Thus, knowledge brings comfort in life and makes life more pleasurable.


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Angle 3: Friendship

SM 1: How does money strengthen friendship?

Eg: Give a helping hand when your friend is in a tight budget situation.

Money can create friendship by giving a helping hand when your friend is in a tight budget situation, additionally they appreciate the face value of helping hand and the sacrifices you made, we can easily strengthen friendship. In accomplish a goal, one must provide compromises. We understand that they're in a financial crisis and we learn to communicate with them and there are various methods to assist them in the recovery process. It would make a lot of difference with several kinds of small favours such as treating him to dinner for an occasion, car pooling together or even inviting him to a pot luck dinner to lighten up his burden.


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SM 2: How does knowledge strengthen friendship?

A true friend plays a very important role in life. They are there during the happiest time and also hardest time when one's facing a sticky situation. As they are able to listen to your problems, show their attention and able to share their knowledge and experience they had to assist you in decision making. Most of the time in our lives, we bound to step into trouble. That's where friends comes in and guide us to the right path again. We might not go through many kinds of situations or dilemma but hearing other stories and past gives us the knowledge to prepare for the future outcome and learn from others mistake. By sharing other information, not only we get closure with friends, indirectly we are equipping ourselves with valuable information that we don't get from class or home. In example, if we got a studies problem in class the first thing in mind is to ask a friend. He or she might know but they are willing to try their best to give you the best solution and solve your doubts.


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Angle 4: Independence

SM 1: How does money bring independence?

People that are having good incomes are able to be financially independence as they are secure in living the lifestyle they desired without fear of over expenses. They will encounter fewer problems such as having limited budget or to cut down expenses in order to maintain their current lifestyle. With enough money, people can solve some of their problem and they will not be stressful in solving the problems. People can also send their children to a good school or college without applying study loan from government. Thus, money does bring independence.


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SM 2: How does knowledge bring independence?

Having a good amount of knowledge is able to guide us to be independent in life and to carry ourselves without depending on others. People can solve certain problems by themselves easily if they have an excellent amount of knowledge. Besides that, with knowledge, we can boost our self confidence in dealing with various people without having the fear of people doubting our capability in performing a task or job. In addition, knowledge helps us to know what is right and wrong to do and what we should or should not do in life and to be able to stand on solid grounds.

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Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.

In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.

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