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Dell Corporation is founded by Mr. Michael Dell in 1984. Dell is having very good communication system inside the organization for the employees as well as outside the company for the customers. Dell Corporation is making both types of computers such as personal computers and big servers. They are very successfully having a wide range of clientele which include home users, schools, organizations, hospitals, and government institutions and so on and so forth. Dell is successfully capturing 14.3% market share of the world PC market and its sales is divided into two main categories such as 27% of their comes from the enterprise product and 73% of their sales comes from the PC and notebooks to the home users or small users. After the start of the new millennium the prices of the PC and enterprise product fall down and because of that many small and less innovative competitors went out of the business. At that dell used a very innovative technique which help it to reduce the intermediaries and also to increase the profitability as well and that was the technique of direct selling. Another benefit of direct selling was that dell able to get first hand customer insight and with the help of that they can easily develop new products.


There are many processes available in the dell corporation. Some of them are as follows:


The first process which is under discussion is the virtual integration process of dell and we can say that it is the process because of which dell got the success in the world. This virtual integration process allow dell to share all the information in the real time with all its internal departments as well as with suppliers, vendors and all their field workers. This allows dell to maintain efficiency in the area of production with the help of JIT and also give more satisfaction in the area of customer satisfaction. [1] 


Direct business model is the process in which dell has opted for the direct selling technique. With the help of this process dell has able to reduce the gaps between the customers and company and also able to be more profitable.


Dell is having a very new and advanced supply chain management system installed in its company and with the help of that system it is able to identify what are the requirements on day to day basis. This also allows its suppliers to know that what they are required to produce on daily basis.


This is very critical process for any of the organization in the world and that's the main reason because of which dell is having proper process of it and in this it has integrated the supplier as well so that they get to know that what the requirement of company are. The level of inventory which dell is set to maintain in only 4 days inventory because with the help of their inventory system they can have more inventory as the demand increases.


The recent change in the PC industry has created problems for many companies at the same time it has created problems for Dell as well. Dell is not able to maintain itself with technological changes in the market. Although the products which dell is making are not obsolete but many customers feels that this brand is "faceless" because the components which it is using are lower is price but customers are not interested in buying those as well. [2] 


McDonalds is one of the famous brand in the fast food industry of the world and most of it products are world famous and some economist use their prices to calculate the inflation and price level of that particular country. This shows that how well organization and professional approach McDonalds is having towards its business. This is all done by McDonalds because they feel that their employees are their assets and they will have to keep them in a good shape so that they can be productive for the company as well as for themselves. Last year McDonald was able to support more than 8000 of their employees to complete their apprenticeship or level three diploma. McDonald's employees are more than 80,000 in UK only and their UK division roughly spends more the 30 million pounds on them on a yearly basis for their training and development. That is the main reason because of which their 96% employees believe that the skills and knowledge which their gain while working at McDonalds will very much beneficial for their future employers and for themselves as well in their future.


There are seven major processes exist in McDonalds as follows:

Supply chain management

Good and services design process

Location selection

Layout design process

Human resource



Here some of them are analyzed as follows:


Supply chain management is the process which is assisting McDonalds to maintain its taste world over and with the help of this wonderful system it is able to maintain profitability in highly competitive market. Usually they make bulk buying world over but according to their geographical location it identifies some local suppliers which can deliver them the quality of their standard and also with the help of that they really don't have to maintain high level of inventory.


McDonalds is the company that bifurcates its entire process into two broad categories such as 50% in production and 50% in services. They believe that services are the most important part of their business and that's why they have proper customer relationship department which maintain good relations with customers.


Total quality management is very important for all the organization in the world and because this McDonalds is having such high emphasis on this process. McDonalds believe that total quality management is the continuous process and they highlighted few areas where it has to be done continuously such as product quality, training employees, continuous improvement in restaurants environment and customer satisfaction.


Inventory Management and Inventory Control must be formed to meet the requirements of the marketplace and assist the organization's strategic plans. The number of changes in market demand, new opportunities because of worldwide marketing, global sourcing of materials, and emerging new manufacturing technologies, means that organizations need to change their Inventory Management loom and alter the method for Inventory Control.

In spite of the number of changes that companies go through, the basic principles of Inventory Management and Inventory Control are going to be the same. Few of the new approaches and techniques are just given new names, but the underlying principles for achieving good Inventory Management and Inventory activities has been the same over time.


Dell is able to forecast the level of inventory it should maintain to meet the customer need with the help of its information sharing system. Also with the help of this system dell is able to find out that dell will only require maintaining 4 days inventory and with the help of this information it will have to reduce the cost 62% and requisition time by 61%. Additionally this system also help dell to reduce down the number of error which occurred previously.


McDonalds is having a wonderful system in place in each of their branch with the help of that they are able to forecast the requirement and inventory levels. This forecasting is allowing them to maintain lowest possible inventory. But as they are in FMCG business so they can't be out of stock so for that purpose they usually carry bit higher inventory levels as compare to any other industry but in its own industry they are maintaining a good level of inventory.


Victorious supply chain plan is about availing assets in ways that augment productivity and shareholder worth. You need to deem market and sourcing strategies that will engender the best monetary performance. You must categorize the most favorable number of plants, warehouses and allocation centers to make the most of long-term profit. [3] 

It is essential to comprehend precisely how and where to organize assets for best possible operational and financial performance. Personnel concerned in supply chain design have need of a tool that considers company's objectives, resource limitations and consequent financial after-effects in order to classify a finest supplier-to-customer supply chain configuration - one that reduces costs and raises profitability.


Capacity planning is the concept which means that company is keeping only that level of inventory which is required keeping in mind the expected level of demand. There are three main strategies such as:

Lead strategy: it is the strategy in which company maintain high level of strategy than the expected level of requirement and try to wipe out the competitor through this strategy.

Lag strategy: it is the strategy in which company maintains low level of inventory than the required and only order for more when the capacity is completely utilized.

Match strategy: it is the strategy in which company adding small amount after analyzing the demand in the market.


Dell has designed its supply chain in such a manner that its become profitable for them as well as less time consuming too. When we see their supplier side so they have integrated their supplier in their systems through which they get to know the forecasted requirement and when we see the customer side then they have eliminated the intermediaries so they almost exactly predict the demand in the market.


The supply chain design of McDonalds it one of the best in the world because they have scrutinized suppliers at the first stage and then they give them orders. Also they have some inventories international suppliers and for some they are utilizing local suppliers. This strategy of McDonalds is allowing them to maintain low inventory as well as reducing the cost.


Total quality management is a structured system for meeting customers' needs and expectation with the help employees' participation in planning and implementation process so that every member of the organization takes part in it and improve the customer satisfaction level. [4] 


Performance measure is one of the important tools for the organization in implementing TQM in the company because they will have to measure the performance of the system. There are different measures used by the companies such as financial performance, productivity of the company, customer satisfaction level and etc.


In these areas dell is very much focused than compare to any other process because it feels that these are those areas which can help the company to do good in future as well as increase the customer satisfaction. Nowadays customer satisfaction is very important because those golden days are gone when companies make one product and customers have no choice but to buy the product. Today there are many companies exist in the market which are offering almost same products and in minimum process. So it has become important for the companies to make continuous improvement in their processes and in products so that customer satisfaction level increases every day.


FMCG is the market in which entry and exist barrier are relatively lesser as compare to any other industry and this make it vulnerable to the existing players as well as for the new entrants. Because every day we see a new restaurant in the market, so keeping this thing in mind McDonalds have adopted the strategy of TQM. TQM is the strategy through which they are able to come up with new products and making such changes which increasing the customer satisfaction level as well. But they are unable to increase the performance level of their employees because they have high turnover rate as compare to any other industry which is making this task difficult for them to achieve.