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Job Application, CV and Elevator Pitch

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Bloomberg, a company with its widespread business operations, is a leader in providing financial updates and information to the business world. The company, named after its founder Micheal Bloomberg, has its headquarters based in New York. It provides a fundamental circumference by connecting the dominant decision makers to an active system of data, facts and people. Bloomberg pulls its information and news resources through associated media commodities to congregate the financial record’s requirements of professionals internationally.


The company’s strength is to convey the information and statistics to the subscribers with the help of modern technology. It has more than 300,000 users stretched all over the world and providing a real-time financial data, precisely and rapidly to them, is at the hub of the Bloomberg Professional service. The service is also called Bloomberg terminal which is the main cash-making product for the company. It flawlessly combines facts, analytics, information, news, multimedia reports and email into an extremely vigorous and absolute solution for its comprehensive consumer base. The service consists of software tools that work as a trading platform for the financial organizations. Investors, issuers, corporations and financial intermediaries depend on Bloomberg terminal to assist them devise assessments and carry out transactions on a daily basis


Other sources of revenues for the company are the magazines, newsletters, websites, radio station and a global TV network which allow the customers to way in the global financial functions round the clock. These services also offer systematic tools so that the users can access, incorporate allocate and distribute the data across institutions more effectively.

Bloomberg News: It is the news leader at global scale and is the driving power behind all the content related to Bloomberg media. It generates thousands of stories every day which are syndicated to large amount of publications and newspapers internationally. The website is available multilingual and operates as one of the top multimedia sites for providing frequent financial news, data over the internet and tools for investors. It provides the best quality information and news through the Bloomberg Professional service.

Bloomberg Television: This is 24x7 news and business channel and is broadcasted in many languages through 10 networks and syndicates programming. It displays non-stop updates of stock prices, business headlines through reports and a multi-functional screen. It also facilitates the viewers to modify their viewing and trail their portfolios at a glimpse.

Bloomberg Tradebook: This is a world-class service that provides everything the fixed-earning and institutional equity professionals require in order to face the challenges of trading electronically at marketplace. This is done in one integrated solution form that unites all technology and expertise in trading.

Bloomberg Radio: This service keeps the listeners updated of the breaking business, global, financial and national news. The focus is on the personal finance especially to those who are keen about their business value due to changes in the financial market.

Bloomberg Markets: It is a magazine for corporate managers, executives and investors to get in depth knowledge about the places they wish to or are involves in working with. It is designed specifically for the Bloomberg Professional service customers and illustrates about the new features, strategies and functions on prevailing areas of concern.

Other services that are offered by Bloomberg are Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg View, Bloomberg Power Match which also provide information to the

financial consumers at worldwide scale.


The core competency of Bloomberg is to bring the best offering to the subscribers in all the financial areas of a business. In order to build trust, the company works on its best to resolve the gigantic problems and emphasizes on the customer experience for a product where billions are at stake.

The company’s worldview starts and ends with its consumers’ needs. When opening on a most important initiative, it carries out research to obtain the subsequent level of insight regarding its clients’ objectives and challenges. Immense work is carried out on enhancing an iconic software platform. The range is immeasurable, with thousands of utilities to a large extent resembling applications in an operating system. This provides its designers a vast scale of confronts and continually varied chances to discover solutions for wide-ranging customer categories and domains, from desktop to cell phone, hardware to software. Eventually this is an opportunity to occupy a vital role in improving one of the world’s finest business to business subscription services endlessly.

The competence level in techniques and actions is high which in point of fact represents accomplishment rate of the company. In conjunction with the economic dejection, most suitable alternatives have been adopted with the intention of delivering tools to diminish risk in the business.

Services are extensive at global level which hands out a valued means for acknowledgment and bring in fresh opportunities to work with clients from miscellaneous trade backgrounds. Latest clients become element of the clientele through growth strategy and expansion flourishes.


The company values the work of its lively and high contact teams. It is believed to be a place for enthusiasm and dedication, ideas and humbleness where sincerity to the job is very much signified. Running all the operations smooth is considered to be work of a dream team at the firm. Just like the customer experiences, they shape their teams to work mutually and effortlessly. The management highly appreciates and acknowledges the value the workers add to the product. This is why it is always hunting for the best talent to keep up the thrust.

The company has a flat structure where access to the senior management is boundless and has stimulated communication across the complete organization. The company’s performance and the setting of goals are clearly evident to everyone where transparency is a major characteristic. The headquarters of Bloomberg represents absolutely un-corporate environment with a modish, open and energetic workspace. It provides work to about 15,000 employees in greater than 192 offices spread worldwide. The company is devoted to its guiding principle of pulling, retaining and advancing most capable individuals in a diverse environment. Internally so as to promote equivalent opportunities, abundant soft skill expansion opportunities were made available to all employees.






Masters degree in technical area

I am a qualified Electrical Engineer with a thorough technical knowledge and possess a Masters degree in Finance and Business Management


Communication skills(written & verbal)

Able to convey the information in a professional manner, performed well in report-writing and presentations throughout my academics.


IT skills( Word, Excel)

Formulated spread sheets and a designed complete simulator successfully in previous workplace, possess expertise in using every function of Word.


Client facing(phone and face to face)

Capable of interacting with people from different nationalities along with good use of body language, know-how of different persuasive strategies, possess clear voice and a clean personality.


Knowledge of derivatives models

An in depth knowledge of all the financial factors (equities, credits etc), ability to evaluate the models critically using all the financial theories and translate the market parameters.


Experience at financial institution

Worked as an executive engineer in a telecom company for 4 years emphasizing on cost-effective network models. Attended a workshop by Bloomberg executive at university in Oct 2013, took BAT (Bloomberg Aptitude test) online and scored well.


Group work

Had been working in national, international teams for many years. Possess affirmative and cooperative reputation among team members.


Analytical Abilities

Excellent quantitative skills along with the ability to analyse each and every aspect of business data in detail. Expertise in Excel’s risk analysis tool and other analytical tools.


Capability to work in fast environment

Adapt easily to changes in surroundings, good at time-management, practised it widely during academics where task was accomplished meeting the deadlines.


Software tools (C,C++, Matlab)

Basic knowledge and programming skills in C language, proficient in Matlab, carried out many technical projects using it during Bachelors.


78 Swinderby Road,

Wembley, Middlesex

London HA0 4SG

Tel No: +44771xxxxxxxxxx

HR Manager

Bloomberg LP

39-45 Finsbury Square

London EC2A 1PQ

RE: The vacancy of Multi Asset Derivative Financial Engineer – Job No. 38426

Dear Sir/Madam,

I refer to you advertisement for the position regarding the Multi Asset Derivative Financial Engineer. I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you about the position announced. The opportunity accessible is very motivating and I believe that my well-built technical education, experience and skills compose me a very spirited candidate for this position. With my academic background in finance and engineering, I am certain that I can make a strong contribution to Bloomberg. I am enclosing a CV for detailed and additional information on my experience and skills. I can be reached anytime via my contact details at resume.

I am a qualified Electrical Engineer with four years of experience as an RF design engineer in a telecom company where I used to compile and ensure quality assurance of broadband networks. I also designed and developed a detailed database for expansion projects of up to 8000 house pass using Excel and other analytical tools. With a Masters in Finance and Business Management, I have productively maintained an amazing record portrayed by the proficiencies grossed during my academics.

The potentials that I own for success in this role include:

  • I have been a successful presenter throughout.
  • I have good conveying power as well as good communication skills.
  • I strive for continued excellence and look forward in depositing all my competences.
  • I work equally efficient individually or when placed in teams
  • I am superior in excelling at innovative technologies as needed.


I would welcome the occasion to talk about my suitability for this position. Thank you for your kind consideration, looking forward to speaking with you concerning this role.

Enclosed relevant / supporting documentation.




Madiha ZaFAR Awan


Date of Birth

78 Swinderby Road, Wembley

December 13th, 1985


Contact No. +4477xxxxxx



To exploit my dedicated and creative working potential in a conducive environment along with talented professionals in order to participate in an extensive manner for the optimal growth of the company. The emphasis being not only on the applicability of the grasped technical and finance knowledge but also on putting forth all possible services in my capacity.



MSc Finance and Business Management

University of Bedfordshire, Luton United Kingdom


MSc Electrical Engineering

University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan


BS Electronics & Communication Engineering

University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan


(SEP 2008-DEC 2012)

WorldCall Telecom Limited, Lahore (An OmanTel Company)

Worked as RF Design Engineer in HFC Design/Technical Department and performed following duties:

  • Ensure continuous coverage, high availability, enhancement & monitoring.
  • Maintain the group’s budget and monitor the operational expenditures.
  • Preparing bill of materials and simulation of signal level sheets of each HFC plan.
  • Preparing the Implementation phase & complete reports of the new designs.
  • Coordinating on day to day basis with Area Managers to update schedule changes.
  • Processing reported Areas from Customer Operations and investigating most recurring problem.
  • Technical analysis, comparison and price estimation of designs prepared under different parameters.
  • Compilation, technical and statistical data management of system designs.
  • Discussing various construction issues with the Installment Engineer in support of making the designs


(JUL 2008–AUG 2008)

WorldCall Telecom Limited, Lahore (An OmanTel Company)

  • Learning about equipment specifications, data sheets, active, passive elements.
  • Signal level calculation of Designs
  • Performed all given tasks efficiently and within due time.
  • Worked equally well independently or in a group setting.
  • Apart from the daily training, performed appreciable work in Design Department.


  • Software : Mat lab, Proteus, Electronic Workbench.
  • Drawing Tools : MS-Visio, AutoCAD.
  • Data Management Tools: MS-Office.
  • Operating System : Windows XP, Linux, Vista, 7.
  • Utilities : MS-Office, MS-Visio
  • Languages : C, Java


  • Excellent communication skill with awareness of working in competitive environment.
  • Excellent conveying power.
  • Excellent team work and leading capabilities.
  • Excellent technical writing and presentation skills.
  • Swiftness in absorbing new knowledge.
  • Languages: English, Urdu, Arabic (Beginner).


  • Girls Representative of Electronics Engineering Society.
  • President, Debating Society (English Section); UET, Lahore, 2006 – 2008.
  • Editor (English Section); College Magazine “KIRANA”
  • Participated in Debate competitions at All Country Level.
  • College and school Quiz Team Captain.
  • Hobby: Traveling and Reading.
  • Sports: Badminton and Table Tennis.


  • Distinction in Masters degree.
  • Delivered speeches at Embassy, Abu Dhabi in 2001. (English Category).
  • Secured 3rd position in College in HSSC Exam 2003 (Pre-Engineering).
  • Secured 1st and 2nd position in Calligraphy competitions at School level.
  • Secured 1st position in Intra-College Quiz Competition (1992).
  • Secured 2nd position Science Exhibition 2002 (Chemistry Department).


  • Design and Development
  • Project Management
  • Optimization and Maintenance
  • Finance and Management Accounting


Dr. Mohammad Kamran (Professor)

Mustanser Saddique (Manager)

Department of Electrical Engineering

Design & Planning(Technical)

University Of Engineering And Technology, Lahore – Pakistan

WorldCall Telecom Limited,

Lahore - Pakistan


Email: mustanser.saddique

Tel: +xxxxxxxxxxx

Tel: +xxxxxxxxxxx


I am ------. I am an electrical engineer covering 4 years in the telecom industry with extensive interest in management and finance areas of business. I am a person with natural reside to escort the group by means of determination and forthcoming conduct with others. I am autonomous and have fresh notions concerning financial strategies. I can effortlessly activate my creativity with prospective employers and set forward all likely services in my aptitude. My education and experience has helped me expand skills which I can uncomplicatedly use at place of work and become expert. I am extremely motivated to outshine in market and to benefit from opportunities that exploit my dedicated and creative working potential.


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