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The company is having a team which has of youth power and intelligence. They are vibrant and self motivated and are always interested in giving the best result to the company. The hard-core professionals are employed with excellent education backgrounds and are also a good blend of software outsourcing experience and technological expertise. Here the team which is created is the combination of the experienced employees as well as the new comers who can give their fresh ideas to the company which is proved very beneficial for the company. We are having experienced and new software developers , scientists and engineers who are very experienced in the different fields of technology, software development, sales department, management department, education, research and development and marketing department. All of them are contributing the deep knowledge, experience and skill in their particular fields.

Here in our company we always try to encourage the employees and the workers so that they can be more creative and we are very happy to take pride in their achievement and development. It is believed that the team members of the company are very crucial and act as an asset for the company as their skill and talent are unique in providing the benefits to the company. It helps the team and the team members to innovate with the existing objects which also provide solutions for winning the public confidence and also satisfy the customers with the product.

The benefits that the company enjoys with the good and effective employees is the evaluation of the components of application which are performed by the employees, they help in preparing the sales report, route reports, application reports, and summary reports. For the productive purpose, the team members should work in coordination with each other that will help in the development and growth of the company. The functioning of the team members will help the company in the development and the growth.

The employees hired in the company have the educational value and with the technological knowledge they are providing the best work to the company. The hard work and the effort on the part of the employees help the company to grow and develop further consistently. The administration and management of the employees is important as the management is the key to success for any company and organization. The working style of the employees is crucial for the company's growth.


The human resource or the employees that are hired act as the asset for the company because they are the persons who work for the progress of the company. The delivery to the clients is the main objective of the employees and the team members. The career of the employees in our company is full of challenges, fun, enjoyment and experimental. The candidates we hire for our company are talented and energetic and have full technological knowledge and skills and the right credentials, who utilize their professional knowledge for fulfilling the goals and motives of the clients. The person should have interest to learn new things, he should have the sense of responsibility and have the adjustable adaptability so to learn and perform always something new, and he should have the zeal or enthusiasm to learn.

As learning is a continuing process in one's life and it never comes to an end because we always get something new to learn in our life. The company is providing training sessions for them, who don't have the knowledge of a particular technology or the criteria of working in the organization. The training provided to the employees is fully professional with the help of all the equipments, tools and technology to meet and cope up the changing scenario. We always try to procure new technology for the employees and always see that they are aware of the technological changes so that their skill is able to meet the challenges of the market.

The objectives which the company is making are discussed with the employees and everybody in order to help each other in trying to achieve it. The training to the employees is given mainly so that they can easily achieve the target of the organization. This work starts from the recruitment of the employees as the growth and development of the organization is dependent on them alone. After the recruitment only the training sessions are started. If the employee does not have information regarding the work and the environment of the organization, training is imparted to him. The excellent work of the employees will bring growth prospects in the organization. The innovative work of the employees and the cooperation or interest of learning will help them to learn new and also be very helpful for the organization. If the person is working in any organization in any post or field so he should always show his positive attitude towards his work and the colleagues and for every progress in work the person will be awarded for his or her contribution in the field of work.

Research and development at Pranav Solution

Pranav Solutions is a dynamic & established company. We have time discipline. We have work in group and share our ideas that helps move with the time. We have known that what the current need of technology is. Pranav solution research is the crucial component of the software or website development or custom software or content development system .Process of development and research working under the professionals that provides the basic knowledge to understand the objective and what the scope of the application is. The objective of research and development for application having competition form other product, feasibility existing alternatives, framework available and good understanding of requirement of targeted customers.

Research and Development is the key process of any organization and with the help of this we will gives many useful product that help our society also sever the organization so the so software engineering and technology labs is the research arm of Pranav Solution. Research and Development explored by professionals provides the basic understanding of problem and give the drawback of our product that helps the increase the quality of product.

The production of application is art; Pranav Solutions follow four critical steps in research and development process from project initiation to finalized product.

Feasible study:

Firstly gather information form various direction and study the basic requirement of the application. Try to list down all necessary requirements in bottom to top manner and than solved step by step.


It is next phase of research that contains multi directional perspective and provides vital information on different – different facts of the application such as what technology is needed, what feature should be add, flow and what type of customer to be target for specific application


It is next step after completed regrouping. This study focus on the refinement of original problem with the help of client specification and the researched information to create single source. Single source make easy process to finalizing requirement.


The most important part of finalize the product because this step eliminates all ambiguities and freeze the final set of requirement as per as client objective manner.So that it is very crucial as well as important part of research process. Consolidation gives rise to the starting phase of the development process.

Pranav Solutions is a leading name in IT that research & development has the advantage over couple of years. Company experience in outsourcing & software development. Focusing on the development of radical new technologies spanning a wide range of applications, our team at Pranav Solutions involves engineering, development and quality professionals specialized in creating innovative solutions for advanced technologies. The R & D team of Pranav Solution focus on the standard & custom designed development processes to impart all software, ecommerce & IT solutions based on the specifications of clients.

Communication and analysis

Pranav Solutions makes software project fairly simple. There are many way to you contact us. You will have to take the initiative by getting in touch with us by available medium of communication and describe your need and requirements. Pranav Solution takes great importance and create freely environment where client and company discuss our requirement. The key process of Pranav Solutions is to understand the client's requirement and give the full satisfaction.

Pranav Solutions is open for every one, where you can ask any question about the project at hand as our team member group analyzes your requirements clearly and come up with best software development solutions. Pranav Solutions is open to request for proposal detailing all your software need.

There are following way to contact for offshore communication purposes;

  • Net meetings

  • Emails

  • Conference calls

  • Instant Messengers

  • IP Phones

  • Face-to-face Communication

Pranav Solutions team a group of project manager, software designer, coder, developer and tester. When every client specified all the detailed requirements and inputs on the project, the Pranav Solution team is able to understand the project with in second through brainstorming sessions. Then we would answer all your queries with the details analysis to client such as project schedule, cost, personnel assignments and a deadline, with the recommended solutions.

In Pranav Solutions every single data crucial so its takes extreme care to maintain confidentiality of information. We are open to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you give us any project related information to protect your intellectual property.