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Background of Steven’s Tea Garden


In 1976, Steven’s Corner is just a small mamak restaurant situated in Overseas United Garden and it is a husband and wife business. The name of Steven’s is come from one of the family member nickname that is ‘Silan’ and the Corner come from the mamak restaurant sat on a chop corner so the Steven’s Corner name is arose. From the beginning Steven’s Corner is a small restaurant just sell roti canai and mamak fried noodles but over some years, Steven’s Corner has grown to a middle size of mamak restaurant as a result of the royal customer and they are work harder to expend the business and establish their own unique business model.

In 1985, Steven’s Corner ,made a decision to expand their business hours to 24 hours a day and open 7 days a week. Then it was registered as Sri Komalah Restaurant at the same year.

In 1997, Steven’s Corner opened second restaurant which situated in Pandah Indah, Cheras and followed in 2007 opened the third restaurant in Setapak.

Steven’s Corner can be so success because they have their own recipes and introduce many unique, trail blazing menu that passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, many restaurant offer wireless broadband Internet connections are started by Steven’s Corner first in Malaysia.

Today, Steven’s Corner desired to bring the secret recipes mamak cuisine to every corner of every country. Thus, it registered as a service business with the trade name call Steven’s Tea Garden and Steven Hotspot. From the day on Steven’s Tea Garden will launch chain restaurant through out Malaysia and the ambition is to grow into bigger, stronger brand to overseas that serve the Malaysia food lovers for everyone. The short form of Steven’s Tea Garden is STG, there are meaning in the STG: S=Sharing, T=Trillion and G=Good.

The Steven’s Tea Garden have a new image with the objective to introduce its new brand name to foreign countries through authorization license, series restaurant with consistent system to make Steven’s Tea Garden with a famous icon home and overseas.

Steven’s Tea Garden is the biggest mamak restaurant in Malaysia with an entry in Malaysia Book of Records. Steven’s Tea Garden is going to expand the business to 100 new restaurants in Malaysia and expand to Europe, Thailand, Singapore, and the United States as well. Besides that, Steven’s Tea Garden also seeks a listing at Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and a listing in UK Stock Exchange.

Steven’s Tea Garden hired an International well known chefs as they restaurant consultants to keep an eye on central kitchen quality control and to make sure that all the foods is consistent in quality and in flavor that’s there are no difference between outlet with outlet. This is the secret way to success in launch of restaurant chain. There are two culture icons of Steven’s Tea Garden restaurant which are ‘callisthenic’ tea pulling and roti canai throwing by chefs. The rhythmic performance will entertain the customers when the enjoying their food.

Steven’s Tea Garden management concept is to provide high quality affordable food in a green comfortable environment and the famous Malaysia hospitability to the customers.

The company culture is “Customer Come First”. It is a high standard set by the company to provide a better service and guided by three elements, there are “Quality, Service and Cleanliness”.

Steven’s Tea Garden has three different level of organization: Steven’s Tea Garden Corp Sdn Bhd, Steven’s Tea Garden Trading Sdn Bhd and Steven’s Tea Garden Resources Sdn Bhd these three organizations manage different company department and make different management decision making. Steven’s Tea Garden Corp Sdn Bhd is the holding company; it is responsible to control the operation of the entire restaurant chain and responsibility for the company growth. Steven’s Tea Garden Resources Sdn Bhd is more focus on marketing strategies of the group based on franchise and the membership system. Steven’s Tea Garden Resources Sdn Bhd is the organization we focus on. And Steven’s Tea Garden Trading Sdn Bhd is responsible for sourcing food ingredients, managing centralized kitchen and delivering food to all outlets.

Steven’s Tea Garden has 3 levels of management; there is top management, middle management, and low level of management.

Steven’s Tea Garden is a partnership business, it discover and cooperate by seven young men (Board of Directors). Five of them play role in Chief Executive Directors (CEO) while another two of them responsible manage marketing department (Marketing Directors). These seven partners are top management in Steven’s Tea Garden who have some power in decision-making formulate the objectives of the enterprise, and responsible for smooth and systematic operations of the enterprise.

In the Steven’s Tea Garden, the general software used by management is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. CRM software is used to support these processes; information about customers and customer interactions can be entered, stored and accessed by employees in different company departments. Typical CRM goals are to improve services provided to customers, and to use customer contact information for targeted marketing.

The CEOs of the company determine long term objectives, resources and policies of the organization. They provide judgments, evaluation and insights into the problems occurred and every decision is important. Besides that, the CEOs of the company always try to find outside resources and opportunity to support Steven’s Tea Garden to make it expand bigger and wider everywhere. Now, Steven’s Tea Garden is successfully cooperating with their strategic alliance which are: Touch N Go, Genting Worldcard, Francorp Worldwide, Second Home INTL, Mobile Money, Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile and Ingress Auto.

The marketing director is the main person to directing and managing marketing plan which eventually decides the success of your company. Marketing director’s responsibilities involve supervision, marketing, profitability and sales, reporting, purchasing, resale pricing, inventory, service, maintenance, and other duties as requested by management. The activities carry by them include: sales call recap, market share report, sales analysis and strategy review reports, sales promotional efforts and upcoming promotional plans.

The middle level management like marketing managers, they assist marketing director promote the sales of the company’s products and services that will most benefit the customers, and to establish creditability through communication in a manner that will optimize the company’s market share and savings, improve the company’s efficiency, help achieve the company’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service. For example, Steven’s Tea Garden is promoting the customers become members and enjoying the benefit of “Eat and Earn Plan”.

Training manager assign staff division and delegate work load that is needed to meet market requirements. This person will also establish and update job description for all positions within the division and recommend selection of employees based on job requirements. They also conduct and supervise training and development programs for employees. Increasingly, management recognizes that training offers a way of developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building loyalty to the enterprise. For example, Steven’s Tea Garden train the new members and provide a better knowledge about Steven’s Tea Garden, provide training about direct sales, and explain the benefits of joining member.

The lower level management, marketing executives are involved in aspects of marketing, including: planning; advertising; promotion; public/media relations; product development; distribution; sponsorship; and research. Other operational staffs also in the range of lower level management, they carry out daily operations of the company, like inventory control, invoicing, manage client data.

Managers, the middle level of management will evaluate the performance of the staff and daily operations make sure the departments are in well condition, they will report all the processing status to upper management.

Different level of functional units

Information System helps to manage business process

The Information System used by Steven’s Tea Garden is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which can help each level of management for their decision making and business process. CRM consists of the business processes and software that enable collaboration, performance improvement, and better business visibility across all customer touch points.

The general Information System used by Steven’s Tea Garden Company is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which can help to tract and organize the company current customer files. In addition, CRM also is a software based approach to handling the customer relationships and it is also use to process the information about customers and customers interaction can be entered, stored and accessed by employees within the company in different departments. The objectives of CRM software are to improve service provide to customers, help the level management for decision making and business process and use the customer information to targeted the marketing. CRM consists of the business processes, policies and software that enable collaboration, performance improvement, and better business visibility across all customer touch points.

Steven’s Tea Garden Company is using CRM software in many aspect which are relate directly with one and another, there are Front office operation, Back office operation and Business relationships.

Front Office Operation

Steven’s Tea Garden Company use Front office operation interaction with customer through face to face meeting or give them phone call and sometimes if there are any promotion or new food launch the marketing department staff will email the updated news to the prospective customers. Besides that, Steven’s Tea Garden Company also available online service for the customers to check their STG member status, member card order food point and contact the company.

Back Office Operation

Back office operation system work to interact customer with more effectiveness and efficiency so the marketing department manager always maintenance and continue to improve the current business. The company did a lot of advertisement to let people well known with the Steven’s Tea Garden new brand name and wanted to get more loyal customers to support them so the company has the capital to expand the business throughout Malaysia.

Business –relationships

The Steven’s Tea Garden Company has built a good business relationship with the suppliers, partners and industry network in order to build a stable business market in local and overseas. Maybe is the friendly attitude cause the Steven’s Corner restaurant expanding their business through Steven’s Tea Garden a franchise business? There are many partners support STG Touch N Go, Genting Worldcard, Francrop Worldwide, 2nd Home INTL (MM2H), Mobile Money, Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U mobile and Ingress Auto (BMW).

Steven’s Tea Garden marketing department has use the sales intelligence (IS) software to manage the business and this software more intended on direct sales. Sales Intelligence is a technology, applications, practices for collection, integration, analysis and presentation of the sales information. The purpose of the marketing manager to use sales intelligence software is to support the better business decision making by sales person. Sales Intelligence software is a date-driven system it usually integrated with Customers Relationships Management (CRM). Sales Intelligence software is a method to improve sales performance and decision making by using fact-based Transaction information.

There is another information system use by the Steven’s Tea Garden marketing to operate the business that is e-point system. E-point system is a solution that automates daily sales transaction, track customer, provide integrated web store front and provide real- time balance sheet and income statement after the day business over. In the STG Hotspot’s they are using e-point POS system to run the shop business. E-point POS system is a point of sales for merchandise and F&B service for the customers. The E-point POS system offers an advance point of sales function to manage the business. STG Hotspot’s use the POS system effectively and efficiently tools to operate their order processing, menu management, unlimited menu and items and support their multiple kitchen printer. The E-point POS system provide the built-in security system, fast and easy to train the staff to use the system. Marketing department choose to use this system because this system meet their current and future needs.

E-point CRM system use by the STG marketing manager is to built the customer relationships and change customers behaviors. With this E-point CRM system when the customers buying and spending can be easily captured for future planning of rewarding promotion program. This system can be easily developed and improve the customer relationships.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and marketing director, which is the top level of management in Steven’s Tea Garden, used CRM software to make decision and in their business process. In the CRM system, CEO can run through the sales of the Steven’s Tea Garden. CEO can know the performance of the Steven’s Tea Garden is it has improvement. If there have no improvement or worse, CEO must make a good decision or finding out why the sales is worse and how to make it more profitable.

Marketing director used CRM system to help company keep customer and client information in one easy accessible location. These CRM systems include Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Contact Management. Combination of these two elements in CRM system will provide busy sales force managers the opportunity to stay on top of everything related to sales and make sure there are no missed opportunities that cause a loss of sales. Marketing director also used CRM system to identify what is working through tracking and reporting to optimize ROI and team productivity. The marketing director always supervise make sure that sales, service and so on is always updated and the cost is effectively compare with others competitors.

For the middle level of management, marketing manager used CRM email send survey form or promotional product to members of Steven’s Tea Garden to get back the respond of the members about the satisfaction of the Steven’s Tea Garden. Email programs are one CRM marketing strategy that allows you to check on customer satisfaction and current needs, while reminding the members that the promotion is coming. By using this CRM marketing for email, it is probably the most cost-effective way to implement a direct mail marketing campaign. Using marketing for email will allow marketing manager to only send information to the members that it will most likely affect and convert. This can save the organization money over a conventional mass mailing, which the majority of which would end up in someone’s recycle bin.

Training manager used CRM system to teach new employees of the Steven’s Tea Garden how to use the CRM software. New employee need to expert in use the CRM system therefore, training manager need to use CRM system to explain more details about the CRM software.

Evaluate the performance of the staff and daily operation by middle level of managers using the CRM software. Then, managers have to link with the upper level of management to tell them the performance of daily operation.

With using CRM software, marketing executive, the lower management can develop or plan such activities or events that can attract customer to join the Steven’s Tea Garden membership. Besides that, marketing executive can use CRM software to analyze the sales budget of the Steven’s Tea Garden by reach the maximum profit. If it is not, marketing executive need to do more advertising or promotion to maximize the profit of the organization.

Strengths and weaknesses for Current Information System

CRM software is a most popular information system that used by many companies. Many companies support this information system because there have many useful features. CRM software not only suitable for small businesses, it’s also suitable for entrepreneurs and individuals. This software is easy to use and requires no software expertise, therefore productivity enhancing application.

CRM is a support tool in the analysis of customer equity whether in quantitatively which is including the data of purchasing history and able to forecast of future purchases and qualitatively which is degree of commitment, participation and trust. This system tools recognize the increase in the value of the customer base. By using CRM applications to create a more dynamic profile of customers that can detect the changes in the value, make a financial report on feedback of investment and devise actions to increase it.

CRM software has simple calendar and reminder tools for better productivity. Hence it can be used for contact management. CRM software’s functions included documentation name and dates, keep track of sales and returns, identified important dates, and it also ring a bell people of task they must accomplish. Therefore, people in the organization or members won’t miss any deadlines, meetings, phone calls, or anything else. For example, in the Steven’s Tea Garden, the CRM software will automatic remind management that every Friday 9 a.m. have a small meeting among the members. Therefore, the management will send e-mail or through phone message to relevant members for remind purpose.

On the other hand, CRM also makes call centers more efficient. The employees able to access the customer information and order histories, this makes them easier to target on clients. For example, the workforces of Steven’s Tea Garden know how to deal with each member depending upon the member’s archives available through CRM. Every department within the company can access the information when it is needed.

CRM software also will stay close contact with customers and clients so that they receive the high level of customer support that they need. This can make the customers feel like organization are willing to listen to their concerns, comments, and problems this can only help business grow and thrive. Good call center software is the only way can encourage repeat business and keep customers happy. It will also increase customer loyalty and decrease customer demonstration.

Besides that, CRM system also can help the organization in identifying new customers by keeping a track on existing client information. The system will come up with a strategy to determine the people the company can target. For example, Steven’s Tea Garden having a “Eat and Save” campaign in TAR College, if some of the students in the college sign up as a member, the business can come up with a strategy to target the rest of the community in the college.

A major problem for many managers is keeping up with all of the reports needed to inform upper level of management of what is going on with their team. A good CRM system generates most of the necessary reports automatically and provides instant access to everyone in the organization that needs to see them. The CRM system also allows reports to be easily and quickly customized.

However, there have some weaknesses in the CRM software. One of the weaknesses of the CRM software is overload of customer data. The relevant information of customer maybe there, but if management does not properly managed it, it could lead to messy of the customer data. Customer data is very important information for the organization. Without the customer information, Steven’s Tea Garden may loss support or revenue from the customer.

In order to ensure there is an increase of investment in Customer Equity, it is a need to hire a highly professional people to analysis data and design department campaign. It will be very costly for a company to spend a large amount of money on selecting best CRM tools and hiring the best professionals.

Besides that, CRM software implementation will lead to cultural change within the organization. For example, different level management used CRM software have different password on them, therefore, management need to remember the different password when access different web page. This is secure of the unauthorized user to log in, but it is trouble for employee of the organization.

CRM software use large capacity or ram to run this software. Therefore, if the organization’s computer is not enough ram to run it, organization’s computer might substitute a larger ram or capacity so that the computer can run with the CRM software.

The weakness of CRM software is that CRM software does not arrive with information which is already entered. Organization will not realize that they actually have to collect relevant information. The CRM software also will not take effect or ask the user which enters the information in the system. It will cause the information enter twice and the organization losing valuable time and money.

Enhancement or new solutions to replace existing IT/IS application

“Data overload” is a major problem faced by the users who apply with a CRM system. According to expert survey, there is 90% of companies are suffered from information overload and that it destabilized their competitiveness.

To exploit on this to improve marketing effectiveness, marketing executives will need to control and weight their CRM databases for predictive purposes. Predictive CRM is a process where companies supply their CRM databases for predictive patterns, which assist them improved target and forecast response or risks associated to their marketing initiatives. By looking precise ways to influence their CRM databases to assist forecast customer’s response, companies are able to exploit the effectiveness and ROI of their marketing initiatives.

The advantage of predictive CRM initiatives is that tangible ROI metrics can be conclude that underwrite company’s justification for the whole CRM program investment.

Generally, predictive CRM involves developing predictive mathematical models or algorithms, which will assist them in predicting high likelihood outcomes in the following areas:

  • Predicting customer attrition.
  • Predicting customer acquisition.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Identifying cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.
  • Determining drivers of customer loyalty.

It is hard to choose the best apparatus for predictive CRM. It is even harder to seek for the analytical talent to effectively construct and apply these predictive models. The person in charge must have deep intimate information of the company’s process and business besides having sound technical and analytical skills. Your staffing condition can be significant overhead on the business if you are using manual statistical packages for developing predictive models.

We will often face with barreling over billions of records covering our whole base of customer prospects at the same time. Restricted in these databases are pleasing outcome variables, for example like purchase transactions and promotional response. They also hold hundreds of descriptive data for example like psychographics, customer approval ratings and demographics that have predictive value associated to outcomes. One of the dilemmas of predictive modeling is finding out how we can have the cleverness and horsepower to construct the most precise predictive models by trying to mine patterns from the these huge databases.

That’s where distributed processing can be applied. This distributed processing take a large CPU intensive operations and separates them among a huge number of parallel PC workstation besides distributing the burden and achieving significant efficiencies in operation speed.

The financial services organization that was able to investigate and evaluate five times more predictive models than manual statistical models over the same period of time if we applied the distributed processing technology. The improvements in the precision of the model amounted to RM41milion in investments over the course of the year.

Distributed processing technology works as what shown in below. One controlling workstation is linked to numerous parallel workstations. Operational and mathematical tasks can be separated and shared among with all linked workstations. The processes work faster by interconnecting and sharing these tasks.

There are typically 1,500 to 3,000 distinct modeling methodologies and forms that could be applied to any specified problem for any given predictive modeling exercise. With the application of power of distributed processing, solutions for thousands of possible predictive models can be achieved at speeds of 50 to 100 times quicker than conventional and manual statistical packages. This will not only saves time but also reduce the pressure on the company to claim extra analytical talent and peoples to extend these models.

The advantages of this distributed processing can help our business to reach quicker, cheaper and even better solutions to the dilemma of data overload. During the process, they can lower up the costs and achieve important and calculable improvements in marketing ROI.

Improve CRM by adopt appropriate email marketing

CRM planning will directly attempt to develop customer-centric technologies that will bring the market in examining customer behavior and activities. The newest CRM suite products permit you to accumulate, build up and draw out all types of information, from data points to lists. Therefore we can know exactly which one to target and what action you can take with your customers.

A few amount of CRM solution today have a module for email marketing. Email marketing is very important because it is very efficient and it is a measurable method of communicating with your important customers that is why it cannot be taken lightly.

However, it is necessary to question ourselves if our CRM solution can recommend the complicated functionality to form, track, schedule, and deliver our messages in today's changing email marketing climate.

There is a lot of CRM suite email packages significantly lack functionality in four main critical areas of email marketing, there are:

  • message template creation
  • email reporting and tracking
  • delivery technology and expertise
  • domain experience in email best practices from a technical and marketing perspective

It doesn’t mean that you are step down to second rate email marketing technology to contact with your customers if there are some lacks of functionality in your CRM application. Nowadays, there are a few of full featured email marketing solutions that can be integrated with products like PeopleSoft and Siebel. These products can full customer data and keep you in contact with your customer at the same time.

However, not all email marketing solutions are built to compound with CRM products, so there are some requirements to consider before you make a choice.

Here are five guidelines to stay on by when u make a decision on choosing an integrate email into your CRM suite:

Ensure your provider can create dynamic message content

Email marketing is more than creating attractive templates and graphics and pushing the send button. Our message content must be dynamic and uncomplicated to navigate. Our email service supplier should include features like multilevel personalization, viral marketing, conditional content, and subscribe management. We can even have bigger benefit if our supplier can deliver global language email and personalize or restricted subject lines.

Request full reporting and tracking functions

Our CRM instrument is probably extremely analytical and knows customers very well. Why shouldn't our email provide us the same values? Reporting and tracking of email programs and messages are necessary to improve content strategy and detailing the activities of recipients. On the other hand we can even ask for reporting functions that are not available in most CRM suites, for example tracking of opens, click-through by place, cross-campaign reporting for in-depth investigation, and remarketing tracking so we are able to identify and produce new campaigns from earlier recipient activity.

Make deliverability a guarantee, not a hassle

The solitary greatest problem for email marketers is organizing filters, ISPs, and blocking off messages. Some portion of the email marketing solutions offer services to assist mailers to analysis and increase deliverability, all while remaining compliant with governmental regulations. Some features can also aid with email delivery, for example like bounce management and processing, from-address options to permit for individual address book, time stamp on messaging and double opt-in whenever preferred.

Demand attention

It's necessary to decide an email service supplier with skilled in-house communications experts who offer pre- and post sale consulting on equipment requirements and email infrastructure suggestion. A perceptive customer support team will assist us to handle email marketing by providing us best practices and preparation for our business.

Get creative and have a little fun

Applying an email marketing program does not have to be demanding or time-consuming. Our CRM solution informs you which customers is your most important customer, so you are making contact with those who wish for your messages. Several e-mail service suppliers offer project management, complete service creative implementation and deployment, and other primary hand-holding that may be required for email marketing beginners. Pick a supplier that can help maximize our ROI without compromising your brand.

By cooperating with CRM, email marketing can offer the instantaneous measurable results that cannot always be supplied with a CRM solution alone. The grouping closes the circle of customer investigation, allowing us to trail behavior, study the buying patterns, and seamlessly communicate our messages.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is an extended database that full with information about the customer to help the company to extend sales; it can also serve as a multitasking technology that enables a firm to maximize profits and improve relationship with their customers if CRM implemented properly. Besides that, CRM can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Some people think that CRM initiatives require huge amounts of money and resources, but in fact we can make small changes with minimal expense to achieve far-reaching effects. Here are five examples to improve CRM with simple and low cost methods.

Firstly, you can call your main business telephone number; so that you can experience what customers hear when they call in to your company. Senior management is always did not notice that the problem and difficulty face by customers to contact the company to conduct a business. A lot of companies use auto attendants to deduct their expense. However, the menus or features of some systems are difficult to navigate or to connect to a live person when necessary. Sometimes I have called many businesses during their published business hours, but what I hear is only a recording say: Please call back during regular business hours. In order to improve our calling service, we can add some new features to auto attendants, or we can change and rearrange the menus to make calling more pleasant.

Secondly, you can create a mission statement for your call center, information center or technician is an important job because their behavior will directly affect the company’s reputation. Employees’ job is to make customers happy that is why their attitude is very important. However problem solving is not part of their job. Their main job is to give a warm welcome to the customer.

For example there is a case happen before where one client called to. The time management for the customer service in receiving a call is also important. There is a case happened before where a client was shock because of his customer service call cost around RM1500 and it takes about 4 hours to solve his problem. The customer service center has a 55% abandoned call and a rate of 50% on hold time call over 8 minutes. Try to imagine how the customer will feel. By training the disciplinary of the staff or giving new mission statement, the customer service can reduce its abandoned call rate to less than 15% and on hold time call to 1.5 minutes without hiring more staff.

On the other hand, we can turn customer service from "cost center" into a "profit center," by recognize and reduce expenses, for example we can do this by reduce lengthy phone conversations. There is a way to do this, that is consider what it costs to keep an agent on the phone and to determine the breakeven time of a telephone contact. A shorter duration phone call can result a positive resolution for the customer, even if it means bending a company policy, is a good first step for turning cost centers into profit centers.

The most important thing is we must use our customer data effectively. We have to collect customer information when a significant investment has been made so that we can use that data to work. We can do this by focusing on those data quality. A low quality data causes an increased marketing costs and potential misunderstandings regarding the true profile of important customers. If a member in Steven’s Tea Garden have a revenue of RM50,000 but at the same time he have a revenue of RM80,000 in a company that have a similar name as Steven’s Tea Garden, does their revenue add up? That is why we have to use the data effectively to create a real value.

Lastly, try to listen out to your customers. This is because there is no one better equipped or more willing to give advice than your customers. Try to survey them frequently and maybe you can ask them such questions like, how easy is it for you to do business with us? You will then discuss what the customers’ suggestion with upper managers and others who interface with your customers. You will realize that making small changes in the ways you do business can have dramatic positive results.

There is many techniques can be applied at little or no cost to enhance CRM. This is depends on the needs of the company; there are also many CRM software solutions are available nowadays. Well organize CRM initiatives can make a significant of measurable, difference toward reduced expenses, improved customer satisfaction, and increased employee effectiveness.

Suggest an approach to build a system

According to our answer in part (e), we would like to use the prototyping approach to build a new develop system. Prototyping approach is a development method it is creation of prototypes. This system is build, tested and reworked until an acceptable prototype is achieved and the system can be developed. This approach can used by end users to describe the requirement that the developers have not considers so controlling the prototype is the key point in the commercial inter-related between the solution providers and their clients. Prototyping method also allow the users to evaluate the developers proposals for the design of the eventual project by typing them out rather than evaluate the design based on descriptions.

Before, we adopt this prototyping system, we have compare the existing software with the prototyping software, finally we obtain a result that we should built this types of system. Therefore, we conduct preliminary planning to determine the basic requirement should be included in this system. The basic element should included in this system are databases predictive the purpose for his features is to forecast the future risk analysis, predict customer acquisition and attrition. Besides that, we discover that the CRM software do not contain the distributed processing technology as this type of system will help the STG Company to control the workstation with one controlling linked to other workstations. CRM software lack of the email marketing module and we have included strong security control to prevent the unauthorized users to hack in company important file.

After we have identify the entire basic requirement the second stage we need to do is develop the prototype. We try to develop the requirement that the CRM software features and develop the additional requirement we plan to add in. Then we go through the analysis step, we succeed develop both of the software features in our prototyping plan.

Provided by the analysis step, we obtain that the prototype system can include many features such as database predictive, distributed processing technology, email marketing, an improvement of existing security control to be more strength and the other features which included in the previous CRM software.

The third steps we need to do is explain the features included in the prototype system to the STG management users, review the use of the use of the prototype and get the feedback from the STG management users. After the STG management users have revises the new developed system, they are almost satisfied with the new system but some of the new features they are not really satisfied as their reason is the cost of the features is too high and unnecessary. That is distribute processing technology the cost of is about RM41million, it may too costly for a middle size company to add in the high cost feature.

The final stage is that we revise again and enhance the prototype system. We revise again the system according to the feedback the STG management users provide. And without add in the distribution processing technology the development system can work in an efficiency condition and the STG management users very satisfied with this new develop system.

Advantages of using Prototype system

Expose requirements

Prototype can translate the key in data of user into concrete aspects of system. For example, it can convert the data of customer personnel information into a series of GUI screens and it can control and manipulating displaying well defined data. This process happens at the design stage so all people can do observation, discussion and identification. Prototype also incurred at the early stages of data layer design.

Better communication between customers and designers

We can’t read the customers’ mind so sometimes there is a different with our work produced is not achieving the requirement of the customer. There are also some customers unable to express what they exactly need. This kind of problem can overcome by a well-designed prototype to help the work run in right direction.

Prototype leads us to be open towards customers, we will present it by no hidden opinions and assumptions, thus the customers may assume we know their requirement well and same exactly with what are they thinking, so they got a fair idea on the final result.

Reveal feasibility

Prototype can provide the users professional suggestions and answer the question like how to deal with the high risk areas of the system design and what is the effect. For example, a customer would like to apply a new reporting tool in his system; prototype can answer the uncertainty of new tools and explain the possible risk will face by the customer

Save time and reduce risk

This is due to prototypes are built in the process of software development as incremental steps. Thus, every outcome is based on the previous observe at designing performance stage, and the previous problems and mistakes are being corrected. This increase the chance of hit the final goal more effectively and reduces the chances of making repetitive mistakes. It save the development time and process cost.


Steven’s Corner is beginning with a small mamak stall in 1976. The first Steven’s Corner is located at Overseas United Garden. At first, it just sells roti canai and mamak friend noodles. But over the years, Steven’s Corner become more popular because they have their own recipes and become the first mamak restaurant in Malaysia to offer wireless broadband internet connections. Nowadays, Steven’s Corner wants to bring this mamak cuisine to every people at every country. Therefore, it has been registered as a service business with the trademark ‘Steven’s Tea Garden’ and ‘Steven Hotspot’. Steven’s Tea Garden also focuses on marketing strategies of the group based on franchise and the membership system.

Steven’s Tea Garden is a partnership business. There are 3 levels of management in the Steven’s Tea Garden, which is top management, middle management, and low level management. These 3 levels of management have played different role in their department. However, each levels of management are using the general software which is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Each level of management is using the CRM software to manage the organization decision making and business process. By the way, upper level of management such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and marketing director use CRM software to know the performance of the organization and make the decision to maximize their organization profit. Besides that, middle level of management such as marketing manager and training manager used CRM email to remind member promotion is coming for advertising purpose, whereas the training manager use CRM system to teach new employees how to use the various feature stated in this CRM system. Low level of management used CRM software to develop or plan such events to attract customer to join the Steven’s Tea Garden membership.

However, there have some strengths and weaknesses of the CRM software. This software is easy to use and no software expertise required. CRM software has a simple calendar and reminder tools that can remind the user and won’t miss out any deadlines, important meeting, phone calls, or anything else. CRM software also has a feature that will keep in close contact with customers and clients so that Steven’s Tea Garden receives the high level of customer support that they need. One of the weaknesses of the CRM software is overload of information. In addition, CRM software does not arrive with information already entered. Lack of cultural preparation also is one of the weaknesses CRM software.

Because there have some weaknesses in the CRM software, improvement for the CRM is needed with simple and low cost methods. First, add some new features to auto attendants or change and rearrange the menus to make calling more pleasant, so that customer will be happier with the service. Second, create a mission statement for call center, it is important job because company’s reputation will directly affect with their behavior. Besides that, turn customer service from “cost center” into a “profit center”. In the other hand, use customer data effectively by focusing on those data quality. Lastly, customers comment or suggestion is very important or useful for increase the reputation of the organization.

Evaluation of assignment

An organization that we decide to choose as our Management Information System written assignment is Steven’s Tea Garden. We choose this organization as our MIS written assignment, it is because we want to know or understand more about information system that the Steven’s Tea Garden used. However, after about one month to produce this assignment and an interview with the employee of the Steven’s Tea Garden, we know or understand more about the system they used and how the system used by each department and so on. Steven’s Tea Garden is using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as their general software that used by each department.

There have unethical issues raised by Customer Relationship Management software which used by Steven’s Tea Garden’s employees. One of the unethical issue is Steven’s Tea Garden’s employees may sell the customer information to other parties. Nowadays, sell customer information to other parties is a common issue. Employees of the organization sell customer information to other parties because it can earn money from third parties. Information leakage will caused the social not in good condition. Sell customer information to other parties is illegal behavior in our country, because customer information is private and condition for the organization. Organization is responsible to keep properly and privacy to protect the safety of the individual and society. To solve this problem, Steven’s Tea Garden must provide a password for access the customer information. So that unauthorized user cannot access the relevant customer information. If found that the unauthorized user to access to the customer information and make an illegal sell customer information to other parties, the management must report to the police. According to Steven’s Tea Garden policy and Companies Act, 1965, sell customer information to other parties is an illegal act or a criminal act.

By doing this assignment, we have face some difficulties such as to make appointment with the Steven’s Tea Garden relevant employee for the interview. First time we go HQ of Steven’s Tea Garden office which are located at Jalan Genting Kelang, the relevant employee are just going out for her lunch. Then, we make an appointment with another staff. She says she will call us for the interview. But after few days, there is no call at all for their response. So, we go second time for make second appointment. Then, this time is successful for us to interview for the relevant employee. We have asked her something about their organization’s information system used and how the information system flow.

Besides that, a problem that I find it when doing this assignment is difficult to find out the weaknesses of the Customer Relationship Management software. When we have the interview of employee of the Steven’s Tea Garden, she always recommends the CRM software is easy and nice to use it. But, she never says that the weaknesses of the CRM software. However, we must ask something that is lack of features that in the CRM software, so that the employee can evaluate some weaknesses of using this software for us.

By doing this assignment, I have know the nature of business of the Steven’s Tea Garden. Besides that, I have understanding more about information system used by Steven’s Tea Garden which is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I also can understand the functions and features available in the Customer Relationship Management software. I have been learn that various types of information systems available in the market such as E-Point system and strengths and weaknesses for the information system. Finally, after doing this assignment, I have gained some valuable experiences and learn more about the information system and unethical issue may raised by information system.

Ethical, social and political issues raised by information system

Ethical means the moral principle that every person should have in life and moral principle can make sure the attitude of the person she have. An ethical is very important for every person. A succeed company is not just depend on the company can earn a high profit, it also depend on the responsible and ethical of every employees in the company. Although STG is a middle size company as a company employee, they should keep the company current project, development and problem as a secret. And after the working hours the employee should avoid discussing the topic that directly affect the company with close relationship family members or friends it might break the company law. Some employees will done some immoral behavior due to the company do not deal with they needs like increase salary, allowance or recalcitrant scold by management. Some employee will disseminated spread the groundless allegation that the company will be in business trouble, all these action is immoral action and it would not happen to the person who have the ethical.


As a company CEO or manager should avoid this kind of unhappy case happened. The responsible to manage the employee problem should be the Human Recourses department, so the Human Recourses manager should think a way to prevent the employee make trouble in company. The way to prevent the company employee make trouble is before employ the person, HR manager should explain clearly the company rules to him and prepare a contract for him to sign to prevent uncertainties happy there are evidence that he agree with company rules.

The second method is that, the HR manager should conduct an inspection before employ the person. The way to inspect like gives a call to the person previous company inquiry the staff personal attitude and working behavior. It is important because some people are in attitude problem so his change work turnover is high.


The benefits of HR manager prepare a contract for the employee to sign is because the employee break any rules stated in the contract then the company will take the law action to punish the employee. For example, the employee provide company secret information to other company, the employee may in jail 1 year or penalty RM1 million or if embezzle company name to gin own benefit will penalty RM50, 000 and resign the employee immediately. Therefore, the employees not dare to break the company rules stated in the contract.

Individual Evaluation

After I have completed this Management Information System assignment, I’m very clear that the content and information on my work is very enough and strengths. I’m very confident with my work it is because all the information I collected is factual and I get all the information through interview Steven’s Tea Garden marketing CEO Mr Micheal Ng and Human Recourse Manager Mr Allen Low. Both of my interviewers are very king and friendly person, they are willing to provide all the relevant information that my group member and I needed to know. During the interview, they are very happy and asking us why we will choose Steven’s Tea Garden for this Management Information System assignment then we replied that currently Steven’s Tea Garden is a potential company and is expanding the business so we would like to choose a potential company as our assignment target. Finally, both of them are very happy and tell us all the information and bring us visit the Steven’s Tea Garden Hotspot operation and explain how the e-point system operate. Due to the fact I mention above, I ensure that all my work is completely done.

Personal Reflection

Wanted to have a good work we must expend spirit, heart and time to complete it. This assignment is a teamwork assignment so we need to work together to gather all the information otherwise an individual is possible to complete this management information system assignment. When our tutor’s Mr. Woo Chuan Siang wants us to pass up the first assignment proposal on week4 our problem to complete the assignment was not turn up yet until the second progress report the problem is turn up. The week before pass up the progress report, our group is arguing the change of company from Nuskins international company to other local company as convenient for us to conduct interview and familiar with the company status. After a few days, we decided to change the Nuskins international company to Steven’s Tea Garden Company. And we scare that our tutor’s Mr. Woo Chuan Siang not allow us to change the company so we faster redo again our assignment proposal and submit to Mr. Woo, luckily Mr. Woo allow us to change the company. After a week, we though that we can easily finish complete the progress report but when we discuss the work and consult other friends, I aware that it is not easy to complete as I think personally. After consult other friends and they give us an opinion that we should interview the particular company to understand the company information system and the company operation before start to do the progress report.

Therefore, we acquire the interview form from school of Business studies office and go to the Steven’s Tea Garden Company to book a time interview the marketing department CEO or manager. After a week the submission date is nearby and we still haven’t receive the interview call yet so we decided go to the Steven’s Tea Garden Company to ask the staff again. During the second time we go to the Steven’s Tea Garden heat office to check for our interview status, unfortunate the staff scold us and replied us that the marketing GEO is not here, he is outstation and say something that unmanners. Then we keep say sorry to the staff and tell them our reason then the staff says that no second times again. When we leave the place I aware that wanted to interview a person is not an easy work and wanted to complete an assignment is not easy for a person. Then I keep worry about the assignment and feel the stress being more and deeper. I still remember that when I sleep I also dream about my management information system assignment so it make me very worry and unhappy.

The day before submit the progress report, we try our luck and go to the Steven’s Tea Garden Company check for the interview status. One of the staff see us come again, she pitiful to us so she help us ask the marketing department manager allow us conduct the interview. After we wait a while, she say that the person in charge marketing department Mr. Sunnah willing to help us. Then the staff brings us to the meeting room and Mr. Sunnah is waiting us at meeting room. We all introduce ourselves to Mr. Sunnah then I recognized that Mr. Sunnah is a very friendly person, he willing to help us and try to provide the information that he know to us but when we explain that we need to know the marketing department use what types information to operate the business then he say sorry with us that he is not very familiar with this. Then we all suddenly look very disappointed and he good intention say he will find other person that more familiar with this to provide information to us that person is HR manager Mr. Allen Law. During that time, we were very happy because finally can interview the person. After that, Mr. Allen Law, he bring us interview the marketing CEO Micheal Ng because he more familiar with the company information system. Then Micheal Ng told us all the information the STG Company is currently using, that is CRM, E-point system and Sales Intelligence system. And we acquire the functional unit of the STG Company and he very kind to give a copy of marketing department flow chart. Then we finished our interview within 20 minute. To complete this assignment, I have learnt many natural knowledge that cannot find out in the textbook and the problem I faced during the process of completed this assignment was just a lessons and I know I still have many problem and road need to go.

Ethical, social and political issues raised by information system

Ethical involve the responsibility and moral behavior of an employee, an employee which have good ethics might able to identified what is right and wrong and doing the right thing. Personality and behavior of a people is very important in ethic, this is because even ethical rules are set up, but it is depends on the individual to show responsibility stick on to the rules. As an employee, they should understand their responsibility are relate to themselves, their company, their partners, their customers and their community, they must realize that it is not a behaving ethical but it is a responsibility.

There is some steps can do by a company to avoid employ no ethical employees. The company can conduct an interview before hiring a new staff, to evaluate and get a better understanding about the value, behavior and moral education of the employee. To ensure the employees of the company know their responsibilities and playing role well in the company, keeping a good moral ethic attitude, be responsibility and protect company’s asset, inventory, copyright and secret information, the company should set a clear zone and law stated whoever break the rules will be get a heavy punishment, with no exception. For example, a imprisonment and penalty above one million against those who steal the information of the company and resale it to another company with a high price. Besides that company should provide a good working environment so that the employees in the company happy with their current work so they won’t feel betray and acting unethically.

Evaluation of assignment

According to the beginning of the assignment, we can find out that the company of Steven’s Tea Garden background and history very well. It states clearly that how a small business grown and become a famous restaurant, and how it expands to other places widely in a short period of time. It is a successful multilevel marketing business discover and corporate by 7 young men.

After accessing through the assignment, we can know that Steven’s Tea Garden is a medium size of company. There are three main layer of management in the company since it is not a large size of company, that is: top management, medium level of management and low level of management. We access every layer of management and state a clear view that what is the responsible of every management with appropriate examples to make a better understanding.

Our team just focuses on one department in Steven’s Tea Garden, which is marketing department. We had across different functional units of marketing department and presented in a chart form to make the view more clear.

Overall, the marketing department is support by 3 main system information; there are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-Post system and E-Point system. We are more focus on CRM system using by the department, this is because CRM is a popular system used by a lot of multilevel marketing firm and it brings the firm a lot of advantages and disadvantages at the same time. It depends on how the company controls and the system.

Here, we got explain what is CRM with its usage, why it is a friendly user program, the information of advantages and disadvantages of CRM are also given in our assignment. We have suggested some ways to improve CRM programs by giving example and show the steps to enhance the CRM with a low cost. It is so interesting and very useful to the party who need that information. We also summarize our assignment in order to make reader can recall the main point of our whole assignment.

In conclusion, this is a good article support with appropriate elaboration and examples and able to make users get a better understanding in overall.

Personal reflection

There is a lot of problems we met in the progress of complete this assignment. Our team has a different opinion of choosing topic for the assignment from the beginning. Nuskin enterprise is our prior decision, due to lack of information and our interview be rejected, we decided to change our target to Steven’s Tea Garden. This is because Steven’s Tea Garden is more interesting and popular in Malaysia. The main reason is one of the campuses of Steven’s Tea Garden located at Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak area in Kuala Lumpur; it is much more convenient for us to have an interview.

Anyway, it was just a started. We can get the information of background and history via internet, but there is not enough information in the net to get a better understanding about the performance of the company. We have to launch an interview to get the information of the way how the company manages their operation. However, our first and second appointment being ignored, and the process of making an application is an unhappy experience. The staff promised to give us a call as soon as possible since the head of manager was going outstation for few days.

However, we didn’t get any response in a length of a week, so we decided to confirm our status again from the head office. We tried hard to explain to the staff and told them this is our 3rd times there for acquire an appointment of interview. We were very lucky that one of the managers was having a discussion in the meeting room. The staff helps us to arrange a meeting with the manager after the meeting. It is a bit disappointed to get know that the manager cannot answer our questions because he is out of his knowledge and responsible.

The manager lead us to another marketing manager to give us a further explain on the operation and activities of Steven’s Tea Garden. We have given a lot of information and copies about the organization. We were then meeting another IT department manager to give us a brief on what kind of system they are using and how these systems works through the department. We have gained a lot of knowledge and we were appreciating the interview very much. Although the interview spend us 3 hours for waiting confirmation and another 3 hours to conduct the interview. However we learnt to be patient and a lot of IT knowledge during the process.

Going through the assignment as a whole, we learnt how to utilize the information sources from internet. Besides that, we also gain experience on cooperation among team members. We also get a better knowledge and understanding of the organization work out with their system since we do a survey on Steven’s Tea Garden. The major knowledge we gained is about information technology is very useful and important to maintain a well organization of a company nowadays.