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99p Stores Ltd was founded by Entrepreneur Nadir Lalani in January 2001. He opened his first store in Holloway in London, and continued to open 3 more stores that year. In 2002 Nadir decided to expand the business throughout the UK. He has rapidly developed 99p Stores and when London Road, Brighton opens this will take the total to 117 stores. He has opened 54 new stores in 2010 year (47 of which are ex- Woolworths stores) serving 1 million customers per week!

99p Stores Ltd aims to have 200 stores in 2010, aiming for a turnover exceeding £300million and 5000 employees. Our Daventry based warehouse measures 150,000sq foot and holds 24,000 pallets. Our warehouse is open 24 hours, 6 days a week. 99p Stores currently employs 3000 people, including head office and warehouse staff.



Proposal: 99p store Edgware branch there are more number of staff working so need to reduce the staff.

The company must be give to training before employee join the company.

The research at 99p Store Company.

Nature of the project:

99p store Edgware branch was open on 3,July 2009

When the Edgware branch started at that time there are 35 employees.

After 3-month manager reduce 15 employee because of it is very difficult to manage 35 people in medium shop the size is 12 meter width and 25 meter length.

Still there are 20 employees working in the store.

I think still there are more employees working in the store then needed.

I suggest my manager reduces the 5 to 7 employee. The company, area manager, and store manager they are thinking on this proposal.

Business case of project

Employee are facing a problem because manager do not give more hours to each employee because of no of staff is more.

The company gives the total working hours to manager in a week as 500 hours.

Some times manager using a 600 hours in a week.

I think there is no need to use even 500 hours in a week because of this size.

TASK 1.2

Our main competitor is pound land because they sell every thing in one pound or less then one pound and we sell only 99p or less then 99p which is our positive point. In the UK we are only the sell product which is less than one pound. Pound lands have a more then 700 shop in all over the world and also it is a huge company compare to us. Our second competitor is pound stretcher. Pound stretcher is also huge and big company they have their 340 store in all over UK. Pound stretcher is next to us at Edgware road.

I collect some basic data from one of the assistant supervisor in pound stretcher.

Pound stretcher is little bit big store compared to 99p store in Edgware.

There are total no of employee are only 9.

Weekdays there are only 4 to 5 people working that are very less compare to our store.

We are selling a more no of verity items compare to pound stretcher.

By price, wise 99p is more cheap compare to pound stretcher for example we sell a caparison juice five pack only in 99p and they sell 1.5 pound. This is more expensive to customer.

Some of the items we do not sell but they sell for example furniture items.

Pound stretcher has a trainee staff. If you go there and ask any staff about the product, they will show you the product properly.

In 99p store, there is no more trainee staff. Some of the staff knows about the product and some of the staff does not know about the product or place. Even some of the staff is not able to speak English so we need to improve customer service.

99p store company must be give to training before employee join the company after that which is very helpful to customer satisfaction and increase total sales of company. Some time customers ask some thing to staff but some staff does not give the right answer so customer leaves the product and go.

Pound stretcher there are no part timer employee all of them are full time employee.

In 99p store there are 6-part timer student working, some times they creates too much difficulties regarding scheduled for manager.

H R structure


Assistant manager

Trainee manager


Top of the management system there is a manager. He has the power and authority getting work done.

A Manager has to take a long-term view; indeed, the higher you rise, the further you will have to look. While a team member will be working towards known and established goals, the manager must look further ahead so that these goals are selected wisely. By thinking about the eventual consequences of different plans, the manager selects the optimal plan for the team and implements it. By taking account of the needs not only of the next project but the project after that, the manager ensures that work is not repeated nor problems tackled too late, and that the necessary resources are allocated and arranged.

The Manager has access to information and materials which the team needs. Often he/she has the authority or influence to acquire things which no one else in the team could. This role for the manager is important simply because no one else can do the job; there is some authority which the manager holds uniquely within the team, and the manager must exercise this to help the team to work.

The team needs security from the vagaries of less enlightened managers. In any company, there are short-term excitements which can deflect the work-force from the important issues. The manager should be there to guard against these and to protect the team. If a new project emerges which is to be given to your team, you are responsible for costing it (especially in terms of time) so that your team is not given an impossible deadline. If someone in your team brings forward a good plan, you must ensure that it receives a fair hearing and that your team knows and understands the outcome. If someone is in your team has a problem at work, you have to deal with it.

Employee Relations is a leading international academic journal focusing on the importance of understanding and merging corporate, management and employee needs to achieve optimum performance, commitment and effectiveness, addresses research, practice and ideas about relationships between employments. International issues are covered in all areas of HR and industrial relations. A stringent double-blind review of each paper is undertaken to ensure its relevance and validity.

Communication, participation and involvement

Developments in collective bargaining

Equal opportunities

Health and safety


Industrial relations and employment protection law

Industrial relations management and reform

Organizational change and people

Personnel and recruitment

Quality of working life

Gathering information is not enough on its own: you have to process it and be aware of implications. The trick is to try to predict the next logical step from any changes you see. This can get very complicated, so try to restrict you to guessing one step only. Thus if the sales figures show a tailing off for the current product (and there are mutterings about the competition) then if you are in development, you might expect to be pressured for tighter schedules; if you are in publicity, then there may soon be a request for launch material; if you are in sales, you might be asked to establish potential demand and practical pricing levels. Since you know this, you can have the information ready (or a schedule defense prepared) for when it is first requested, and you and your team will shine.

Today's turbulent business environment makes increasing demands on managers and workforces, as competitive standards rise and expectations of individuals increase. Managers must respond positively to changes in contemporary workforce attitudes if they are to get the performance levels they need.

Definition: Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) provide a link between human resource management and information technology. 

HRMS allow enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes. 

The field of human resources is one that is often overlooked in enterprise management. This situation is aided by the fact that an efficient Human Resources department should function without fanfare. For example, when a project team successfully launches a product on time and within budget it is hailed as a great success. When the HR department manages the administration of the enterprise successfully it can go virtually unnoticed - after all, the Human Resources department is simply expected to work; only attracting attention when there are problems. 

The reality, however, is very different. The HR department plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of an enterprise - most importantly by tracking and analyzing the timekeeping and work patterns of the workforce, allowing management better information on which to form strategies. 

The importance of human resources has not gone unnoticed by the software industry. There is now a wide range of applications available to aid the HR department in their tasks, making possible the automation of certain tasks and aiding in the organization of many others. 


I discus with my manager about reduce some no of staff and total working.

I suggest to my manager can we reduce no of employee part timer and full timer but he told me that in UK there are some law we or company can not do like that.

After that, I give some new suggestion when company opening a new branch you can move some of the employee from here to there. My manager is very happy and he told to area manager so they will defiantly think on it.

Because we can save, a lot of money from reduces the hours.

Company must give to training to employee because it help to manage all the things and customer satisfaction for example now in shop floor there are 8 to 9 employee are working including cashier. If company gives, the proper training to staff like how to filling the stock and how to find and bring the stock from warehouse. So may be 4 to 5 employee can manage all the things because I have seen in pound stretcher.

These all things very useful for the company sales progress and reduce the cost. Now a day there are to much competition in the market so company should have to aware of all things and they should to take some action regarding unnecessary things.


TASK 2.1

Resources require for the project

1, Lift: in my store the lift is not working since for three month. Because of lift we are facing many problems now days. The things which we want to shift to the ware house are not possible because of lift. It required some of more workers to shift the things in the ware house. It takes more time, more labor as well as more money or finance. To reduce all this things and to come up diagnosis of the problem lift must be repair as soon as possible to accomplish the project. The workers which are busy in shifting the material to the ware house takes more time because they have to go thru the stair case and it takes more time so it's a waste of time and money. At the time of delivery this small problem becomes a big problem because the pallet which needs to be shift to the ware house takes more time and it is very hard. The workers are taking one one box and shift it to the ware house. It takes more time, more human recourse and more energy.

This problem should be solved as soon as possible to accomplish the project. Thru lift we can shift things or material from floor to ware house very easily and very quickly. It saves our time money and labor cost.

2, Proper training to the staff: it is compulsory to have knowledge about all the products to the staff because if staff knows about the product and detail they can explain to the customer easily about the product. They can attract customer towards the products by giving them full detail of the product. If customer asks for some product which he is not able to find it from the store and he asked to the staff any person of the staff, so if proper training was given the staff person can easily help him to find out the product from its place.

Because of proper training you can increase no of customer satisfaction and you can give best customer service all the time it's the plus point of your store that they have given proper training to the staff.

3, Change the shop floor: we need to change the shop floor because it is very dirty. Color get lost it is tea red from some places and it not looks good to the customer also who are coming to purchase the things. It creates bad impression of the store for the customer. They think before coming to our store because of dirty shop floor.

If we change the shop floor it look good customer as well as it creates good image of the store. Customer attract towards the store. They should always give priority to the good and clean store first.

4, unavailability of the Freezer: we don't have any freezer in our store and because of that we are loosing many customers now days especially in summer. The customer who wants some cold things can not get it from our store. So in replay they don't prefer our store as an ideal shopping place. They give priority to the shop that have freezer in especially in summer.

Freezer helps us to increase the customer by giving those cold drinks like juice, cola and some soft drinks. So customer can attract towards the store because of clod things especially in summer and they always give first priority to our store. It gives more customer satisfaction and increase and profit.

2, All costs associated with the resources.




2500 GBP

Training to the staff

600 GBP


5500 GBP

Shop floor

3000 GBP

Training to the staff: We should appoint a trainer to give training to the staff. Staff should get training on Saturday and Sunday of every week after closing the store for two hours. This training process should be of three weeks means twelve hours. Trainer should be paid fifty pound per hour so it cost 600 pound for three weeks training.

3, Ensure the sources of the resources:

Lift: Every body should keep in mind that lift is not for the personal use but it is for the shifting or delivers the material to the ware house. It should not be used by customer or by the staff.

Proper training to staff: After gating trained the staff must be use their training knowledge to increase the customer satisfaction and to full fill motive of the store.

Shop floor: After changing the shop floor it should be keep in mind that no body should make it dirty as well as try to keep it clean and attractive. It is for the customer attraction not for the personal use for the staff as well as it is company property not a personal property of staff.

The Freezer: The Freezer should be used properly to keep the things cool like drinks juice or any soft drinks. The other thing should not be kept in the freeze as well as it should not be used to kept personal things of the staff.

Budget for the project

Training for the staff





600 GBP

3 week

The first part of the budget is the training. Its take total three week time and it cost 200 GBP per week at end it take total 600 GBP for three week training.

Shop floor




Changing Shop floor

3000 GBP

1 week

The second part of the budget is chaining the shop floor. It takes total one week and it cost of 3000 GBP to make the store attractive.





Lift repairing cost

2500 GBP

1 week

The third part of the budget is allowing a lift in the store to transfer the things to the ware house. It takes one week time and cost of 2500 GBP.





New Freezer

5500 GBP

2 days

The fourth and last part of the budget is to purchase a new freeze for the store as its requirements of the store. It takes total time of two days and cost of 5500 GBP.

The total budget of the project




2500 GBP

Training to the staff

600 GBP


5500 GBP

Shop floor

3000 GBP

Extra Charge

400 GBP


12000 GBP

So the total budget for the project is of 12000 GBP.

Carry out the benefit analysis

Need no of person

6 hours in a day

12 hours in a week

Cost per hour

Total cost

No of Delivery in a week




5.83 GBP

278.40 GBP


Above given is the cost benefit recover by the main resources of the project. Here is the first recourses and cost recover by the resources.

Lift: Suppose if delivery comes twice in a week. We help to four more people of the work. They are working six hour and finished the work. It happens twice in a week so here is the calculation below.

4 person Ã- Six hour 24 hour

24 hour Ã- 5.83 GBP 139.20 GBP

139.20 Ã- 2 278.40GBP per Week

So we can say recover 278.40 GBP per week. Around 9 week we can recover the lift cost.

Shop floor

We can give benefit to the shop floor as well. Some percent of profit will be given to the shop floor as a cost recover by the shop floor. Because shop floor can not sell any things we can't make any profit out it directly but it can help indirectly to recover the cost of the resources.

Training to the staff

We have a twenty employee in our store. They can help to recover the benefit as given below. If the staff is proper trained they have proper knowledge the product. Whenever customer need to any product or false to find any product a train staff can helping out to find the product. Here we are not loosing any customer but we are making new customer because of trained staff. So cost can be recovered in the form of creating new customer and providing good customer by the trained staff.


Customer are looking for the cold things in the summer first we were loosing customer because of un availability of freezer but now we are creating a new customer because of freezer as they demand more for the such things . we can recover the cost of benefit by creating such a seasonable they can give more priority to our store. This is how we can recover the cost of freezer we spent on it.

2.2 identify and cost the training and development of staff required

Staff development and training cost

We have a twenty employee in our store. The training company should give the training 4 hour in a week for three weeks. The trainer will give the training every Saturday and Sunday 2 hours after finishing the work.

The training time should be in Saturday after close the store 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm and on Sunday 5:30 to 7:30 so total 4 hour in a week. The training will be given in stores staff room so there is no need to out side place.

Company has to pay both of trainer and employee.



Cost per hour




50 GBP

600 GBP

Here trainer cost is 50 pound per hour and he will work 12 hours in total training. So the total will be round about 600 GBP.

No of employee


Cost per hour




5.83 GBP

1400 GBP

Here company gives to training for twenty employees. Company will pay to employee minimum wages as per the low 5.83 GBP per hour. So the total cost will be round about 1400 GBP for all employees.

The total cost will be 2000 GBP for the training.

This training is one type of investment for the company because without proper training some times employee can not manage the customer. Thru training employee manage the customer and customer get satisfaction. Training can help to employee build the relation with customer. Which can helps in total sells and some times customer buy extra thing so after all company will get the benefit.

TASK 3.1

Planning is nothing but think before you act. Always you should think before you plan any thing. Planning should be made by keeping in mind the available resources, Resources needed, time scale and process. You need to out the way from where you will get resources the needed as per the requirement of your project and planning. There are many things you should keep in mind while making planning. Here are some of the important resources taking in to consideration while planning for the project.

Time management is the most important thing in planning. Because planning should be made according to the right time, it should not be more or less in comparison of the entire project planning and the resources available for the planning. Some times it might happen that it require more time or less time then the planning to establish or to achieve the goal of the planning.

Here in this project also we have planned according to the available resources and the resources which will be needed in future for the success full completion of the plan. We have used some important resources keeping in mind the possibility of success of the project. The four resources which are very important for the goodwill of the store are Lift, Proper training to the staff, Change the shop floor, unavailability of the Freezer. Because of these four important resources store can improve its profit more.

Project implementation constitutes an important during project development. Its true that implementation of the project is very important stage for the project development because if you have not plan properly their might be a problem of failure of the project of planning. Some times a bad implementation of the project can cause serious financial problem for the business or may even possibility to lose business as well. The project should be implemented with proper planning, according to planning, with all the available resources, with time management and with some solutions of unexpected problem. Every business has a risk and without risk you can not do any business. While implementing the project you may face some unexpected problems but you should have some alternative solution of that problem.

After every fixed time you need to supervise your work or progress of the project. If there is any problem you need to find out some solutions of that problem and need to go ahead. You should keep in mind the time scale as well while solving the problem. Because you should not used more time for the task rather then the time this is allowed. So time management planning and supervision should go ahead equally.

Here is the time scale for management and implantation of the project.

Time scale for the repairing LIFT


Time taken

Lift repairing

1 week

The management is ready for the lift repairing and the time taken by the work is one week. It is normal time used to repair a lift. The management is agreed.

Time scale for the changing Shop Floor


Time taken

Changing Shop floor

1 week

The management agreed for changing shop floor because the store is not looking with an old shop floor. One week is a normal time to change the shop floor and that is why management is agreed.

Time scale for the training of the staff


Time taken

Training for the staff

3 week

The staffs training require three weeks time as it is normal time for the training of the staff but some times three weeks time is not enough for the training then we have some extra time and that we can adjust for the training.

Time scale for the new freezer


Time taken

New freezer

2 day

Two days are enough to decide and bring new freezer for the store. Management is also agreed with this.

Above mention four resources are very important for the project planning and development of the project. Time is also mention with the resources and we had done discussion regarding the resources mention. The management is also agreed with these resources and given permission for the development of the project.

Planning, time scale and supervision all these should go together then and then only the implementation can be make successfully possible.

TASK 3.2

Project can be making successful if some of the management skill should be utilize properly.

Planning is as much as important for the successes full implementation of the project. You need to plan properly for the development of the project. All the resources and all projects stake holder should be engaged properly and do their work systematically in order to give best result to the supervision team to make their work easy and appropriate.

Organization for the resources is must for the development of the project. You need to co-operate your worker and your team management. They all should be always engage in doing project work. By these we can use less time and can do more work regarding project implementation. You should keep in mind that all the resources are available for the implementation.

Planning is meaning less if it should not be put in to the action. You should always act according to the planning then and then only successful management can be possible. So always try to act according to planning in order to make planning successful.

Stake holders






Finance: finance is the back bone of every business. Without finance it is impossible to run any business. You must aware about requirement about finance according to available resources and finance needed in future. You must know about that how to invest and where to invest that is the main point of business. Finance is meaning is meaning less if you invest more or less then it's required.

Customer: one of the most important stakeholders is customer. You need to satisfy them to earn good profit. You should provide good customer service in order to set up your goodwill. You should always remember that your business is running because of customer is there. Don't forget customer is not running because of your business is there. Customers don't depend on any particular store. There are many competitors in the market you need to provide good customer service in order to satisfy them.

Employee: you should always take care of employees in order to trust them on your business. You should take care of there personal life as well. In order to make them happy and get work from them, you should offer them some bonus. You should always keep in touch with your employees. If they have any problem you must have some solution to satisfy them.

Employer: employer is at the level of supervision. They are always in contact with employee. So you need to communicate with them. You should always take some suggestion from them in order to maintain the level of management. They are always expecting to get order from upper level and pass it to the employee. In short employer is the medium of communication between employee and upper management.

Sponsors: they are well wisher of our company. If we are getting profit they are going to get profit. So you need to give priority to them. Always ask them for suggestion for new idea and solution of some problems. They can be satisfied about your management. Always try to give some alternatives and in return ask them for some suggestion.

Marketing Strategy

There are many ways for marketing of your product. out of them some are given below,


News paper





Media: media is the main medium of communication to the people. It is very hot favorite in the marketing strategy. It is one of the very popular marketing technique or marketing tool to the people. By media you can directly reach to the people and show them what you want to make them see.

News paper: it is very cheapest medium of communication. It is updated daily and a reach to the people with latest up date. So you can use news paper as your marketing tool as well. But make sure that it is very attractive and colorful.

Internet: it is very famous and favorite marketing tools for every one. It is called e-marketing by this you can reach personally to the people and advertise your product. It should be very attractive, colorful, and to the point as well. It is costly in comparison of other marketing tools.

Television: it is very costly tool of the marketing. It is very effective medium to communicate with the people at there door stop. It is not time consuming also, and have long lasting effect on the peoples mind and make them understood whatever you wish to say.

Magazine: it is also one of the cheapest tools of communication and marketing. It is meaning less if it is fails to attract the people towards it so it should be color full and attractive. It should be effective and less time consuming.

Hoarding: it is nothing but the big boards colored with an advertisement about some product. It is very effective and long lasting marketing tool. It can have good effect on the people, as it is very attractive.

Time Scale: it is very important to keep in mind that time scale is more important for the implementation of the project. At each and every stage of the project looks after the time as well. Because as per our planning time taken for the completion of the project should not be more then the time approved.

The self evolution for the time scale is more effective then the other things. Each and every level of the project should work according to the time limit. If the particular work is not done at the time allowed for it, it might cause a problem for the whole project. So time limit should be kept in mind.

TASK 3.3

It is compulsory that proper monitoring control is required for the successful implementation. There are some important factors which need to be considering for the success full implementation of the project. Appropriate factor can give effective and good result. It helps to save time as well as resources.

While doing the project work according to the planning progress evaluation is very important. After completion of some steps evaluation should be there or the work should be evaluated. Because it gives proper picture of the work we did. By the evaluation we can easily come to know that whether work is going on according to planning or not. Because we also have to consider the time limit as well so progress evaluation is necessary for the successful implementation.

Monitoring and control

Monitoring and control is important for the work which can be done according to the planning. If work is not going according to the planning it means there is some problem arises. The problem must be control because of time limit and resources should not go waste. After finding the problem monitoring step should be taken.

During the implementation progress data should be recorded at each and every step. So we can compare it with the date which we have planned. If it is not same we will have to take some monitoring and control step to make it correct. Progress evaluation should be kept in record to deal with encounter during implementation. After progress evaluation the data should be compare with the data we have plant in planning work. Necessary step should be taken to remove quires of the difference.

1, All resources are being properly utilized.

As we have plane for the resources been utilized for the successful implementation of the project. Evaluation should be taken at each and every step to know the progress of work. If there is a problem possible step should be taken to solve the problem. Fuller utilization is must because if it is not many things can be waste. It includes time, resources, money, and man power extra. To avoid these we must used resources as its best or as much as we can. Progressive report should be informed to all the stake holders. If any quires arise solution must be given.

That is why monitoring and evaluation step must be taken after completion each task. Here we can say that all resources are being properly utilized. We have some shortage of resources so we should keep in mind the availability of resources and it should not be waste any how. Follow-up work is also important to reduce the problem and quires. It saves time as well as resources. So all resources are being utilized.

2, feed back procedure

Relevant feedback procedures have been put in place to inform stakeholders of the projects progress. It is important to get feed back procedure because without feed back progress can not be developed. Work can be more effective by getting feed back; you can improve your work as well. After evaluation and monitoring every step relevant feed back procedure should be put in to action so that work can be more effectively. Feed back also should be informed to stake holders of the project progress. It includes whether evaluation is good or not, progress is going according to the plane or not, what are the problems, find solution, if not find alternative solution evaluate again, put work in to action, apply monitoring and control, resources should be properly utilized, time scale should be keep in mind, take possible steps to find proper solution.

These are some important steps should be taken after each and every steps of the work. Relevant feedback procedure also should be taken in to consideration. As we have decide in first step that planning should be put in to action, keep in mind all the available resources and time limit, take monitoring and control step, get evaluated, get relevant feed back. These are some important steps needs to be taken for the fuller utilization and success full completion of the project.

Feedback is such factor which can help us to improve our work very effectively and relevant to the project implementation. We need to get feed back after completion of such task so we can inform to the stake holders and takes some possible steps in order to success of the project. While considering feed back it is important to know future improvement or better work done in the future.


The above proposal is worth full for the company and also benefited for the company as well. If this proposal granted company can get more benefit. The plan shown in this proposal can be possible to implement and get success as well. The research is going on this proposal.