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Dominos Pizza is a food industry and this is a universal pizza supply organization. Its headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. This organization Established in 10 June 1960, in Ypsilanti, Michigan by the two brothers Tom Monaghanand J. Patrick Doyle. It is the second-largest pizza manacle in the United States after the pizza hut. It has more than 9,700 community and authorized stores in 70 countries and all 50 U.S. states. There is near to 145,000 workers working in this pizza's stores all over world. The menu types equally veggie and meat pizzas, chicken wings and boneless chicken, snacks, pasta, stuffed cheesy breads and a range of dessert stuffs, containing cinnamon sticks and brown lava cubes and a range of soft juices, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite. (, 2012)

I am making this assessment on Onehunga (nz) Domino's. 1-14 waipaulane, Onehunga.

In this domino's pizza organization they have flat organization structure. There are 14 workers working under the store manager. Store manager handle the all staff. The massage goes throw the hierarchy system top to bottom and bottom to top level. In this report I am writing about the organization structure and its communication channels how they communicate with each other. Lines of communication is very formal in this organization its top to bottom and bottom to top in the organization.


In this domino's pizza organization they have very good work team and their group dynamics are very nice. All the staffs do work as a family and try to give their best performance for the company by their communication skills. In this domino's they have hierarchy type of structure in their organization. In this report I am going to write about the work team of the organization and group dynamics. Their team is formed in hierarchy structure like their head office then all franchise then each franchise had one store manager then two manager then crew staff in crew staff they have drivers, customer services representative, pizza cutter and pizza make. Franchise led by head office and store manager and manager are led and managed by franchise and rest of staff are lead and managed by managers.


In this company their communication with their stakeholder is awesome. Because they have not any barrier between their communication. They talk to their stakeholders directly. In this report I will describe how they communicate with their stakeholders and which communication channel they use. The stake holders of the company are Bidvest who provide them all pizza food stuff, pre-produce who provide them all vegetable products, steam-line who provide them all type of papers like epitopes rolling paper.


In new Zealand there is different is different cultural people living. In a multicultural country like New Zealand which is home for many different cultures communication have been a challenge for organisations. In this organization there are also many types of person work who belongs to the different cultures. In this report I will describe how they impact on the industry. The store has clear and well-communicated goals, their vision number one in pizza number one in people and mission is sell more pizza, have more fun. All team members take their responsibilities to achieve thier mission and vision.


In this company they have a fabulous communication technologies and tools. Which help them to improve the communication skills and trained their staff as well. On other hand they up to date their staff by these technologies. In this report I will explain how the technologies help them to improve their business and trained their staff. The technologies they are using in their business, computer and internet used in store, they have their own server and printing and scanners, all technologies are up to date, they received online order and also now people can use android application on phone to put the orders.


I got the all information about this organization from the manager of the company. This is my primary source of information no secondary source of information in these findings.


The manager told me that they have top to bottom structure in this company. And message goes throw the top to bottom and bottom to top step by step. The lines of reporting are quite straight forward in this organization.








He told me that in the organization all staff members understand the importance of their communication roles. He told me that at the top level they have their head office they send them all the new policies of dominos and then franchise review the polices and discus with manager then he explain and discuss information with his bottom level staff. So it goes step by step at different level. They have very effective and beneficial opportunities for top- down and down-up communication, like their head office call them for special pizza classes and their crew staff give the suggestion how they can do more cleaning and manage the store. They do face to face communication emails and send text massage to inform their staff. He told me that there is grapevine going in their store but it is positive they discuss how they can increase the sales and how they can more effectively manage the store.


He told me that in this company they have very nice formed team, who do work together as family. He gave me the information about their team structure that our team is formed in hierarchy structure like our head office, then all franchise then each franchise had one store manager then two manager then crew staff in crew staff we have drivers, customer services representative , pizza cutter and pizza maker. Franchise led by head office and store manager and manager are led and managed by franchise and rest of staff are lead and managed by managers. He told me that they all do work as strong team to ensure productive team performance. They do work as a team so they can get their mission and vision to sale maximum pizzas in the world. When I asked the manager about the initiates all allocates task to staff then manager told me that he initiates all allocates task to staff like who will make the pizza, who will be cutter, staff members are maintain their task which is assigned by managers. Team output is measured at the end of shift like we make our customer happy with our service we provide pizza on time etc. when I asked him about the how team work well in the practice? Are positive team dynamics evident? Then he told me that we have trained staff so we will do effective efficient and well work in real practice. So they can provide a good service to the customer. I asked him if team does the good work or give the good performance for the company is he or she rewarded then he gave the answer Yes, we declare month of the employee and give him/her 20 dollar voucher as e rewarded. So they can motivate for the company and can do better next time for the company.


Manager gave me the information about the stakeholder communication that they communicate with the stakeholder very easily. He told me that they communicate with suppliers who supply them pizza's stuff and other things via emails and via phone calls. They order them email then they do not need urgent things but when they need some stuff urgently then they communicate with them on phones so they can provide the things as soon as possible. When I asked them who are the stakeholders of your company then he told me that customer, suppliers, employees etc. are the stakeholder of their company. Then I asked him that who is the suppliers of your company? Who provide you food stuff? Then he gave me the answer that Bidvest who provide us all pizza food stuff, Pre-produce who provide us all vegetable products, Steam-line who provide us all type of papers like epitopes rolling paper. These are the supplier of the domino's pizza. After that I asked them that how effective is this communication in practice? How do people outside the organisation perceive it? Then gave the answer that Emails or internet communication is very effective communication in practice because in single second they received our request and also give us response. People outside the organisation perceive positive communication.


Manager told me that organization culture & employee obligations are very clear in the organization. The purpose of an organization is to achieve the goals and objectives as indicated within the organization's vision statement. To provide the good customer service is our main purpose and to win hearts by serving delicious Pizzas. When I asked him that does the organization have clear and well-communicated goals? Then he said to me that Yes our store has clear and well-communicated goals. All staff members are trained and they know that how to deal with customers and how to handle the any situation because they all are experienced persons. After that I asked him that what is the vision and mission of your organization. Then he gave me the answer that our vision is that our pizza will number one in people and our mission is sell more and more pizzas how many we can sell and have more fun during the work with each other mean enjoy the work so they can do their work good and easily. And he told me that all members of the organization take their responsibilities to achieve our mission and vision. The managers of the organization are well qualified and trained and experienced real leader, they understand leadership and knows what leadership is. He gave me the information about the rules and regulations which are govern this organization's business activities. He said to me that different laws and regulations are governed in domino's pizza. I asked him about the How are issues of privacy, defamation and copyright handled? And he gave me the answer that we do not share personal information of our staff with other organisation and told me that all our staff is well aware of legal responsibilities. They all know about the rules and regulations which are governed in this organization.


I collect the information from the interview that in this organization they use the technology and tool for the good communication. Computer and internet used in store, they have their own server and printing and scanner, all technology are up to date, they received online order and also told me that now people can use android application on phone to put the orders. They also use the technologies in staff training they have online training site where their head office put all the training stuff and they do it online and put it in real practice. Staffs are already trained in communication and other key procedures. All staff has clear guideline for internal and external communication, they put information on their web site and send the email to their staff and in the store they put information on the notice board so the staff can know about their guideline for the both type of factors. I asked him how the organization manages its own information base - its core data. Is it secure? Then he gave me the answer that we managed our data in our computer database which is very secure because our information technology department take care of it.



Organization chart is like this in this organization.








……... Franchise













In this organization they have a flat organization structure. According to the manager they communicate with each other top to bottom and bottom to top. This structure is very good structure for a small business. The advantages of this structure are like that first of all this is very cheap for the company because in this structure they have not more managers that's why they have to pay less to the managers because they have not many managers. It makes less intensities of organisation. For example:-




In this organization they can do work and take resolutions of any problem easily and rapidly because there is less stages of supervisions. Thirdly wild and strong communiqué is probable amongst these rare stages of controlling. This structure has many disadvantages as well. Like in this structure there is less manager but has lots of staff that's why manager can lose monitoring over the staff. Secondly the self-restraint in the group may be corrupt due to miss resistor. Thirdly the relationships amongst the bosses and assistants may be ruthless. Local and familiar relationships may not be conceivable. (Akrani, 2011). In this organization they have good staff so they have not any this type of problem with the staff. So this structure is good for this company.


Communication is the silver lining of team formation and conflict management in any organisation. Effective team work is essential for the achievement of the organisations goals and objectives. If there will be effective communication amongst the team members there will be honesty, integrity and openness which increases the competency of the team members. The result is that their productivity increases which in turn increases the productivity of the organisation. Effective communication plays an important role in a team formation. If there is effective communication in the team the members co-operate, collaborate, cohesive and are committed to the team. Thus, developing and promoting team communication is important in the company. The management should develop strategies aimed at building team communication which ultimately will increase the productivity of the organisation.

Team conflict is team member's awareness of discrepancies, incompatible wishes which they perceive are irreconcilable (Bowditch, 2008).In this company they are following the hierarchical communication structure. It has many advantages like all the staff know that to whom they have to report about his or her work. That's why there is no problem create in the communication between the staff because all know about their own work. Bigger groups must achieve a diversity of responsibilities, reaching from social incomes and office to promotion and buying. The ordered organization splits these parts of anxiety into several division conformations that concentrate. Concentration tolerates administrations to focus on certain ability collections and capitals to attain extreme productivity. On the other hand it has lots of disadvantages like ordered organizations have a habit of familiarize gradually to altering wishes. Administrative groups, for sample, regularly arise below passion for keeping films of bureaucracy that prevent variation.

Groups that cannot adjust to new marketplace anxieties or progressing machineries in stride with or onward of other groups frequently finish up relegated. This problematic interrupts sufficient societies that a whole pitch of education, named modification administration, has settled. The other disadvantage is that the achievement of an association often rest on the superiority of interior message within it. As categorized structural have a habit of network announcement straight up, interdepartmental or inter-agency announcement hurts. Departmental speciality can top to communiqué obstacles when no common mumbo jumbo happens that tolerates followers of altered sections to connect on the similar side by side. In worst-case situations, branches resolutely refuse info from every one. (, 2012). In this organization these kinds of problems can be created in the communication. This structure is a good structure but as well as harmful structure for the company.


It is rightly said that it takes years to build a good reputation and seconds to ruin it (Suzanne McDonald). In this organization they are using the emails and phone calls to communicate with the stakeholders like with the supplier they send them the order list via emails some time they call them in the urgent order and with the customer they attend the call of their customer and take the order what they want to eat and get the online orders from their customer as well. This is the technologies which they are using in their business this is good but it has some disadvantages as well.

For example advantages are emails are very low-priced and wild way for the organization for send the orders to the suppliers but disadvantage is some time the suppliers got too many emails form the different-different clients that's why they can-not read the emails on time, if you need the order quickly it got delay so which can harmful for the business (, 2012). But they have very good communication with their customer and suppliers. They ask feedback to customers about their services and the quality of pizzas because if there have any problem or complaint, so they can deal with it and solve it as soon as possible. They also give to customers a large variety of different pizzas according to their needs and home delivery. They greet the customer with smile. They provide them good service, good quality pizzas. Different parts of stores are located in different parts of the city there is only one owner, but each part of the store is being assigned a manager.

To communicate with them they use different type of method like verbal method as there is a meeting in each weekend in which all the employees (part time or full time) are participated and all the managers get together and discuss about the various promotions so that they can satisfy the need of the customers. Feedback is one of the most important part which they use to communicate with the customers if they have any opinion about anything they use a blog so that they can tell them about the various things and on the same blog they can use it as to promote different types of pizzas. They communicate with each other via texting and via call during their work. They can talk with the customer so they can get the ideas of the customer so they can increase sales of their store.


Jawaharlal Nehru on one of his visits to America said "If we seek to understand a person, we have to try to put ourselves, as far as we can, in that particular historical and cultural background....It is not easy for a person of one country to enter into the background of another country" (Adler, 2008). All business processes involves communication at all levels of the organisation. In a multicultural country like New Zealand which is home for many different cultures communication have been a challenge for organisations. In this organization there is many workers are working right now from different cultures which include Maoris', Asians, Middle Eastern, South Africans, Kiwis and many more ethnic communities. All of them share different cultural values and beliefs. For this the managers have to first know what they don't know and attempt to understand their employees from different cultures. There have been many instances in the company when most of the employees face language barriers. This is so because of the difference in the English language accent of the employees and the clients. So it creates the problems in the organization but they give the training to the staff so they have not any communication problem with the staff, with the customer and with the suppliers. They all have their clear and well-communicated goals, they have the vision that they want to become number one pizza in the world and around the people. They have the mission to sell maximum pizza how much they can.

Organisational identity:-The organization essence is it identity. It is a source of stability, a definition for its members, and a basis for action.

The best thing in our store we have lots of verity of pizzas.


1. Organisational vision

Organization's Vision is the over-riding principle that guides the organization. It defines what you want from the organization, what your opinion about an organisation is and also on which place you want to see you organisation in the market. The vision is often the dream and aim of the founder.

2. Organisational mission

A mission statement is a statement of the purpose of organization. The mission statement is to guide that what we have to do in the future and also guides the actions of the organization, about the goals of organisation, provide a path, and guide decision-making which help to the staff.

3. Organisational goal

Explains how an organisation intends to go about achieving its mission. And on the other hand we can say that Goal management is a process of recognizing or inferring goals of individual team members, abandoning no longer relevant goals, identifying and resolving conflicts among goals and prioritizing goals consistently for optimal team-collaboration and effective operations.

The mission of our organisation is to make a perfect and delicious Pizza and efficient service on time, delivering quality food and value of money and also provide hygiene food. And our main purpose is to first place in the market for providing good quality food and achieve the goals of the organisation. The mission of the organisation is to guide the actions of the organisation, spell out its overall goal, provide a path and make the decision these can guide the staff.

Organisational identity means intentionally giving up on certain sets of customers. It means existing customers are compared to a standard and only those that measure up are kept. It means turning down a potential customer because that customer does not fit within the boundaries that mark the organization's identity.

The organizations current identity is rich than other competitors of this segment.

I) The best thing in our organization that person can easily find the delicious and perfect pizza.

ii) We also provide home delivery in near areas who ordered by online or by call.

Topic 3: Stakeholder

External Factors:-




Rules and regulation



Internal Factors:-





External Factors:-

1. Supplier: - What are the most important factors you look for?

Ans: There are several important factors that can be found in a supplier but I mainly look for cheaper Price, time and quality of the products. One should split orders in two businesses for backup because there is a more to a supplier than an invoice-and more to the cost of doing business with a supplier than the amount on a purchase order.

2. Competitors: - Who are your competitors in market?

Ans: - Our main competitors are pizza hut and hell pizza.

3. Customers:- How do you ensure your customer satisfaction?

Ans: - We asking feedback to customers about our services and the quality of pizzas so that if there have any problem or complaint, so we can deal with it and solve it as soon as possible. We also give to customers a large variety of different pizzas according to their needs and home delivery. We greet the customer with smile. We provide them good service, good quality pizzas.

4. Rules and regulation:- Can you follow our rules and regulations?

Ans: Yes, We have got the hygiene certificate and license. We will perform all the duties and responsibilities as per the rules such as set the temperature of the oven and microwave and change the temperature of the refrigerator from time to time as per required. We will also check the expiry dates of all the products.

Topic 5: communication technologies and tools

5. Technology: - Which technology use in Domino's?

Ans: Computer and internet used in store, we have own server and printing and scanner, all technology are up to date, we received online order and also now people can use android application on phone to put the orders.

Internal Factors:-

1. Staff: - How you manage your staff?

Ans: We must keep our staff happy. We have good management system to manage the staff. We will be providing them sufficient training and product knowledge. The staff required some tools to perform their duties and responsibilities, so we provide that also.

2. Product: - How do you ensure the quality of product?

Ans: We check all our products once every 2-3 days because we want to provide good food to customers. We always get the fresh product. we want to give them good service.

3. Safety: - How do you safe your customer and store?

Ans: we safe our customer to provide them good quality of pizzas like hygiene and fresh pizzas. And we safe our store to use fire safety plan.

4. Cleaning: - When you clean your store?

Ans: It is most important to provide hygiene food to our customer. So we clean our fry workstation in every week.

Topic 4: organization culture and employee obligation

1. Organisational philosophy:

Considers the fundamental principles that underlie the formation and operation of a business enterprise; the nature and purpose of a business, for example, is it primarily property or a social institution; its role in society; and the moral obligations that pertain to it. The subject is important to business and management, and is closely related to business ethics and political economy. It is influenced significantly by philosophy, ethics, and economic theory.

2. Organisational beliefs:

If our beliefs have the potential to become self fulfilling prophecies then what we believe about our organisations has the potential to influence its performance. If certain beliefs become the established norms of an organisation then they collectively become an organisational paradigm that is often defined as culture. They become the maps that navigate us through the environments we work in but are often only part of what is really going on.

3. Organisational values:

An organisational value defines the acceptable standards which govern the behaviour of individuals within the organisation. Without such values, individuals will pursue behaviours that are in line with their own individual value systems, which may lead to behaviours that the organization does not wish to encourage.

1. Current organisational philosophy?

Ans: - Operating in an efficient and effective manner and by reserving and maintaining the resources of its member. Providing for the membership strong leadership, effective communication and a high level of representation on all matters in respect of the best interests of members.

2. What are your organizational beliefs?

Ans: - Beliefs can be positive as well as negative. The reality is that a spectrum exists from positive to negative beliefs and most are not at the extremes. However, when external factors create environments that set a tone for negativity then it becomes easy for organisations to be influenced.

3. What are your organizational values?

Ans: - The organization's values must be in line with its purpose or mission, and the vision that it is trying to achieve. So to summarize, articulated values of an organization can provide a framework for the collective leadership of an organization to encourage common norms of behaviour which will support the achievement of the organization's goals and mission

what is force field analysis including the outcomes of using a force field analysis

Ans: - Force field analysis is a valuable change-management tool. Force field analysis is a method that an organisation use for finding the positive and negative things that influence a situation, especially a planned change, in order to help them make the right decisions

There are two assumptions:

Driving Forces: Driving forces are those forces affecting a situation that are pushing in a particular direction; they tend to initiate a change and keep it going. In terms of improving productivity in a work group, pressure from a supervisor, incentive earnings, and competition may be examples of driving force.

Restraining Forces: Restraining forces are forces acting to restrain or decrease the driving forces. Apathy, hostility, and poor maintenance of equipment may be examples of restraining forces against increased production. Equilibrium is reached when the sum of the driving forces equals the sum of the restraining forces.

What is the current organisational position that would potentially allow future directions to be considered

Ans: Different driving forces must be taken in care of because all procedures must be decided in a such a way so that everything must work out successfully and different driving force techniques are to increase the sale of the pizzas are provide better quality in a cheaper price.

Topic 2: work teams and group dynamics

What is the terms used in organisations as opportunities and options for business expansions:

1. Diversification

Diversification is a form of corporate strategy for a company. It seeks to increase profitability through greater sales. Diversification can occur either at the business unit level or at the corporate level. At the business unit level, it is most likely to expand into a new segment of an industry that the business is already in. At the corporate level, it is generally very interesting entering a promising business outside of the scope of the existing business unit.

2. Horizontal integration

 The term horizontal integration describes a type of ownership and control. It is a strategy used by a business. Horizontal integration occurs when a firm is being taken over by, or merged with, another firm which is in the same industry and in the same stage of production as the merged firm. The goal of Horizontal integration is to consolidate like companies and monopolize an industry.

3. Vertical integration

 The term vertical integration describes a style of management control. Vertically integrated companies in a supply are united through a common owner. Usually each member of the supply chain produces a different service, and the products combine to satisfy a common need. Vertical integration has also described management styles that bring large portions of the supply chain not only under a common ownership, but also into one corporation

4. Expansion

A business strategy in which growth is obtained by increasing the number of stores in which customers can buy a good quality of products and services.

Core business and Strategies

1. Diversification: We are expanding our organisation in different areas and urban areas also because people like our pizzas so it's our duties to provide quick delivery of hot pizzas.

2. Horizontal integration: our competitors are pizza hut and hell pizzas. We give hot deals and quick services to our customers.

3. Vertical integration: we have some hot deals for our customers and our price is handsome has compared to other competitors.

4. Expansion: we provide good quality of pizzas and fresh pizzas to our customers. We believe in hygiene food. Our services are good so it is help us to earn more sales and profits.

Topic 4

Ethical Norms: Business ethics is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

Customer's service: Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. Its importance varies by products, industry and customer.

Cultural Obligations: A cultural obligations is something you do not feel as an obligation towards someone, it is more an obligation to yourself because it is deeply engraved in your personality though the socialisation process.

Environment protection: Most of the consumers are going green they are more concerned about the food and hygiene. The organisation which is being attached with the food must get a certificate of approval from food and hygiene department of Auckland.

Community Expectations: community always concerned about the safe and the health environment also encouraging the responsible use of alcohol minimising youth school relisted harm etc.

Stakeholder Value: The worth of stakeholders interests in the product/service produced by an organisational value stream. sometime used interchangeably with the customers value.

Organisational value stream and customers value.

Questions related to Domino's

(ii) How you deal with your rude customers?

We would deal politely with them and try our best to keep them calm and try to solve their problem in every best possible way.

(ii) How would you give customer service?

We would give our customers discounts and other offers, deal with them politely and also provide home delivery for them.

(iii) How is the quality standard you have in your Domino's?

We will provide the most fresh and best quality pizzas at the most reasonable prices possible to stay in the current market competition.

(iv) What are your social responsibilities regarding Domino's?

Helping customers to succeed is our sincere commitment to our customers. We maintain long-term friendly relationships with our customers to help.

(v) How would you maintain the gap between vegetarian and non-vegetarian Pizzas?

By providing alternatives to vegetarians instead of non- vegetarian.

(vi) Do you recycle products keep in mind the environmental factors?

We will be recycling materials such as batteries, biodegradable waste, clothing, electronics, metals, paper, plastics etc

(vii) Would you keep in mind about the quality of products?

The quality of the products would be our prime and main motive. We will provide our customers with the best quality Pizzas.

(viii) Are stakeholders getting good return?

As the business will start to progress, the profit will be divided among the proprietors and the stakeholders' shares will also be given to them.

Topic 1

What is the current/ recent situation in your organisation that has resulted in a recent major organisational change?

Ans: - Our organisation is doing business in all over the world and is trying to have all type of taste seeing the different types of culture people. Firstly we just introduced the different types of new catch-up. After that different type of pizzas, huge variety of the Chinese, and drinks are being supplied in the shop as well. In today era people are more concerned about the hygiene as they want to consume products which are more nutritious. In that part we have achieved A grade certificate provided by the food and hygiene department of new Zealand.

Topic 3

What are the consultation methods which your organisation used to consult with its stakeholders about its organisation changes of direction?


Who is the major stakeholders are for your organisation and there potential interest in the organisation?

Ans:- The major stakeholders are the customers, investors .


They are the one who are want to see the annual or monthly reports of our organisation and seeing that they invest money into it so that we can update & upgrade our business like some take franchise in different location.


Customers when they get into some good deals from our stores they start taking a keen interest in our organisation and hence in such a way they are connected our business. We use a specific tag line for our customers which attracts them that is "We don't fight over prices we provide the best cheap price available".

What are the situations where the interest of your organisation stakeholders was in conflict during the organisational changes?

Ans:- Sometimes when there is a huge crowd on the shop it becomes difficult to attend each and every customers on the shop due to which sometime some of the customers tends to lose the interest in the shop. And other thing is when there is a mistake done by an employee in the calculation of the products in that case the things goes worse sometimes.

What are the actions the organisation undertook in order to ensure stakeholders contribution and commitments

Ans:- Some of our customers wanted us to add different types of drinks for that we having the different suppliers for that we got a great success in the change with that. Our organisation hired call centre staff for taking order. Customers call in call centre to give orders. But sometimes due to technical problems, We can't get orders at time. And Customers are not happy with this kind of service. Some new staff is hired by us in store for taking order instead of call centre. By doing this we are able to provide good and fast customer service.And keeping in mind the new opinion's by the customers we will keep on upgrading our business.

Topic 1

How the organisation could have undertaken it consulattation and planning in responce to the current/recent changes in the way that it can balance the conflicting interst of its stakeholders .

1 Strategic consultation

2 Planning required


Strategic Consulation: if problem would have encounter in organisation we could have select all the vision and work accordingly for it all the decisions would have been taken according to work assisgned for it . All opnion of the stakeholders must be taken in care of.

Planning required: a proper planning must be required in order to maintain the work and to be done is a proper way all the different level of managements must be taken in care of they are plaaning organising staffing directing co-ordinating controlling and These modules are:

• Food Preparation and Production

• Service and Expediting

• Customer Experience

• Storage and Clean-up

• Support Spaces

Topic 3

What is the best ways for your organisation to communicate with the stakeholders in a way that will be both timely and encourages contribution and commitments from these stakeholders?

Ans:- Verbal: Communication is the best way of communicating with the employees and the managers. With the help of it problems can be solved which is being introduced by the employee. It saves lot of time and decision is made in no time and help in our business.

Internet: Through internet it becomes very easy to communicate with the investors, suppliers if they are sitting in another part of the world. Through internet, telephones we can book each amount of the stock which we need in the organisations. With the help of the internet we can get the various feedbacks from the customers Even people who are not aware of the store got to know about it where advertised on internet. like facebook, tagged etc.

Topic 1

What you believe your relevant organisation should do revise its purpose, directions and values?

Ans:- All staffs must be focused about his work they must know each and every thing about their job. There must be a focus on what they are doing. All the employees must know about the benefit of their customer in the best possible way they can. The employees a proper is being provided to each and every employee for a certain period of time so that they can get to know about how to perform each and every work and to handle each customer. Each value of the organisation is taken in care of all the things are performed legally there is a certificate of food and hygiene to let the people know about the hygiene of the store. Time To Time Check out with Feedback. Ask people what they think are the values of the organization.

What are the strategic changes that the organisation proposed as a part of its strategic change of direction?


Strategic changes proposed as a part of its strategic change of direction are:

The first change was made in the form of quality of pizzas which was being approved by the hygiene and food department of the New Zealand so that the customer could get the better quality in the form of the products checking the expiration of the products helps to maintain such quality.The second change of made seeing the vision which was made by introducing the drinks which help to increase the sale of the products and help to make the customer aware about their grant of the product.The goal of the organisation is to increase profit and provide good quality of pizzas.

Topic 1

Domino's Pizza Organisational Structure:-

Pizza Hut (corporately known as Pizza Hut, Inc.) is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread.

Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (the world's largest restaurant company[2]) with approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery/carry-out locations, and kiosks in 100 countries.


Charles Morrison

Chairman of the Board

Mark Schwarz


James Zielke


William Hammett


Steven Johnson


Clinton Coleman


Ramon Phillips


Robert Page

Franchise Development



Madison Jobe





Finance & Accounting



Value to the organization