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Ralph Young - Is the CEO of the Micro-Ware Ltd. He does not like the ideas of conduct meetings, he thinks team meeting is a time waste, he prefers to have a word with the team leader and the team leader is to pass the message to the staff, instead of solving problems in the company he is after his 10% performance based bonus at the end of the quarter year, but at last to sort out the problems, he decides to call upon a meeting, before any current issues reached to the board of directors. . Ralph is trying to delay any changes to the structure of the company before the end of the month in order to disrupt the output of the company.

Jeff-- is a young marketing graduate, he used to lead the marketing team and suddenly became the General Manager in place of Manu, he has big ideas for the company he made himself confident in front of the CEO by getting two new large budget clients on board. Jeff has got lots of new ideas from the marketing background so he decides to change the standards guidelines of the organization, He is also trying to convince the technologists into making the software user friendly for the customers, he copyrighted the information from a powerful USA Company without seeking permission for his new promotions, this risk may be fatal for Micro-ware Ltd in the future.

Rob - the oldest and longest serving staff in the technological department. His aim was to get the post of Manu in leading the productions department. Since Jeff has been given the post of the new general manager in place of Manu, Rob is trying to prove to the management of the organization that he was a better candidate, he assume that Jeff does not have the ability to run the production team and to be General Manager as per Manu. During the meeting rob tries to impress the CEO that he does not want the company to suffer just because of jeffs misguided directions, and if the CEO can immediately take an action amongst Jeff ,robs behavior was very un professional towards the company he sends a draft copy to the board of directors for the contribution of the participants in the meeting to see what has been happening in the company and the mess Jeff was making, this may cause more disruptions in the company.

b) Demographics.

There are three key teams in the organization

Production Team - this team comprises of young technologists who work independently to complete their traits of the current projects. This team was led by Manu the former General Manager, Manu, in his 10 years of service had earned respect in the organization and had earned profitable rewards to staffs and average wages and conditions, but has left the company unpredictably leaving Jeff to be the new General Manager.

Marketing Team- This is a small marketing team that was led by Jeff, who now became General Manager. They are familiar with electronic communication and social networking. The workers like working at their own pace to meet the deadlines of the project.

Administration Team - this is also a small team led by Sally, this team comprises a number of older women and one male staff who is nearly at the retirement age, this team they believe in face to face communication over the phone instead of other technologically advanced means.

The Three important Individuals in this Organization are:

Jeff - is a young marketing graduate who is seen to be having the interest of the company as a priority. He is however coming into a stage where he is not able to perform the tasks effectively and is taking the wrong path to prove himself to the CEO.

Ralph - is the CEO but relies heavily on Sally and Jeff getting the job done, . He has been in the company for the last 10 years and had been relying on Manu for all his work responsibilities, as Manu has left he is now relying on Jeff and Sally for the entire organization infrastructure.

Sally - is leading the administration team and maintaining communication lines in the company, Sally also liaise with the other team leaders, she thinks she is overloaded with the work and she is unhappy so she's secretly looking for another job.

c) Structure four procedures for organizing and managing meetings.


The structure of a business meeting begins with a series of formal introductions,where people will be get together and knowing each other and to learn who will be delivering information in the meeting.

ii. Agenda and its Purpose.

Where the agenda will be readen out by one of the grouop members and all the agenda will be discuss and sort it out also previous meeting mintues will given the team leader will try to get involve with every one questioning and answering,and if possible needs to brainstorm get all the ideas before making any decisions.

iii. Presentations and discussions.

When a group seems to have come to a decision, summarize what the final decision is, make progress reports, and seek assistance or resources needed to keep the goal moving forward. Following the agenda and administrative tasks, the participants make their presentations and respond to the questions from the other speakers. The record keeper takes notes for future reference of whatever is being discussed thought the individuals make their own notes as well.

iv.Conclusion and Evaluating Meetings.

Before the meeting adjourns, try to do a brief evaluation,the team leader can ask questions with the group members or anyone in the group can be asked to answer, At this stage the possible decisions are made and the tasks are also delegated for further review of the issues,the date of the next meeting is finalized at this stage so that everyone is aware of their next expectations.

d) The dynamic of groups are:

i) Forming - this is when the members meet for the first time as a group and get acquainted with each other and getting to know the purpose of their being together, strong leadership is required by the team leader so that group members feels to know each other and they properly clarify.

ii) Storming - this is where the members start voicing their own ideas, join the others with the same ideas, Therefore it is important for the members to have strong relations with the other members and speak out their ideas in order to establish a place in the team and be well understood by others.It's the leaders responsibility to help the members to speak out and view their ideas.

iii) Norming - this is when the members start to acknowledge the purpose of the group and its ultimate goal that needs to be achieved as well as hot to make the goals achievable,the leader has to clarify the group members role in order to achieve their group goal.

iv) Performing - this is when the team is working effectively and efficiently towards achieving the goals. At this stage the member participation is more than the leaders' leadership style as the group needs the members' involvement to progress,the leader has to look into it and help the members to make their own judgments.

v) Adjourning - this is when it becomes clear that the teams goal has been either achieved or that the group has achieved a milestone towards the goal. Therefore is important to acknowledge the teams' achievement in order to avoid the members' morale going down.

iiv)Cohesiveness - It's the bonding of group members and their desire to remain part of the group many factors influence the amount of the group cohesiveness, productivity is the quality of being productive when the task, maintenance, and individuals needs levels are in balance.

e) Three ways intranet to improve internal communication.

i) It is easier to communicate using intranet to send the same message to every person in the system at the same time as compared to the mode of face to face communication that can be either be over the phone or in form of written note.

ii) Templates for items such as meeting minutes and newsletters to be printed and given.

iii) Information is read by those who need to see it; you can check who has read the article and issue reminders where appropriate.

2) Organizational Goals and Policies

How communication problems can deflect an organization from its goals:

Language Barrier: use of expressions, jargon or words that others are not familiar with, communication breakdown due to no language in common or ,misunderstanding of what is being said. When a person does not understand the language that you are using, you can use charts ,drawings gestures or facial expressions .Try and use words that most people understand or translate.

Cultural Barrier: In business they can relate to credit terms of the company customers preference or packaging, color or size, you can overcome cultural barriers by respecting other peoples beliefs and social habits. Body languages try and stand tall and be confident and smile.

Physical Barriers: Obstacles, distances, office cubical, to overcome physical barriers, travel around obstacles, find a faster method of transport, petition for the removal of office cubicles, and try to use face to face communication frequently.

Psychological Barrier: Poor listening, emotions, selective perceptions and premature evaluation.

Emotion Barriers: with holding thoughts and feelings try to build trust.

Perceptual Barriers: recognize we have different values and try to recognize where the person is speaking from.

Assertiveness: expressing thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a direct and honest way

Use "I "statements (Attitudes)

Feelings, behavior effect

Create a you statement for motivation

2b) Two ways in which Jeff is deflecting the company

Jeff is basically seen to be trying to prove himself in the position as a General Manager and head of marketing at the same time by going to extremes. He has taken the software of another company and is going to use it as his own work which may lead to legal issues if found.

ii. Inability to perform and motivate the staff to meet the company deadlines. Jeff as a leader is supposed to be getting the work done by the employees instead of leading them to fight amongst themselves.

Two things that can be done

a) Jeff taking responsibility of his actions and try to be a better leader in all the three different departments that he is heading. He has to keep separate strategies for each department and need to follow contingency theory practice in order to be effective.

b) Having a proper management control is important in order to get the departments working. The department heads are not seen to be practicing proper work ethics and this is flowing down to the subordinates.

3. Organizational culture and ethics

a)Ethical behavior

Jennifer has been seen to be downloading xrated pictures from websites on the internet and this can be seen as an unethical behavior at work place. Similarly Rob downloads information from Sally's computer for his personal agenda.

b) Power Structure

The CEO is not being responsible for his actions at his position whereby he is relying on others to do the work done. Even if he relies so heavily on others, he should at least check the authenticity of the information being passed on for auctioning.

c) Attitudes

Margaret and Soma had an argument, they fought personally at work soma spread a rumor by emailing about Margaret having affair with a male colleague which affected Margaret's personal character .

3b) Breaches of Privacy

Soma took Margaret's picture outside of work and attaches' with a comment and sends it to all the staff members without her knowledge by giving a heading as "Margaret's New Affair".

Jeff also copyrights the information from powerful USA company.

Rob is seen taking information from Sally's computer without her knowledge for his personal agenda and then he goes to another extreme to mailing it to the board member without the knowledge of his CEO.

Privacy can be Breached

If you are a victim of privacy invasion via the Internet, you will only be able to take the matter the complaint to the concerned authorities through a legal proceeding if the organisation or agency subject to the Privacy Act.

This Act protects information about you or your activities to be collected without your knowledge or consent by other people for any reason.

Copyright Infringements

Apply to Jeff as he was seen to have used another company's software without the copywriter's knowledge.

Implications of Infringements for the company

The company can be charged for the breached of copyright. Jeff used company's property to

download software, and now wants to use it for company's benefit.

4) Current and Emerging Communication Technology

5 Types of Mediated in the case study

Internal Communication Strategies

Being an active listener

System where employees suggest ideas

Having a two way communication

Discussion (open communication)

b) Purpose of each strategy

i)Effective Listener

To being a effective listerner you have to be alert,and aware of what the message is being pass through the speaker you have to show the feelings that you are listening and understanding.

ii) Employees suggesting ideas

A system to be put in place where employees feels free and communicate there ideas with the management and if possible there ideas are being implemented.

iii) Open Communication

Employees being giving feedback ,the team leader has to encouraging the employees to talk and suggest there ideas.

iv) Two Way Communication.

Two way communication gives feedback and employees to share ideas and to negotiate,helps people to get on the same level when working on the same project.

Examples of Strategies

i) Effective Listener : CEO had alots of complains amongst Jeff's behaivoiur and he does not believes in having meeting but at last he decides to ca;ll upon the meeting.

ii) Enmployee suggest Ideas: Jeffs being impressing the CEO with his big ideas for the compay ,and recently getting the two new large budget clients ,whereas the CEO was quite happy and he thought that he was a potential star.

iii) Open Communication: Rob identifies that Jeff is not capable of running the production team,and be the Genernal Manager as per Manu he inspites that the things are being very diffcult and he does not want the company to suffer.

iv) Two Way Communciation : Sally being maintaning the communication lines ,she liasse daily with the various teamleaders and aslo the senior staff using wide range of communications.

d) Four communication Technologies

i) Emails-emails could be use sending message to staff and it could provide the referenece of the communication.

ii) Video Conference- is a communication technology that integrates video and audio users anywhere in the world as if they are in the same room .

iii) Phone- the phone conference the calling party calls the other participant and adds them to the call into the conferences.

iv) Network Websites - where social network sites can be used to describe community based websites, online discussions forums,chatrooms it also enables to create public web sites where people can access online.