Climate change one of greatest environmental and social threats

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Climate change is already happening and represents one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats the planet is facing. Malaysia's carbon emission per capita was once the world's highest. Our Prime Minister agreed to the importance of reducing our country's carbon emissions and one of the best ways is to get private and government own companies getting involved in it. Companies have several obligations toward protecting the environment. They should minimize pollution and do their best to improve the environment.

First, company should have a well-managed and effective environmental management team. They have the responsibility to carry out evaluation as well as overall review of the impact of company's operations on environment. So as to avoid, stop, minimize or rectify the significant pollution or degradation it had done to the environment. Next, company should also have good waste management. Company should minimize their packaging and only use packaging that are environmental friendly or use those packaging that can be recycled or reused.

Besides that, any gases, toxic or harm resources that will pollute the environment should be managed properly. Company must make sure that all resources have passed the environmental standard and have a best way to solve it. Finally, company are obliged and tied to the environmental regulations that set by government.

Actually, company can do more than that. Company can encourage their employees on carpooling also known as car-sharing. This can help to save cost for the employees and reduce air pollution. Company can also organize any events or campaigns that promote environmental friendly and encourage all employees to take part.

Company needs to be conscious of the importance of being environmentally responsible and tries to exchange their view point on green behavior with others. With companies going green, it saves the environment while at the same time they can reduce their cost and gain respect and loyalty from the society. As a result, companies gain more profit in the long run.



First The Body Shop store opens on 26th March 1976 in Brighton on the south coast of England. During 1978, a kiosk in Brussels became the first overseas franchise and by 1982, new shops are opened at the rate of two per month. For your information, The Body Shop sponsored posters for Greenpeace during 1985 in its first year as a public company. A year later, it creates an Environmental Projects Department of its own while the first major window campaign for The Body Shop is "Save the Whale" with Greenpeace, in 1986.

The Body Shop is a values driven, original and ethical high quality skin and body care retailer and is well-known for creating a niche market sector for naturally-inspired products that are 100% vegetarian. The organization's objective is to achieve high integrity in its product development by using minimal packaging and to be honest about the benefits of the products it sells. Besides, The Body Shop has become an authority in the development of unique personal care products inspired by the use of natural ingredients with proven benefits.

The Body Shop Malaysia's business philosophy is "profits with principles". The company believes that a business has the responsibility towards the communities in which it operates. For your knowledge, the company supports and initiates community action and campaigns too. These includes activities such as environmental protection, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) awareness, Child Trafficking and Stop Violence Against Women, which is a long-term campaign to help address and raise awareness on the issue of domestic violence in Malaysia. Till now, The Body Shop® is still committed and continues to lead the way for businesses to use their voice for the social and environmental change. 


Ecofuture Sdn. Bhd is an environmental conservation and technology-based company which optimizes oil palm biomass such as empty fruit bunches sourced from the Group's milling operations. These empty fruit bunches are then processed and recycled into value-added biodegradable products. For your knowledge, Ecofuture Sdn. Bhd. was successfully listed on the 11th January 2005. The group is an investment holding company while its principal activities are distributed through its subsidiary companies which include Ecofibre Technology Sdn. Bhd., Ecologico Packaging Sdn. Bhd., Interactive Star Sdn. Bhd., Stable-Win Sdn. Bhd. and Metro Knight (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Ecofibre Technology Sdn. Bhd. is focusing on the production and sales of mulch mat, known as 'ecomat' and also the engineering and sales of specialized machinery used for the shredding of fibre empty fruit bunches. Meanwhile, Ecologico Packaging Sdn. Bhd. provides turnkey services in production of 'ecopak'. For your knowledge, 'ecopak' is an excellent result of sustained Research & Development (R&D) initiatives and efforts which aimed to reduce waste pollution and creates a 'greener' environment for the human community.

The third subsidiary companies, Interactive Star Sdn. Bhd. is focusing on managing and applying trademarks and patents for group's products. In the other hand, Stable-Win Sdn. Bhd. is responsible for the milling of the fresh fruit bunches, sales of crude palm oil and and also the sales of palm kernel. Lastly, Metro Knight (M) Sdn. Bhd. which is a fully integrated palm pulp factory located in Segamat, Johor produces 100% toxic free non-wood virgin pulp. They are the first mill in Malaysia that develop the technology to convert palm oil biomass into an ecologically sustainable agricultural residue into pulp.


Ecofuture Bhd

Ecofuture Bhd. produces fibrous mats and packaging products from recycled oil palm biomass. It markets its products under the brand names of ECOMAT, ECOPAK and ECOFIBRE. Its subsidiaries are Stable-Win Sdn. Bhd., which is engaged in milling, sale of crude palm oil and palm kernel and recycling of oil palm biomass. While Ecofibre Technology Sdn. Bhd is engaged in the production and sale of fibrous mat from oil palm biomass and engineering and sale of specialized machinery.

EcoPak is a proud result of sustained Research & Development (R&D) initiatives and efforts, aimed at eventually reducing waste pollution and creating a 'greener' environment for the human community. Ecologico Packaging Sdn Bhd (ELPSB) was established to initiate the venture into the business of ecological conservation.

Being the first Malaysian company to produce packaging products made of natural 'Oil Palm Fibre', Ecologico Packaging has successfully developed a wide range of eco-friendly products that promises to revolutionize the packaging industry. Driven by a team of technically skilled and experienced Research & Development (R&D) personnel with the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Segamat, Johor, an ecologically advanced technology named EcoPak® has been developed, responsible for the conversion of palm biomass industries into highly ecological raw materials used to produce eco-friendly packaging products.

EcoPak® Packaging Products contains various key values that surpass the limitations of conventional packaging products, making it a revolutionary product that is bio-degradable and convertible into natural fertilizers, suitable for food packaging and microwaveable and able to preserve freshness for a long period of time.

Besides that, it is tested by SIRIM Malaysia and various overseas institutions, such as Japan Food Research Laboratories etc, EcoPak® technology and products had set a new standard in 'environmental protection' initiatives, setting pace for Ecologico Packaging Sdn Bhd. Ecologico Packaging Sdn Bhd's products are made from natural oil palm fibres. Using the latest technology, machinery and human expertise, EcoPak products were developed with the following distinctions:

Natural Product

Processed by organic means, EcoPak® products contain no harmful chemical additives and colorings and are toxic-free.

Natural Fibre Color

EcoPak® products possess contemporarily attractive natural fibre-color unseen in any other type of packaging materials, making it a pure and natural product that is easily accepted by the general public.

Eco-friendly & Environmental Friendly

EcoPak® products are biodegradable within a short period of time after disposal, turning it into natural soil-like fertilizer, unlike other substances like petroleum byproducts, it takes more than a decade to biodegrade and it is poisonous.

Provides the Finest Qualities for Food Packaging

EcoPak® products had been tested and proven to preserve freshness of foods, even after long hours of storage, making it the most ideal packaging material for all types of food.

Suitable For All Types of Packaging

EcoPak® technology enables the creation of light, strong and durable packaging materials suitable for all types of products ranging from fruits, electronic item and etc.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is dedicated in contributing to the preserve of environment through their commitment to seeking and sustaining natural materials and ingredients. They are synonymous with products and ingredients inspired by nature. The Body Shop adopts a precautionary approach to the use of chemicals in order to minimize its impact to environment. To prove this, they publish their chemicals policy and strategy, which include explicit positioning statements on chemicals of concern to campaigners.

The Body Shop offers a wide range of products such as body care, skin care, hair and fragrance products. The ingredients of all these product range are inspired by nature. For example, for the skin care products, most of the ingredients are naturally origin. There are a few categories of skin care products which are differentiated by their main ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Tea Tree and Shiso extract. All of these main ingredients are extracted from natural resources. As a result, they are harmless to our environment.

In addition, the ingredients of The Body Shop's products not only preserves our environment, it also takes care for consumer's benefit. For instance, the Aloe products' main ingredient is Aloe Vera. It is grown without the use of pesticides and is natural, pure and preservative free. Thus, it is environmental-friendly. Furthermore, Aloe Vera is renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties and it is perfect for sensitive skin. It is like a miracle medicine for consumer.

Besides, the seaweed used in The Body Shop Seaweed products is harvested from the coast of France. It is a natural skin-balancing ingredient renowned for its high source of nutrients and vitamins that effectively balance the skin tone and purify and clarify the complexion. Unlike many of other products in the market that their main ingredients comprised of a lot of chemicals, The Body Shop's products are always ecologically friendly.

Other than that, The Body Shop has been using organic ingredients in their products for many years. All the products in Nutriganics range are set to meet the levels of organic content set out by ECOCERT, the world's largest organic certification body to ensure the organic claims are relevant and tangible. Over 95% of all the ingredients used in Nutriganics products are of natural origin. Their products are supported by active organic and botanical ingredients sourced from all over the world.

On the other hand, The Body Shop has the policy that against animal testing. They prohibit the use of animal in their toiletries and cosmetics testing. They also insist their suppliers not to test their ingredients on animals. They comply with the stringent requirements of the Humane Cosmetics Standard created by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. They are dedicated in taking care of animals' welfare. Furthermore, their products are tested on the basis that does not harm our ecosystem or in another word, environment.

In the nutshell, The Body Shop has high commitment in taking care of environmental welfare in the term of reducing their impact on environment.


Everyone knows, earth is going to be destroyed by human. A lot of industrial activities are causing pollution to earth. If these activities are not addressed and actions not taken, global warming will definitely become worse. Although government has put all effort on preventing such activities, the power still limited. The company themselves need to be responsible to earth and make less pollution to earth. Therefore the environment obligation of company becomes important to save the planet. We are going to discuss about the environment obligation within an organization in the body shop and ecofuture.

The Body Shop

Body shop believes there is only one way to beautiful, nature's way. They held on this belief for years and until now, they still do. They constantly seek out wonderful natural ingredient from the whole world and bring the product bursting with effectiveness to customer. While they are doing this they still strive best to protect our beautiful planet. They produce their product with the ingredients which cause less pollution to the environment. They try their best to not destroy this planet. We need the planet to live to stay pretty.

Beside the product, they also disseminate the important of protecting the planet by conducting some campaign to popularize that idea, makes their employees know more about the planet and try to save the environment. They have a campaign, named "protect our plane"t. There are "reduce, reuse, and recycle". They will avoid excess using packaging if possible. They are using 100% post consumer recycled plastics. This can help to reduce the pollution to environment. They promise to seek out renewable resources, sustainable raw ingredients and find better ways to protect the rainforests. Their commitment to protect our planet drives us to do more and be better corporate citizens. Another company that has the same ideology as body shop is McDonald's. McDonald's had conducted the Olympic day run in years 2009. That is a global event.

EcoFuture Bhd

Another company that we are going to discuss is Ecofuture. Ecofuture is an investment holding company whilst its principal activities are distributed through its subsidiary companies mainly to some other companies. One of it is Ecologico packaging Sdn Bhd (ELPSB). Ecologico has a product which is Ecopack. It was an environment friendly which is less pollution to environment container ware today for a healthier lifestyle. It also has non-toxic, disposable and non-wax coated which is benefit to human. Hence, the employees of the company usually are requires to use the product that are environmental friendly. Besides this, the company also communicated to its employees to ensure that each employee understands, conforms to and practices the Group's quality standard as an integral part of their job function. This quality standard is used to make sure that all product and operation in company are always environmental friendly.

Through sound commitment and dedication, ECOFUTURE will continuously pursue excellence in the advancement of environmental conscious products, not withstanding consumers' demand attitudes towards eco-friendly product usage. The company just wants to put effort to their product that can protect our environment.

Nowadays, more companies are advocate to protect the environment, this is a good sign. Not only the company, for us, we are also have obligation to protect the planet and reduce pollution to environment. We can get started from doing minor thing such as throwing the rubbish into the dustbin instead of littering it just anywhere. Let's start to protect our home now.


The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a company that cares a lot for the society and the environment, as since its establishment, The Body Shop has launched and participated in many campaign in this regard. The Body Shop has also played a major role in highlighting the problems related to human rights around the world, as The Body Shop has managed to have around three million people signing up for the 'Make Your Mark' for human rights campaign. As an example, in 1993 The Body Shop has helped the Ogoni people and their leader Ken Saro-Wiwa by raising the difficulties they were facing in their homeland in Nigeria, as the giant oil and gas company Shell was conducting some exploration in the Ogoni's area, and by doing that, The Body Shop has helped their case by raising the issue in an International level. The Body Shop joins The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in 2005 and its effort has been appraised by both the Greenpeace and the Breast Cancer Fund based on the company's responsible chemicals' policies. The Body Shop has also participate and created an efficient partnership with both the UNICEF and the United Nations Secretary-Generals Study on Violence Against Children to help in stopping violence against children in the home. The Body Shop has also played a role in raising fund and awareness about HIV and AIDS within the teenagers groups, as the company has partnered with MTV in a new campaign called Spray to Change, where over $ 430,000 were raised and were given to charities that are responsible for educating young and at risk groups about HIV and AIDS.

In the environmental side, The Body Shop has switched to green electricity since 2001, and many shops are now using renewable energy sources to run their operation. The Body Shop has raised the awareness of renewable energy by collecting 1.6 million customer signatures at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. Moreover, The Body Shop even invested in the development countries by financing some of the energy efficient project in the developing country, investing in the renewable energy field and depending in recycling packages to protect the environment. Moreover, The Body Shop was really known in their high profile campaigns against animal testing. These campaigns have helped to ban animal testing of cosmetics products and ingredients in the UK, and also The Body Shop has helped to gather the largest petition in the world and it was delivered to the European Commission in 1996. The Body Shop was the first global retailer pioneer to participate and link its environmental effort with the Board of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, to protect and save tropical rainforests and improve the human right of workers and indigenous people.

The Ecofuture Bhd

Ecofuture Bhd is a company that stress on environmental conservation and is a technology based company which produces fibrous mats and packaging products from recycled oil palm biomass. Besides on the product of their company, Ecofuture Bhd also put their effort toward the society. The company has taken initiative to proceed for a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project whereby carbon credits will be sold under the Kyoto Protocol. Upon the successful completion of the project, the release of carbon dioxide and methane gases will be significantly reduced. This action will bring benefits to society as it protects our planet. Other than that, the company use ecobranding strategic to promote the environmental product to their entire range of consumers no matter inside or outside of the company. The firm uses their proactive environmental commitment in an attempt to differentiate their product and services. Ecobranding allow potential customers to consider the natural environment when they purchasing the product. Due to the policy of the company that is to produce good product to the society, ECOPAK products gained recognition and acceptance from well-known multi-national hypermarkets, environmental-friendly and organic hypermarkets stores located in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Environmental Quality Act 1974

Environmental Quality Act 1974 is a Malaysia's law towards the issues related to domestic environmental problems and solutions. Within the law itself, it contains few basic sectors which are protected under this act. There are controlling on Sewage and Industrial Effluents, Prescribed Premises & Raw Natural Rubber, Clean Air, Motor Vehicle Noise, Delegation of Powers on Marine Pollution Control.

This act is also provided some information by inform the company in Malaysia that Departments of Environment (DOE) monitors 20 specific activities and parameters related to pollution and environmental standards. The prescribed activities that affect forest are not allowing and some Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) guidelines for forestry.

Environmental Quality Act 1974 on EcoFuture Company

From the website of EcoFuture, they believe that eco future is created when we are realizing today that no quality of life can be attained without quality of the environment.

EcoFuture promised to environmental protection by decreasing the ecological footstep caused by production, consumption and day-to-day business activities. It is our belief that a cleaner, healthier and sustainable future is possible if we on purpose to make the right eco choices today.

The Group views Corporate Social Responsibility as an on-going commitment by the industry to behave ethically as well as to contribute to economic and social development whilst improving the quality of stakeholders' value and the local community at large. The Group has participated in various charities and academic events throughout the year through sponsorship of its environmental friendly products and will continue to do so in a sustainable behavior for our future generation.

Moving forward, the Group will be focusing and enhancing its activities locally and internationally for its line of environmental friendly products, The Group is continuously receiving good response for its products and is breaking ground in new market. This was a result from the on-going restructuring of business activities where the Group is now focusing on downstream environmental friendly products. This is related to the act because EcoFuture's products are making by certified green cleaning chemicals, recycled paper goods for corporate and hospitality applications, cornstarch bio-products and other environment friendly materials.

Environmental Quality Act 1974 on the Body Shop

According to the Body Shop's Environmental Principles, it wants to be an environmentally responsible retailer. Thus, under the act, they are using the environmentally responsible materials and technologies, minimizing waste and resource use, and minimizing their contribution to Climate Change with the purpose to reduce the environment pollutions.

First and foremost, Body Shop is choosing sustainable raw ingredients in order to save rainforests and protect endangered species within the provision of the company policy. Moreover, since Body Shop is striving to attempt to the act, the company try to minimize the use of waste and resource by switched from degradable plastic bags to 100% recycled paper bags.

Apart from that, by obeying the Environment Quality Act 1974, Body Shop is encouraging "eco-living" by selling the Bag for Life which is made from 100% unbleached organic cotton in order to reduce the use of carrier bags. Furthermore, under the act, they strive to minimize their impact on Climate Change and reducing air pollution through efficient use of energy, use of renewable energy sources and offsetting of carbon emissions.

In a nutshell, Body Shop is considered as a firm that had done well in obeying the Environmental Quality Act 1974. They are striving to communicate clearly with their customers and suppliers on the policies toward environmental friendly issue.


The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been successfully building an image of being a caring company. But behind the green retailer image, the fact of the Body Shop's operations that may be having a harmful effect on the environment and the world's poor. Many consumers were willing to pay for its commodity products because they believed its cosmetics were high quality and natural, and that it practiced social responsibility consistent with what it preached. In fact, a lot of cosmetic companies make wide use of non-renewable petrochemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives, and use only tiny amounts of botanical-based ingredients. The Body Shop also regularly irradiates certain products to try to kill microbes. This radiation is generated from dangerous non-renewable uranium which cannot be disposed of safely.

Although the Body Shop maintain that they are against animal testing, they do not always make clear that many of the ingredients in their products have been tested on animals by other companies, causing much pain and suffering to those animals. Although the Body Shop are concerns about the enforcement of their policy, but some of their items still contain animal products such as gelatin. Many of the cosmetics company, which includes the Body Shop, are always trying to make not only women but also men to feel unsatisfied and insecure about their physical appearance, and keep delivering a message that people need 'beautifying'. People are often put under pressure to conform to the impossible physical ideals set, especially women.

The Body Shop pays their store workers at a very low wages. The company is opposed to trade unions, so that they can keeping the labor costs down and their employee are unable to organize to improve their working conditions. Since the Body shop refuses to negotiate with unions, so their employees are forced to channel their grievances and demands through procedures completely controlled by the company, thus isolating workers and denying them collective bargaining power.

In year 2002, the Body Shop was selling genetic tests by the company Sciona in some of its stores. This had been accused to be misleading and unethical. A healthy balanced diet, getting enough exercise and not smoking are much more important in determining their future health. Besides, this kind of tests may tell people about their risk of future illness. Employers or insurers may seek access to this information in the future. Most important is that there are no laws to prevent Sciona selling on genetic information from its database or patenting people's genes without their knowledge.


The Body Shop is a value driven, original, ethical, high quality skin and body care retailer. It's well-known for creating a niche market sector for naturally-inspired products which are 100% vegetarian while Ecofuture Sdn Bhd is an environmental conservation and technology-based company which optimizes oil palm biomass such as empty fruit bunches sourced from the Group's milling operations. In addition, The Body Shop had set its organization's objective as to achieve high integrity in its product development by using minimal packaging and to be honest about the benefits of the products it sells. Basically, both of the companies are trying to be responsible to the communities in term of environmental friendly.

In term of product, they are trying their best to continue their production in a better way to save the environment. They tried to increase the harmony relationship between the human and the environment in order to increase the quality of livings. Comparison between The Body Shop and Ecofuture Sdn Bhd are as follow:

The Body Shop

Ecofuture Sdn Bhd

Seeking and sustaining natural and organic materials and ingredients

produces fibrous mats and packaging products from recycled oil palm biomass

adopts a precautionary approach to the use of chemicals

reducing waste pollution and creating a 'greener' environment for the human


products are always ecologically friendly

eco-friendly products that promises to revolutionize the packaging industry

against animal testing

surpass the limitations of conventional packaging products

Since the quality of living between the human and environment are decreasing dramatically due to the irresponsible and selfish human who ignore their environment obligation. They ignore the relationship between them and the environment. They thought that they are managed to solve those problem through the high technology in today's world. Unfortunately, reality showed that their thinking is totally wrong. The high technology had its pros and cons too. It will increase the standard of living of the human. On the other hand, it's decreasing the quality of livings. They had made the only earth sick seriously. In order to face the problem, cooperation from all parties is needed. The Body Shop had conducted some campaign which related to social environment. They are using 100% post consumer recycled plastics. Besides that, they promise that will seek out renewable resources and sustainable raw ingredients. In addition, they will try to find a better way to protect the rainforests. For Ecofuture Sdn Bhd, they are using non-toxic, disposable and non-wax coated which is benefit to human. In action, employees of the company are usually required to use products which are environmental friendly.

The Body Shop has been successfully building an image of being a caring company. However, its operation had brought a harmful effect on the environment and the world's poor. Consumers believed that The Body Shop is producing the high quality and natural products. Actually, it regularly irradiates certain products to try to kill microbes. This radiation is generated from dangerous non-renewable uranium which cannot be disposed of safely. Besides, some of the ingredients in their product have been tested on animals by other company and contain animal products such as gelatin. Besides, they always make people no matter what gender feel unsatisfied and insecure about their bodies. Keep on deliver a message that people need to be beautified. The Body Shop pays their worker with a very low pay too. Those unethical acts of The Body Shop had spoiled its green retailer image and leading it to be an unethical retailer. Hence, decreases its sales and profit.

In short, we can say that although there is a possibility that a company can't totally be perfect but at least do not misleading the consumer in order to increase its profit. Don't ever try to confuse the consumer. By the way, if it's really an ethical company, the consumer will support it automatically. The dirty tactics will never lead us to heaven but hell.


From the information above, we learned that environment obligation of business is important toward a company, employees and even society. Due to the global warning become serious and serious in our planet, we can realize that environment obligation is necessary to a company to save our planet. Nowadays, worldwide and consumers are becoming more sensitive and aware of the origin of the product they purchase. They are increasing demand for product from sustainable sources. In maintaining a consumers' confident, most of the organization should care about the eco-friendly product. From the example above, we can see that the Body Shop and EcoFuture Bhd have a good company image. This is because these two companies sell the eco-friendly products that protect our planet. Hence, we learned that a company who put their effort in environmental friendly takes the competitive advantages in the commercial circle because the consumers have a confident toward their product. This circumstance not only increases the profit of company, it also increases the image of company and indirectly increases the share price of company.

From my opinion, the company such as Body Shop and EcoFuture Bhd should put more effort toward the society. They should develop more eco friendly product and conduct more campaigns to enhance the environmental awareness of consumers even the other organization. Thereafter, our future generation can live in a healthy environment.


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