Why i have chosen my postgraduate as business degree?

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From my childhood, I have always had keen interest how things can work and science has been one of my favorite subjects. My interest in science, particularly mathematics and physics, has developed through at my school time, and I enjoy the challenge of using scientific and mathematical ideas when solving everyday problems. Therefore, when I passed my 12 grade, I have already decided that I wanted to be an Engineer. In the mean while, I heard about biomedical engineering and I started to collect information about it and it appeals me so much that I took admission in biomedical engineering and completed my Bachelors degree in 2007.

Why I have chosen my postgraduate as business degree?

After my bachelor I got job in a company who deals in medical equipment related to ophthalmic which has a wide range of surgical equipment and consumables. I have been worked there for more than a year as a sales and service executive. During that job I have been comfortable with the technical part having an engineering degree in my under grate to give service and maintenance but sales part is bit difficult as well as challenging for me and it created lots of confusion in my mind that may be I am not fit for that role. Therefore, rather to refuse this challenge I decided to improve my skills by doing postgraduate in Business studies because it will enhance my knowledge and exposure to business which makes me more competent, skillful and proficient in my profession.

Why I have chosen United Kingdom for postgraduate degree?

I have chosen United Kingdom for my postgraduate because a master's degree from UK can lead me to increase my earning potential, greater opportunities and a more rewarding career to get good jobs at any part of the world. Other than that I am always interested to intellect with other cultures; there is no better way than to dip you in it by living here and also offer a greater number and variety of educational opportunities than those which are available to me in my homeland. Being able to speak a second language is a great advantage both personally and professionally. Living in a foreign country is the best way to master a new language.

Why I have chosen University of Sunderland?

Sunderland has very wealthy and diversified educational background and foremost choosing University of Sunderland because of its world class education on very reasonable cost. Another point which is very important that it offered an excellent course, which is very momentous for non-business graduates like me having an engineering background because during my job I always desire to build up a detailed acquaintance of concepts and theories of business in order to be effective and successful in management role in near future.

What is CPD Portfolio?

“A CPD portfolio is a systematic way of using experiences and activities to demonstrate and reflect on skills learnt, to identify future learning needs and priorities, and to assist your continuing professional development. It is personal to you and can be kept electronically or in paper format.” (www.ready4work.scot.nhs.uk)

When I heard about CPD (Continuous Personal/Professional Development) it attacks me so much because I was always confuse that how do I analyze myself as a student and also as a professional so I am able to improve my skills to be there what I am aiming for in my career.

Who was I?

As a an undergraduate student I was not so much concern about the skills to development to be a good professional because I am not been till those situations at that time. When I started job I had to face lots of problem to present and perform as a professional.

What was my personality?

As a person I am brave enough to take any challenge as a student and also as a professional regardless of what its outcome is because if you try something new you learn many things but other than that I am not very good to gel in new and different environment or people.

Which skills I have to improve?

Through my CPD portfolio I am aiming to improve the following;

  • How this module and environment change my learning and development skills?
  • How I improve my communication skills?

This module and style of studying is very different for me from my pervious experience because here I learn how you think on same situation in different ways which enhance my imagination as a student and individual in every aspect of life. For example, when I was in under grate and studied organizational management module I learnt that there are different theories on the bases of which different organizations are running. Now, after two months of study here, my perception has changed a lot as I learnt what are organizational values? What are ethics of an organization? Why there are different ways of recruiting employees? Like I have few interview experience in UK at different organizations are;


At Tesco they asked lots of question related to customer service regarding different situations because you have to experience different kind of individual and each customer is valuable of them so they need employee who has patience and polite way to deal the situation and there are lots of different duties to perform at supermarkets.

Anchor Trust:

This interview is totally different from tesco because they are more focus how someone deals with old, ill and alone people who do not have someone to care them. The whole interview is analyzing that is I am capable to deal with those people who are not able to move for their bed. Am I having that kind of ability to be a good care taker? So, this experiences for me totally different from what is at tesco.

I am looking for a part time job particularly at the place where I have direct interaction with the people that's why I am looking for places like supermarkets, call centers or outfit shops etc where I interact with different individuals which improve my communication and enhance my ability to understand the personality. There are very important things for a business graduate and to be a successful manager.

PALS Activities:

PALS, is a very different and excellent learning experience. To be a part of team in which every individual have different educational and cultural background increases my knowledge about other parts of the world which I will not able to experience. Being in that kind of team at one place is difficult to connect with them and on the other hand its good to accomplishment some good relation with each other. It helps me to identify my strengths and weakness to work in the team. My strengths are I listen views and ideas from each team member and try to create things on which everyone is agreed which also increase our bonding and performance. My weakness is I am not as creative as other members but try my level best to contribute in every activity we have done and it helps me to be more creative and expressive. In some activities I am able to contribute a lot like one in which we have to made words “The Scrabble Activity”. In this activity as a team I learnt that we do things quite well but in a bit difficult manner.