Chelsea Sugar Company In New Zealand

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This report is about the Chelsea Sugar Company in New Zealand. The information that was used in the report was taken from its official web sites of Chelsea Sugar Company “”. And some additional information was gathered through interviews with some of the people working at Chelsea Sugar Ltd.

Chelsea Sugar has been the icon and one of the leading product brands of New Zealand. It has been found out that the Chelsea Sugar Company has its main operational unit in Auckland. But it has several offices and distribution facilities in most of the major city in New Zealand. The company employees were from a different cultural background that is co-existing and working together. Chelsea aims to be one the leading provider of sugar sweeteners and blended solutions in Asia Pacific.

The offices and branches of Chelsea Sugar in New Zealand has helped them expand their business. It shows that through the years the organisation is getting bigger and expanding all over the region. And a future plans also to be in world market.

As it goals is to introduce its brands of sugar to the world market it need to be competitive and assure its quality of sugar. Another refinery would be nice to increase it productions. Having another refinery close to other branches would save time and cost of transport. This will result in higher volume of productivity in the offices and increase in product output. That way they are ready for the demand of the global market.


This report is written as one of the requirements for Business Communication B 560 - Level 5 course.


Most of the information was gathered through Internet. Also relevant facts about the company were available through the company's dedicated website. And some data was collected by interviewing people who worked at the company.


3.1 Business Demographics

Chelsea Sugar Company has its main operational and distribution unit situated at Birkenhead, Northshore, Auckland. And several offices and sugar plantation located all over New Zealand. They have sales offices in Christchurch and Parlmerlston North. And warehouse facilities in Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch which is supplied with sugar direct from Auckland refinery.

Because there is only one refinery all the other branches of the organisation depends only from the sugar that is coming from Auckland. Building another refinery close to the other branches will speed the operation and doing business.

3.2 Organisational Goals

The mission statement for Chelsea is: To be a leading, innovative, provider of sugar, sweeteners and blended solutions for Asia Pacific Customers. [1]

The communication with the different level in the company plays a vital part in achieving the company's goals. In order to succeed each department and individual in the whole organisation need to share one common goal. Making sure that everyone in the organisation is in line with the company vision.

3.3 Organisational Culture and Ethics

With the company employing more than 250 staff in Auckland alone, Chelsea Sugar has a mixed of people coming from different background and culture. At Chelsea the company makes sure that everyone is treated fair regardless of cultural background. Using only English language at the working environment to communicate makes the people that come from different cultures that work at Chelsea understand each other easily.

3.4 Management of Knowledge Resources

At Chelsea Sugar they make sure that they have the right people who love the work that they do and bring proud to the commitment that they have with the company. The company has a training program for its employee to make sure that the company quality is maintained in a high standard. Regular training is given employees from the senior to pass their expertise to their subordinates making sure that the knowledge and technology was continuously flowing within the organisation.

Training was not only given to employees but this is also a way of preparing them to handle a much bigger responsibility and a career growth in the company.

3.5 Group Dynamics

At Chelsea they value the communication with everyone that is part of the organisation they make sure that everybody blends in well within the organisation. By making sure that everybody understands the means to communicate in the group by using only English language as medium. Communication within the organisation plays an important role to the team development and also handling of conflict. Making sure that any problems that may arise can be resolve with proper negotiation from both parties involve. As much as possible the company tried to avoid conflicts in the organisation so effective communication always plays an important part of resolving and avoiding conflict.

3.6 Meeting Management

At Chelsea meeting with the management and individuals does an important part with the organisation. It makes sure that the company gives an update to what is happening within the organisation. The company has a regular meeting with the staffs and union members in the organisation. In the meeting everyone is encourage to discuss all they concerns and suggestions so it could be taken to consideration and resolve by the management. The company deals with the concerns of its people making sure its does what is best for everybody.

3.7 Stakeholders

Chelsea Sugar Company is one of the top 100 New Zealand Companies which provides many benefits for its stakeholders. Chelsea values the importance of its stakeholders so over the years it strives to provide a healthy quality sugar product and always maintain good relationship to its stakeholders. The organisation does this by holding annual general meetings in which the stakeholders take part in. These meetings are held in order to discuss the organisation performance and status. It is also to discuss the stakeholder's interests in the organisation and also what would be some of the actions that could be taken in order to raise the organisation performance. This is an effective means to communicate with the stakeholders because it creates opportunities for the stakeholders to put forward their personal views and thoughts which could help benefit the organisation. The organisation also sends out e-mails, letters, and barouches on a weekly basis to its stakeholders to keep them informed on how the company is coping.

3.8 Networks

Chelsea main operation in Auckland is divided in its two main sites. The main refinery located in the Harbour area at Birkenhead and the blending plants situated in Glenfield. Chelsea still follows its traditional way communication but combined it with innovation of modern technology. Chelsea uses internet and networking technology to communicate to their different offices and people who is involved in their organisation. Chelsea also uses the media and magazines for advertisement and promotional purposes. They also have a dedicated internet web site where you can find out everything about Chelsea Sugar Company that is updated from time to time.


4.1 Business Demographics

The locations of Chelsea sugar facilities and an office was distributed in most cities in New Zealand to help them do business much easier. And the main refinery is situated in Auckland because as it is the business capital of New Zealand.

4.2 Organisational Goals

Chelsea Sugar shares a common goal together with all the individuals and groups within the company to be the leading provider of sugar, sweeteners and blended solutions in New Zealand as well as in Asia Pacific

4.3 Organisational Culture and Ethics

Chelsea's organisation is composed of mixed individuals coming from different background and culture. And the company understands the use of one medium language to how important it could bring the group together. That is why it is always hosting events to bring them all together. Chelsea also recognized the needs of its surrounding community so it always tries to give back and help the community.

4.5 Group Dynamics

At Chelsea it make sure that everyone in the organisation whether it is a group or individual has a mutual understanding and always work with good harmony together.

4.6 Meeting Management

The management always keeps in touch with its member by letting them know the update on what is the situation of the company. Like if there is going to have changes and better plan for the improvement of the organisation. The Company holds a regular meeting with the Employees to understand the needs of every individual in the organisation.

4.7 Stakeholders

Chelsea ensures that they were giving the best quality product to its customer. The company give all the stakeholders to be involve and aware of how the company is doing by getting their input and suggestions for the betterment of the organisation.

4.8 Network

Chelsea Sugar Company uses internet and networking technology to communicate with its different branches. It also uses different kinds of media to promote its products. It also takes the advantages of the internet to advertise its product and be known internationally.


5.1 Business Demographics

In the future the organisation should consider having another refinery that is close to its other branches. In that way the other branches will not be depending in the main refinery in Auckland. It will increase the volume of output in production and product distribution is a lot faster.

5.2 Organisational Goals

Chelsea has to develop its brand of sugar overseas to be the leading supplier of sugar, sweeteners and blended solutions in different type of organisation. Chelsea needs to increase its export quality products to become more competitive all over the world.

5.3 Organisational Culture and Ethics

Chelsea Sugar should build more charity foundations to help the community. Develop an organisation where its members can be a part to help with the community making a part. In that way they could start being not as just a team but a family that need to work together to achieve the company's goal.

5.4 Management of Knowledge Resources

Chelsea sugar has to adapt the changes in the computer era. Nowadays everything is run automatically; they have to make sure they always have the machinery to be on top of the competition. A new technology combined with people who have experience and adequate training will result in much better productivity.

5.5 Group Dynamics

Chelsea has to maintain the understanding between the groups and individuals within its organisation. It has to respect the values of each member in order for them to co-exist together. It has to be just and equal to the right of everyone in the organisation.

5.6 Meeting Management

The management should always be in touch with the group and individuals in the organisation to make sure it protects the interest of the company. But also make sure that the rights and interest of its people is protected.

5.7 Stakeholders

It is no doubt that Chelsea Sugar is one of the leading companies in New Zealand. But it has to expand its organisation that way it can produce more jobs for the community. Produce more quality sugar which is health conscious and that is good for the health.

5.8 Network

Chelsea should expand their market by considering putting their products in a world market. It has develop as one of the leading brand of sugar in New Zealand but it has the opportunity to grow by making the Chelsea known all over the globe. With the use of much advance internet and networking technology doing business will improve much further.