Change within Human Resources

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Changing HR



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HR has been the rock of businesses all over the world because they are what make a company. For many years now, times are changing and so is the way HR is being ran. Many would say that HR is changing for the better but it just depends on the era which one comes from. HR goal is to choose the best talent for the company so that it can excel to a higher status and the best way to start is through the employees. Before this can happen HR has to be known as the credible source themselves, being the brain of the operation and knowing what the company needs to be successful. They make sure the laws are being enforced as well as the company’s regulations.

Who is HR?

Human resources hold significant meaning to an organization the mother board of the device, the engine to a vehicle, without it things won’t run. r. The HR professionals must be able to demonstrate their understanding of how the organization can generate revenue, who their target customers are and vendors who will give the best deals to save money, what their business cycles are, and what helps to distinguish their products and services from their competitors. They have many duties such as Duties and Responsibilities: • working closely with departments, increasingly in a consultancy role, assisting line managers to understand and implement policies and procedures; • promoting equality and diversity as part of the culture of the organization; • liaising with a wide range of organizations involved in areas such as race relations, disability, gender, age, religion and health and safety; • recruiting staff: this includes developing job descriptions, preparing advertisements, checking application forms, short listing, interviewing and selecting candidates; • developing policies on issues such as working conditions, performance management, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and absence management; • advising on pay and other remuneration issues, including promotion and benefits; • undertaking regular salary reviews; • negotiating with staff and their representatives on issues relating to pay and conditions; • administering payroll and maintaining records relating to staff; • interpreting and advising on employment legislation; • listening to grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures; • developing, with line managers, HR planning strategies, which consider immediate and long-term staff requirements in terms of numbers and skill levels; • planning and sometimes delivering training, including inductions for new staff; • analyzing training needs in conjunction with departmental managers.This may seem like a lot to handlebut with education and the right training things aren’t so difficult.

Technology is the first key as to the change in human resources, computers and the internet makes for convenience in the workplace. Before the internet became huge companies had to hang a sign in the window for hire in hopes that someone would come in to apply. So HR had to scramble thorough piles of paper application looking for talent and who had what it takes to best fit the company. Of course this was very time consuming but they made it work. Today paper applications are almost extinct everything is done on smart device rather it’s a computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. With almost everyone in the world with at least one of these devices many have access to applying for these jobs so the search could be overwhelming. Companies have come up with using questionnaires to determine who is best fit for the company and move them to the next step. The goal of the questionnaires is to find out if you are a good fit for both the job and the company, as well as to ask questions that might not be asked during the interview. Personality tests are also becoming more popular. According to Allison Doyle, Personality tests are used to determine your type of personality, your values, interests and your skills. They can be used to simply assess what type of person you are or, more specifically, to determine your aptitude for a certain type of occupation or career. Personality tests range from the five-minute Color Quiz which is supposed to determine your personality type by the colors you select, to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which is one of the top-rated personality tests that helps assess your personality type and helps to explore career options. HR uses such these methods because it makes their job a little easier. Social media is yet another means of reaching out to the world for talent companies post positions of sites such as facebook, twitter, and instagram. Sites like these are well known to many and used by companies all over to promote sales. Technology overall can allow companies to progress fast as long as the right people help set the tone.


Change isn’t always easy to introduce so first HR should use the eight step process outlined by Dr. Kotter. Organizations can avoid seeing their company fail or avoid the difficulty of change, by improving their ability to change; they can increase their chances of success in the future. These steps include create sense of urgency, form coalition, develop change, communicate, remove obstacle, generate short term wins, build on change, and incorporate change into culture. Kotter’s Process is known to be successful for over 70% of change in organizations. Thorough research is always needed so that all the information needs to be accurate and from a credible source. Once all the information is confirmed HR should begin reaching out to management informing them of the changes that will soon be taken place so that they can prepare to introduce it to the employees. If more organizations took these measures into making the companies better than they could see a huge change in how employees view their jobs. I feel if the company did their part in making employees feel more involved then workers will take more pride in to what they do and not just look at it as job the needs to be done. My company is huge and I understand that they can’t praise each and every person but to be told good job or show some type of recognition would be greatly appreciated even if it’s just from the managers. Only time we are acknowledged is when we are being reprimanded for something negative and things shouldn’t be like that.

Companies take the risk of failing because they don’t take the time out to get the necessary information to implement change within the company. Kotters process is a known source and if more companies took the time out to take a risk finding new ways to operate then more success could be seen in the future.

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