Challenges of young drivers car insurance

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Insurance companies have a preset mindset of the direct proportionality between the age of the driver and the skill of the driving. Therefore, the younger the driver, the higher will be the risk, and subsequently the insurance premium.

Young drivers can use the following measures to reduce their insurance premiums:

Complete the government approved Pass Plus certificate (save up to 30%)

Opt for a six month "starter policy" and build up your no-claims bonus

Companies provide varied offers to reduce or save premium costs for young drivers. One such example of that would be Rac, which offers the Rapid Bonus policy that aims toward providing assistance in the quick build-up of the no-claims discount, thereby reducing premiums.


Rapid Bonus: Designed for young drivers, this policy builds up a No Claims Discount instantly and thereby reduces motor insurance premiums. Additional discount is offered upon the completion of Pass Plus. Pass plus is a course, supported by the Government's Driving Standards Agency, designed to assist young drivers to gain added driving experience, beyond driving lessons. The course entails six modules -such as Driving in towns and cities, under various weather conditions, at night, and in dual carriages - requiring no test at the end.

The Rapid Bonus Comprehensive Car insurance is valid for 9 months, but the discount continues up to 12 months if there are no-claims within 9 months. Thus, a 1 year no-claim discount can be accumulated in merely 9 months.

Below are the requirements, to qualify for the Rapid Bonus Comprehensive Car insurance policy:

Aged between 17-29

No past record of claims, accidents or convictions

Less than 4 years no-claims discount

Ownership of a "Group 15" car or less

Purchase of a comprehensive car insurance


The customer should be aware of the following discount conditions, before opting for this Rapid Bonus Comprehensive insurance:

No Claims Discount:

Making a claim under their insurance will reduce the discount and vice versa.

The discount is applicable at the time of renewal of the insurance.

No-claims discount is not applicable for insurance less than 12 months, with the exception of the Rapid Bonus insurance, which runs for 9 months only.

In a situation where the company allows the original policy holder to transfer this insurance to another person, any no-claims discount, already earned by him, will not be applicable in the transfer.

Third parties are eligible to pursue a claim directly against the company (as insurer) in the event of an accident, loss or damage, subject to the terms of the insurance.

Pass Plus:

In case the policy holder has acquired insurance with RAC, he will get a pro-rate rebate from the date of completing the pass plus training.

The discount will apply so long as the policy holder has not made a claim with RAC Direct Insurance before the inception of the policy.

The discount is conditional on whether the company has not already provided an introductory discount based on his age and driving history.


Are you under 25 years of age and on the look-out for the cheapest insurance policy?

Are you on the look-out for the optimum deal on your driving insurance? Is securing your insurance turning out to be a tedious process?  The cost of securing auto insurance can be sky rocketing for young drivers, with an astounding difference between the same insurance coverage costs for older or more experienced drivers. 

Here are some useful tips on maximizing your savings money on your car drivers insurance, irrespective of your age.

This may not have occurred to you before, but location plays a very important role in auto insurance.  Look out for the insurance companies in your residing area that specialize in offering car insurance to younger drivers. Depending on whether this is a small local agency or a larger established one, you are now dealing with an insurance company that is customized to your needs. 

Imagine being able to compare coverage plans and insurance companies at your fingertips.  There is a way! You can enter your zip code, close in on the insurance companies that dominate your locality and view their offers most suitable to you. For the younger drivers, one you provide your age, you will have access to a list of offerings that are best-suited to you. Through this method, you can gain access to the comprehensive list of policies and make an informed decision on the one that is most cost-efficient. 

The lasting rule with insurance companies is - lower risk equals lower premium. This automatically means that young drivers have comparatively lesser experience, resulting in a higher risk factor and thereby, a higher premium. Consider this optimistically, as one of the responsibilities of being behind the wheel.  Use the tips above to bridge the gap and make your insurance search an easy and enjoyable process.


Quick Access to your Free Auto Insurance Quote

Gaining a car insurance quote is never as easy as it should be. Insurance companies have deliberately made it such. The matter gets more complicated if you have a few bumps in your record - such as Driving Under Intoxication (DUI). Apart from the immediate repercussions, including the legal negotiation, this situation could also have an effect on your car insurance. Cost-saving, discount qualifications, premium rise, etc. are the things that will, sooner or later, cross your mind. Whatever the situation may be, here's a free quote tool to smoothen the road toward choosing the ideal policy.


A DUI usually heightens insurance rates. Furthermore, some companies choose not to entertain drivers who have a DUI on their record. Fortunately, this is not the case with all insurance companies. However, insurance rates are directly proportional to the risk factor, which will cause your insurance premium to be higher than before. Concealing your violation information is not an option, since the insurance company does a routine verification of your driving record through the DMV. For an existing insurance policy, the routine check takes place at the time of renewal. Companies that provide a free instant car insurance quote track the DMV's point system to allocate rates. Naturally, a DUI will result in added points against you.


The application process for a free instant car insurance quote entails questions about your driving record. These questions work as a prompter of what you should expect from your policy. The information that you provide will, of course, be verified before your policy is issued. Thus, withholding information is meaningless. An insurance agent's job is not to judge you, but only to issue you a policy that is appropriate for your situation. Therefore, it is always prudent to provide accurate and complete information.


Having a DUI on one's record is definitely not something to boast about, but it doesn't even mean the end of one's driving career. Until you can re-establish a good driving record, you will have to succumb to specific DUI free instant car insurance quote. Over time, this will revert to normal and your premium costs will begin to move downward. Hopefully, the bump will smoothen out in a short period, bringing you back to a normal insurance policy.


Clues on procuring a free car insurance quote

The internet, on the most part, has made life much easier for all of us. The same holds true for attaining an instant car insurance quote. Without the run around and numerous phone calls, vehicle owners can access plenty of offerings in a matter of minutes.

Getting an instant car insurance quote is now at your fingertips. All it takes is to go online, while at home or work. With the increase in vehicles on the road, the auto insurance market has also boomed. To gain a competitive edge, insurance companies are constantly improvising on their insurance offerings.

Car insurance in the UK is not a matter of choice. It is a legal requirement if an individual is using a vehicle. Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK. The result of not procuring auto insurance could be a heavy fine, or much worse, even a driving ban. To make matters worse, in case of an accident, the entire cost then falls upon the vehicle owner. So even though auto insurance can be deemed expensive, it is a security against risk factors that could save you a lot of money.

Hence, the next consideration would obviously go out to the means by which one can access a a cheap instant car insurance quote in the UK. To cut premium costs, here's what you need to consider. Firstly, the make and model of your car requires careful thought. If you own a high spec vehicle, you should be on the look-out for an insurance company that will not put up reservations for the same.

Next in line comes the quantity of time that you spend driving your vehicle. The more time spent, the higher the risk, and therefore, the higher the premium cost. Finally, the security elements embedded in your car go a long way. An alarm system, secure parking spot, etc. have a considerable effect on reducing costs.


Introduction to Teen Driver Insurance

Attaining a driver's license is always a reason to celebrate for 17 year olds. The celebration usually tends to end when the premium rate for acquiring auto insurance come into the equation. No matter how basic the policy, the premium cost can be sky rocketing for new drivers, grabbing a huge chunk of your monthly income.

The reason for this is attributed to the high risk factor of new/ young drivers. Statistics enhance this belief as they point toward a higher probability for inexperienced drivers to have an accident as compared to the experienced ones. This simply means that if you can manage to keep a clean driving record, a cost-saving policy is not a distant hope. This does not mean that there is no current fix to reducing premium costs. A few tips might help for the same.

Unfortunately, gender equality has no room in auto insurance. Male teenage drivers have to pay about 50% more than female teenage drivers. Statistics and history has shown that the probability of reckless driving exists in teenage boys more than girls. Unfortunately, this is one of the few situations where no relief can be provided. Male drivers just have to make peace with the fact that they will be paying higher premiums than women drivers, throughout their driving career.


Car Insurance for 17 to 21 Years Old


New drivers are faced with many a tough situations. Getting the most affordable auto insurance that is also best-suited to their individual needs is a significant decision. To expedite to process of driving, young drivers tend to make this decision in a hurry. Assuming that vehicle owners have various costs to worry about - such as car finance loans, road taxes, daily petrol consumption, parking fees, etc. - a prudent auto insurance policy can go a long way in accumulating savings.


Being a first-time driver does not automatically equate to paying exorbitant premiums. While paying a vehicle purchase, keep in mind the insurance premium costs that it would entail. Expensive cars - such as a Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, etc. - mean expensive coverage rates added to your higher than normal new drivers car insurance. While choosing a sports car, remember that your coverage rates are going to be the costliest on the list.


On the other hand, buying a cheap or older car doesn't simply solve the problem. If the car is old or a classic model, sourcing the parts of these cars is difficult, making repairs expensive. Again, you're back in the same loop hole of expensive classic car insurance. In UK, a list of car models, labeled by the Association of British Insurers from cheapest to most expensive to insure, is available.


High Deductible Car Insurance for Teenagers Under 21

While shopping for a cheap car and a cheap insurance policy for new drivers, keep in mind that you can also raise your policy excess or deductibles. A hypothetical example of this would be as follows: Considering the market value of the vehicle in question is about $1200, and your car insurance has a deductible of $1000, you can get up to 40% off the usual premiums on a policy with $200 deductible. The advantage of the deductible almost equal to the car's market value, in the case of an accident, you can simply get rid of the vehicle if repairs are beyond economic benefits.


More importantly, if our policy deductible is $1000, your insurer will not shell out any money for repairs lower than that. Thus, you need to ensure that minor repairs of your car are affordable by you. Having established that you should not make a claim in this context, in the event that you do make one, the teen car insurance rates on your next policy renewal will increase. This will tumble any built-up no-claim bonus, requiring you to start from the bottom.


Car insurance should not be looked upon as a hindrance or additional expense that increases hindrances toward driving. Rather, it should be looked upon as a way of financially securing risks in the future. Even if we don't consider the legal requirements of auto insurance, one must keep in mind that the vehicle owner needs to be responsible for third parties that could be affected during the course of driving.

Cost-efficient auto insurance for new drivers can substantially help in relieving young drivers from this burden.


Renters Insurance Advantages


A general online search can provide you with a renter's insurance online quote. To make sure that the quotes you receive are as closely accurate as possible, fill out the form with careful consideration. The quote is determined on the basis of the required coverage and any endorsements that you may wish to add. It is important, therefore, to exercise prudence while filling in the application.

Renters insurance is generally suitable for tenants of an apartment complex, condo or free standing home. In as little as $10 a month, you can insure yourself against fire, water damage or loss due to theft. This meager cost is probably less than one would spend on a night out and can go a long way in saving you from the stress of damage. Companies - such as Progressive, Geico, Allstate and State Farm - offer an instant online quote upon providing the required information.

The options of purchase are many; you can buy the coverage online, over the phone or at a local insurance agent like AAA, Assurant or AGI. Your policy's monthly rates will depend on the company's offering and their content and liability limit. Purchasing more than one insurance policy with the same company can make you eligible for varied discounts.

A very beneficial insurance offering, provided by most insurance companies, is the involuntary unemployment insurance. This policy covers the monthly rent up, to $1000, of your residence for as long as six months in the event of an involuntary job loss. Even though it raises the cost of your monthly premium slightly, the advantage of buying this coverage is the security of knowing that you won't lose your home even if you lose your job.

While you're shopping for renter's liability and content insurance, check out the numerous online companies that offer policy protection. You can not only get an instant quote upon filling out the application, but also buy your insurance right on the web. The loss and damage protection can also be extended to expensive items - such as furs, jewelry, computer equipment and antique cars. This is the one policy that you can never regret purchasing.


'Women Only' - Car Insurance

Cheaper auto policies for women, no policies for reckless men drivers - This is the motto of 'women only' car insurance companies - such as Sheila's Wheels and Diamond Car Insurance. The premiums are more affordable due to the reduced accidents and damage claims.

The policies offer special benefits- such as no-claims discount of up to 75%, 24 hours friendly counseling hotlines and fast repair support - are tailored to lady drivers' needs. These privileges are impossible for men to achieve throughout the auto insurance industry worldwide. If you have remained a woman's car insurance policy holder for 5 consecutive years and made no accident claims, you can get 70% off your female car insurance quote. The remainder 5% comes upon remaining claim free. Other benefits include - free car rental for when your own car is under repair and maintenance at the workshop and reimbursements up to $300 for your handbag, and $200 for the stolen or damaged contents.

If you are one of the many female drivers who fear safety or car break down while driving, opt for the Green Flag breakdown cover. This will provide instant repairs by towing your car to the nearest workshop. Another optional policy is the motoring legal protection, which covers the cost of recovering damages from accidents caused by other drivers.

Quick and easily accessible free quotes on women's car insurance are available online, avoiding a trip down to the branch office. Additionally, you can compare the various policies to choose the one most beneficial to you and also skip the commission of an insurance agent.


Affordable Car Insurance for Women

Advertised discounts, on the female can insurance quotes, provide you with a discount on the basis of whether you have procured an anti car theft alarm or assistive parking sensors. However, to be eligible for this discount, you need to make sure that these are done through their endorsed models. A different make may not allow you the same discount. Additionally, you need to make certain that you have the appropriate insurance policy as some policies do not cover car theft. For instance, liability car insurance does not cover car theft, and thus no discounts apply, even if the best security alarm is installed in your vehicle.

Another means to reduce the rates of your monthly premiums is by attending a defensive driving course, approved by your insurance company. The mere expense of the lesson fees will then provide you with a much lower rate and risk. Keep an eye out for cheaper rate with insurance companies other than your existing provider. It must be kept in mind, however, that if you are under any package discounts by purchasing different types of insurance - such as home protection, term life and auto plans etc. - you may jeopardize the discount if you stop any one of them.