Central issues in Human Resource Management

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As we have already discussed, the company has had a major part to play in improving the general scenario on the human resources aspect in the region. The conference organised the Etisalat Academy annually, the aforementioned Human Resources Conference and Expo is a major eye turner in the field of human resource management. It has garnered international respect for the company and the level and output of the conference grows every year. The methods applied by the company to enhance its position in the human resources department are commendable. The company recently tied up with database management leaders Oracle to help manage its human resources data. It has used oracle's reputed HRMS (human resource management system) to record data pertaining to all its employees across the region, replacing its inbuilt Ingres platform which it had been using for the previous 15 years. The many benefits of the solution include better management of labour costs and administrative overheads. It has also helped manage labour risks of absenteeism and fatigue due to overload. The newly employed system also has self service processes for people of the company. The system also has many other options, one of them being customisation through regional or local language backing or specific and particular in-house projects. The incorporation of such user friendly technology has only added to the convenience of the employees of the company and eased the workload on the Human Resource Management team by providing it hands on information for speedy formulation and processing of policies. (Arabian business official website)

Another major aspect of Etisalat's contribution to human resource development in the region has been the establishment of various youth related ventures and programs. The government has been stressing upon the need to spread more awareness amongst the youth on topics related to ethical business models and human resource improvement and management. The company has, in sync with the government, established universities and learning centres of state of the art infrastructure, facilities and education. The Etisalat academy has been monumental in providing up to 500,000 E-SKILLS360 COURSES to the people of the Middle East in countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates and North African countries of Egypt, Sudan. Etisalat Academy collaborated with the The International Commission on Workforce Development (ICWFD) to provide these courses. The ICWFD is responsible for recommending policies and ideas or strategies to empower workforces of the G77 developing nations to take on the world outdo or at least equal economies of developed nations. This was a great achievement for both the Etisalat Academy and the ICWFD as it helped reach out to an unusually high number of interested candidates. (ICWFD official website)

The Etisalat Academy's eCompetency program, aimed at developing leaders for the coming ages, has also tied up with Oman Mobile to train and assess the development of 50 young department heads and managers of Oman Mobile. The Competency Centre at the Etisalat Academy has turned into one of the main centres to assess and develop human potential in both, private as well as public, organizations. Its strategic methods have proved mutually rewarding by organizing the most suitable hierarchy and structure in a company after a sequence of assessment tests are taken by the aimed-at staff. The results, when put in practice, will assign the right person for the right job, thus, increasing performance and throughput. The Academy has been very successful in setting the standard professionalism in the region in line with international best practices. (AMEInfo official website)

Evaluation of Human Resource Management practices conceptualization:

The company has been instrumental in bringing in previously unheard of techniques of management of their human resources. The company has engaged the youth in learning programmes and training schedules all over the region and throughout the year. The Etisalat Academy was set up with the sole motive of quality education in telecommunication and information technologies, leadership, management, human resources, quality, accounting and finance. Through the Academy, the company has been able to shape tomorrow's leadership strategies. The Academy has been a visionary induction into the education system of UAE, the vision statement of the Academy stating that it will give to turning into one of the most comprehensive training institute in the Middle East. Its methodology is that which is followed by almost all successful ventures of the world. They are of supreme efficiency, unparalleled teamwork, continuous learning and constant innovation. The Academy, a temple of learning, king-like lodging and calm, quiet and soothing natural beauty is spread over an area of one million square feet, containing three residences, a sports complex, upward of sixty training and conference rooms, conference halls, and much more. (Etisalat Academy official website)

The Human Resources Development Center is another important part of the Etisalat empire that is directly associated with the research and development of the human resources available to the company and the region. Its major function is to produce strategies and regulations that will ease the workload on employees while ensuring supreme efficiency and no compromise on quality output. The Center is burdened with research assignments to improve the human resources scenario in the region.

The company's inculcation of user friendly and highly efficient technological methods has made human resource management much easier for the same. Using oracle's assistance with its HRMS has proved a hugely beneficial alliance for Etisalat, whereby it now has all data on all employees on hand. This allows the company to make decisions regarding human resource management in a much quicker and more efficient methodology. The company's foray into other regions like North Africa and many countries within the Middle East has given it a platform to reach out to a humongous number of people in need of guidance. The platform has allowed the company to carry out training programmes in a number of nationalities, and the masses have responded emphatically. For a telecom company, the human resource management concepts introduced by the company are one of the basic reasons it has turned out to be one of the most successful and most welcomed companies in the Gulf region.

The evaluation of HRM practices implications on the UAE economy and society:

The economy of the Emirates has grown tremendously in the last few years. The country has become a haven for all investors, whether it is national or foreign. Etisalat was previously a public enterprise, until 1976, when it got partially privatised. The relations between Etisalat and the government of the UAE have only grown stronger. The government has facilitated the opening of a second Etisalat Academy. Also, the returns of the company to the society have been immense. Apart from providing the best mobile services in the region, the company is also deeply rooted in the corporate social responsibility drive. The company has taken upon itself to look after the training of nationals. The company has entered into alliance with organizations all around the gulf, with many national governments of the Middle East and North Africa to provide quality solutions and strategies to solve human resources related issues. The Academy also trains their people to arm them with state of the art techniques and methods to arm them with enough information to help in resurrecting broken or developing infant economies. The fact that Etisalat is highly reputed also adds to the prestige of the UAE. Foreign investors see the company's success and are attracted towards the Gulf nation. The Academy organizes summer schools for children, training series for the youth. Hence, the company has been a boon for the people and the economy of the UAE.


The neutral man may think that Etisalat's success is because of the huge funds and support it has had from the UAE. However, the initial push apart, the company has worked up its way to becoming a leading mobile services subscriber in a world where numerous such companies exist. The fact that Etisalat has climbed up to 13th in the most successful mobile network companies from being set up in a country where technology arrived later than it did in the west, speaks volumes for itself. The company's success can be majorly attributed to the fact that the company has taken efforts to consolidate itself in the hearts of the people through various ways. The company has always worked with one eye on the future. The company realised that its strength could be its way of managing available resources. The company has taken all measures to update itself with the ways of the technologically advancing world. It has, at points and patches, created an example of getting the best out of what is available. With able professionals and unending innovations in its ways of handling them, the company has been able to serve the Gulf region as well as any other company may have, or may have even bettered all previous counts of professional success in the region. The company is now foraying into the Indian Subcontinent with its mobile services. If the company is able to keep its employees and shareholders happy, there is no reason why it cannot compete against the stalwarts in the telecom business. And judging by the past records of the company's handling of human resources, that seems much possible.