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Transdev is one of the largest public transportation companies in Europe, a reputation for providing the highest quality standards, which means local public transport. Transdev is active in the provision of all public transport and management of major projects for the development of passenger services, and operation of networks. Each year, two billion passengers travel Transdev is tram, metro and train, and the demand for transport, bus network.

Transdev UK Division of a large group of passengers and the company employs more than 1800 staff who is more than 70 million passengers per year for passenger transport, trams and private hire. Has been the most successful organization focus on a specific product or service listing, however it means sacrificing some sales of additional services or loss of customers

UK operation includes:

Transdev London Nottingham Tram

Transdev Blaze field Group Green Tomato Cars

Transdev is one of the largest public transportation companies, and specializes in high-quality inter-city, urban and regional passenger transport. And the public transport network builder, designer and operator Transdev most important goal is to develop mobile solutions that serve all passengers.

Global Expertise

North and West Yorkshire and Lancashire, Transdev owns Blazefield Group, which provides high-quality bus services through six branches. Nottingham, Transdev partner to contribute to the City Council, Nottingham City Transport (jokes). As part of the arrow, the concessionaire company that designed and built Nottingham Rapid Transit, Transdev operates this tram system in collaboration with the NCT.

A Shared Vision

For Transdev, a successful policy depends on the mobility of a common vision, shared by the local transport and the carrier. This is why people who work with Transdev is a long time to develop partnerships built on trust.


"Good information management has been described as getting the right information to the right person in the right format at the right time".

"Can help information now being delivered to the right people at the right time, thus allowing for informed decisions may make the rare decision to rely on current information, but instead of taking important decisions on the basis of previous results and our experiences, and appropriate technology to collect the necessary data automatically, Can be found on the latest information can be accessed when needed".

This is the information quality of IT about which Zuboff (1988) writes so eloquently".

According to Robert D.Galliers Dorothy E. Leigner (2003)

"Linked to strategic information management system to develop innovative ways to increase commercial activity and corporate profits. Using IS / IT for competitive advantage is a challenge as they try to increase income, instead of just trying to cut costs, reduce business costs in an attempt to improve the efficiency of organization".


Using information of PEST analysis for Transdev

"Pest analysis techniques, and identify a list of political and legal factors, economic, social, cultural, technological, and the most important environmental organizations in the world this time. Because you need to consider pest control Unilever globally, because it is a multinational company".

The political arena has a large influence depends on the legal regulation of companies and the purchasing power of consumers and other businesses. You should consider issues such as:

Political-legal Factors

How stable is the political environment?

Laws that may affect the government's policy governing the taxes or your business?

What is the government's position on the ethics of marketing?

What is the government's policy on the economy?

Is the government, culture and religion?

Is the government participation in trade agreements?

Economic Factors

"Marketers need to consider the commercial economy in the sense in the short term and long-term. This is especially true in the field of planning and international marketing". You need to look at:

Interest rates.

The level of inflation Employment level per capita.

Long-term outlook for the economy, such as loss

Socio-cultural Factors

Social and cultural influences on business vary from one country to another. It is very important that these factors into account. Factors are as follows:

What is the predominant religion?

What are the attitudes towards foreign products and services?

Is the language affects the distribution of products in the market?

How much time consumers have for entertainment?

What are the roles between men and women in society?

How many people and are the older generations wealthy?

Population does not have a strong / weak opinion on green issues?

Technological Factors

Technology is an important competitive advantage and a key factor in globalization. Consider the following points:

Is a technology that allows products and services at lower cost and provide the best level of quality?

Technologies can provide consumers and businesses more innovative products and services, such as banking services over the Internet, mobile phones and the new generation, etc.?

How to change the distribution of new technologies such as books, online flight tickets, auctions, etc.?

No companies offer technology and a new way to connect with customers?

View detailed dictionary

View detailed dictionary

View detailed dictionary

View detailed dictionary

Value chain Analysis

Related value added services that make inputs into outputs, which in turn will add to the bottom line, and create a competitive advantage activity. Value chain typically consists of

The incoming supply or distribution, and manufacturing activities

The logistics or distribution

Sales and Marketing, and

After-sales service.

And supports such activities carried out by

The purchase or acquisition

Research and development

Human resources development

commercial infrastructure

IS/IT Strategy Development

"How is yours IS / IT strategy for your business is not important in these difficult times, and many of the organizations seeking new strategies that promise to provide better alignment of business, increase productivity and improve competitive advantage, agility, and ideally at a lower price".

"Transdav is having extensive knowledge of the senior management level, and help to develop a strategy for our IT, whatever way that suits your organization best. How is yours IS / IT strategy for your business is not important in these difficult times, and many of the organizations seeking new strategies that promise to provide better alignment of business, increase productivity and improve competitive advantage, agility, and ideally at a lower price".

"We have extensive knowledge of the senior management level, and help you develop a strategy for your IT, whatever way that suits your organization best. Our advice is always an expert, independent and impartial (not relevant and we are on any of the seller, and depends on the collective experience and views of members of the National Advisory Council and the business community for information technology decision-makers2.


IS / IT Strategy in HR

"In every organization the both IT and IS are playing very important role in their own areas, especially in Transdev which the senior management is very responsible in their decision making to the best for the organization, as HR its own very playing very power role in the organization by using the skill of IT and which are provided by the company and MIS itself provide best software to HR. The main function which is controlled by HR is Payroll system and requirement of the employees all these function are not easy without the using of IS /IT support".

Analysing Policies and Decision Making

"To take a decision is not easy task for senior management it involve all the team to make it success and long term however Strategic decision are always prepared by corporate level senior management and then implemented by the middle management and after that operational level will make it in practically by following functions".

To make sure how an organization can influence the strategic decision making.

There are some points to make effective decision making like:

Environmental Analysis

SWOT analysis

Strategic Implementation

Environmental Analysis

Internal Factors

To find an internal environmental analysis HR is follow the Porter's five forces which are:

Porter's Five Forces of Competitive Position

New Market Entrants, eg:

entry ease/barriers

geographical factors

incumbents resistance

new entrant strategy

routes to market

Buyer Power, eg:

buyer choice

buyers size/number

change cost/frequency

product/service importance

volumes, JIT scheduling

Competitive Rivalry, eg:

number and size of firms

industry size and trends

fixed v variable cost bases

product/service ranges

differentiation, strategy

Supplier Power, eg:

brand reputation

geographical coverage

product/service level quality

relationships with customers

bidding processes/capabilities

Product and Technology Development, eg:

alternatives price/quality

market distribution changes

fashion and trends

legislative effects

"As Transdev is very big organization in the transport industry, but it's a fact when you are on the top list there are so many enemies to drop you down, so take an environmental analysis there are a specific department which are working to get the latest and current news surrounds in the market, its help to protect the weakness of the organization and what are the demand of customers what they want and what is possible for us to do in this regard. This department makes the reports for coming changes in the policies just because of changes in political and governmental laws and rules which effect on business such as change in VAT or increase in inflation rate etc. there are so many other factors which are directly affected to the business which any organization always beware of that to save the organization ant future strategic planes. It is not only that to check the external environment for the organization but as well as to prevent what are the internal environment of the company what are the new rate list after inflation rate is increase what make your policies and product life better and longer and also what are the changes to make in favour of employees".

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is also very important for every organization to know what are the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of the organization.

"The SWOT Analysis Using Your Strength to Overcome Weaknesses, Using Opportunities to Overcome Threats".


"May be a force for the organization, and Transdev are always better than others and take advantage of that, what we have and what resources are unique and to preserve its reputation as the share of public sector and the environment. It is essential that the staff of the Organization must be loyal, friendly, cooperative and supportive, and Transdev force is the main reason they are sometimes the organization and staff training and development plan that will help to refine the skills of workers to cope with large organization to make it up to the level of success".


"Transdev is very cautious and do not take twice the face value, and purified of the main reasons. There are several reasons that may increase the vulnerability of these organizations if the organization monitors the lake in new plans and packages, and when it does not offer the lowest price or better. Another reason of the weakness is employees who are not proper trained in their job areas which are also a big threat for organization".


"For the advantages and opportunities that Transdev to take action aimed at environmental and demographic factors that affect the performance of the organization. To consider these options and get the latest techniques, and record Transdev always captured the market. Is also affected by whether the government had changed in many cases".


"Threats are against it, and there are some great opportunities in this area, which is taken care of as if the organization goes to a higher level of unemployment is high and the risks to the organization if the organization could become the worst environment, it may be the biggest management problems".

Critically evaluate your chosen effectiveness of the organisation.

"HR knows what can help improve organizational efficiency, and increase the overall performance of the work. HR can work with the team to help organization to clarify the aspirations for organization that can identify what hinders the organization to achieve it, and what changes are needed to help you achieve better business performance".

"Design and manage a new network in the middle of senior executives to meet their needs for leadership development, through the influence of low morale and confidence, and break the isolation and the sharing of knowledge. HR is always welcome the efforts in providing new ideas, humane and radical than managers a lot to do as leaders and decisions and the correct way to run the creative organisation".

"A new classification of workers and deal because of redundancy in the time of the change in market conditions and to maintain investment in key groups of staff development programs has allowed believing that the organization, what he says is trying to be the employer favour".

"More responsive to customers and stakeholders through focus groups passing through the involvement of staff and the implementation of their ideas to improve the Organization, as well as the development of senior leadership team. HR have played the role of the facilitation team be allowed to take a step back and look at themselves seriously, when we were in dire need has provided you with a framework for change management on each of the individuals and teams have felt able to contribute without feeling defensive or threatened".

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Area of Improvement

"Good marketing technique is part of the company that is important to its success. In fact, the skills to properly market the product or service is actually more essential than the product itself. Even with a decline in output is a financial success if marketed correctly".

"Every Organization needs some improvement and every Organization has some weak areas or weakness in the function, the main thing is that how we can evaluate the problem and how can we resolve the issues in order to follow the law and order. As we rectified in Transdev that its need some improvement in their marketing strategies, the marketing strategies of Transdev is not up to the level of modern style and they are not taken so much interest in marketing, this is very important to make the back bone very strong because only the marketing is moves any organization in to first position, Transdev is very old company that also the reason because there are mostly the senior management peoples like CEO, Directors are old and they don't bother if the marketing area is weak, however in other way Transdev really doesn't need a strong marketing as everybody knows very well and travelling with Transdev by very long time, the people are happy that why organization is quit to do more marketing. The threat is that there are so many new transportation companies are coming day by day and they are spending a millions of money on promotions and marketing to become a success, that's why in this condition Transdev need to improve their marketing planning as prepare a long term strategic plan".

Here are some techniques to improve the area of Improvement which is weak:

Get close to the customer.

"In the market today, and approaching the means to treat customers and in some different cases, and even suppliers, if they really your strategic partner, and you really care about them and their staff. It is important to try to fill them with appropriate products and services, with the support of the promotion of the right and available at the right time and place".

Work smarter

"The most perfect marketing strategy or promotion is not necessarily to do high cost complex marketing efforts. Specific companies from the starting stage companies to industrial giants are to get the best results by focusing on simplification".

Take advantage of advancements in technology

"Increasingly companies are creating web sites on the Internet and learn how to use marketing tool via the Internet. Internet has excess even small companies to reach a more vast market, and provide details and information related to the company and meet the needs of our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week".

Take care of existing clients, while getting new ones

"Although small companies need to increase and create new customers, importance must be to continue to satisfy existing customer. Organizations that are unable to feed their customer base unfortunately failed. Unlimited you have the ability to attract new customers, and impossible at the end of the day, if you cannot hold, and the joy of your existing customers and clients. Twice the cost to get new customers not to maintain their customer base. Keep in mind that one of the main components of the marketing and economic growth, increasing business with existing customers and clients".

Marketing is as much about perception as it is about reality

"Marketing is the technique and science of animation and the work at the forefront of your prospect which is in your mind. Ensure observance of the product, or customer service from the quality of treatment".

Remain focused on your core services

"The most successful organization focus on a specific product or service listing; however it means sacrificing some sales of additional services or loss of customers".


In a very short and realistic word we can say that any organization which runs with all functions is not possible to grow without the support of Management Information System which includes all the daily activities including management support system and IS/IT. Its start from the top level to bottom and each and every single is using his facilities to make sure his job duties are full fill. In this Assignment we learn that for making strategic decision and planning, how these activities become at their end and what are the analysis we have to do in this regard, and after that we can get the result of critical results and evaluate the miss sort things of the organization. With the help of SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis and Porters Five Forces we can get the best result in our organization and I think if any organization using these tools they may never get any kind of major bad results and mishaps. Not only that using these tools we also might have to work like a team with every department of the company because every department has their own importance and we cannot ignore any department. And if there is any department which facing any kind of problems or difficulties to perform their best, it's the responsibility of the company to resolve their issues.