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Whole food market is a biggest organic and natural food retailer in the world. The company was found in 1980 in Austin, Texas, USA, with 19 people of staff. Slowly and gradually company successes in their sell and they start new stores in USA. Now a day's company have 270 stores in all over the world. Also success of USA company start their business in outside of USA they start their store in 2002 in Canada. And in 2004 they entered in UK. Also company currently opening new store in 2011 around 10 stores in world wide. Also company have their owned department like product, customer relation, suppliers and human resource, every store have their own human resource who are doing overall company's objective. The company was well known for its team base operation and employee -oriented work culture.

The work culture of whole food market was cantered on the company's grassroots level management. This helped it operations to meet the requirement of the local communities. Also whole food market will hire people who are believed in company's core value. Company's human resource believes our employees are our most valuable resource and will do everything in our power to ensure they are motivated and successful. Company's mission is to hire the best people for company. And provide a great work environment to give them best chance to success and develop their ability as team member in various part of company. Whole food market demand quality in every area while bringing delight to our employee, communities, stockholders and customers.

Task 1. Human resource management:

Whole food market is a mission driven company that aim is to set the standard of quality food retailer. Their mission is broken in three part, whole planet, whole people, and whole food. Company deliver highest quality, least process, most testy, and natural food. Whole food markets recruit the best people to be part of team, and look for people who love food. Also they are helping all around worlds and support organic farming and sustainable agriculture. Whole food market recruit people a decentralized, self- directed team culture where employee are confident and empowered to let their individual style show. The company also create environment where employee open compassionate and frequent communication is encouraged. Also people have respectful workplace, where employee are treated fairly and motivated for success. Also company provide training and development programs. Below three human resource functions are useful to achieve by effective management of human resource. (, A.)


A whole food market provides each and every employee training and guidance for their roll of the company and provides company's full history and structure.

Company provide full training for new starter and guide them.

When company recruit people they make sure people who are Joining Company have idea and interest in company's food product and company's core value.

Whole food market provide every guidance to their team member and show the path of Carrere, so team member try to prove their own ability and achieve their own goal.


Whole food market is recruiting people from various styles. They recruit people from university, in store application, external labour market, etc.

So whole food market provide all advice about company's objective, core value.

Also employee need advice to done their job, company provide them experience people who will advice them and done their jobs.

Also whole food markets recruit people who have some of skills which will show in their application forms.

As above point will discuss when they take any of their recruitment style and provide advice of company's objective to their new team members.


Whole food market recruit people via internal and external, also company have career path so if company no need more employee in each store then they try to move their highly trusted employee to their own store in same regional or states.

Redundancy need some time to do the firm needs fever of the same type of employee to do the work,

Also they ask for volunteers work and make some policy for redundancy.

This all are use for company's objective and they also help in selection area as well. Also some time use for human resource to maintain their budgets and redeployment policy, training and development and expenses.

All above objective will match in whole food market and try their employee to join their team and achieve their goal. Also whole food market has their own policy to recruitment process, training and development and rewards & benefits.

Recruitment policy:

Whole food market has their own recruitment policy, when company need people they show on their jobs in stores, websites, and also recommended by team member. Also company is an equal opportunity employer and prides itself on its diverse, multi-culture team members. Recruiting and selecting the right people to work in whole food market who are not only qualified to do the tasks need them but also who fit in with value, culture, and environment that whole food market dedicates itself to. It is really important because their employees are a fundamental part of brand image that is important to their company.

Training and development:

Training and development at company is necessary to develop competent individuals to work in whole food market. Once new employee start the job they have limited knowledge about company and what they is expected of them so it is important that training and development process transform a person and what company want. Whole food market has quite an array of training and development programs to ensure a well balance workforce.

Currently whole food market have training available for new starter, where team member learn company's core value, structure, culture, team culture, benefits. And then they get tour of the store where they receive basic information of each department and meet their co-workers. After that they get specific department training where they learn their core responsibilities. Product knowledge training is given when product use/ preparation, tastes are thought. Also company trains all employees in customer's services, and how they important to us. Also they get training about organic food," green mission' training, recycle process which are most important thing for company's mission ( The safety training, employment- related training which help to prevent workplace harassment, increase diversity in the work place and more team skills. Also provide computer training. Buyer/ specialist train on - off site are training, leadership training.

Whole food market also offers a special program which is known as whole food market University (WFM-U) where they gate certificate for training (whole food So whole food market will provide their new employees lots of training and developments where they make their own path in company have and make their path in future.

Rewards and benefits:

Rewards and benefits are most important issue in human resource management. Because it is important for employees to receive cash compensation, it is also important for employers to offer non-wage goods to its employees, company can offer benefits to target employees needs while still promoting the organisation objectives, and effective administering the benefits program (Bohlander 471).

Whole food market design programs to match multiple needs for every individual. They gave chance to vote every three years to help determine the benefits package that the company offered. Also company letting employees participate in benefits program, the company can make sure that is stiffing their needs and wants they expect (Bohlander 472).whole food market is continuously modify and monitor its benefits package keeping effective.

Whole food market continues gave chance their employee and customers to give new idea where they can do more effective management. Company's human resource always looking that their company's objective will maintain by their team members. To achieve this objective company provide every time training to employees and gave new ideas of new product and core values. Also company provide classroom training where employees learn organic product benefits, use and important of products.

- Human resource management models:

The Harvard model:

"The Harvard frame work is based on the belief that the problem of historical can be solved. Like in company when managers develop the view point of how they wish to see their employees involved and developed by the enterprise, and HRM police and development how they get it. It all done by managers and HRM is remains to set of independent activities, each guided by own tradition ''(Michael Armstrong 7).

Human resource is managed their own decision and action that effect the organisation nature and employees. The Harvard model is considerable control of theory and poetical HRM also in human resource consider management in general rather than in particular (Michael Armstrong 8).

Whole food market is refer this model because the human resource is working in centralise and pass their massage to managers and then they pass to tem members. So it is use like a chain which is followed by head of the HRM.

The soft and hard approach model:

The most and useful model of human resource management are hard and soft version. These are based on opposite views of human nature and managerial control strategies. Soft model is based on control through of theories and hard model is based on philosophy of tight strategic control. Both are not properly being incorporated within a single modal of human resource management. There are lots of cases studies carried out, involving questionnaires, interviews and all and find out whether company were practise either form of HRM. There are no example of either found. The reality experienced by employees is more important with strategic control, with the hard model. This division between method and reality needs to be taken into account in conceptualizations of human resource management.

Task 2: HR Planning and Development:

In an organisation the human resource activates consist of many choice aimed at attracting and engrossing a proper workforce. Some of the actions related to human resource activities are demonstrate below.

Recruitment Selection:

In an organization it refers to the highlighting of the place on the recruitment and transmission of potential employees. When company point out on a specific approach to recruitment and selection depending on the recruitment of the company, it is likely that it will run hardly risks of selecting poor performance. To take out employees there are many methods available, the latest being Is the internet. (M. Armstrong. 1928).

Whole food market needs people across the wide range of both store -base and non- store jobs. In store they need people who work in various type of work like check outs, bakers, customer assistance, and many more. Whole food market ensures that they deployed right people at the right job and right time. Whole food market looks at internal talent and fills the gap. This is a process that lists current employees looking to move, either at the same level or on the new job title. Also they promote the staff as well. If they are not able to find talent in store then they put vacancy in store notice broad and also in company's website as well. For external recruitment whole food market advertising vacancy throughout the website Or through vacancy board in store or distribute application form. The successes full applications are made telephone and call for personal interview. Now we see what interview system they take.

Interview system:

Once company decides to recruit people in store they take application. Company is responsible for doing an initial review to determine which applications are qualified. Then qualified applications are called in to go through an initial screening process. Applications are generally review by store leadership or by human resource person through a preliminary interview. Employees will be screened for job match, customer service orientation, qualification and skills. Once it finished application may be referred to the appropriate department, who may decide to grant them a full interview (''

The full interview may be either one- on - one or group interviews depend on the important of the position (leadership position may will take group interview). Once they finished interview they offer job are contingent on a background check, paper work, social security verification. Once company decided to hire a new employee are in orientation period lasting 30- 90 days depend on the position. After the promotion time is finished the new starter must be approved by the team leader ad 2 or 3 vote of all of other team members (

Compensation structure and benefits:

In human resource compensation is a major element; it Is the material reward employees get for the service they provide and what enable them to maintain their live hold. The management are allocate compensation sends a message to the employees about what type of activates are expectant and what the company core value. That's why a strategic compensation program is important to give motivation to employees and labor cost manageable (Bohlander 396).

Compensation structure: whole food market's compensations structure is based on the pay grades using a job evaluation approach. The benefits of this system are that it is more objective and subjectively assigning wages helping to establish internal justice. In whole food market there are levels are made up of tem member , team leaders, department team leaders, store support , associate store team leader, store team leader. In this system jobs are deferent group in to the grades where they all the jobs within a exacting class are paid at the same rate (Bohlander 415). Whole food market team members working in the different departments they will be paid at the same rate.

Evolution and effectiveness:

Whole food market is company who depended everything from financial performance to hoe well the employees thinks the company is upholding its value. While the current recruitment system of whole food market show like they serve the need of their company. There are lots of ways where company can check for relatively easily to ensure their resources are used wisely. First they could note how the number and quality of applicants varies across application type. There are three ways to apply website, kiosk, and paper application. Second potential test would be to compare how effective one store's recruiting is to another. And lastly third potential evaluation is survey.

The present economic condition has lessened the important of expecting a lot of effort recruiting, because there are a lot of qualified people want a job due to the high unemployment rate. At the time like it is important to reduce a company cost and survive in the short- term. Also company can recruit student from college campus where they have internship and management trainee program to bring well educated youth.

Also another practice of whole food market con institute to increase the number of high qualified applicants who will referred by formal employee, where an employee will be get bonus it they refer an applicant and the applicant gets work. Also team member can referred friend or relative that gets job, they have an incentive to talk about the company in positive light and encourage people who are working others companies. If they success in this system then they can continue in hire college student because this could be easier to calculate the earlier cost per hire of the program, it will be just the amount of the encouragement payment to the employee. Also there are many reasons where employee leave the job for their various reason like batter option, high salary, etc. it is crucial stage to planning a exit interview in organization. Exit interview is a good opportunity to employee and employer if they handle usefully. Human resource managers to conduct and prepare for the exit interview and also document it for the better of the whole food market. (Mazzin R, JD Smith, 2004).

Task 3 - Performance:

Human resource management plan is crucial for evaluating performance among the group, individual, and company's levels. Whole food market can customize benefits and rewards to measure and encourage excellent performance. That's why improving a motivation can help employee wellness and efficiency. Whole food market can identify primary human needs and organization behavior can use benefits and pay policies to verify the basics of performance and motivation. Whole food must understand its motivation and recognition techniques in order to identify the needs and employees for most favorable performance. Also we can identify below point as well where whole food market need to give motivation.

Identify team member's needs.

Rewarding performance.

Continuing and monitoring improvement.

Measuring performance.

Whole food markets need to know above point to be monitor and give motivation to employees to improve their performance. Also company can meager their employees needs what they want and which way they can make their performance better every time. Also companies have to conform reward performance. Human resource should monitoring their company progress with their performance to achieve their best performance whole food market can motivate employees and reduce their cost.

Suggest ways to improvement:

To implementing an interactive employee's benefits system in whole food market can improve employee satisfaction and cut cost. Whole food market must have to monitoring continuously and make sure them satisfying their needs of the employees and the organization also administered effectively. To achieve effective management company can use employee satisfaction surveys, or hard, quantitative measures such as employee turnover. Operating stock budgets or stock performance. To implementing an effective performance management whole foods employee will improve the company's overall performance to understand employees individual needs and customizing rewards based on these needs, team members have to motivated to improve their performance in order to reach their benefits. Evaluating a success of performance management can be ongoing observation over time through co-workers and managerial surveys, interviews, change in sales and stock prices.

Whole food market can cut cost by further integrating employee involvement by setting up an interactive employee benefits by give permeation to team members to access their benefits package online. Internet benefits system gives workers to greater control and allows them to take responsibility for things like health plan. This program also benefits the company as well because it provides cost saving in administration cost.


Whole food market gets external and internal recruitment system and also monitoring continuously and make sure that satisfying the needs of employees and the company as well as they doing administrate effectively. Also company can affect by various models of work systems and experience from their all team members and co-workers. Human resource management and development is hart of the company's overall progress and company's business. So monitoring and evaluate is important for human resource. In additional whenever company need to gave employees training and guidance they have to motivate this performance and get best from employees, and get benefits for company.