Case Study of Vodafones use of High-Profile Sports Stars to Promote

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Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to managing the most valuable assets of an organization - the people working there who individually and collectively, to contribute to achieving business goals The terms "human resource management. "And" human resources (HR) have largely replaced the term "personnel management" as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations. In simple words, management human resources by hiring people, developing their capabilities, using, maintaining and compensating their services in line with the work and the requirement of the organization. Vodafone is the world's largest community of mobile communications, employing more than 65,000 employees and more than 130 million customers. The company operates in 26 countries worldwide. Vodafone is a company listed in London and New York stock exchanges. Worldwide recognition of the Vodafone brand is growing as the company launches its new market identity. However, retains the local names and images in markets where this is essential to maintain customer confidence. To help promote its image worldwide, Vodafone uses leading sports stars of the global high-profile sports, including David Beckham and Michael Schumacher. This case study focuses on how this type of promotion can help maintain a leading brand in the forefront of public consciousness. 


Manpower planning

Recruitment and selection of employees

Employee motivation

Employee evaluation:

Industrial relations

Provision of employee services

Employee education, training and development



Vodafone Human Resources Department is known as human capital within the Division of Vodafone. The philosophy of individual resources separation is simple - "generate enthusiasm, create a divergence." 

They strive to excite his community with an infatuation to have a say to the growth of Vodafone through their culture and environment that empower. To assume their responsibility towards these people with great seriousness and commitment as follows: 

1) aspirant to make a divergence in the partition, the company and surrounded by the group of people in which they live. 

2) Build a culture that instills a obsession for accomplishment and payment and instills self-importance for the corporation. 

3) Make Vodafone better and safer position for their community to work in. 

Embrace change and constant renewal and always available to his people. 


HCD division stands on four pillars:

1 - Operational Excellence 

Vodafone is struggling to meet the highest standards throughout their operations. Operational excellence means being more efficient and effective processes. This means make sure that their clientele get the best probable examine.

2 - People Excellence 

Vodafone strive to offer occasion to cultivate and be skilled at. Superiority means people have a construction that helps Vodafone range of high labor productivity and performance.

3 - Excellence in Culture 

Vodafone strive to provide challenging and rewarding environment in Culture in Excellence work means ensuring that employees see around culture is imbued with the vision and values that are exclusive to Vodafone.

4 - Social Excellence 

Vodafone struggle to give incredible back to civilization. Social fineness means to arrive at the community through agenda and events, make certain that those approximately us also take pleasure in a better typical of living. 


Vodafone has following main HR activities

1- Recruitment.

2- HR Operations

3- Organizational Development


Recruitment is responsible for personnel selection for all of Vodafone UK. workers assortment is the systematic assignment of persons into jobs throughout which submissions are weigh up against obtainable vacancies and charge as per applicants' skills and experience in fulfillment with TP assortment development as particular in the employment guiding principle.

Major processes comprise:

-harmonization with all subdivisions on sourcing and staffing of competent contender in agreement with the accepted hiring plan.

- Profession announcement (website and broadsheet).

- Showing, select of CVs, conducting interviews, appraisal middle and tests.

- Preservation of the TP Online submission organization

- Communication and reaction to all applicants from beginning to end the HC link. - Cooperation with employment agencies on sourcing suitable candidates.

- Organization with chosen universities for graduate assignment, internships and graduates system (including job fairs and Vodafone UK presentations).

HR Operations

PE Operations is responsible for nationwide human resource related operations activities. PE process efficiently contributes to the enlargement of the association and its entire component according to the company's move toward and plans.

Main processes include:

- Employment contracts.

- Continuation & modernize of worker folder & maintenance track of member of staff personal files and HR documents.

- Management of PE and payroll organization.

-Making and be relevant balanced strategy and system to produce a successful and competent work surroundings.

- PE intranet/info allocation and bring up to date.

- Organization of connect of staff vegetation measures.

- Coordinate with departments/divisions in the development of employee legalization, transport, acceptance, support, takings changes, arraign & enhancement psychiatric help, finishing proclamation, audit, etc.

Organizational Development

OD is accountable for put into practice the managerial expansion approach crossways the association, and to engross all squad or subdivision to make sure that the HCD hallucination is pour down to every level. Some of the focal summit area for OD is to:

Main processes include

- generate, demonstrate the way and care for a society within the association which is based on presentation, cooperation, and incessant learning.


In 1960, form two opposing present in person reserve organization: hypothesis X and hypothesis Y. They are bottom on fundamentally far removed from supposition.


Theory X is the classic approach of corporate distrust. People are lethargic by temperament and only follow their possess interests. That way there are two dissimilar and contradictory sets of wellbeing: those of the corporation and its personnel. Task management is to induce the appropriate behavior for workers to pursue actions to achieve the objectives of the company, not yours. If increasingly there was an incentive and a attach, which is the stick. Therefore there is a case of the existence of "counteractive" and "intimidation." It can be argued that this view does not accurately reflect human nature, but the nature of organizations: those instinctive extended ago, and one of the primary conjectures that were urbanized (they have become the traditional view) with high opinion to how to handle workforce was scientific management. These theories view people as resources in the same method that the equipment was also a reserve. People had to be billed permanent, recurring tasks (could add annoying and estrange). That was just a hundred years ago and still there is plenty of Taylorism in us. Certainly consistent with a lot of of our present financial hypothesis, at what time we say that populace like traders are always looking to maximize their perceived utility. That is the most likely assume that consumers will do. But there are motionless financial realities cannot be explained from that point of view. Regarding human resource running that many authors categorize this move toward as a classical approach, human resource management model drive or Michigan.


Model Y is the opposite approach. Instead of thinking of people as machines lazy deals with emotions, feelings and motivations. People really want, you can personal and work can be one way to do it. People like things done well make a difference. Managers, therefore, should be allowed to do so and keep motivation high. People do not hate work, are lazy and cannot be self-responsible. That kind of coercion is no longer required. 

Subsequent this hypothesis, recompense is still significant, but not wholly, achieved through currency, but also compensation implied many are critical. Persons can be imaginative and practical; the principles that the association must take care to make certain their commitment. 

This approach is called the Harvard model, human resource management or soft. 

Fortunately it works. Regrettably, not always work. Integrates theory and personal goals with those of the corporation, but can't always do. Here approach the quandary sandwiched between the two models. In fact neither fully represents reality, because people can behave in a dissimilar way both models are holding two essential and irreconcilable basic ideas: selfishness versus self-direction, confidence and trust, negative and positive.

In the in the interim, has never been shown that committed workers are more industrious than stringently prohibited.


Human Resource Supervision Approach

A number of of the very most significant features of the planned preparation are highlighted as under HR arrangement procedure:

Strategic development

The corporation does not use any arithmetical system or technique for the strength of mind of labor scarcity or surpluses. The corporation on the other hand, methods based on subjective judgments. The trial methods are based on authority estimation that determines supply and command for manual labor. Whenever the corporation feels the require for a wanted person, the company conducts interviews of aspiring candidates. 

Determining Labor Demand

Determining Labor Supply

Strategic Direction

The business does not use any arithmetical method or technique for the resolve of labor shortages or surpluses. The corporation on the other hand, methods based on prejudiced finding. The trial methods are based on expert opinion that determines supply and demand for labor. Whenever the company feels the need for a wanted person, the company conducts interviews of aspiring candidates. 

Strategic Initiatives

Improving Their Customer Proposition

Vodafone clientele, mobility earnings nearness, expediency, ubiquity and personalization. These characteristic are given many occasions to interact with their customers in conduct that enrich their lives. Local implementation remains essential, but believes they can exploit their advantage by adopting approaches more coherent global marketing, based on best practices across the Group. They have begun a crusade of use ", which seek to significantly augment the standard number of proceedings customers use their services every day.

Put Into Practice Information Approach.

Their data strategy rests on four pillars;

mounting the accurate inspect

Inter-operate severely, distinguish commercially.

Promoting appropriate value mock-up

spirited surroundings


Recruitment and Selection

In this particular category, an hard work was made to speak about the highlights of the choice & placement of Vodafone. Since they know that Vodafone is the world's leading mobile telephony. They were the first to introduce GSM expertise. Vodafone sees it as a constant adventure to generate unprecedented capabilities in the mobile stadium. In the event you feel an impulse to challenge similar age & construction of new, talk to Vodafone. In the event you need incredible over a job & the chance to be part of a immense & determined undertaking, to innovate, influence & drive, then you have to to think about joining Vodafone. Together with Vodafone will give you the probability to pressure the each day lives of the public around the globe. Vodafone UK is completed up of employees strong, young & enthusiastic flanked by 26 & 26 on typical. The correct grouping is compulsory between culture & employees in employment & hiring. If a human being vividness splitting up considers that a person won't be able to amend in the environment of the organization, even in the event that they doing well operationally, the person is second-hand. The dynamic group of individuals who share similar attitudes, love being with them & are at other times, in the event you can't meet in working hours. Awaiting the end of falling following, employees can be seen drifting approximately until 9 pm. 

Skills Require Joining Vodafone

Vodafone each function requires specialized skills, dealing with modify in the call rate of unambiguous basic skills. And all the way through the choice routine, Vodafone looks for confirmation that aspirant can make obvious the skills mentioned underneath denigration.


Customer meeting point.

Drive for consequences

Developing personality and additional

Innovation and adjust

Working with supplementary


Application Process

Vodafone aims to make the whole compilation procedure as clear as probable so that interviewee know accurately what's occurrence and probable by you. Any being can make his recommence by using Vodafone online CV building tools. Vodafone does not accept resumes apart from this online RESUME system. When an applicant builds his RESUME he is allotted a RESUME track number against his e-mail address and NIC figure. A candidate can change his code word at any occasion and can bring up to date / edit his RESUME.

When an interviewee be relevant for a precise placement his RESUME is scrutinize from end to end an habitual system, his prerequisite, skills, experience and any other criteria specified for the job are compared, and only those RESUMEs are accepted which fulfill the criteria. Then the chosen RESUMEs are scrutinize by concerned HR people and only the dumpy listed candidates are contacted for interview. The selection advance is not just to find out if the right is for Vodafone, is also about whether Vodafone is precise for them. So before the personality be apposite, it is worth thinking about how their preferences as to the culture of Vodafone. Vodafone has residential a short questionnaire that the person be placed on the skin of a measure off of Vodafone.

After each inquiry the companionship would tell the person how well individual actions compared to the shape of Vodafone, and eventually the person would have a clearer idea of how well we could work mutually.

Training and Professional Development

The collection, to give confidence young employees to create their assurance & important skills such as communiqué, planning & teamwork. A business program connected with the group also sponsors schooling agenda live to help workers meet the training requirements & qualifications of their selected professional institution, which contributes to the improvement of offered professionals in the Group. Generate, direct & promote a culture within the organization based on performance, teamwork, & incessant learning. Vodafone bring in hallucination & principles & initiatives that permit employees of these practices. Generate & put into practice the skills of management behavior & process of administration expansion in the company to provide specialized & individual expansion of workers. Introducing the latest training & development ideas, & work to management development. Identify, manage & produce capacity within the institute that can show the way to elevated levels of accountability in management positions at a given time. 

Phases of the Training Process

Training technique usually encompass as two main phases. The training technique begins with the measurement segment. This chapter involves identifying training needs, surroundings teaching objectives, & produce criteria alongside which to appraise the consequences of the training curriculum. Preparation necessities are single-minded by demeanor a inevitability psychotherapy.

A necessitate psychoanalysis is an appraisal of an organization training a requirement that is developed by thinking about overall administrative necessities, tasks connected with a job for which training is required, & the amount to which individuals can perform those tasks successfully. The final part of training system is the evaluation chapter. This entails evaluating the result of the supervision in terms of the criteria developed during the assessment phase.

The next part of the system is the preparation plan & completion phase. This involves determining training methods, creating training materials, & in point of fact conducting the preparation. A extensive quantity of grounding is conducted using On-the-Job grounding system. With such scheme, apprentice learns while in summit of fact the theater the job, regularly with the help of in the know channel.

Types of Training Programs

The most ordinary type of training programs is orientation training, professional schooling and training to running development. Orientation preparation is more often than not a prescribed agenda designed to make available new employees with information about the companionship and their jobs. Technical guidance is geared to provide expertise and development services in the use of technique, processes and techniques associated with a specific discipline or money-making. Development administration lines up meeting point on generating administration skills for use in keep up an eye on levels, managerial and executive. In widespread training has a positive impact on efficiency and worker self-confidence. Vodafone nearby eight main categories in which offered curriculum are: management, society, and potential.

The Leadership Category.

Within the Leadership group, several programs are offered which embrace:

outside management

Vodafone Post Graduate official document in commerce organization

central part management

Leadership-The Care & enlargement replica

The Culture Category

Within the civilization class the following agenda are being offered which are unlock to all employees:

Mastery of personality

Emotional cleverness

Change organization

FISH: desire the move toward

3-The Competency Category

Within the capability group Vodafone is offering program which is necessary as the basic talent builders in the association. These contain:

inspired trouble resolve

contravention message fence

Team labor

Results from side to side capital

Facilitation talent

Performance Appraisal

Performance assessment based on the views and estimation of secondary, peers, supervisors,

Managers and others, including the workers themselves.

Factors that Influence Motivation

Performance prospect and goals

Performance of mutually dependent others

Employee self-confidence and competencies

Access to obligatory possessions

Ongoing reaction

Performance Appraisal Methods

Goal Setting, or organization by Objectives (MBO)

Multi-Rater appraisal (or 360-Degree criticism)

Work principles

dissertation assessment

Critical-Incident assessment

Graphic score weighing mechanism


Behaviorally attach score Scale (BARS)

Forced-Choice score

Ranking process

Alteration Ranking

Paired Comparison Ranking

Forced Distribution

Vodafone Development Process (Web competence)

Development method Vodafone is the world's Vodafone people and organizational development method. The VDP is to establish the direction and development of human being, team and organizational capacity to deliver business results. The TDP get key information from inspired leaders, critical business objectives and analysis of IVC. The productivity of the TDP provides aggravated employees with enhanced presentation, a skills expansion diagram and approach talent and succession organization.

IVC - Employee Survey

Inside Value Creation (VCI) investigation is an twelve-monthly procedure that allows employees to articulate their views & executive to produce their organization & leadership. IVC Survey measures people's awareness of the issues within the relationship that has an result on the internal value creation & in revolve the clientele awareness of the corporation. On the other hand, the IVC is over a examination of worker happiness or climate survey. IVC goes beyond measuring the quantity of pleasure or "satisfied" employees are & identifies the factors for these workers happy can become drivers of business success.

General Policies 

Policies Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM employees mean to develop creative employment surroundings, enabling employees to make the most of their payment plus approval in the company. These policies make available clarity plus increase sympathetic of the rights plus compulsion of a worker working in the company. Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM workers strategy have been urbanized taking into explanation the manufacturing normal in the United Kingdom. Therefore, based on the rules that carry on living in most important companies operating in the nation.


1-Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM actively encourages employees to a more relevant schooling that lets you learn new skills plus acquire new knowledge.

2-The tip is a long-standing incentive designed to inspire plus give confidence them to entrust to a long-term vocation in Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM.

3-To assist the expansion of gifted students by contribution them the probability to industrial exposure of Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM, practices are carried out by employees.

4-To help employees with their operating cost when they take annual leave for rest, pastime plus public holiday with their families, leave fare support given to employees.

6-policy is to permit employees to take twelve-monthly leave to spend supplementary time along with his relatives plus to make specific the welfare, health plus satisfaction.

7-Provide employees with insurance treatment in the event of bereavement, his relatives cares.

8-Vodafone award entitles the come to an end of the number of years of overhaul. Could be in the kind of shields or gifts based on the number of years of its completion.

9-To permit employees to maternity leave for ladies plus promote continuity of service.

10-To make accessible employees plus their families with health check hold up plus help throughout their time of desire.


A full-time worker of Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM has a cell phone association to join Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM charge for their official use. All permanent employees must eligible for provident funds & deductions / refund is made according to standard procedures provident fund. recognize, recognize & recompense exceptional contributions made by employees "at employment & "In existence" in some key categories in the coursework of the year. To make positive that employees get an annual wage increase with look on to the contribution made by Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM for the year & the presentation of the company in the market. To construct worker take a trip & wherever to stay as contented as reasonable. To contact Vodafone UNITED KINGDOM principle for production travel.