Case Study of River Iceland: Business Strategy, Recruitment and Appraisal

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Introduction to company (background)

River Iceland was reinventing itself for years - since his life as Lewis Trennbegann in 1950. And if their format recent design started to feel they turned to LDP. The brief was simple: to create an environment that's most exciting fashion. One that would appeal to its audience base homestead young women to work hard, play hard and looks great when they did it. Working alongside the River Iceland small internal creative team and their longstanding the River Iceland small internal creative team and their longstanding store design, we have developed, which includes acknowledged as one of those most successful retail recognized by ideas key the development of very large size in store graphics showcase concepts strikingly modern and retro accessories, surface materials such as Adventure Original tiles, photography and stamp booklets.

Mission statement of the company

The Mission Statement of River Island is that it was set up to provide a service of selling fashionable clothing to young men/women on a conscious budget.

Objectives of the company

Investigations sales process and control the incoming customer contacts. Creating folders in the order, which is the creation and transfer of the recipient of the document contains a sub-function.

The sets of activities require that retailers generally territorially distributed structures. Thus, a trade groups in general the central regions, regional offices, centers, warehouse or distribution and stores. In addition to local distribution, trading companies have very different organizational structures. Similarly, the distribution of functions is often strongly influenced by the philosophy of industry and enterprise. Therefore, it is hardly possible to model a general distribution of the retail offer is limited to a few scenarios. For these reasons, a system of modern enterprise resource planning with a high degree of flexibility so that all channels of distribution deal.

The national working group has a seat that supports procurement, personnel management, control, and complete financial accounting. In the distribution of goods are important deliveries (direct supply by the manufacturer) were adopted, and he said to the shops. To this end, bought a logistics system before any special and should retail continue to be used in conjunction with the retail install.

Electronics stores in the group. In some of these customers have the option to purchase more than the usual to use POI (Point-of-Information) terminals to obtain information about current availability and to provide certain goods home. The shop staff can also get updated information on products, suppliers, customers, sales and orders and to some extent, this. For example, vendors can issue orders and flexibility to applications.

Business activities

The Benefits of Integration

According to David Jenne allows head of River Iceland enterprise systems, applications Lamis implement integrated JDA Software Iceland River has led to considerable cost and operational efficiencies to achieve. The dealership has all the major systems that integrate their business support. Now they are reaping the fruits in a number of areas, including the ability to communicate electronically with their suppliers and on best practice processes for the use of environmentally friend-like.

Business Challenge

To stay in the fast moving world of high street fashion, Iceland River was a major audit of sales lower costs of warehouse management.

Business solution

To achieve these significant cost and operational efficiencies, the decision of the great river Islands of installing multi-products. The following products have been implemented in phase's from2000 to mid-2004 JDA.

â-º ERP portfolio 

â-ºÂ Advanced Allocation by Arthur

â-ºÂ Win / DSS in-store system

Economic benefits

River Island has achieved the following benefits:

â-ºÂ realized savings and higher profits through tangible ROI.

â-ºÂ won more robust infrastructure, scalable and sustainable technology reaches faster a more efficient process.

â-ºÂ demanding refueling system daily.

â-ºÂ reduce the number of copies and cost reduction process with the new replenishment.

â-ºIncrease productivity while reducing the workload mitsch professtional, reliable systems.

â-ºhad a positive impact on employees with software applications easier to use.

â-ºImprovement of cooperation.

Commenting on the benefits of overall implementation, Jenne said... "First, the effectiveness wird achieved and higher profits through tangible ROI And second, that such a large IT auditors, we now have a robust, scalable and sustainable technology is what sets us apart for move forward with other important developments in the coming years, as defaults, cross-docking and inventory management of RFI in detail.

Recruitment process

Recruitment and selection is of paramount importance for the recruitment of staff with the skills and qualities necessary to enable the University to achieve its business goals and objectives. The policy of recruitment and selection procedures is clear guidelines for managers, both in terms of selection and appointment of staff to be deployed. This policy encourages and supports best practices for hiring managers.

These policies and procedures, the following objectives:

1. Recruit staff with the necessary skills, both technical and personnel to meet current and future needs of the University.

2. To ensure that all staff appointed to positions in skilled teaching duties to complete these tasks, or are in the process of qualification.

3. Working at a fair and effective competition, which is consistent with labor law and University policy of equality and diversity and practices.

4. Development and improving the public image of the university, as an employer and as a provider of quality education and research.

Internal candidate or other person known to the interview panel must be treated exactly the same way as any other candidate.

This policy and associated procedures apply to all employees other than holders of senior positions as defined in the law.

Additional information on how to approach the recruitment of staff and occasional atypical followed provided separately.

Justification for Recruitment

Before the start of recruitment, of boom should be considered:

Is it Necessary pay item attic?

If the role IN Demands Change roles and the "responsibility?

Is it adequate for Quality Evaluate the post?

Work wills Could IN Lodges Other Means?

What are the conditions offered for the job? Are they appropriate and in line WITH the Rest of the university?

Is there staff "risk"? Risks employed at the sound of the Organization should "Every first vacancy advertising A Review external / internal GIVEN interest is placed.

The expansion Managers should Diversity Team Quebec to work part-time Job Sharing / measures could include positive initiatives.

Filling the Vacancy

To begin is to recruit the school principal / department approval to make the appropriate documentation. The following documents must be completed for recruitment to all posts:

• Hiring Demand - HR / Finance Authorization Form

• Job Description

• person specification

• Occupational Health Evaluation Form

Documents available in the Recruitment Pack accessible via the following link:


It is common practice that all jobs are being advertised internally and within theuniversity and outside. If, however, assumes that existing staff with the skills to be tested, jobs may be only internally. Staffs have been identified as "at risk" cans displayvacancies in internal / external, if they are judged to meet all essential criteria of the job.

There may be exceptional occasions when the University considers it appropriate to use "search" techniques. Previously, the Director of School / Department must get approval from management supervisor, that "research" is the appropriate method to insure.


Short listing

Candidates will be selected for an interview if they meet all essential criteria in the person specification. If the number of candidates who meet the essential criteria is too high, the selection also makes use of the desirable criteria, a list of viable reach (almost no more than 6).

Candidates for equality and diversity of forms of control are separated from the application form before short-listing process. The panel short list does not have access to this information.

Short list includes at least two people who are in the recruitment experience and who will be involved in the investigation will be conducted. At least one member of the Panel should have the recruitment and selection "Best Fit" competition preparation.


Maintenance must be performed by a jury, the proposed composition in the methods in detail. All interviews for review must be performed by the same sign.

All applicants will be a standard format of questions was decided by the selection committee before the interviews were requested. All questions must take a position on the professional requirements and the ability of the candidate, the role name.

Skills assessment

As part of the selection process, schools / departments to participate in a desired candidate set of skills testing. These tests should be referred to the role in question; you must be measurable and objective criteria. Candidates must be those listed in the letter they asked notified for an interview. Information on all tests to measure skills, including the criteria and method of measurement must be in advance to be made ​​available to HRD. Skills tests should be kept in accessible areas, where appropriate, at the request of a disabled candidate.


The selection of candidates will be determined by the majority opinion from the formal interview panel. The jury will take into account any other information that was generated through the selection process. In the case of a tie, the decision will be made into chairs.

make a formal offer of appointment / to be confirmed in writing and meet the approval depends on references, the requirements of the University, proof of adequate medical assessment of eligibility, the United Kingdom and other suitable devices, such as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB work), if the Post.

It should be considered reasonable for adjustment applicants with disabilities will be given. Contact should be made ​​on financial support for a new team with the right adjustment costs that may arise over 300 pounds, with "Access to Work." (Access to Work 0115 989 5857 Liz Foster)


All applications are treated with utmost confidentiality. It is the responsibility of the Director of School / Department (or its nominee) to ensure that appropriate measures taken to confidentiality will be respected.


At all stages of the selection process is to ensure the responsibility of Chairman of the Panel, the notes are described in detail the reasons for selection or rejection of candidates. These notes can be called as evidence of the fairness of the proceedings, either to support, through an internal assessment or external investigation. The annex should be relevant and necessary for the process itself, it should be noted that the applicant would be entitled, in general, access to records of the interview (please note that requests for stay of 6 months) as part of the investigation file will have. All records must be handed to the Chairman of HRD.


All applicants will receive formal written notification to them of the status of their application upon request. Evaluation will be Chairman of the Committee at the request of an applicant has provided at every stage of the recruitment process.

Performance appraisal

Why are performance reviews so onerous? 

One reason is that many companies have developed systems over time and with many different inputs. New managers bring their favorite songs from old regime society and add to the original. Someone reads a book about the skills or means to the vine are other ways to absorb information and their inclusion in the mix. Finally, each plan is groaning under the weight of the material. And as they try to sort them? Often, for all online or on the intranet and the system then disconnects from reality and people sentenced to achieve. It creates itself as it grows and flourishes.

A great shock to the biological method, a report has been the recent introduction of skills. Wow! More to measure and score more. It is not difficult to understand why people are so unpopular assessments. And when people wonder why they do not provide improved performance, it is time for someone from the outside.

I had two interesting dilemmas with two different customers last year. They had developed their assessment documents for managers to their staff invite you to a network of five guests and the first element was "honesty." I mean, you really want to go through every year, how honest someone? Do you want someone who receives only "3 or worse off honesty 2 '? Understand my other client is not really what a competent and had stayed with an evaluation system to ask managers score their employees for the specialty of the health and safety. "Rating categories (they must have solid evidence) was "a model" to "must do better."

An annual performance review or evaluation can be so much easier, less time and more beneficial to both the organization and participants. But more useful, we must return to the top, tear the existing literature and remind you why you do it. Answer the question - "What is the purpose of making a performance review? For me, the score is simply to promote and improve performance for the benefit of the individual and the organization. It includes attitudes towards the overall performance of the company's objectives and identification of all the measures necessary to support learning of the individual to achieve these objectives

The appraisal is all about communication

There is an interview or conversation. There must be a formal discussion between two adults in three separate parts:

1. First, write together, what happened during the previous year. They discuss and give and receive feedback on success. If necessary, the manager of feedback on how thetasks could be improved offer.

Essentially - what works? What is not? What could help? Disabilities?

2. The second step is for the manager of the company presentation and business plan to share. What are the goals at the head of the organization is what the impact on yourteam? Finally, the two adults agree the way forward for the next year. This is normally based on the objectives of the agreement the company key objectives. It will also help to identify, assess achievement of these goals.

3. Then it is easy to add documentation for your host opinion. It may be only an A4 sheet, because all you need is a summary of what he learned from the discussion and a record of agreed targets and training for the coming year agreed.


The above written document shows the River Iceland's effectiveness of the enterprises recruitment, selection, skills and knowledge, motivation/needs and appraisal of the employees. It is included the business and staff activities, the missions of the company as well as the objectives of the company.

It was critically analyzed that how systematically these all activities are carried out in the company.