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Divine Pleasure is dedicated to providing exceptional foods in a comfortable restaurant for all individuals old enough to make a reservation our intentions are clear, particular and precise to make enough profit to reconstruct more restaurants globally taking the incredible Jamaican flavors to all corners of the world. Our primary goal is to ensure that customers are satisfied and that they keep coming back.

Develop a managerial hierarchy. Decide what each partner's role in the restaurant will be, for example, who will be responsible for the necessary departments and specific activities?

Divine Pleasures will be operated by Tiffany McCalla, Damara McCalla and Tanice Newland.

Tiffany will be the Human Resource Manager as well as the one responsible for the promoting of the organization this was decided because of her incredible personality the incredible number of people she as associated with as well as her experience in media and a retired HRM in a well known hotel in Jamaica.

Damara McCalla is the financial advisor he is responsible for all financial transactions within the organization the purchasing of new stocks and all monetary transactions within the organization. This was agreed upon since he had an Associate degree in Finance was a retired worker at RBC Royal Bank and he was a stock taker in Beaches Boscobel besides that he had an excellent eye for numbers and an incredible memory.

Tanice Newland is the youngest so she will be responsible for the stock taking, she will daily record the amount of stock used and the amounts that decreased are needed to be replenish she will also be responsible for ensuring that all the machines and technologies are working to the best of their abilities and ensuring customer satisfaction. This responsibility was handed to her because she is good with numbers she is aggressive and straight forward and with her order must be maintained, she is compassionate but will not lose sight of what is important.

There are fourteen (14) Principles of Management described by Henri Fayol. Outline clearly how at least ten (10) of these fundamental truths could be applied to the business you have established.

Henri Fayol has 14 principles of Management but only 10 of these fundamental truths will be established within Divine Pleasure they are:

Division of work



Unity of direction






Esprit de corps

1. Division of Work- specialization encourages continuous improvement both in terms of skills and methods. Divine Pleasure aim is to employ the most qualified individuals people who has specialize skills to complete their task in a skillfully and effective manner.

2. Authority- the right to give orders and the power to require obedience. They are three owners to Divine Pleasure and this will be known by all personnel's so that they may always know there position nevertheless if they are having challenges they have the right to report to either Tanice, Damara are miss Tiffany. Tiffany is the manager that makes the decisions so no other owner has the right to give directions to an employee if it is not in their department. All employees are expected to be obedient and be respectful to both the staff employers and especially to the customers the customers are always right and anything other than that will not be accepted.

3. Discipline- a successful organization requires the shared effort of all staff. Employees must obey, but this is two sided they will only comply if management play their part by providing good leadership. The manager within Divine Pleasure has experiences and qualifications so they are fully aware of what is expected of them and the roles that they will play. In any business what you give to employees that`s what you will get back. But we will establish rules and regulations so they will always know their place and the positions they hold.

4. Unity of direction- the entire organization should be aligned and be moving towards a common goal. The goals of Divine Pleasure are to create a good working environment, where workers are obedient and discipline and are aware of the authorities. To also make profit and to be recognize as the most incredible restaurant nationally and internationally within Jamaica. Our aim is to always be over booked and have a waiting list of months in advance. These are our goals and the employees will be fully aware of them so that they may know what their expectations are and that all their efforts are always a 100% and nothing less.

5. Remuneration- payment is an important motivator but should be fair and reward well-directed effort. Employees will be paid fairly compensated and rewarded for all of their efforts. They`re the cornerstone of this restaurant so they will be thoroughly showed appreciation privately and publicly.

6. Order- an organization`s requirements must be balanced against its resources.

7. Equity- employees must be treated equally and fairly. Divine Pleasure will have agreements between its employees demonstrating equality and fairness all men women will be paid the same regardless of their situations the law states it and those we will follow.

8. Stability of tenure of Personnel- employees need a period of stability in a job to perform at their best. Employees will be given periodically day offs and not everyone will work on Sundays. They will be place on shifts so that they are better able to focus and perform better.

9. Initiative- encouraging staff to show initiative is a source of strength in an organization. At Divine Pleasure it would be very much appreciated and rewarded for individuals to demonstrate initiative. This is expected of them since we want workers who takes the work seriously and would do whatever they can to ensure that everything is in order and running smoothly.

10. Esprit de corps- management should foster harmony, cohesion and morale among the organization`s staff. (open. edu) The employers of this restaurant promotes harmony, love and kindness and this is what will be shown to all customers so that they may feel comfortable as soon as they walk through our doors. We will also ensure that everyone are abiding by the rules and the regulations of the restaurant and are fully aware of the moral and ethical rules. We will also demonstrate respect for people and property creating a light and friendly atmosphere.

Outline the most important decisions that must be made about: a) Planning b) Organizing c) Leading d) controlling,

To allow you and your partners to utilize organizational resources effectively and build a competitive advantage.

Planning is the mission and objectives that Divine Pleasures will aim to achieve.

The objectives are:

To have a raise in the amount of customers in the first year increasing through to the fifth year.

Over a 10 year period to reconstruct restaurants in every county of Jamaica.

To reconstruct more restaurants over a 10 year period overseas taking the great dishes and flavors internationally.

To be recognized as the number one choice for a place of dining.

To appear in magazines and newspapers nationally and internationally as the newest and classiest restaurant in Jamaica.

Mission statement

Divine Pleasure is dedicated to providing exceptional foods in a comfortable restaurant for all individuals old enough to make a reservation our intentions are clear, particular and precise to make enough profit to reconstruct more restaurants globally taking the incredible Jamaican flavors to all corners of the world. Our primary goal is to ensure that customers are satisfied and that they keep coming back.

In order for them to achieve this we will have to invest in hiring the most qualified and suitable individuals. We will also have to purchase the most fascinating and new machineries and technologies, policing ensuring that we are reaching our target markets and attracting customers.

Organizing this is the part whereby the managers of Divine Pleasures will have to establish structures of the restaurant appointing roles to which the staff will have to fill. They will be

4 cooks,

3 servers/waiters,

5 janitors who will clean the tables and wash the dishes,

2 receptionists to make reservation and show customers to their tables.

2 security guards out front and back

2 inside checking the cameras

Leading this is the level where the managers of Divine Pleasure will lead there staff, guide them and motivate them encouraging them making them feel appreciated they will periodically communicate with all the staff checking on them ensuring they are doing what they suppose to and correcting them while encouraging them in the process.

Controlling this is the final level after all work is finish it is compared to the goals set by the restaurant ensuring that everyone is meeting their expectations. Corrections will be made and help will be offered so that next time they will be improvement and the goals can be met. It also involves checking staff performance, hours, the expenses and inspection of work done.

What kinds of technology can be employed to help the partners better manage the complexities of the restaurant industry?

Modern technology has made a huge impact in the world even within the Restaurant Industry

Divine Pleasure will install all the finest and newest machines and equipments to make work easier for the employees as well as for the customers. All these technology will make work easier and customer's orders will be faster and well prepared and as healthy as possible to suit the needs of everyone.

Three of these new technologies that will be installing are:

Video cameras top of the line security cameras to ensure safety and comfort for customers and the employees.

A Point of Sale System - The POS system is a touch screen technology that allows cashiers and servers to input orders to the kitchen in order to serve customers faster.

Totals Oil Management - RTI provides restaurants with industry leading frying oil management systems and restaurant operations management technology that measure and monitors oil usage to increase food quality and consistency. ( How can a restaurant be without this technology when the amount of people going obese is too much to count. This technology will automatically deliver fresh oil removing the used unclean oil from before. It will also help employees in the kitchen they will feel safer and the cleanliness of the restaurant will definitely improve.

Outline clearly five (5) legal and ethical challenges that your restaurant will face and your plan of action for each of these.

There are many legal and ethical challenges within businesses the skill is just to find the techniques to turn them to your favor. The key is to educate oneself on the legal issues that should be noted and abide by thus including the employees a swell since the decision does not only impact are affect the employers.

Such legal issues and there plan of action are:

Safety Issues

Legal liability

Laws and regulations

Customer rights

Employees Right

The safety issues should be studied and research so that they are not breached. Divine Pleasure will ensure that all safety rules and regulations are identified and highlighted. The fire department will be contacted to inspect the restaurant thoroughly and hopefully they will guide us on the legal compulsions.

Divine Pleasure will also keep up with the latest health regulations in order to ensure safety for employees and customers.

Legal Liability will ensure that all appropriate insurance coverage in place it will be set up to protect itself from all law suits. Since employees do have rights if they are hurt are harm in anyways these legal coverage will take care of them as well as the Restaurant.

Laws and Regulations this is ensuring that all indispensable and required permits licenses and insurance needed to operate the Divine Pleasure Restaurant is in place and abiding by the laws and regulations of the employees.

Customers Right this is ensuring that the restaurant is aware of the rights of the customers they should have the right to be treated fairly, with good customer service ethics and without any form of discrimination

Employees Right Divine Pleasure will ensure that these rights are identified and the consequences of them are known to the restaurant. Employees work hours should be taken into consideration as well, as well as they should be paid for any over time they should be given lunch breaks at a considerate time and they should be treated fairly and paid on time.

Some ethical issues could be:

Image Problems

Employment practices


Property rights

Conflicts of interest

Image Problems the image of Divine Restaurant is very important since this does determine how successful the restaurant will become are when it will close down. Ethical issues will be noted and aware of within the restaurant public wise are behind closed doors. There will not be no discriminating of employees are against customers are any inappropriate language are behavior. Anything that will put in peril the image of the organization will not be allowed. It will also go to the extent that no customer should discriminate another customer are caused them to feel uncomfortable are out of place are they will be escorted out. Rules of what will or will not be expected will be posted in order to have tranquility.

Employment Practices written guidelines that state the ethics of Divines employment practices will be established. They well are reinstated in meetings, emails and on bulletin boards so that awareness of fair employment practices is kept alive.

Honesty will be promoted! Anything less will not be acceptable. Keeping this between the owners of Divine Pleasure and its employees will definitely pass on to the customers since your intention is to make them feel like they can trust you and that they are not been cheated. Employers maintaining this with their employees will also create a very trustworthy atmosphere since employers will be able to trust that the financial recordings are true even if they might be an error and that the level of stock is correct.

Property Rights ethical awareness can be advanced by establishing property rights. It should involve showing respect to the personal belongings and property of Divine Pleasures, it involves using machines and equipments according to procedures and taking the best care of all the facilities and technologies. It will also be written that respect be shown to all the personal belongings of the employees.

Conflicts of interest employees will be made aware of the consequences of conflicts of interest, whether for money are an exchange of whatever favor. It is not allowed and employees will be encouraged to report any conflicts of this sort since this is a business place and our interest and goals haven't changed.

Using Peter Drucker's five (5) steps process, describe how Management by Objectives (MBO) can be implemented in your restaurant.

Management by objectives MBO is a systematic and organized approach that allows management focus on achievable goals and to attain the best possible results from available resources. (business_guide)

The 5 steps of MBO are:

Set Organizational Objectives

Reward Performance

Evaluate Performance


Cascade objectives to employees.

Set are Review Organizational objectives.

MBO starts with clearly defined strategic organizational objectives. (mindtools1996-2013) If the organization isn`t clear about where it is going, no one working there, will be either. That is why Divine Pleasure has put in place organizational objectives has a guide for the future, it has to know what its goals are and its expectations since that is the only way we will be able to move forward employees as well will be aware of these since they will be a cornerstone to meeting these goals.

Reward Performance

Divine pleasure will make sure to compensate and reward employees for the objectives that they will aim to accomplish, after achieving the goals that it has been set they will be rewarded for the results.

Evaluate Performance

Employees will be evaluated tested and tried in order to ensure that they have the right qualifications to be able to accomplish the goals set by the organization. Divine Pleasure will ensure that the most suitable individuals are assigned to accomplish the task assigned.

Monitor Process

Because the goals and objectives are SMART, they are measurable. (mindtools1996-2013) Divine Pleasure will ensure that they are monitoring systems firmly put in place to deal with issues effectively and efficiently and within convenient time in order to achieve goals.

Cascading objectives down to employees.

To support the mission Divine Pleasure will set clear goals and objectives, which then need to be pass down from one organizational level to the next until they reach to everyone. It will set goals that can be accomplished by everyone making the workers feel responsible and appreciated.


It can be concluded that if all these methods and theories by Henri Fayol, Peter Drucker and many others are applied to any business and organization the business is guaranteed success. A manager's job is never done it's a cycle to plan, organize, lead and control. They need to establish goals and objectives that will be a light in the darkness showing the path to success. Divine Pleasure will succeed because it was planted in good seed of the methods that were spoken of given the competitive advantage over all other small, powerless restaurants