Capital business strategy and human resources management

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Scope of the company Aspect Capital - the supply of financial services it is known to high profitability in investment through the use of special methods. Its turnover of 56.8 million pounds a year, the number of employees - about 70 people. Strategy of the company's business is to get good results by relying on the expertise and technologies. Commercial success and high performance of staff is achieved by the following methods:

support for teamwork, leadership and dedication to the company;

developing and maintaining the business culture (as opposed to the current industry trend to attract personnel of high wages);

Using an innovative system of awards, including the quarterly individual bonuses, allowing the attainment of non-targets;

Based on experience and use it to build models of business development for the future;

provide training, supervision, creating conditions for learning in the workplace with the help of experienced staff.

HR strategy

The specialists of the financial sector paid little attention to corporate culture, often underestimate the effectiveness of creating an interesting and dynamic workflow, the atmosphere of fairness, openness and honesty, focusing on teamwork. Therefore, the strategic goal of Aspect Capital is to build not just a successful business, but such terms of reference in which people would work with pleasure. Company executives, for which the management staff - one of the most important aspects of their activities in 1998 amounted to "cultural plan" to create an enabling work environment, increasing the chances of the company for success. While other organizations to distribute the financial sector bonuses for their work, focusing on the achievement of civil servants, Aspect Capital uses its "cultural plan" aimed at developing a staff of nine key qualities that makes the company the best place to work. Much of bonuses Aspect Capital is based on the ranking officer in the following categories:



personnel management;

project management;

relation to the duties;

attention to detail;


communication skills;


In addition, Aspect Capital allows staff members to engage in social activities that generate a sense of ownership among the staff, involved in charity work, reflecting its concern over external issues, as well as provides employees with a number of benefits, including health services, which apply to spouses and dependents.


As a result of cultural demands described the recruitment was a challenge. For example, Aspect Capital hires the brightest mathematicians to conduct research and programmers to work in the IT-departments. They constitute the backbone of the team dealing with the creation of new financial products. As a rule, these skills employees have to pay more than usual, because the industry is highly competitive. Big salaries are very important for attracting highly skilled personnel, but not enough to ensure the growth of labor productivity in a company in which the emphasis is on the interaction of staff. Professionalism - is only a starting point. The most important characteristic of the candidate for Aspect Capital - Training as a pledge of future development officer and making him the nine above-mentioned qualities. "We are looking for people with a certain set of skills. This is actually the easy part. It is much harder to find those with whom it would be nice to work '- say experts on HR management of the company.

Financial Training

Aspect Capital provides sophisticated financial services, therefore, training of new personnel requires a lot of time and effort. For example, a novice in the research department must pass courses in insurance funds and financial markets. In addition, new employees taken on after graduation and have no work experience, may some time to work in the department of financial development, studying the methods of Aspect Capital, research areas and their relation to the activities of sales department and the needs of investors. Training lasts from five days to one year depending on seniority rights. Collaboration beginner to experienced financiers need to assess his ability in all areas of Aspect Capital, and to identify its strengths. For sales training has a similar meaning. Number of hedge funds grows so fast that the number of experienced and successful professionals in the field of sales does not have time to grow, so Aspect Capital are often forced to prepare their own cadres. This process includes training in the workplace (the representatives of the study generate a novice professional understanding of complex financial products) and the passage of the specialized courses outside the company (training to acquire skills in sales, presentation and negotiation). Because there is great demand for the product of hedge funds, the task of sales is to not only sell, but also facilitate the process of financial due diligence for their clients, and provide further support. Therefore, training sales and marketing for hedge funds is very specific, the staff worked out the skills to identify opportunities for the client and the successful submission of a new financial product investor. The duration of training in marketing and sales at Aspect Capital may be two years.

Reward for honesty, hard work and productivity

At Aspect Capital, each employee is considered an important employee. Guide seeks to ensure that their researchers and IT-specialists were highly to the company labored people who can successfully place orders on the market. Staff should be very diligent to become a "bridge" between the products offered by the firm and its clients. Also, the company must be first-class top managers and middle managers. Managers consider important, all these aspects, and command the activities of raising the level of special importance: "Investors need to see how we work. In our industry financial results depend upon how we fulfill our duties. We have a lot to pay for our employees to engage in the company's best professionals. " In the financial sector, as a rule, the income of staff is higher than in other industries. At Aspect Capital salaries and bonuses are used to promote quality work and respect the values of the organization. In the company every three months about the planning for all departments and employees. As a result of their performance bonuses are paid quarterly individual (Quarterly Individual Bonus, or QUIB). The tasks relate to the company's goals and are consistent with each person; after a quarter of the work is assessed and awarded points to each employee - from 0 to 200. They are awarded primarily for the quality of work and development of individual potential. Award of 100 points means that a person had worked well and fulfilled all its tasks, and more than 100 points - a reward for the application of special effort; 50 points or less - a reason for serious concern. Also, the company applied a so-called "QUIB-factor: 10% - for beginners, 15-20% - for experienced staff, 25% - for the directors. A quarterly bonus is calculated by taking into account the specific size of a three-month salary, the number of points on the above system and the individual "QUIB-factor." QUIB scheme provides a sense of fairness among employees. It is assumed that each person should perform their duties at a high level, and although this does not mean that all employees have to "beat the target, but the company will not hold in the state of those who regularly receives insufficient number of points under the scheme QUIB. This provision may seem harsh, however it is supported by all employees who participate in the development of the company, increasing its competitiveness and give this goal a lot of strength. The company has also implemented an annual compensation scheme. At the end of the year to each employee the opportunity to enter into a stock and profit-sharing program. The prize pool depends on the income of the enterprise during the previous fiscal year. Each employee is evaluated on its contribution to the development of business in this period, and the results of its activities are taken into account in relation to the results of his colleagues on the nine characteristics listed above. By decision of the employee's share of profit may be delayed, in which case it increases by 50% and invested in a fund company. Using such methods Aspect Capital supports balance between work and measurable results such importance to the company factors, such as teamwork, initiative, good communication skills, etc. It is obvious that Aspect Capital is a rare example of an organization, the work which brings pleasure and adequately rewarded, despite the fact that the firm operates in a "rigid" industry, where everything is subordinated to the goal.