Can Multinational Organisation Gain Competitive Advantage Business Essays

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In this assignment I write about leadership skill in multinational organisation context and I also write about different objectives and what are the scope and limitation. In this research I mention what methodology use for achieving objectives, what are the scope and what are the limitation of research, what type of data techniques I use and what type of data collection tools use and how will present the data and what are the ethical issues for research.

Research question:

How can multinational organisation gain competitive advantage?

Objective of multinational organisation:

1. The multinational organisation objectives are maintaining their position internationally

2. Supply good quality product and services at reasonable price for worldwide customers

Introduction of Honda:

Honda is Japan based multinational company. It was established by Sochiro Honda in 1948. The head office of Honda is Tokyo Japan. Honda produces motorcycle, automobiles and power product. Honda is world leading motorcycle manufacturer and auto maker. Company's slogan is 'The power of dreams'. The most well known models of Honda Motor Co Ltd are Honda Civic and Honda Accord. The principles of company is respect for the individual by their three joy buying, selling and creating the company's mission statement is supplying a highest quality product at reasonable price for customer satisfaction. Toyota, Ford, Nissan are the biggest competitors of Honda. The competitive advantage of company is its produce good quality product in affordable price. The company's strategies are strength on strategy and focus on long term achievement. Honda follows the principles of developing step by step and also offer multi product line and took leadership in multi production and focus on distribution growth step by step.

The research process:

The research process for this assignment is divided in four stage in the first stage of research process first stage is preparation in this stage first generate the idea then choosing the subject and then do the literature research and then choose the methodology. In second stage of research process develop the idea then decide the hypothesis title and check what are the ethical issues then in third stage of research do process practicalities then tools and instruments and equipments and last carry out work. In the fourth stage of planning is product in this stage analysis of results evaluation and reporting presenting.

For making a good proposal we need to think about different area of management,

Behavioural: In this area we need to think about organisational structure and managing changes.

Finance: we need to think about cost accounting and decision making.

Marketing: We also make a good strategy, customer services and international aspect of market

Human resources: in this area we need develop organisation and competition and redundancy.

Policy/strategy: we need to think about economic and finance, about small business and strategic management.


"Leadership is the skill of motivate the group of people to act achieving a common objective".

Leader motivates the staff for achieving their objective. And good leadership give good result


Any industry needs resources like money, time, materials and machines for doing work effectively to minimize input value for a unit value of output and for return on investment. In car industry, Honda known for quality product and Honda have ability to for expanding their business and maintain their position at international level


If there are some scope in any industry so there are also some limitations some people like the product but some people have no time or not give the answer.

Strategic approach:

In this part of assignment I talk about the planning for gain corporate objective. The objectives of company are maintaining their position internationally and produce a quality product in affordable price for worldwide customers to achieving those objectives and for competitive advantage company need to make a strategy for achieving their goal. So company first analysis the market that who is the competitors and market position than company decide the way which way you go for achieving their goals and what resources they need to achieving their objective and then company implement the strategy. To gain competitive advantage company produce good quality product in a affordable price and for that the production cost is also going lower and then company gain the competitive advantage but after making strategy company need to put strategy in action means in corporate planning.


Methodology is a picture of processor or methodology is a set of procedure or methods.

There are two methods of research:

Deductive methodology: In this method where a theory stated and a methodology design to test that theory.

In this research I use deductive methodology. Deductive methodology is a scientific method of investigation. There are five stages in this method the first stage is explanation of event by theory development. In second stage of deductive methodology, if the theory is true observation the relationship between at least two variables. In the third step, observation base upon the use of measurement by testing theory. In the forth step of deductive methodology testing the theory by drawing conclusion from the observation. In the fifth step of the deductive methodology, relating the implication of conclusion back to the theory either verifying or falsifying the theory.

I use deductive method for research because it is a theory base research so it is easy to get the data from theory

Research strategy:

There are two type of research strategy theoretical and Empirical.

Theoretical: Using the writing of others usually without any direct involvement in observation or behaviour and the collection of actual evidence.

In this research I use theoretical research strategy because it base upon theory and its exist already.

Data collection techniques:

In this research I use Quantitative data collection techniques because of this type of data collection techniques use the numeric data or the measurement which is based upon hard fact

Data analysis techniques:

In this research I will use secondary data it based on the information which already exists and the secondary sources are internet, prediction, government publication.

How present the data:

In this research I use descriptive statistical method to analyse the data. Because I use the quantitative data analysis techniques and for that I need numeric information for the research i also use the questionnaire for present the data

Ethical issue in research:

In this research we need to analyse the all who involved in process. In this process client means organisation, supplier means researcher and participants are involved there are different type of ethical issues the nature of research obligation of and to client are involves. conducting the research involved the evidence of collection integrity of researcher and honesty and trust are involved. In data processing use the human subject, data accuracy sampling and data protection are involved and in reporting the research publication plagiarism referencing intellectual property assistance of the other and misrepresentation of work are involved.


Hence, in this assignment I talked about the global leadership skills on multinational organisation context first i develop research question then I decide the objectives of company then I talked about multinational company and leadership then I made a strategy for achieving goals then what are the scopes and limitation for company to develop I decided the methodology of research after that what type of data I will use for this research and why what type of data collection tool use and what data analysis techniques use for research and how the data will present and what are the ethical issues in research.