Calypso Pty Ltd Is A New Energy Drinks Business Essay

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Calypso Pty Ltd is a new energy drinks manufacturing and distribution company, located in Wrexham, Clwyd, United Kingdom. Calypso is originally founded by George and John Cooke in 1886. Calypso also remains an independent, family-owned business until now. For over 120 years they have been providing iconic, energy, refreshing drinks

During 1950s they expanded into fruit juices and fruit drinks for the first time and the famous Calypso brand name. All their drinks are manufactured using their own on-site natural spring waters. Calypso also produces soft drinks, energy drinks and mineral waters in the United Kingdom. It also offers fruit salads, aqua juices, juice shots, pure juices, colas, and icicles.

The Calypso brand has developed for over 50 years as the popularity of natural mineral water drinks juice has continued to grow. Today their range aspect a mouth watering array of over 180 products. All of the products which aim to provide fun refreshment and healthy for all ages.

They shifted to their purpose built plant in Wrexham, North Wales in 1998 and produce 500 million soft drinks and freeze drink products every year. The Calypso family of brands account for more than seventy percent of the business, plus a strong licensed portfolio and supported by Disney, Scooby Doo and The Simpsons. Calypso is ISO9002 and EFSIS accredited, with regular BRC audits, it also certified with the Fair trade Foundation, enabling them to produce a range of Fair trade products.

Therefore, responsibility to their community and a genuine desire to produce delicious drinks that are refreshing, healthy and suitable drinks for all ages remain the heart and soul of our business.


Intellectual property is referred as the creation of the mind such as innovations. Through intellectual property, it can create new business opportunities for Calypso Pty Ltd besides from maintaining its competitive advantage. Hence, it is important to protect its intellectual property in order to avoid its product from being pirated and counterfeited. Calypso Pty Ltd can get more information about intellectual property through World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). They can help the company to improve their understanding and respect for intellectual property worldwide. WIPO will also provide IP-based solution to help defeat worldwide challenges.

In order to protect its new energy drink product, Calypso Pty Ltd can register for patent. Patent is referred to the exclusive right granted for an invention that provides a new way of doing something or offer a new technical solution to a problem. In order to apply for patent, the product has to fulfill the relevant patentability requirement. At first, Calypso Pty Ltd must do a research at U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office's in order to make sure their product has not been patented by other company. After that, the company has to apply for a customer number and digital certificate through U.S. Patent and Trademark Offices Electronic Business Centre. In the application form, the energy drink product must be novel, non-obviously, adequately and clearly described. Calypso Pty Ltd can avoid their product from being used, sell or distributed without permission after applying patent.

Moreover, the company has to follow certain government regulations in order to manufacture the product. During manufacturing, the company has to pay higher attention to the environment and workers' hygiene. Moreover, the company must ensure that their workers' working hours does not exceed 8 hours and have sufficient rest and a safe working environment. The content of the product should also comply with the international food and drug act guideline. For example, the caffeine content should not exceed 150mg per liter or it has to be stated as high content of caffeine drink. Besides, there should be nutritional information and ingredients content stated on the packaging of the product. The packaging of the drink must be environmental friendly too. The company must also pay income tax to the government upon on its sales.

Calypso Pty Ltd should apply certain insurances in order to protect its product. Basically, the company should apply insurance for its workers and factory. Moreover, they should also apply export credit insurance in order for the company to prepare for possible bad debts. If the company fails to receive their payment on export credit sales, the insurance company will pay the business what is owed. On the other hand, the company should also apply for transit or shipping insurance to avoid lost or damage when they are being delivered.


In order to manufacture and promote their products, first and foremost, the research group of Calypso Pty Ltd must study the energy drink products that exist in the market. They have to do some research on the successful products, and those which are not. They should try to identify the reason of their success and failure. Then they should start to plan their project and budget. The budget should then be approved by the authorities before the project commences.

Next, they can start to do some online survey on the flavor of the product and also the packaging. Promotion can be done in public places. As the target market of the product are the university students aged between 18 to 25, so the most strategic places for promotion will be at the university and supermarket. After surveying, the research group has to do a report regarding to their survey. The design group should also start to design a convenient packaging that fulfills the requirement of the target market.

As Calypso Pty Ltd is a soft drink manufacturer, hence it does not need any new machinery for the manufacturing of energy drink. This can help the company to reduce the manufacturing time and also money used as they do not need to train new staffs for operating the machine. The manufacturing group has to check their machines before manufacturing the product to ensure the manufacturing process will go smoothly.

After the product is manufactured, the mobilized sales teams will help to promote the energy drink to the retailers. The company can pay a higher commission to the sales teams in order to motivate them to promote the product. Moreover, in order to attract more retailers, higher incentives are given to the retailers. Calypso Pty Ltd has also distributed its product to other distribution centers. The quantity of the product distribution will be according to the survey done.

The company can also organize a contest in order to promote its products. Prizes such as I-Pad, I-Phone and travelling tickets could attract more people to buy the product. Advertisements in newspaper and webpage can help people to be aware of this product. Calypso Pty Ltd could also create a webpage for customer to comment on this new product for further improvement and motivation.

As "Alive" is a new energy drink product, therefore the inventory management system may not be effective. The company has to manufacture the product according to the forecast and it may make less profit or even no profit. However, through the feedback from the customers, the company can estimate its production amount and can speed up their manufacturing process in order to avoid loss and wastage.


Roles for Financial Managements

Financial activities of a firm is one of the most important and complex activities of a firm. Therefore in order to take care of these activities a financial manager performs all the requisite financial activities. A financial manager is a person who take cares of all the important financial functions of an organization. The person in charge should maintain a far sightedness in order to ensure that the funds are utilized in the most efficient manner. His actions directly affect the profitability, growth and goodwill of the firm. Same goes to Calypso Pty Ltd, an organization need a good financial manager to manage the finance of the organization and earn profit for the organization.

The Main functions of a financial manger is raising of funds and profit planning. First of all, a financial manager need to know how to raise of funds. In order to meet the obligation of the business it is important to have enough cash and liquidity. A firm can raise funds by the way of equity and debt. It is the responsibility of a financial manager to decide the ratio between equity and debt. It is important to sustain a good balance between debt and equity.

Furthermore, profit earning is one of the main functions of any business organization. Profit earning is important for maintain and survival of any organization. Profit planning refers to proper usage of the profit generated by the firm. Profit rise due to many reasons such as pricing, industry competition, state of the economy, mechanism of demand and supply and cost. A positive mix of variable and fixed factors of production can lead to an increase in the profitability of the firm. Fixed costs are gain by the use of fixed factors of production such as land. In order to sustain a tandem it is important to continuously value the depreciation cost of fixed cost of production. An opportunity cost must be calculated in order to cover those factors of production which has gone thrown wear and tear. These fixed cost can cause losing in profit, if this is not noted. All these function is important to a business organization, it is also related to Calypso Pty Ltd. A business organization with a well financial manager, will have better result in the profit.

Roles for Marketing Managements

Marketing department is also important to an organization. It is a department that help business organization to gain more profit and attract more customers. Besides that, the role of the marketing managers extends beyond that of marketing to customers. Marketing managers have to take on additional roles of image manager, market research and final word. The best Marketing managers seek to capitalize when service production occurs at the point of sale. The need for a largely extended role is there because marketing managers need to convert marketing into a line function by working with small team to turn them on to marketing.

One of the functions of marketing manager is image manager. An organization needs a marketing manager which is very well in managing the price to attract customers and to plan well the strategies. Even the image of the marketing manager also important and it is another critical role. Marketing manager duty is to help the company to fit its environment and facilitating marketing effectiveness at the point of customer contact contributes directly to a positive company image. When coming to the intangibility of services marketer, they will use all possible means to establish a distinctive and better company identity.

Also, an organization is also need customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is the process of communicating with customers throughout the various stages of the purchasing process, and this includes people who have already bought from an organization. It is greatly easier to hold on to an existing customer than it is to find new ones, but doing this requires all elements of the marketing mix to be run well. Example, it's no use sending out a better produced customer magazine if customer service is dreadful.

Lastly, every decision is important to the organization. By the meantime, an organization needs a well-experienced marketing manager to decide the decision. It also known as final word. Marketing managers have diverse and different job, and promotion should be one element of the scope. Championing a marketing focussed business structure will provide a greater chance of success in today's challenging business environment and will lead to a more sustainable future.


Businesses are all around this world nowadays and in order to have their businesses become a success, they need a suitable management. The question is what type of management is counted as suitable for bringing the success? Well, the process of monitoring the business performance must be an ongoing one when the Key Performance Indicators is being identified and only by this, business's performance can be improved. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), provide information to help one organization to understand how is their performance towards strategic intent and target. KPI can also act as an 'alarm' to call attention to an organization if it is on the right path and whether any improvements need to be made.

There are two main feedbacks that KPIs provide, which are financial (quantitative) or non-financial (qualitative) feedback. These feedbacks show the performance of the business's objectives after a well analyze and interpretation being done. The financial KPIs are used to measure the income and expenses of the company while non-financial KPIs are used to measure the responsibility to the people and the environment.

In Calypso Pty Ltd, an energy drink company, they have also undergone KPIs methods. These methods can be done by each department for example finance, purchasing, customer services department etc. For the finance department, they'll make sure that the company gains a profit by having some gap investigations, the percentage of the growth of their sales and also the flow of money through regions. Besides, they will also have to know clearly about the overdue invoices being paid and the rate of the late payments by the customers.

For the purchasing department, they have to ensure that whether their goods are being delivered and received on time. The quantities of the products have to be correct so that the customers can build their trustiness to the company. While for the customers and employees services department, their main targets are the employees and customers of the company for sure. In this case, they have to provides suitable trainings to their employees and have their days of leave being recorded clearly. As for the customers, surveys need to be done to know the satisfaction of the customers about their product and have to accept the complaints made by the customers.

Therefore, balanced scorecard is used by most of the companies in the world as this scorecard can help a company to have a good management and strategic planning. Even though the idea of this balanced scorecard is quite simple, but it can be very powerful if it is been carry out in a proper way.

Lewin's model actually can be used in Calypso as they also undergo the 'unfreeze, changing and refreeze' stages. In these stages, the company firstly embraces a new process then implements it so that their employees can adapt to the changes. But, these changes sometimes can cause pros and cons too. As an example, Calypso wants to upgrade their technology in order to have new stuffs to be manufactured. This change can improve the production level and volumes but at the other sides, the employees may be scared of the new technologies as they will be replaced by machines. Besides, this can also cause serious effect to the environment.


Calypso Pty Ltd is a company which produces and distributes drinks to all around the world. This company has actually reach globalization as they have their distribution centre in Australia. Calypso has made sure that the ingredients used in their drinks are actually healthy and harmless to the people. This is why until now Calypso still can operate their company throughout the world as they considered the health of the people first.

Calypso has also followed the political requirements. In order to have more opportunity to create a new business, they have undergone the intellectual property and have their new product registered to prevent copyright. Besides, some government regulations have also been followed by this company and have their employees being treated fairly. They will also prevent their products bring negative effects to the environment and never avoid the taxes needed upon their sales. Insurance is also being applied not only to their products, but also the employees and the factory.

A detailed research about the creation of a new product is needed so they won't be any same products occurs in the market. Packaging and promotion of the product also need to be done in order to attract more customers to buy the products. Calypso also has to take consideration as if they really need more new machineries to produce their products.

Calypso has a lot of departments like marketing and finance department. These departments have made an important role in the raising funds and promoting the products. They also help the company to earn profit by using different ways. Without these departments, Calypso cannot be operated that well.

Even though Calypso is a big company, but it still undergone the key performance indicators so that they can know that which part of their company need an improvement. By this, they can gain more trustiness from the people. Lewin's analysis model also been used by the company to know about the effects will occur when dealing with changes.

Calypso Pty Ltd can now being a successful big company is actually with the help of a lot of things. If the company continues with this effort, they will have their company being a successful one.