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There are many sites which provide information about latest movies and gives information about the film stars. Different sites are also available to download movies, songs, know about the latest reviews and provide wall papers of latest movies. One among such sites is the Idle Brain. Idle Brain has its specific features and provides latest information about the movies up-to-date. Idlebrain gives reports on the growth of movie industry. It gives latest information about the movies which are released and going to be released. Idlebrain is a good source for Telugu movies. This site provides reviews of each and every movie which is released. It provides information about movies to people. By this people know about the latest reviews about movies. This gives latest news about movies like the date of audio release, movie release and talk on the movies. It provides discussion board and it posts some of them like report abuse, the sound of music, sports, jokes and more. Trailers of the movies are also provided for latest and also for the old movies. These trailers are arranged in the alphabetical order. By this people can easily know about the movies. The latest function releases about the movies like audio launches, success meet of the movies, press meets about the movies, 5/100/175 days functions, opening ceremonies of the movies, award functions, platinum disc functions, premier shows and other stuff. It also has a photo gallery which provide picture of stills from the latest movies, pictures of heroes and heroines. Wallpapers of latest movies and the upcoming movies can be downloaded. These wallpapers can be downloaded according to the user wish and the requirement. People have interest to know the lifestyle of their favorite actor or actress. The Idlebrain provides interview of different stars, directors, producers, music directors and gives more information. In the site of it has the search toolbox to know about information about particular movie. Idlebrain provides facility for the users to register and login with their login id and password. In this user does not have facility to download but the wallpapers can be downloaded. This also includes the sponsors for the site (idlebrain, 2009). Hence from the above context it can be concluded that idlebrain is a site which provides information about the latest movie reviews. Idlebrain uses e-business for having latest updates and to communicate with the users. The ideal brain gives all the information about latest movies to people.

E-business and its importance

Electronic business is commonly known as e-business as it uses different information and communication technologies (ICT). The e-business with the help of ICT helps in improving the business. The definition of e-business is given as "The transformation of an organization is processes to deliver additional customer value through the application of technologies, philosophies and computing paradigm of the new economy" (Zorayda Ruth Andam, 2003). With the usage of e-business in an organization will improve the production processes, customer-focused processes and internal management processes. It is the process of transformation of services electronically between business partners may be business partners or an individual. The e-business may be conducted internally or externally with an organization. Depending upon the type of transactions and their relationships e-business are classified into different categories. The classification of E-commerce is generally given as Business-to-Business (B2B), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) (Feng Li, 2007). The term e-business and e-commerce has the similar meaning in narrow. The process of e-business is particularly done by the process of buying and paying goods and services. In e-business the business activities are done with the help of email or web. E-business is very simple. E-business uses internet or related technologies for doing normal business operations. This e-business is useful for buying, selling, advertising and managing the services and goods. There are many factors which help in development of e-business. E-business helps in the development of the organization (Casey young, 2003). The main aim of organizations in using e-business is to reduce the cost and improves the efficiency by incorporating business systems and eliminating duplication of efforts. By using e-business in an organization helps provides a way to run its business more efficiently and achieve its goals with less cost and fewer resources. E-business for an organization provides many benefits for organizations and is more important for running a business more efficiently. E-business is very much responsible in obtaining the cost reduction while doing some major processes. Many of the business are moving towards for the usage of e-business as the usage of internet by people is increasing and good efficiency is obtained by doing business with the help of internet. E-business is preferred by many of the organizations as it provides (Buzzle, 2009)

  • Cost effective marketing's for promotions
  • Helps in developing competitive strategy
  • Provides better services to customer
  • Provides services to customer all 24-hours
  • Communication can be made effectively from ant place and time
  • Online shopping can be possible

E-business is mostly done in international markets to enhance their business all over the worldwide. The business can be efficiently done with the help of e-business. For implementing E-business the main thing is that a business has to invest in pipelining the organization model. Infrastructure is the main aspect in e-business and is the type of end-to-end. It is very flexible to use (Raffaella Cagliano, Federico caniato and Gianluca Spina, 2003). Hence from the above context it can be concluded that e-business is the process of doing business with the usage of business. By using e-business by organizations helps in enhancing the business and also the overall productivity of an organization. It provides many advantages and facilities in efficiently doing the business. By e-business the significance of organization is increased to worldwide.

Structure of the website and its designing

The structure of the website of idlebrain is designed in such a way to attract the customers and to satisfy the requirements of different types of customers. In the website of the Idlebrain it shows different movie reviews. By the pictures of latest movies it attracts users as many users attract to these sites by the pictures. The structure of the site is dynamic as it changes according to the information in it. The alignment used in this site is the dynamic as it changes according to the updates and new release of the movies. The site size changes according to the updates in the information. The designing of idle brain is based on html language. In html this site is built by creating tables. The back ground color used in this white. The alignment of this is dynamically arranging the tables. The website structure of idlebrain is designed in such a way that (idlebrain, 2009)

  • Customer can easily and comfortably access the site
  • Security is provided in submitting the information
  • Updating of information is done automatically
  • Provides facility to download wallpapers

The website of idlebrain also includes some of the websites. The designing of this done based upon the fuzz. Where it changes according to the according to the time delay given at the back end of the designing. In the websites the alignment is made in such a way that user can have easy access to the information. In the website of idlebrain the alignment is done efficiently as all the latest review of movies are shown at the left side and the updates like live chats, photos and interviews all at the right side. In Idealbrain the information is sorted out according to the criteria in order to provide easy access for the user. It also gives about the status of latest movies like its profits, losses and the talk of the movie. It sometimes gives information about the Bollywood reviews. The website is designed in such a way in order to attract customers by which more user's uses idlebrain when compared with other sites. Hence from the above context it can be concluded that the structure of idlebrain is designed very efficiently to have easy accesses. It is designed in such a way that a person with little knowledge can easily access the site. The information in the website is updated regularly.

Application of business theory in Idlebrain

Theory in general is given as the studying the principles and practices that are implemented to achieve the goal for effective management. For running any type of business to be successful certain business theories have be implemented. Implementation of business theories should be based upon the strategies implemented by them. These business theories are based upon the strategies implemented by the organization. By implementing proper business theories in organizations helps in overcoming the challenges with eth competitors. Based upon the organization structure the business theories used by them differs. These business theories help in further development of the organization. For maintaining business environment and to change according to the modern age application of business varies. The business theories help in directing and controlling for obtaining the objective (Economywatch, 2009). While setting up new business many business theories have to be considered. These main business theories considered while implementing business theories

  • The business plan
  • Cash flow forecast Break even figure Entrepreneur skills Success of it in present market
  • The plan of running business

Business theories are implemented by idlebrain in order to satisfy the customers like to have easy access to the site, providing information about latest information of movies and much more stuff (helpme, 2010). In idlebrain the business theories helps in improving the marketing. By making use of business theories in idlebrain helps in knowing about the latest reviews on movies to people earlier, position of the film, make them know about the release date and this interest convert them to have more ticket sales. Idlebarin in the initial stages have proposed business theories in order to interact with the customer and provide information to them up-to-date. In idlebrain information is updated regularly about the latest reviews, audio launches, press meets and posts trailers. Hence from eth above context it can be concluded that business theories helps in the development of the business. The business theories play a major role in the development. The business theories have to propose at the initial stage of starting a business. idlebrain has implemented business theories to have the latest reviews and to update it regularly.

Evaluation of business approaches used by Idlebrain

With the evolution of internet the entertainment has become more reachable and affordable. Various sites had been developed for promoting and providing access to entertainment sites. The sites not only provide latest information but also facilitate in providing security. Some of the websites charge for the services they provide while some provide yearly subscription and some charge based on the service. The idlebrain website is one of the many sites that provide the online entertainment, access to movie world. It supplies all the entertainment related content like movie wall papers, movie reviews and other related things for free of cost. Idlebrain mainly deals with providing Tollywood information. The sites keep developing as new and new web technologies keep popping up in the market. Idlebrain has mainly used the advertising technique as its main business strategy. As things became more familiar e-business strategies have evolved from the fledgling concepts. E-business has implications for a various aspects of an organization. Internet has acted as a catalyst for various entertainment sites (Douglas Holmes, 2001). Internet based infrastructures are cheap which requires less investment when compared to other business investments. It provides rich environment for effective business networking and inter organizational process. It assists the small and medium size enterprises to access large consumers through E- business. While considering the idle brain website, there is need for service providers to consider the structure of the website also. Interactive websites lure more customers, providing more options and interactive applications can certainly help in promoting the site to a great extent. The emergence of e-business has led to the dramatic redefinitions of the nature of an organization (Janice Burn, Peter Marshall and Martin Barnett, 2002). The force of e-business lies in the areas of the business to business transactions. Many innovations are being added to the various business strategies and the innovations are not limited to the rich and developing nations. It is the smaller governments which are the quick ones to embrace the e-government strategy. The business strategies implemented by idlebrain are small and it has proven to be effective. It is evident from the number of advertisements being displayed on the home page of the idlebrain. The aspects of business strategies are confined to its own site. It implies that idlebrain has not initiated itself to a spree of its services on various advertising channels including other websites. There arechances of the website losing its edge to its rivals if more services are not added to the existing home page. As idlebrain is one of the frequently visited sites it can in the near future charge for the services it is rendering. It can also consider the strategies being implemented by other websites like, where many advertisements pop up on opening the site. This is one of the effective business strategies being implemented by various successful sites. By providing use and pay option for the songs like various musical sites idlebrain can become more popular across the globe due to the huge Tollywood fanatics.

Improvements in Idlebrain with the usage of e-business 500

Idlebrain is providing various entertaining services to the internet users. Introducing e-business applications into Idlebrain website can improve its way of interaction with the users. E-business can help Idelbrain applications internally and externally by the means of electronic process. Idealbrain can introduce selling and buying of products using e-business application while designing its website. By using of e-business applications, Idelbrain clients can interact with the website in very effective manner. Idealbrain is conducting digital business by offering different wallpapers, reviews and interviews of the celebrities. In order to attract more number of internet users e-business strategies can be employed (Bruce Durie, 2001). By using e-business Idealbrain can reduce cost for business process. Flexibility in using will be the major advantage for Idealbrain website, if e-business is used. Using E-business is also the best way for marketing a business or websites. Many users can come to know about the business services and websites through using e-business applications. Idealbrain can provide selling and buying of entertaining projects or any other product by embedding e-business into idealbrain business applications. The users can post comments to particular topic which has attracted most number of customers using e-business. Effective customer value can be offered to the idealbrain website users with the usage of e-business. E-business can help Idealbrain in eliminating the various processing errors. Removing errors can enhance the business performance and can improve fastness of accessing. Idealbrain can maintain business relationships in an effective manner because of using e-business approaches. Visibility and attractiveness of the Idelbrain website can be enhanced with help of using various emerging technologies (Jorge Gasos and K D Thoben, 2003). Users can attain latest updates about a product or about any entertaining topics with the help of e-business applications. Competitive advantage can be attained by Idealbrain with the inclusion of e-business applications. Idealbrain can introduce the service of online movie ticket booking with the help of e-business. Introducing new services can improve the revenue of Idealbrain website. A user can experience the best service by spending low costs with the usage of e-business applications. Accessibility of the Idealbrain website can be raised potentially because of using e-internet applications. Response time for communicating with Idealbrain is improved by integrating various technologies like e-business and new application languages (Susan Sweeney ,2001). Due to high customer satisfaction Idealbrain can attain more advertisements from various organizations. Idealbrain can operate globally with the inclusion of e-business applications. Idealbrain can integrate with very huge organizations by making use of e-business. International marketing of Idealbrain can take very strong steps if e-business application is used effectively (Murrell G. Shields, 2001). Hence from the above discussion it can be understood that, e-business is increasing its popularity in various business organizations and application. Idealbrain can use e-business applications in order to improve its services. Idealbrain can introduce variety of services like online movie ticket bookings and reservations with the help of e-business applications. Cost of accessing, quality of services, interaction and visibility of Idealbrain can be improved with inclusion of e-business applications. Idealbrain can gain global popularity and can combine with internation organizations by making use of e-business.


E-business is the process of doing a business with the help of internet. By implementing e-business helps in improving the business. It is the latest technology implemented and used by organizations for having efficient business. E-business is generally categorized into three types which are given as Business-to-Business (B2B), Consumer-to-Business (C2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C). By implementing e-business in an organization helps in reducing the cost, process can be done fastly and efficiency of it is increased. The services by it are available at 24X7. It makes transactions to be done in much easier way and improves their standards to international market. As idlebrain is the online updating of information about the latest review of the movies. It provides latest news, discussions regarding movies, trailers of new movies, and audio functions of the latest reviews. It gives information about the movies that are about to release. The website structure of idlebarin is designed in such a way to attract the users and have easy access to the information as data like trailers audio functions, wallpapers are categorized separately. A well designed website structure helps in attracting more customers to access the sites. Many of eth business theories are used in the designing the website. The structure of idlebarin is built by using HTML as the backend and is built dynamically. The dynamic structure of idlebrain helps to have information and can be used stored and updated regularly. By implementing e-business in idlebrain helps to have easy updating of information and data can be accessed easily. Hence it can be given that e-business helps in improving the business and in idlebrain more reviews can be updated quickly and user can know about the latest reviews of films and the date of their release. By using Idlebrain information about latest reviews on movies can be known and downloading of wallpapers can be made easily.


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