Business is the process of selling and distribution of productive goods

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Task 1

In the literature review investigations and criticism is importation. If there is no investigation the research is value less. Literature review is the secondary data for the new researcher he/she just follow the ideas and information. in literature review author writes what he got the information from data collection. when the new researcher following the existing review at that time the condition of literature and the current situation will difference so researcher obviously criticism. in this condition positively criticism is good not a negatively. If the author writes the literature out of track from the subject at that time new researcher need to criticise negatively.

In addition most of the author writes literature theoretically but it is difficult and less chance to use practically. In this situation we need to criticism negatively. When we following the existing literature review totally agreed with that literature in bad because we could not find out new point and our research is value less. So, we need to criticise politely and systematic because we are using their books or journals. Existing literature review authors are our creditors, anyhow we will giving the credit by referencing and using their name.

At last criticism is very important in research and new researcher criticized at that condition where it is necessary, situation of research period or the literature review view point and the data of new researcher is mismatching and differences which comes out different questions. It also helps in the developing the interpretations and helpful when the students write an essay about any literature. So, criticises is important in research.

When the Sarah draft-out her first project review her tutors reply that the summary was good but not sufficient critical issues. At that time she was fully argued with author and no more critical questions. So, tutor didn't accept her draft. She would trying once again and second time she got another shocked again because this time she improved more than previous under-critical and tutor found draft is over critical which is bad.

In my opinion for the balanced of critical literature review sketch out the main point and if the literature review is out of track from the main point obviously criticise hardly. The points are matching with the aim try to support and improve better than previous. Criticism is not a substitution for original views. So, balancing of critical review is Interpretation of main body and pick out the new ideas. Thus the Sarah tutor suggested her.

Sarah need to do to develop a literature review which is sufficiently critical, firstly she need to erase unnecessary critical thinking which may gives negative point, for the sufficiently balanced try to list out the main goal of author's and what to achieve? Structure of argument, try to claim on main part. In this condition she needs to create logical, theoretical and practical structure account to help developing arguments. Suppose the Sarah chosen same topics literature review it may difference in aim between author and Sarah. So she needs to concentrate in her main subject. Criticises only on that subject which changes the past and present situations, or if the author try to explain out of subject, the author in the right track she needs to argued with literature review that's the balanced critics

Task 2

Normally, Business is the process of selling and distribution of productive goods for the profit earning. It affects hardly all parts of the society. Successful business organizations are necessary for the development of nation. Business organizations are the backbone of nation which directly affects the economy of nation like GDP, GNP, National Income, and the Personal Income. So, business organizations are very important for development of nation. For the success of business we need to sketch out the effective planning and policies which helps to stability and continuity of business, survive long term and challenging with competitors in the market. Non of the business organizations are the success without the effective business planning. In the business world success of organization depends on capability of effective planning which may reduce uncertainty and focus on the goal.

Business planning is the very important subject for the business owner and managers of organization who finalized the plan. I spent lots of time in this business management field. So I am interested in this field and I have lots of ideas and experiences in this sector. I am looking my future career in same field where i will show better performance than past. Most of business owner and the managers are fail in the running their business. The main cause of business failure is lack of business ideas, less knowledge of effective business plan, and idea about business environmental problems. This topic helps me to getting new ideas, knowledge, and the problems facing by the business firms. These are some reasons for choosing research topic.

I hope that I can easily access the data which necessary for my selected topic. In these days competitors are the main problem in every business. They thought about perfect plan against their competitors. How to save from their competitors? How to minimize the risk? To find out environmental problems. These are the main significant of choosing the topic and my research concentrate on the small business and different types of large business of London. In this 21st century for the business success perfect business planning is compulsory. In today's market competitors are growing day by day. So, I want to know how the business firms are working in this situation? How they tackled each other? And how the different types of offers gives to the customer satisfaction? By this research we can getting knowledge of short term plan which is flexible. we can't change long term plan, it is sketch for organizational goal.

1) What are the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats for goals in business?

2) What are the main problems facing by the organization when running the business? (specially challenging with competitors and finding out the similarities and differences between competitors)

3) Is the internal and external problems really effects on the organization? ( internal environments likes misunderstanding between staff, try to cheating external environment problems- political, social, demographic, economic )

4) Is it possible to creating an unique activity than others in the market? (to dominate competitors, try to getting down their market share value which directly effect on their organization helps to increase own share value)

5) What are the procedures of business standard quality of productive goods, market level, customer satisfaction and staff motivation accessibility and usability?

6)How can we survive in the market at the crises or decline period? ( applying short run and flexible plan which is better than competitors)

7) Can we change our less useful old strategies? Are the competitors really problem? If possible how?

8) Have a any solution about natural disaster come an effect on our business?( fire on goods godown , earthquake fall down the building)

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The topics which I had been chose "Effective business planning for the successful business in long-term which is against the business failure" I am really interested and fascinated. I will develop my project work within the fixed time bound and try to using effective and appropriate skills under the select research topic. I will do anyhow with in time. If the research does not finish in the fixed period that research is value less. The topics I choose it still current and will be hottest forever business failure is the very danger and risky problem so no one like to fail in any sector and try to survive on their own place. My selected research topic is trying to solving continuous problem in business sector. Research topic depend under staff performance, marketing condition, financial problems and environmental problem. The main causes of business fail is financial problem so i will try to find out the financial statements of firms which may possible like a balance sheet. I am sure an able to access collection of data by using primary and secondary method which will required for my chosen topic.

The topics is exactly fit and meet to the standard set by the examined institution no one likes to choose mismatching topic against the standardization. I am doing research in the effective business planning which is related with business management module. The topic had chosen by me all the issues that have clear link with theory. The literature review, which I am using objectives are matching with my draft questions and helps me to analysis objectives. I already sketch lots of questionnaires which will match with the clear objectives research topic. In this topic I am able to making proposal, if I am unable to making proposal i cannot choose this topic. Business management is that field which I had been worked and gaining lots of experience. So, I have clear vision and ideas about this subject. The outcomes of research topics finding out is systematic and serial, easy to understand all the outcomes are related with topic. My research topic is totally related with business management which I have experienced and I would like to continues my previous job better than before by using new ideas. I hope This topic helps me to getting better future career in my life.