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Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) is in its 4th decade from 1976. The founder and chairman of HCL is Shiv Nadar. HCL is the largest producer of PC's in India. HCL employees around 60,000 professionals around 26 countries. HCL operates under two streams with total revenue of US $5 billion namely

HCL Technologies

HCL Infosystems

The business stream HCL Technologies focuses on the global market dealing with product engineering, technology, BPO and infrastructure development. HCL Infosystems focuses on Indian market dealing with IT hardware, servers and networking. In India HCL has 7 sites for manufacturing PC's, business servers, workstations and PC accessories. The company has product parternership with Toshiba, Microsoft, Intel and Nokia. The company also had joint ventures with hp, BT and NEC. HCL is focusing on better inventions and innovations for the world. Hewitt associates awarded HCL as " Best Employer In India " among 25 companies in the country. The company thinks that their employees are responsible for achievements since from the past.


As a Human resource manager of the company, I have given a detailed report on Human Resource Planning which concentrates on the following




I have given a brief procedure on how am going to choose employee for the company. The report is produced from my experience and book knowledge.


HCL works with the modern philosophy of 'Employee First' . The chairperson believe in satisfying his employees will satisfy their customer. As a Human Resource Manager of the company, in this report I will be examining how the company is going to recruit employee for its software firm. The company is planning to recruit the fresh graduates from the college by conducting campus - recruitment campaign. The company believe in recruiting freshers will benefit them by

Freshers will get opportunity to mold and lead our organization.

Freshers comes with fresh ideas.

Freshers comes with up-to-date computer acquirements.

By motivating, they will be energetic passionate to give better results.

The company is recruiting for the post of "SOFTWARE ENGINEER". The company is looking for around 200 fresh employees for its site in London. The company's recruitment policy is described below in the report.






Human resource management is the efficient use of employee's to grow their organizational performance. It also refers to the act of managing human resource at its workplace. The various functions of HRM are :

Recruitment and selection

Job descriptions

Training and development

Appraisals and retention


Human resource planning is done only when the company faces demand in employees. The planning is carried out to make employee to contribute to the future of the company. Recruitment is done only when the company is in demand for employees. The company is going to recruit professionals from colleges and universities.


The mode of advertisement here is internal i.e. the university where the recruitment is going to progress will make all announcements to the colleges around the city. The company sets some criteria for the colleges to be participated and also to the candidates.

Criteria for Candidates :

Graduate must have completed the age of 21 years.

Graduates must be from Computer science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

Graduate should not have more than one standing arrears.

Graduate must have A or B grade in their degree.

The college and university management are responsible to select graduates meeting these criteria. The final list is submitted to the HR department of HCL.

HR department of the company validates the list given by the colleges and sets their own strategy in selecting their professionals. HR people looks keen in various acts of the government like

Sex discrimination act (1975) - Equal oppourtunities to both sex .

Race relations act (1976) - Equal rights to all races of people around the world.

Disability discrimination act (1995) - Disabled candidate will also be given chance.

The company provides equal opportunity to all graduates. The company is looking for around 200 employees but qualified graduates are around 1000 graduates. As a HR manager the strategy to select right person for right job becomes more critical and the process goes tough. The company is recruiting for the post of Software Engineerand the recruitment procedure starts on 22nd OCT'09 and ends on 25th OCT'09 in the university campus.


The selection process can be done either by direct observation of the candidate or by handling interviews with the candidate but the strategy is to place the right person in the right job for the right company.The selection procedure of the company will analyze the candidate in three different ways :

Task analysis

Activity analysis

Skill analysis (Needham et al 1999)

Task and activity analysis involves the testing of candidates subject knowledge to satisfy the jobs criteria. Skills analysis of the candidate is to know about how efficient candidate is in completing the task. The selection process goes for four days, as the number of graduates are more in number. The selection schedule is listed in the table below which covers all three analysis of the candidate. The strategy of the selection is to select the employee who will contribute to the future of the organization



Company presentation by HR person

Written Test


Group discussions

Technical interview 1


Technical interview 2

Technical interview 3


HR interview

Offer letters


The process starts on 22nd of October in the university campus and it is inaugurated by HR person by giving presentation which covers the following

Company's history and norms.

Company's products and the current status.

Company's policies and procedures.

Benefits for employees.

Future prospects of the company.

From the presentation, graduates are aware of company's profile. The selection procedure follows as scheduled.

Written test :

The written test will be the general aptitude test consisting of around 90 questions of duration 1hour. The written test covers the following aspects of areas

General aptitude.

Logical reasoning.

Verbal and non-verbal tasks.

The questions for this test are prepared by the HR team of the company. The students are instructed by the HR people for their test. The classes are allocated and the process proceeds by the people. The answers are coded in the coding sheets. The graduate with 70% result will be short listed for the second step. Selected graduates will receive the mail from the company.

Group discussion :

The number of graduates are selected to around 750 and the second step proceeds. In this procedure, a group of 8 candidates will be given a topic to discuss and assessed by a person from company. The results will be given on the spot and the selected candidates will proceed to the technical interview 1. From group discussions the candidates are short listed to number around 500 candidates. Group discussion is conducted to ascertain the skills of the candidate.

Technical interviews :

Technical interviews are based on their subject knowledge and general concepts of theories. All the technical interviews will be conducted by the technical persons of the company.Interviews will be conducted by the well qualified technical persons so that the candidates can be accessed clearly. At the end of the technical interviews the short listed number will be around 300 candidates.

Personal and HR interviews :

The final day of the procedure is commenced by the HR interview during which a group interview and individual interview will take place. The group interview will be conducted by the HR people and they will assess the candidate in every aspects that makes them fit to our organization. The HR persons will play a tougher role in selecting the right person for their organization. At the end of these interviews the HR department will come up with the final list of candidates passed their test and will hold the positions in the company shortly.

Receiving offer letters :

The final step of the recruitment procedure is that the candidate is interviewed by the Human resource panel. After this interview, the candidate may come to know about his/her job details and other informations. The candidates agreed to work for their organization will finally receives offer letter from the manager. The candidate who reaches the end of the procedure will come to employee agreement to the firm. The agreement covers everything regarding the job. If the candidates agree with the contract then he/she becomes the asset of the company and receives offer. The candidate is then subjected to different levels of training for their development and they will catch place in the project. Their growth starts from the training and it will be a non-stop development. The job description and other specifications are shown below in the table format.

The success of selection process is the selection of right employee for their organization and if it grows wrong the company should also have certain grievance procedures to face the employees.


DESIGNATION : Software Engineer

DATE OF JOINING : 05.01.2010


REPORT TO : HR department [Assistant Manager]

ACCOUNTABLE TO : Team of 8 members assisted by leader.


Must not have any criminal offence.

Must complete the degree.

Must complete the approved trainings from HCL Technologies.

Must hold the certificate of training completion from HCLT.

Unable to complete the training will be withdrawn from employment.

Must satisfy two criteria

Training completion.

Talent assessment tests completion.

Must be on probation for first year.

Two references must be given. (professors, principal, employee from HCL)


Training period : £10,000 [ First 15 months]

Employment period : £17,000

Special allowances included on travelling for company's project.


Must sign a service agreement (contract) for the period of 2 years.

No need of surety amount.

It is against law, if the contract agreement is not satisfied.


To learn the team disciplines to work in a team.

As a software engineer must update the knowledge.

Finish the given module with in time and need to gain knowledge from seniors.

Must adapt to flexible working hours.

All defined tasks should be done effectively.

Develop the role to lead a team.

Able to work with different nationalities by travelling around the world.


Working hours will beminimum of 37.5 hours per week and overtime depends on the project working.

Working on all bank holidays.

Total of 18 working days will be given as annual leave.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to receiving you on board.

Yours truly


The candidate must give the following details for the company

Personal details

Contact details

Educational details

Thus, the right candidates are selected for the right position in right time for right organization. The 'Employee first' theme of the company will definitely make the fresh graduates committed and motivate them to achieve their own strategies and company's goals. The employees in HCL are given opportunity to enhance their personality and knowledge. The employees are provided with world-wide exposure.


The new strategy 'Employee First' commits first the needs of employee than the customer needs. At present the HCL enlighten the individual with its five fold path namely






The Employee First scheme will provide many initiatives for employees to empower personal responsibility to company's offerings. At HCL, people are treated as people and not as 'human resource' . The five fold path will provide chance to grow and give time to think.

The company also concentrates on the basic needs of their employee thereby indirectly returning them. The various facilities for employees provided by the organization are :

Residences for both bachelors and family employees at an affordable price.

Various physical development facilities [gym and playing court]

Cafeteria and mess facilities for employees.

Laundry and medical facilities.

Transport facilities.

The employees make use of the organization tools and facilities for their enlightenment. The retention of employees are done by,

Job evaluation and paying accordingly.

This about evaluating every individuals job i.e. whether the pay coincides with their work and knowledge.

Performance pay.

The performance and work done by the employee will be awarded. Each and every job will have achievable level and the employee whoever satisfies the level will be payed.

Giving chances to speak employees mind.

The meetings are basic way of communication between different levels of management. During meetings the employee coming up with better decisions will be given life and they will be awarded accordingly.

Providing various opportunities to acquire talents.

The employee will be given trainings to attain the upto date level of knowledge. By this knowledge the employee will complete the task more effectively and efficiently. This automatically raises the position of the company to its higher grade thereby achieving its objectives.

Employees abilities are recognized and rewarded.

The abilities of the employee will be recognized and they will be promoted to higher levels to achieve their goals and company's goals. This indicates that employee will be motivated to continuous improvement.

Providing short term aid scheme.

The company will organize accidental and medical aids for the employee. By doing this the company preserves their valuable assets.

Assisting employees financially.

Finance department of the company will come with various schemes like insurance, home loan, vehicle loan etc. to assists their employees to fulfill the needs.

Giving chance to explore the world.

The skilled employee will be given a chance to explore and work with different nationalities of the world. They will be given allowances for their journey and stay during the period. This makes employees more talented and efficient for the company.

These are the activities by which HCLT overcomes the need of employees thereby reaching greater customer satisfaction around the world. The company discourages the practice of suspending and other activities that affects the employee. Rather than these activities the company provide chances for their commitment and improve their skills to meet the challenging projects and thus finally retaining their assets (Employees). Thus at HCLT retention procedure offers employee better experience to inventions and innovations.


To conclude, HCL Technologies has vital recruitment and retention procedures. HCL discerns employees as the backbone of its long-term success for morethan 3 decades. HCL also thinks every employees mind as engineering power house. Thus recruitment, selection and retention procedures will help HCLT in placing right person for right job and finally achieving the objectives of the firm.


It will be better for the company to follow these human resource planning steps so that they can satisfy the employees and the objectives will also be satisfied. Moreover the company should always keep sense in personnel management approach i.e. fulfilling the needs of employee will satisfy the customers thereby enlightening the progress of the company.