Building personal and professional skills

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Introduction :

In this assignment, we learn or build personal and professional skills in order to meet both personal and organisation to develop goals. To reach the professional goals, each and every one must have to such kind of thinking idea on 4 i.e. from entry stage to advisor stage. Every personal can have to knowledge about their skills through specific learning or understanding style system.

In order to develop our business or grow up in market each and every individual required personal skill or specific knowledge, for this a personal must have to know about personal skill audit. On the basis of performance on each and every one personale they strictly develop a grade system which is give to the them on the performance of performing the task depend on this they must have to give high level to low level of grade which one write down in the report. Everyone can development plan of personal and make his or her life going to easy. By this way individual get a track on his or her carrier and motivates to follow his/her personal plan.

1.1a) Explore the methods to reach personal and professional skills for both organisational and own goals and objectives.

Personal skills:

Personal skills to develop appropriate knowledge or understanding through solutions or develop personal skills. Personal skills are develop in the way of work experience, learning, hobbies, using new exiting technology, innovation, social or other kind of life experience in the case to meet his or her personal and organization goal. This can be go for creativity change. By developing the personal skills they might be develop or promote new things and advanced designed methods. Like this such kind of extraordinary skills are most for the career goal of an individual. Depends on the individual various engaged in new management methods and pioneer technical or commercial as well international skills. On the research base of some of the basic personal skills need to be develop individual are:

A) Communication skills

Each and every one have to develop a communication skills like basic things reading, speaking writing and listening using various kind of communications programs or technology like newspapers, radio, television. Also through such kind of non-verbal techniques like various books of different authors or any other study books, or various social or personal problem solving situation. This can also develop by using internet or various type of grammar test as well.

B) Time management skills

Time is so much important things for any kind of person to develop his or her life on the best way to get good achievement in the life. An individual must have to developed time management skills as like discipline and task finis within time period. The development of time management depends on the work finishing process to take how long time to run the process to on this basis they have to develop the management of time in specific time period. This can be maintain and improving by making time table for particular task or specific aim to reach the goals and run with this schedule within time limit. Setting the priorities and scheduling them according to individual goals. Individual must also include all the kind of important meeting and work for the firm to develop and perform their task and get relaxation so for each and every this things need to time management. (Vas, 2004)

C) Teamwork skills

Teamwork skill can be developing by each and every one individual perform their work as a team member. To reach the any kind of problem and have to solve this a member which work with team for this preparing the task has to solving the problem and to develop of work target which one finish within the time limit. So we can get good performance by working together and achieve our goals. So we can reach our any kind of our difficult goal as teamwork.

D) Stress management skills

Stress can be developing by the imbalance or due to psychology pressure on mind. An individual must recognise stress i.e. short term or long term stress, temporary stress, positive or negative stress, and severe or mild stress. For the solution or overcome of any kind of stress we have to get relax from work, develop the habit of exercise, reading, playing some games, social support, and also manage the time and schedule before start the task.

F) General skills

Skill must be improved by an individual from everyone's past experience in case of as well gain higher education and commitment towards work, social life, various kind of knowledge. Individual have to develop like this kind of general skill to perform as a good manner and better performance.

Evaluating professional skills

This framework is for professionals in health, social care, sport and biosciences who wish to continue their professional development. The studies are tailored to development needs helping and progress in career.

On the way of Dalton and Thompson there are 4 stages to develop the professional skills has to perform as below:

1) The Fundamental Stage

In this stage an individual first improve or learn the profession of a new job within the organisation. On base of fundamental an individual learn how to follow his colleagues and get good knowledge before learning how to lead them and give best performance. It is known as a essence of the fundamental stage.

  • Main important things of this stage are the structure of organisation, function and culture.
  • Fundamental things have to know about the creativity and proposal.
  • Create the knowledge about the dependency move to independency and also on on which way is to be possible.
  • Also explore the personal/professional dynamics. (Unknown, 2008)
  • develop professional practice
  • gain increased responsibility
  • widen your career path or access new roles

2) Colleague Stage

In this case personal have to create or maintain or develop his/her self on foundation of technical basis, self-dependent, growth in professional knowledge etc. So getting more and more knowledge is to be more creative an individual towards the organisation. In this stage an individual must develop:

  • Any one area of experts or specialise.
  • Build expertise in chosen areas
  • He has to develop the characteristics of a professional person.
  • Day by day increasing efficiency as well as effectiveness.
  • Also share the information with others and follows on it.

3) Counsellor or decision Stage

In this step an individual have to take a decision or be a counsellor on the under working person to have know about his ability to work and help him to be a professional and also which run as a this responsibility to train, organise and working as a team leader to maintain the organisation.

  • An individual must have to develop him/herself completely in solving the problems.
  • An individual have to expand his/her knowledge for particular point and has to solve it.
  • He has to develop the relationship between his/her coaching with mentoring.
  • Also has to gain promotions or improve career potential

4) Advisor Stage

In this stage to develop the planning how to run the organisation in the future so we can get good result and so achieve the goal of organisation. Also this is a final step of professional skill development and plays a greatest role to develop organisation in the future with help of personal ideas and concepts or the specific knowledge of the individual.

  • Individual must involve in strategic planning of the organisation.
  • Gain increased responsibilities
  • Also each person who work within the organisation have to perform task with extraordinary knowledge or ideas and also has to take a risk in the business to develop good organisation and make more profit in the future.
  • An individual have to become a respective of all the people within the organisation. (Unknown, 2008)

1.1b) Introduce the both of organisation skills on the way to learn in future.

By getting new and new to improve the professional skills an individual must include broad range of learning opportunities and experiences. Getting more knowledge has to develop effective ideas are stated below:

1) Graduate or Degree Courses

Professionalism is must in every area of an individual career and get a good personality. In the graduate course is the most important thing to make personal's future in the education way to develop his/her self with making best career in particular graduation field. Now a day's in new generation develop a the advance level course, in this case the various type of alternate option are available to do the courses in particular way as like full time course to attend the college or university and some kind of course we can do on our free time base means part time courses

2) Internet

Individual can also learn and get various kind of more international knowledge through internet as this source. Through internet system we can also develop professionalism as there are also online studies or case studies which can related to individual profession. By this way we get lot of knowledge about our task and also lots of information available even other project's as well so we can compare our thoughts or projects with others make more effective than other. Also we get more idea about product's marketing, finance, economy.

3) Other Professional Societies and Associations

After that getting a wide range of experience on the base of workshops and seminars are been held by some organisation to increase or gain shape an individual personality and professional aspects.

4) Books and Journals

By this way we get lots of knowledge related to our project on various types oh thinks of lots of authors and also is a chipper way to developing the professional. And for this we can use our collage's book department as well various kind of knowledge getting books to read. For this personale have to be a reading skill so get huge kind of knowledge about this type of sources like journal, books, newspapers etc.

5) Exhibition

By this way individual get more choice for perform his particular field, related to professional choice to learn by observing the new or similar product or it's features or services from the competitor. Attending exhibition of an particular things getting new ideas from others knowledge by observation or also by oral presentation given by others. By this way we can easily get new ideas or good knowledge in our related field.

An individual can also learn through work experience in his or her department by proving them with training. Training is most knowledge getting task so by this way we can easily learn such kind of new things.

Training session helps to improve:

  • Personal thinks or knowledge
  • Responsibilities towards the project
  • Behaviour of the personal
  • Getting knowledge about skills and so give best performance towards the organisation.

All the above learning ways helps an individual in many ways:

  • We learn new things and think as well change the attitude of an individual towards work and social life and work on their emotions.
  • After all gain knowledge to growth as an individual.
  • By this way they can motivated and learn new things and improve their activities.
  • Increase the self confidence due to self motivation. (Mittal, 2006)

1.2a) On the base of personal skills audit, find out specific preferred learning style, which mainly base on the standard management and leadership:

A personal skills audit point of an individual existing skill against the skills which an individual need both at the present time being and in the near future. It identifying the skills which include the individual need to carry out his/her existing work and also develop a plan, ant to improve the skills and getting knowledge which needed for an personal to work on his future work for goal or career.

1) Identifying existing skills and knowledge:

   In this first stage, where individual take or show his/her personal skill technique. After that on the base of his or her existing work an individual can list down his/her personal skills by the observation of his/her knowledge of work as well individual identifying his/her knowledge as well as existing skills which one consider as an important. Also an individual find out most useful skills and new things on the base of knowledge, such this kind of skills an individual must refer to his/her description.

2) Identifying future skills and knowledge

   Individual has to write down those important skills and knowledge which are useful in the future plan and knowledge carry on for his/her best career. So in this care individual has to must see to each and every one on wider the option and also to choose the best possible option to success on the way for future.

3) Rating the ability of an individual

This stage is run after the done indentifying the exciting and future skills by an individual. In this case an individual give rate to his or her on the base of current work ability by looking the option as well understanding clearly. This rating system can be follow by each and every one's working skills technique and methods of the work base to thing to do new something. There have 4 steps to scale as follow:

  • Specific kind of certain skill and knowledge related study.
  • On the base of high degree of skill and knowledge.
  • None of the present skills and the knowledge.
  • Create specific kind of knowledge skill and some guideline to use it.

4) Review the above ability rating

After the ability of an individual the next step is to review the ability rating of an individual. It is run the basis of honesty feedback in the case of mentor to give an individual honest feedback about his or her work ability. Because of an individual must have to avoid approach with his/her colleague as they can mislead an individual as well. For this important task, getting new things and views toward shaping their future career plan.

5) Future development

After getting knowledge in different view of the task an individual must star working on his/her negative points or lows cores in order to develop skills or knowledge. Future development can be achieved by an individual by self-motivating and concentrating on the desired result. On the bases on new thing and ideas we can develop a future plan.

So let now we have to identifying prefer learning style which mainly focus on the effective skill required for best management and leadership.

There are three main types of preferred learning style they are:

  • Listening
  • Vision
  • Past experience

Learning through listening

An individual can learn the best through effective listening when there are group discussions held within the organisation. They can be also learn may important things on the basis of listing carefully to their colleagues or supervisor or managers or trainer during the time of seminars or exhibition. An individual can also learn many important things if he/she listen carefully to their supervisor or colleagues during the time of seminars or exhibition. (ScholarshipNet.Info, 2004)


Vision is the best view of each and every one firm to develop in the future plan is an important things or step for success. An individual learns the best when the management present data in the written format or in the visual format like a pie chart or flow diagram of the company. Also can be present on the one of best ways company shows the projectors or power point slides. this will create the pictures of these slides in his or her idea can develop by the using this slides or pictures.

Learning from past experience

This is main important way to learning the task on the base of his or her past experience. “Experience is the Best Teacher.” So an individual can learn easily or though on t his/her past experience. So if they did any mistake in the past so they can to Learning from one's experience helps an individual to learn the most.

1.3a) Produce a detail about personal development plan

Personal development plan helps an individual to achieve his/her goals as it helps to identify the gap between the skills which requires improvement by an individual. While preparing the personal development plan, an individual work with his/her activities and strategies to meet his/her personal goals. Personal development plan enable an individual to concentrate on his/her work as it helps the individual to be on the right track.

I would like to produce my personal development plan of attaining Master of Business Administration (MBA) on the base of Pharmacy degree, not just gaining this degree but keeping in mind the journey to achieve this degree by getting the knowledge by passing the various stages..

SWOT analysis for my personal development plan

My Strength

As I am determined and focus with my ambitious and with my personal goals, I work hard with getting deeply knowledge of my personal field for not just to achieve the degree but also to understand the concepts with clear views so in the future i can do something and achieve various kind of achievement.

My Weakness

Continuous Self-motivation is required for performing the task which I lack somewhere. As well due to the high competition and recession, there is a lack of job security after completing the course. As well continuous working on perticular task getting bored so to do something different so not finish particular task regularly sometimes. Threats are always seen as the future is not certain.

My opportunities

I have an opportunity to prove myself as a good manager in marketing of pharmacy field so run as a good employee in this field. After I am done with this course and also have an opportunity to make my dreams into reality.

My Threats

  • Acquiring the degree without any restrain.
  • Heavy competition for the fresher's like me along with the world's recession.

The following are the main objectives of the below action plan to acquire first Pharmacy degree and then MBA:

The following is the action plan of my development plan:

1.3b) Provide evidence of any monitoring, feedback and adjustment made

The following are the evidence of feedback or monitoring taken from my seniors and mentors for my adjustment of proper development in my personal field in order to get importance effective outcomes.

I would like to monitor the above personal development plan by myself on the base of my personal career plan which how can develop or done my me as well doing rest one can be done by making a chart or graph so can be easily learn or understand towards my actual target of my progress. In additional to this, I must share my personal development plan with my tutor and senior students who are genuine that will give me an opportunity to get some feedback from them and adjustment will be made according to their feedback. Involving other's for monitoring and taking feedback from them serves to be a good idea so that I can keep a track of my progress. Also i should approach those people who are a good listener and who can easily know or understand my task, who can assist or guide my plan and my progress towards my goal.

Once the views are being taken from the people who are highly qualified with good work experience and those having good knowledge, adjustments will be made after I understand their views completely. I should be taking time to look at my personal development plan so that I can make adjustment like activities to cancel or rescheduled or also can make use of the new opportunity toward our goal which can help me to get nearer to my personal goals.

1.3c) Evaluate and review the effectiveness and impact of your learning

When i will getting the my professional management degree then I will go to the market in the practical field in the particular firm for this purpose i have to maintain my management profession, management skills and also business planning around the market world for achieving goal. My management program will going to help me in my professional filed to develop my communication skill, pllanig of task to give best knowledge skill about that. As well i caring pharmacy degree also add on MBA degree with in marketing field to give me best future in my profession. Managers have to create particular management skill or programme to develop firm in the successfully way in this business world. This course also give knowledge about higher business thinking will give more challenging.

This course will help me lot by developing strategic management knowledge and competence in problem solving skills, various kind of medicine publish and get good effectiveness.


Nowadays in this competition world each and every company need good and best knowledge getting employee to have capability ti give new way to firm and company should get best achievement. As well individual has to reed or take a personal skill audit in specific time period to give best performance. Professional skill having in the person is very important in each and every field to progress in the life as well for company also get good popularity and profit with it. Who don't have skill about the business or any kind he or she can't be stand in this fast track good communication world. In the world professionally development is very important for individual for develop himself and getting great achievement in life.