Best practices of recruitment and selection

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To select and recruit someone is not an easy task it needs well trained staff or recruiters who shouldn't have any discrimination between candidates at the same time they should be aware of the law and guidelines.

There are some best practice guidelines such as developing selection criteria, advertising, short listing, application forms, testing, interviewing, referee report, making the decision and medical examination. I will talk about each one of the mentioned points above separately. Actually I attained all the above from the CIPD Module one also by reading and searching.

Developing selection criteria:

It is important to be sure that the job specifications is matching the job requirement and create selection criteria which are consistent with the job specifications which might includes skills, knowledge and experiences that are required on a regular basis to carry out the responsibilities of the position. Assuring that the formal qualification is matching the performance of the job. The experience is very important, so it is important to ensure that it is related to the performance of the job, also the communication skills and team work is important so it is always in mind. Finally determine how the criteria will be assessed, there are different methods such as interview, reference check and tests.


Advertisements these days are really useful for the recruitment and there are two types of advertisements internally and externally. The internally is inside the company for the exiting employees to occupy the vacancy. The externally type is through newspaper, Radio and TV.. etc. make sure that all the information provided in the advertisement is matching the selection criteria and the fully requirement is mentioned in the advertisement. Contact person name and number should be mentioned in the advertisement and the contact person should be aware about the position description and requirements.

Short listing

The best way or the professional way of short listing is to start short listing the candidates with the essential qualification needed for the position then the desirable qualification. Search for more information if needed and put in mind that the target is to find the best candidate for the position. Document the decision of selection and the reasons.


The tests should be matching the requirements of the job also the test should be updated regularly.


"Break ice" let the candidate relax before starting the interview to see his or her real perform not to see his or her perform under pressure. If he/she is under pressure you will not get the clear picture about the candidate. Before scheduling the interview make sure if you need any specific arrangements like gate pass or translator. The questions must be prepared in advance and some questions should be related to the position, also the same questions must be ask for all candidates for fairness. Don't as questions which are irrelevant and keep all questions and answers recorded.

Referee Report (Reference Check):

Candidate should provide list of referees (manager, supervisor, instructor….)

Making the decision:

To make the final decision or the final selection focus on selection criteria and rank candidates according to the performance and the qualification. Gather all information collected from the candidate during the interview also asses the referee report, tests and the application form. Record the decision made and the reasons.

Medical Examination:

There is a medical check before starting recruitment process which helps if the candidate has any medical or health problem. The medical examiner should have the job description or the job specifications so he/she can write his/her recommendations related to the job. There is strict confidentiality and the candidates always advised of result. (Best practice guidelines for recruitment and selection, 2004)


Comparing the current practice in my company and the beast practices which mentioned above we almost following that but we have to develop it more. We are keeping on developing and searching for the best ways to come out with the right selection criteria at the moment we have good selection system depending on the job requirement. One of the best practices these days is the advertisements, we are advertising in the Radio, news paper Company web site and some of the important recruitment agencies.

Short listing and Testing; we do short listing to filtrate the good candidates and nominate them for the initial interview before going to the technical interview all that after the testing system. We trying to get and follow the best and correct questions to be asked during the interviews, at the moment we have quite good questions and we are planning to establish questions bank. The reference check usually done when we have a doubt regarding any selected candidate. The medical examination comes in the engagement process.




We are always developing the recruitement process and the selection criteria comparing with the best practices available.

We have good process of short listing starting with the (Education, Experience….etc).

We have good testing system, there are different types of tests we have and currently we are planning to do it online.

We have professional interviewers that they can control the interviews and the candidates.

Fast medical result. We have good contact with several hospitals in the country, so most of the medical results come on time.


For some vacancies the advertisements is very week in the company because of one reason that we are targeting nationals, so we found it easy to attract nationals with the help of colleges and universities, so by this we are saving money but we still need advertisements for the experienced nationals.


We could attract more nationals if we advertise more.

We have good IT programmers, so we could ask them to help us in implementing the online testing system.


Improper conduct in recruitment technique will incur loss to company in both long and short term

If talent is not recognized properly, it may hamper organizational productivity

If recruitment and selection does not fulfill company’s requirement, expenses done over it becomes a liability for the company

Recruitment procedure for an organization may become a liability to the company and result in wastage of one of the most important resource, i.e. time



The UAE is stable and very secure country, so finding employees is not a difficult issue because most of people are looking to work in the UAE.


We have strong and healthy economy in the UAE, so the salaries are very high comparing with other big countries.

As we are oil exporter we have high income which helps the economy.


The UAE is Muslims country, we have our traditions and our culture.

Some times we face problems with expats employees because they don't anything about Islam also they don't know about our culture which puts them in trouble even with the nationals or the police.


We have the latest technology in IT programs. We are using the latest version of ORACLE and other systems.

We have well trained programmers and technicians.

We have friendly recruitment page in the company web site.


We have legal Department in the company, but we are following the UAE law and UAE labor law, so any one wants to know about the company law he should read the UAE labor law.


As we no there is no nature problems in the gulf region.

The war in Iraq didn't affect the recruitment in the country.

Importance of local and national labor markets:

Local and National market plays a significant role in the process of recruitment and selection. As employees are considered to be as the primary asset of the organization, it is quite inevitable to make sure that company chooses best possible option in terms of labor market that will provide it with apposite labor in order to carry out its functionalities. There are some of the facets that are present in national market that can not be obtained from local market and vice versa. Thus organizations have to choose the labor market in accordance to their requirement and also maintaining proper synchronization with the externally prevailing conditions.

First market that can be chosen is national market that taken into consideration when the requirement is of outstanding talent and also to make sure that a minimum level of diversity is retained in the organization. The second reason is the recruiting from the local market means that we are saving money, time and traveling abroad. These markets are generally preferred when operation that has to be performed does not require much effort or expertise in a particular area, and can be carried out in an easy manner. Thus it has to be made sure that organizations first of all understand the aspects of both the markets, and makes its choice accordingly.

Current employment trends affecting company’s recruitment and selection practices:

Main problem that is causing harmonization problems between employees and organizations are changing trends. In order to retain its significance, an organization should also possess a criterion that will enable individuals to foresee shaping up of their future with the help of the organization. This is due to the fact that employees are now more focused over career rather than just working for the organizations in a monotonous manner. Also gone are the times when candidates used to lay their entire attention over the pay packages that used to be the only offer made from organizational side. Now companies also have to take into consideration all other needs of the candidates in accordance to the contribution made by them in the company. Thus we are facing some problems these days to attract candidates or job seekers entirely on the basis of package or the offer. I think our packages is not any more attractive where we use to be the leaders in packages in the country, because of this we loosing most of the candidates even that we are loosing the existing employees. Packages now also has to include other non-financial benefits that used to be absent in previous scenarios, but now have become of the basic requirements of the employees.


I would highly recommend that my company should follow the best practice of recruitment and selection in market in order to sustain its identity in this highly competitive market conditions. There are some of the aspects that needs to be worked out such that all the discrepancies related to this feature could be avoided in best possible manner. Recruiter should seize high experience in this domain such that it does not result in an ambiguous way increasing only organizational liability and not its assets. Also recruiter should have detailed knowledge of the organizational functioning in order to make sure that he makes selection on the basis of organizational needs. Before any mass recruitment and selection procedure ahs to be followed, there should a complete analysis of the company depicting all the weaknesses and strengths of the company such that recruiters lay their entire focus over further strengthening the company and removing its weaknesses. This might be a time consuming process, but it is highly reliable and intended to provide better results in the future. Cost related to the progression will depend on the scale at which company is operating, i.e. if it is a small cap, its cost will be in a few thousands Dirhams, while in case of mid caps and large caps, it may go in lakhs. Major proportion of the cost incurred in recruitment and selection comprise of cost of organizational survey and operational cost of conducting the selection procedure.

In relation to cost, companies should be prepared for some of the unexpected costs as some times we go abroad for urgent recruitment campaigns to recruit huge number of filling stations staff which cost the company a lot such as (Recruiters Air tickets, Hotel, Transportation, Pocket money, Interview hall, etc), whereas the local market recruitment is much cheaper because the company will be going to save all the mentioned expenses.


Recruitment and selection is the first step in building up of an organization. There has to be certain features that has to be integrated with this step as otherwise it will be highly difficult for company to functioning in an effective manner along with retaining significant level of productivity. But with changing trends, there are a number of other factors that are getting associated with it, thus organizations also have to alter their way of operation along with making sure that it is not interfering with its basic objectives. Another perspective that used to be absent in past was regional and national labor market that could be used to make recruitment procedure easier and proficient for the organization and help it in achieving its final targets without any deviation. But as companies try to make recruitment process more and more effective, there is an element of cost associated with it that enlarges itself. Thus company has to look after both these features in a simultaneous manner such that it is able to follow best possible technique of recruitment and selection.