Best form of recruiting for future truck delivery drivers is externally

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It is our belief that the best form of recruiting for future truck delivery drivers is externally. Although we will encourage the input of our present employees about their ideas on who would be an ideal candidate, people they know. We trust our employees input, this method of HR forecasting may not be sophisticated but it assures the involvement of our employees for this type of work. It also ensures the employees, that the company has invested this much training and time for their personal development, they become part of decision-making. External recruit reduces our HR costs somewhat, but the investment we make in the training we provide is offset by performance bonuses and compensation packages. The company becomes profitable because of our incentives and the commitment by our truck driver/vending suppliers.


Based on the type of work is involved in becoming a Truck driver/vending specialist, we believe the PAQ method for analyzing specific techniques of this job will be sufficient. It is a structured job analysis checklist of items or job elements used to rate a job. The PAQ method will complement the expected performance standards set in areas, such as customer service, minimizing errors by our delivery personnel. The PAQ method gives the company and the employees opportunities to improve performance. Some of the job elements that are measured include, Information input, how and where the worker obtains necessary information for job functioning, other categories include, Mental processes, the types of planning, reasoning, and decision-making processes required by the job. Others include Work Input, Relationship with other workers, Another important element of the job is, Job Context and Work Satisfaction, the physical and social working environment. This is an essential component of a truck driver/vending supplier daily routine. The PAQ method will give us the much-needed feedback for our HR strategy team. It is critical for job analysis. Once all the data has been analyzed, by all parties, the management, HR strategists, supervisors will inform the employees. Everyone has to be consulted on the PAQ method, what the findings were. Then the coaching/modeling desired behaviors can start, reinforcing successful performance of the new methods. It is important to train the truck driver/vending suppliers of the new methods. We also want to ensure them that the compensation system is not in conflict with the new job descriptions.

Strategic Job-Brand Manager

A brand manager plays a significant role in the organization and it is a strategic position. A brand manager is responsible for administrating, developing and executing marketing strategies for an organization. For instance, in Coca-Cola, a brand manager would create awareness for their branded products (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, and Nestea). Thus, this is done by advertising. Brand managers usually focus on marketing aspects of an organization and gives guidance to marketers. In addition, brand managers focus on advertising campaigns and work with ad agencies to spread their trademark worldwide. In Coca Cola, the brand manager has continued to plan and develop new Coca Cola products worldwide. The brand manager focuses on Coca Cola target audience. Advertising is a huge part with the brand manager. 35% of the profits are related to the costs of advertising Coca-Cola products. Clearly, the brand manager has a lot of roles in this organization. The brand manager focuses on getting the Coca Cola brand (trademark) on radio, newspapers, internet, phones, social media, billboards, and many more sources. The main priority of brand manager is focusing on recognition of Coca Cola products worldwide. In addition, the brand manager directs the brand strategy with the organizational strategy with regards to the mission, vision, and values. The brand of Coca Cola should attract consumers and also traits of the organization. After all, a brand manager has fulfilled his/her duty when he exploited the brand worldwide with reliability and integrity.


In every company the brand manager plays an important part in the company. They are very important because they help the company increase profits or make a product growth. For example Coca Cola Company has different brand managers for their different products. The brand managers possessed the knowledge and the skills required for the job. They know what strategies to use, they understand the market they are at, they know how to make profits and make the product growth. The brand manager should possess the skills and knowledge to perform research and apply plans/initiatives with regards to the brand. Moreover, the brand manager must possess the knowledge to drive the organization as a whole in the direction of brand communications.

Specific goals

The specific goals of the brand manager are to help the company achieve the company goals and objectives. They have to know the market and all the factors that influence the product; they have to know how to reach the possible consumers. They have to plan a strategic, innovate and be ready for any change. In case of Coca Cola Company the brand managers have to form a strategic plan that help the product become a leader mark and make sales profitable.

Maximizing the highest potential of awareness for the Coca-Cola brand

Building brand recognition

Developing the brand and protecting it from imitators.


The brand manager possesses the interpersonal skills and be able to participate in cross functional teams to develop products. The brand manager should be able to analyze market trends and consumer behavior. A brand manager must possess leadership and analytical skills which are quite fluent. Must be able to coordinate tasks and manage your marketing team. Ability to meet tight deadline is a key skill in any organization. Another key skill is connecting with the public with regards to marketing, fitting the consumer's needs and demands. As a brand manager, you should be asking yourself, how would this product benefit the consumer? One main important skill, even for any job is always having a strong work ethic.


Analyze consumer trends is a common ability among brand managers. Market research and development will help assist senior management team with regards to consumer behavior and looking at the competition and their products. As a brand manager, it is up to them to analyze trends, focus on prediction and determine applicable strategies. It is vital to have coaching and mentoring abilities for a brand manager. Brand manager are the ones who are expected to reinforce ideas and strategies with market researchers and analysts.

Part 3-Labour Market for Strategic/Requisite Job

Labour market

The Coca Cola Company cares a lot for its workers and employees. They know that if they treat them with respect, they will work the best they can for the company and will be a sense of family from the company and its workers. They try to motive the employees and workers in being creating and always trying to innovate. They know that the importance of the company is not only in the brand but also in the people. They created a workplace were the right of the people are respected. All of the employees are respected and they are encouraged to be the best at what they can. They take very serious and value the relationship of the company with the employees.

Managing Demand and Supply

As an organization, we would manage demand of employees by using a method like trend analysis. Trend analysis is a quantitative method of demand forecasting. We can calculate the annual volume of sales and compare the productivity ratio. In terms of producing and manufacturing Coca Cola products we can look at the number of units produced and production hours. We can use the trend analysis method to calculate the level of sales and demand for labor. Another method, ratio analysis can help our organization by determining the forecasts based on ratios like the number of employees required. Also we can use the ratio analysis to determine the ratio for sales volume. Lastly, Coca cola should consider using staffing tables which can maintain the organization structure and maintain sales among employees. Staffing tables will help us determine the quantity of personnel required for an organization. Staffing tables help occupy the administrative positions, productive positions and future jobs. It is used for operation or short-run time periods. By using staffing tables, trend analysis, and ratio analysis, Coca-Cola would be able to manage the demand for labour.

We need employees to meet demand requirements. Succession/ replacement analysis will be able to identify the right employees who are trained and able to meet strategic objectives. It helps improve and develop employee performance. In succession planning, employees are positively motivated which keeps the productivity on hand with their task. If we don't have a position to fill, we can consider succession/replacement analysis. Replacement analysis does provide backup to various job positions. Coca-Cola can save money and time by using succession/replacement analysis. The real benefit of succession/replacement analysis is short term emergency replacement. Individuals who quit or even terminated from their jobs can easily be replaced by filling in the other person's position. Long term succession, an incumbent can move higher up in the organization if they improve their performance and have the experience. Quite possibly, the manager can appoint a marketing analyst or market researcher to a brand manager. To do this, there are succession codes for readiness and performance. The viable option would be to have a succession/replacement analysis to manage supply.

Hiring Externally for Strategic Job

For Coca-Cola, we would hire externally with regards to our strategic job (Brand manager). The primary reason we would hire externally is due to the fact Coca Cola is known worldwide, so it would be a great benefit to the organization to have different and diverse cultures working with us. We would not hire internally because Coca-Cola wants new employees and new faces in their organization. We would like to see fresh and new employees who would bring new skills to the organization. It will be very hard for an internal employee to have the experience in comparison to an external employee. It will take some time to develop and reach up to the experience and standard of a brand manager, when hiring internally. When hire externally, it would be a rapid process to search for an employee and quickly hire them with the experience. Hiring internally, there would be a very few pool of applicants to choose. Hiring externally does serve an advantage by bringing new faces to the organizations which therefore, promotes new ideas for an organization. The applicants would be more of a diverse selection of Coca-Cola employees (brand manager). Employees who are externally hired do have a variety of experiences which can certainly be applied to a job of a brand manager. Variety of experiences shows that an employee has possessed a variety of skills and abilities in various positions when they worked different places. Training costs would be reduced for a manager to train the employee. There are disadvantages for a manager to recruit externally such as expenses job advertisements. Also, there are expenses for interviewing the external applicants. Moreover, this can be a lengthy process to recruit externally. It will always be complicated to find the greatest applicant for a position like the brand manager; they must possess the correct experience, skills, abilities, and knowledge in order to do the job successfully in the organization. Coca Cola would use a variety of databases to recruit externally. Getting applicants from recruitment agencies and governments would be an ideal option for searching for external employees. Advertising, job posting, social media and newspapers would give a large talent pool of employees. The greater the pool, the more selection there is to choose from with regards to recruiting an employee.

Part 4-Develop HR Strategy


Some benefits Coca Cola Company use is first of all they created a safe environment to work, well people feel good and know that they can innovate and express themselves. Some benefits can be offer to the employee's medical insurance that covers as much as possible. There can also be a program that helps the workers finance their children education. Offer flexible hours, work house hours, pay vacations. Other incentives can be seniority, that because of seniority you get a raise, people are rewarded for creativity or incentives not necessarily monetary but a reward to see that their efforts are being appreciated by the company.


A way the company can compensated the worker apart from their salary if offer them the possibility to buy shares at a lower price, they can also gave bonds or gratifications. By giving them shares or stocks the workers will feel a greater responsibility with the company because know they have more in game and will be motivated to continue with their job.


Recruitment is a technical and lengthy process. As an organization, we would consider using person-job fit. When this method is involved, we would be able to match knowledge, skills, and other abilities with other job positions. For instance, if an employee had the KSAOs of a brand manager, they would certainly be considered for recruitment. Lastly, by using person -organization fit we can see if the individual is stable with the culture of Coca Cola. Mainly the individual's attitudes and behavior should be constant with the culture.


The common face to face interview is quite common in many organizations. The interviewer can obtain quite a lot of information by asking significant questions with regards to the job position. It can help give an idea of the applicant's job knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is also useful for an organization to conduct interviews to see if the applicant has interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. The situational interview would be the viable option. Work samples are also useful for selection because it will ask an employee what they would do in different situations as a brand manager. These are solutions that employees in the organization can utilize for their own use. Work samples and situational interviews are reliable method which is cost- effective and efficient methods of selection.

When selecting a brand manager for our organization. The position analysis questionnaire (PAQ) will help us recruit the appropriate employees. Position analysis helps us to measure job characteristics. It is more of a ranking system. There are 195 items which are divided upon the 6 dimensions. There are 6 dimensions in position analysis questionnaire which include information input, mental processes, work output, relationships and job context. By using mental processes, we can see the types of reasoning, decision making, and planning behaviors used by the employee. Work output shows the tools and mainly physical activities to do the task. Relationship plays a significant role in brand managers and this dimension would measure the types of inherent relationship which are present in the organization. Job context dimension would measure the physical and social environment. The process is quite simple among the PAQ, the employee would state their KSAOs to perform the required job. This would be a reliable process and viable option to help with selection.


The Coca Cola Company, has a system of that is based on employee empowerment and engagement. They also recognize the importance of their core capabilities as a company Above all, one of their most enduring examples is their Mission, Vision, Culture and Values. They are the roots of their core capabilities, this is what drives performance and invigorates the people at Coca Cola Company to become better people in the roles they perform. It is a testament to Coca Colas Company's strong organizational culture. This culture reflects back into the employees of the company, demonstrated by our truck driver/vending supplier, who wants to be part of the Coca Cola environment of winning everyday. Perhaps it is exemplified by simple greetings, or even waving goodbye, or simply thanking a customer, that bought a can of coke. These are some of the values of what The Coca Cola Company promotes as the ingredients to success, fulfillment and happiness.