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Facilities management includes multi- disciplinary activities within the made environment and the management of their force upon the people and the workplace and it is an integration method within the organisation to continue and build up the services. Facilities manage are the person for responsible for the activity and ensure that an organisation has the most suitable working environment for its employee and activities and it is varied from one business sector to another. In this it will discuss the basis for facilities management within the group of nurseries, benefits of outsourcing and external provision of services, quality of services and issues of corporate social responsibility that impact on the operations of group of nursery. And also it will explain on the health and safety legislation for the business and suitable strategy for the effective management of facilities that is compatible with reaching best value as a facilities manager for a group of nurseries.

1.1 Background of Nurseries

Mason (2004: p. 34) says that a school for children between the age 0-5 is a nursery school and it is staffed by suitably qualified and professional person that provide educational play as well as child care for the children. Not like he adults' children need caring and education as well as physical facilities also very important. There are some standards to maintain the facilities in the nurseries and the physical environment welcoming and premises are suitable for the service provide. Safe, secure and accessible is very important as cleanliness also. According to all these things facilities management is a very important area for nursery management and as a facilities manager in a group of nursery there is a huge responsibility.

1.2 Scope and rationale for facilities management within the group of nurseries

Best et al. (2012: p. 56) say that in facility management it is different from business to business and it within a group of nursery also it is important because children have special requirements and there are some standards in child care services with facility management, health and safety and many other areas. Facility management is an integrated approach to managing buildings, equipments, services and the environment and in a group of nurseries it should provide special needs of safety with the children. Therefore managing facilities in group of nursery is different from the others and there are some standards according to the requirements of children.

Mason (2004: p. 670 says that as an example children are active and they need more space for activities and furnishing and equipment are suited for the needs of children. Then according to that the space should manage according to their requirement. The premises and equipment are in conformity with regulations and safety standards. The premises should the good state of cleanliness and then as the facility manager have to maintain the cleanliness with the maintenance schedules and the according to regulatory bodies. In addition to that fencing , doors are very important to avoid entry of unnecessary people as well as to prevent the child goes to the outer doors. In the maintaining equipments also have to consider materials, paints, toys according to the standards. According to that the basis for the facility management within a group of nurseries should according to the requirement of children as well as according to the standards that provide children safety hygiene as well as their physical comfort as per the findings of NSCF Standards (2006).

1.3 Important Definitions

1.3.1 Facility Management

According to Atkin and Brooks (2009: p. 67) facility management is the process within an organisation to maintain and develop the services that help and enhance the effectiveness of the activities carried out in the organisation as well as it is a process that providing suitable facilities in the fields of building, equipment, services as well as environment to the workers to carry out their duties in an effective manner. It can be classified into three categories such as technical, infrastructural and commercial.

Figure 1.3 Types of facility management


1.3.2 Health & safety

Health and safety is an important factor in facility management. Especially in a preschool environment this factor needs to consider with high priority. There are set rules and guidelines for the health and safety by the government. For the preschool environment there are some processors defined by the government and child protection authorities. These policies and procedures need to take into consideration when implementing and managing resources as per the findings of Griffin (2002: p. 45).

1.3.3 Ethics

Due to Deckop (2006: p. 34) each action taking by the facility manager need to be an ethical decision according to set guidelines. These guidelines may be set within the organisation itself or global parameters set by the government or policy making agencies. When recruiting a facility manager it is vital to consider their previous history and background since the responsibility of most of the work going to deal with them.

2. Methodology

There are different methodologies which could be used to analyse about an organisation. In this situation relevant information being given in the scenario and the background information has been collected from secondary data sources.

2.1 Benefit of five nursery system

Mason (2004: p. 89) says that according to the scenario there are five different nurseries operating with the group. When there are many subsidiaries in the same nature the management process makes easy. There are a few reasons for this. The first one is it is possible to have competitions between five nurseries to select the best according to a ranking. This will make employees motivated to maintain the quality of the service. On the other hand to go for a competition like this it is important to uplift the standard and facilities to the same level. This increase the total quality of the nurseries. The second advantage is once the competition created within the organisation automatically the system will improve to over lead others. This is the same strategy implemented by Uniliver by introducing many brands for the same commodities. Presently the company tries to differentiate from others by offering different services to the customers who are getting their service. This needs to further improve to maintain the standard of the organisation. Most important thing is to do all these standardisations and improve the facilities it is required to have a good set of staff who are dedicated and committed for their duties as per the findings of Booty (2012: p. 67).

2.2 Limitation of the nursery system

Sadek and Sadek (2004: p. 56) say that the one of the major limitation in the five nursery system is the locations that they are based on. If all five branches are located close one to the other it is very easy to manage the facilities. As well as if the locations are close by there is a possibility of managing all the facilities by using a minimum administrative staff. If the branches are close by the same food processing plant can be used to prepare food for all the participants. This will reduce the cost of operations. The given information said there are some uninformed inspections carry out by the government. Due to this all the facilities need to manage at the same level every day to keep the standards up to the level. It requires an additional effort and resources to monitor and maintained these resources. According to the scenario the information such as cost of operation not mentioned. It is required to do the cost benefit analysis of the operation of the establishment. This cost benefit analysis needs to carry out within the branched to identify whether there is any unnecessary cost of each location with reference to Atkin and Brooks (2009: p. 98).

3. The benefits of outsourcing and the external provision of services

Gusting (2003: p. 45) says that there are advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing certain facilities. Out sourcing some facilities will bring the external expertise to the situation. Such as within the internal employees there may not be a dilatation to design the meal for kids. Hiring or recruiting a dilatation also not cost effective for a small group of kids. Therefore the best option is to go to an external organisation who provide this service at a reasonable rate. The biggest disadvantage in this outsourcing is the quality maintenance. Because the quality of the supplier has a direct impact in the quality of the nursery. Frequent quality assurance needs to be done to make sure the party is maintaining the same standard.. The other disadvantage is the extra money needed to be paid for these expenses.

Internal processing of services is the best method if possible. Because it is having a direct supervision of the relevant authorised people who are responsible for each task. Then while doing the process or even at the implementation time if there is any mistake or issue can rectify the issue without letting it implemented. Process changes possible wince the policy and the process are defined within the organisation. But practically with limited resources and cost benefit analysis this is not practically implementable as per the findings of Atkin and Brooks (2009: p. 112).

4. Suitable quality & performance measures

According to the Gusting (2003: p. 78)the idea of quality and performance measurement is to increase the best methods of practices to introduce to the company. Using which it is possible to improve the quality standards of the organisation and the performance of the organisation. The following can be achieved by measuring quality and performance.

Effectiveness - Is the processors implemented are right

Efficiency - this makes sure the processors are implemented in right method

Quality - How best the services satisfy customers

Timelines - Make sure the tasks completed on time

Productivity - Value addition done to maximise the process implementation

Safety - Evaluate the overall situation of the processors

These implementations need better support from all the people involve as well as the management support. It gives an opportunity to increase the productivity which has a direct impact to the business objectives. Performance measurement directly integrated with the employee satisfaction. These quality and performance measurements need to implement the diversification process implement with reference to Mohanty (2009: p. 78).

5. Role of facility management

Rondeau et al.(2012: p. 37) say that facility management is a key role in the organisation. Previously this came under administration. But with the vast scope and the importance most of the organisations are directly assigning people to maintain the facilities under a separate section. Due to the importance of the role nursery assigned a facility manager to keep all relevant resources in line with the business objectives and the government requirements. There are some clearly defined areas as below come under facility management

Construction and renovation - According to the requirement of the school it is required to create more space for the nursery. And the existing facilities such as building and other equipment need to maintain. Specially since the nursery is having less than five years kids it is an essential factor to have sufficient space and a suitable environment.

Safety management - Facility manager is responsible for the safety of the kids. Within the school premises all unnecessary or hazarded items need to remove as per the findings of Best et al. (2012: p. 345).

Security management - Required to look into the security of the items. Proper locking or protecting measures have to taken.

There are four main sections of resources that the facility manager require to attend.

Building - this is the main areas of the students to wait. It is important to maintain the ratio of no of square metres per student as per the findings of Rondeau et al. (2012: p. 42).

Equipment - Kids need to have a proper play area and toys. With the consultation with the other stuff necessary equipment need to provide.

Services - necessary services need to coordinate. Such as water electricity and etc. To continuously get the supply on time manage the payments and proper relationship with the suppliers.

Environment - for kids are hanging around the area it is required to maintain the environment cleaner and safer due to Best et al. (2012: p. 390).


6. Relevant issues of corporate social responsibility

Due to the Rondeau et al. (2012: p. 90) all the organisations have a social responsibility in different level. This can be from the environmental safety. Since there are kids coming and waiting it is a mandatory requirement to keep the area clean. But on the other hand to make the environment more pleasant it is advisable to have a greenish environment by planting trees. This is the concept of Eco friendly environment. This will help not only the people coming into the nursery but as a whole to the society. Since the school is managed by the revenue generated by the school 100% participants are paid students. As a social responsibility the nursery can think of providing a free facility for few kids to participate from the close area it make the society happy about the management as well as a great service to the society.

Nursery need to maintain a good recycle process of garbage. This is an important factor for the health of the kids. As well as then the garbage need not to dump in different places. This is one of the biggest issues facing by the society. Proper recycling of garbage will allow to create compost to use for the gardening within the nursery in the findings of Sadek and Sadek (2004: p. 56).

7. Health and safety impacts of Facility Managers

Gusting (2003: p. 78) say that it is the duty of the nursery to maintain the health and safety of the kids all the time. Necessary actions have to be taken to protect the children without facing any complications. There are health and safety policies defined for this. Each incident occurs within the premises need to record and necessary follow-up actions need to take to review and implement any change required. For any urgent issue if required can go for an insurance cover. This will cover hospital expenses and other cost incurred on an issue. The following factors are the essential areas need to consider in the policy.

Awareness raising - Train and explain the awareness about the policy and procedures in the document. Explain how to manage incidents and record maintenance.

Child safety - Use proper employees all the time for supervision of children, check their previous records.

Security - Maintain safe arrival and departure. Restrict unauthorised access.

Premises - Facilities are properly safeguarding within the premises as per the findings of Griffin (2002: p. 36).

Doors - All necessary actions taken to maintain cleanly and not to get hurt the children's fingers from doors.

Electrical& gas equipment - For electrical plug points use safe mechanisms. Keep away gas and electrical equipments.

Storage - Relevant materials and books maintain in safer places

Outdoor area - Maintain secure fence, check for unnecessary items with reference to Wiggins (2010: p. 123).

Hygiene - this is one of the main important factors. Where processed food provided to children within the advised time frame. Clean them before eats those. Clean and check toilets. Checklist needs to maintain for each activity.

Activities - Monitor children's activities and record any abnormalities.

Food and drink - Prepare food within the premises. Store properly.

Animals - Animal within the area free from diseases. And not allowed to enter any other animals Griffin (2002: p. 45).

Fire safety - Fire doors marked, fire fighter equipments are kept in the right place and staff trained as firefighters.

First aid - Consist of first aid equipments according to the first aid act.

Accident sheet - All relevant information kept records and documents maintain properly in a secure place

Mobile phones - Staff are not allowed to use mobile phones during the working hours

Smoking - Smoking is completely prohibited within the premises.

By implementing these rules and regulations necessary safety measures can be taken and maintain a healthy and safe environment for children due to Wiggins (2010: p. 123).


8. Ethics & role in facility Managers

According to Deckop (2006: p. 78) facility manager need to be a mature individual who can understand and manage situations. He need to listen to others and make necessary amendments to the existing facilities or new requirements arises. The facility manager should be an educated individual in his subject area and a border knowledge need to be there in many areas like regulations related to children, health related acts, civil engineering related knowledge and many more relevant fields. Sometime he may need to consult specialised individuals from different subject areas to clarify some of the important factors and issues, which might arise. Facility manager needs to maintain records on the requirements recommendations and implementation of the activities that he normally attends to maintain the consistency of work. Facility manager needs to be someone who is a trustworthy individual not considering his own benefit but the maximum benefit to the organisation. Especially in a nursery environment each action he performs need to be according to a standard and not for anything else. Facilities manager should always work according to the ethics defined by the company as below.

Improve financial benefits

Reduce operational cost

Enhance brand image and reputation

Increase parents' loyalty

Increase productivity and quality

Increase ability to attract and retain employees

Minimise regulatory issues as per findings of Wiggins (2010: p. 123).

9. Recommendations

Facilities management in the nursery school is a challenging job role. Because it is always required to work with the children who are in a very young age. Therefore the requirements are always in a perfect condition. There cannot be any mistake made in any circumstance. Therefore the facility manager needs to be someone who can take a huge responsibility of all the relevant factors. It is important to appoint separate manager for each location if the not of student are larger or the amount of work which is there to attend are more which cannot manage by a single individual. These changes will bring more synergy to the nursery school where the reputation will be increased to a great extend with all the improvements. Each facility managers work need to monitor and their performance needs to measure according to set key performance indicators.

10. Conclusion

Facilities management is becoming a key area for all the organisations. Because to run the business there are so many infrastructure and facilities required. These facilities need to be according to the standards defined according to different industries. Therefore it is required to build the knowledge around the facility management subject area. By doing this assignment facility management knowledge gained in many areas. First the definitions and the rational of facility management theory demonstrated. As a practical scenario Nursery school taken into consideration and applied the theory into practice. As additional requirements for the assignment some of the set policies and procedures taken into consideration. Finally the ethical and relevant role of the facility manager taken into consideration. Because the facility management is a process dealing with suppliers and other vendors. Therefore the ethical behaviour is a mandatory requirement when dealing with suppliers. Specially pre school environment the facilities need to be up to the standard other than considering any of the other factors.