Asssessing The Strategic Thrusts Of Unilever

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There are several factors in the development of the products of the company however there are six main thrusts that are noticeable:

Customers needs verification:

To have a good [performance the company has tro good isight of the needs, requirements and the reservations of the customers and are to be considered with care and dedication.

2. Focusing the Brand Management:

Having the focus on the brand management of the various brands produced under the organization are to be verified with the high quality standards and meet the international needs and customer's satisfaction. The brand management is very much of importance from its very early stage followed up by the production stage and finally up to the delivery stage with proper care and dedication and commitment. The brand management should have a clear focus on the customers needs and requirement from the brand and it should be made possible by the highly trained professional management team

3. Initiating the New Working Channels

Right after the brand management the management of the organization has in its prime duties to get the target market on which their product will get the good appreciation and acceptance among the customers. The target marketplace should be analyzed and identified on the neutral grounds for the better selling of the brand.

4. Supply Chain Management Cycle

The management of the organization has also in its duties to closer the gap between the various markets around the globe and their products and the supply chain of this brands should be handled as a sensitive one.

5. Simplifying the processes

The management and the employment of the organization has to make all the processes and the chains as a more and more simple for the consumers to understand the branding and the product information.

6. Enterprise Culture

The management of the organization has to develop a culture inside the organization which has the ability to maintain the performance of the employment at the high standards and the quality assurance of the brands are ensured

The change is what which is very much required in every part of the organization. Almost every organization in the world needs to implement the change in the organization to meet the modern needs and trends of the market and the target areas of its brands.

The change initiatives

To bring the change in the organization is a very important and key issue firstly the organization management has to initiate the feeling or initiate the needs assessment policy to show that the changes are required. The change process is started right from the time when the management thought to do the changes in some parts of the organization. But the thinking process is not all the thing to do the change the implementation is a main part and making the implementation is also very important and vital one.

The change is done by following a proper procedure to get the stability of the organization intact and static.

If we are looking for the positive change in the organization and making the performance of the organization more and more better. The first step towards this is to create a team which identifies the various areas and spots on which the positive changes can be made and implementation of such changes are logical and applicable for the company.

The identification of the changes requirement of the company at various levels is very much inevitable to create the understanding the future of the company and the future of the strategy of the company in the short and the long term basis.

The identification can be made possible by making the proper evaluation process and analysis of the history of the various products selling and the future expected demands and trends of the organization's various products and brands in the international market.

The change is not only the requirement in the development and the strategies of the brands and the products of the company it is also necessary in the management, employment and in the workforce of the company.


The identification is the first and the vital step for the change. The management of the organization is very much responsible for the identification of the patches inside the organization at which the organization can apply the changes and the identification process should be thoroughly neutral and on pure target achieving thoughts.

The identification might have many complications and obstacles in its way but it has to be done. It can be done by doing the following:

The proper evaluation of the various brands and the brand strategies developed by the organization and its outcome from the customer's behavior.

The employment satisfaction is also very important factor to get the view of applying the change or not.

The evaluation of the consumer management relationship and its outcomes.

The analyzing of all the evaluation data and figuring out the malfunctioning parts and brands of the organization

Making an effective proposal for the elimination of the problems and the implantation strategy presentation.

the possible ways to get the solutions of the ongoing problems and threats that can cause the damages to the origination

Areas for Evaluation and identification of changes

The management of the organization is very much active and committed to implement the changes on the various parts of its structure to prove the high quality and its commitment towards the various products and brands. For the cause the organization management can adopt various methods and tools to analyze and evaluate its different areas for e.g. they can evaluate brands, consumer management relationship, employment satisfaction and performance etc.

The following are some considerations for the Unilever before thinking to implement a change or to develop a strategy for implementation of the change at any level of the origination's work space.

The internal environment:

The internal environment of the organization builds the healthy business environment for the future of the organization. The internal environment can be maintained by the internal control system of the organization. The analyzing the business environment is very much necessary for the organization. The Unilever maintain the good business environment however the changes according to the passing of time are also on the cards and should be taken time to time to maintain the healthy business environment.

Management Performance

The management of the organization is the pillar performance factor for itself the high expertise of the management are required to implement the change inside the organization. The management has very large quantity of responsibilities to manage and implement the change process inside the organization

The management has multi-dimensional responsibilities and should present the sense of responsibility to perform their duties with full commitment and dedication. However the management done their part in the company's work performance and done with responsibility but the evaluation of the performance of the management of the organization is also very important as they should might be fully committed but should be committed enough to meet the needs of the organization in the long run.

Employment acceptance

The employment acceptance is very important as they are the one which on the grounds implement the change in the organization and on the various parts of the organization.

The employee's acceptance towards the change is also a big thing to worry about; they are the one which in reality implement the change in any origination. The employment of the organization should be well aware and prepared to accept and implement the change in the origination to get the full participation of the organization.

Product appreciation

The product appreciation is the factor which build the image of a brand to implement the change or make the mind of the management to implement the change in certain product of=r process. The product marketing and delivery is also a very key issue to discuss if we discuss the changes and need to be made the changes in the organization. The review in the marketing and the marketing strategy of the various products should also be a part of the change.

Employment Satisfaction

The employment satisfaction to the new changes adopted and the expected changes to be adopted in the future should be analyzed and studied. The evaluation from the employment of the organization is good enough to get the view that the employment of the company is indented to the change or satisfied from this kind of the change or not.

Methods and techniques for evaluation:

Evaluation Performa's:

The evaluation Performa's are made to get the customer's opinion for a particular product and there should be another for the employment that either they need the changes if yes which areas they require changes. This is the best source of getting the direct evaluation from the customers or the employment of the company at a short period of time.

Product profit/loss ratio:

The product acceptance in the market will get a good business for the company and gives the profit if not so it gives the loss. The analyzing the statistical reports on the profit or loss of the particular products individually will enable the management of the company to make an opinion that the product is doing well enough for the company or not.

Market trend:

The market trends should also be analyzed by the management of the company to make any decision for the brand or a product.

Consumer Behavior:

The consumer behavior is the also very must effective stimulus for the change strategy of any organization the consumers are those which can cause the changes in the products and branding of the organization.

Diagnostic Change

After the brief identification and getting the clear picture of the needs for the changes in the organization the very next step of the management is to diagnose the strategy an effective strategy that can be adopted in the future for the implementation of the changes in the organization.

Change Management Process

To maintain the quality of the product the Unilever Change management team follows proper outline provided by the Unilever Company.

The process involves the following steps

Analyzing the available resources of Raw Material.

The change management team analyses the different available resources from where the raw material can be collected and utilized in the product manufacturing. The Analyses is done by the team of experts which apply different tools/techniques to test. The quality of the raw material in available resources. The best and purest resources are selected to manufacture a product.

Collecting methods for Raw Material

The selection of method of collection of new material is as important as the decision to select a source of raw material. The collection of product raw material is done with proper care and by utilizing hygiene tools/ Techniques to make the product look good taste good and it should also be good for health also.

Product Manufacturing

The product manufacturing is also a very vital and key factor for the quality of the product. The quality of the product can be affected if not manufactured under the good and hygiene standards of the products.

The Unilever Company has adopted the applicable methods followed by tools/techniques for the product manufacturing. The product is pure as come under the manufacturing process and the process is designed in such a way that it maintains the quality and purity is assured at the outmost and prime objective.

Product Packing

The product after manufacturing process is passed to the consumers for the purpose to maintain the quality of the product the packing of the product is done in standard packing which can insure that the quality can be maintained over a large period of time. The packing of product by Unilever is done in such high standard that when its products are used by the consumers the quality standards are maintained and build the image of the Unilever product in the eyes of the Consumers Specially food products are packed in such a way that there are no slide chances of Damage of Nutrition.

Implementing A Change

Finally the implementation of the all that which has been identified analyzed for the betterment of the organization to taken place. In the implementation phase of the organization that management has the larger part to be decided and participated. The follow up should be taken from the employment of the organization with enthusiasm and excitement to accept and implement the change inside the organization.

The implementation of the change in the organization is very important and the implementation of the change needs a well defined and organized strategy which brings the changes in the organization. The implementation should be done through best available resources and methods and techniques.

Criticism on the Change

Everything in this world has to face the criticism. The criticism is the thing which can make the performance and the management of the organization more and better. The criticism does the following to any organization.

It helps to identify the lacking spots and malfunctioning part of the organization. It highlights the parts where the changes are needed to be implemented in reality

The criticism from the employment can help us to maintain the good working environment and evaluation process for the betterment in the organizational behavior of the company.

it sometimes prevents the organization to implement the changes inside and outside the functioning of the organization.

The criticism is always not the positive one for the organization. The management of the organization has the duty to verify the positive and negative criticism coming from the employment of the organization and the customer and then has to decide the future change management strategy or the organization.

Although the changes in the organization brings many positive developments and progress for the organization but it can face different type of the criticism at various levels by the customers as well as from the employment of the organization.

The customers will record or show their criticism if they are not likely to accept the changes in the brands, products or the other options provided by the organization.

The employment might also criticize the change in the organization if they are not use to implement such changes which they thought might not be good for them and the organization.


Conclusively we can say that the change in the organization of Unilever is on the cards and the management has as huge responsibility as the huge reputation of the organization. The change has to be implementing in the various areas of the management and the structure of the organization to achieve the goals of the organization.

The change management in the organization requires the proper identification by analysis of facts and figures of the organization and the identification of the areas of the organization on which the changes are required to be implementing the change. After analyzing the facts and figures there need a strategy design by following which we can achieve the change in the organization goal. The strategy is then implemented by the proper policy and terms and conditions by the organization.

Right after when the changes are made the management has the duties to start the evaluation process to get the time to time feedback of the changes which they had made to get the future changes in the organization.


In the Unilever we can recommend the following changes to the organization structure and function

The revised policy for the evaluation process is to be done for getting the clear picture of the organization behavior and culture.

The management training and the employment training programs should be designed to get the trained professional for the change management process in the organization.

The tools and techniques are to be identified and the organization should be equipped with the latest tools and techniques for the implementation of the change management.