Asssessing the Human resource management factors

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Among the four factors, administrative reasons, including human materials and money management. Human resources is a valuable and important. Because human intelligence can use other resources such as money management materials, equipment and processes in working to work more efficiently and effectively than is the human creativity and innovation. That factors other administrative management can not do so many diverse professions. Skills and abilities. Be able to serve customers with quality and continuous. It is very important. Executives should learn the meaning and importance of human resource management. As a foundation for learning how to manage human resources appropriate.

1. The meaning of human resource management.

The term "human resource management" (human resource management) originally used the word personnel management (personnel management), a narrower meaning than The view is people management and organizational power center. Related activity Programs and policies related to employee recruitment. Care workers. And giving workers leave Including the history of the workers. Nature of the majority of the Central Personnel Administration is the administrative and service to the term "human resource management" has been more popular. Because of the importance that Valuable human resources. Can not use any machinery to replace the human factor is critical to the organization's success. Because human brain A feeling And spirit. Human resource management is differentiated from other resources because administrators must understand the needs of workers. To honor And treat each other like humans. And emphasis on freedom, justice, security and quality of life of workers with The goal of management is focused on creating value increase The use of human potential to achieve the organization is stable, prosperous and peaceful coexistence in human resource management is so involved. Comprehensive programs and policies more than words. "Personnel management", a term originally used.

For the meaning of human resource management. Have the following meaning.

Non Pensi Y. Wah (2537: 2) Definition of human resource management that To work in management-related workers. Involved in policy formulation and planning workforce. Procurement and development of qualified candidates to work unpaid. Coordination related to maintaining workforce and vacation working conditions fairly Intended for people to work anyway and are an important part in the success of the organization.

Monte Good and Casino (Mondy and Noe, 1996: 4), meaning that Human resource management. The human resources to meet organizational objectives set

Clark (Clark, 1992: 13) explains that human resource management. Manage the relationship between workers and management. The aim is to achieve the organizational goals. The definition of such a critical issue three kinds.

1) Human Resource Management focuses on relationship management. The management is not a person.

2) Human Resource Management focuses on the goals of the organization when the purpose of organization change. Management relationship that will change with

3) The primary purpose of human resource management should focus on the organization The members of each organization are secondary objectives.

From the definition. Can be concluded that Human resource management. Manage the employment relationship. To the use of human resources in achieving the organizational objectives. It involves human resource management, from the people to work until that person to leave. Which can be divided into three phase is important from the obtaining human resources (acquisition phase) term treatment human resources working in the organization (retention phase) and distance them from work (termination or separation phase) that management the role of human resource management at all levels. Because it involves the management have good people to work. Can put people to work to develop appropriate support and control to people working at full capacity. Health care and safety of workers. As well as preparation of income to retire or be dismissed.

2. The importance of human resource management.

Organizational management. Human resources is a critical need and requires lots of human resources in a variety of functions. Because human resources will create jobs and services to healthcare providers. Focused on quality, safety and ethics. In order to acquire the human resources quality. Developing and maintaining human resources for the organization to work efficiently and effectiveness As well as from organizations with the best. All require a good human resource management, human resource management, so important to the District Administration. The following is.

2.1 result in sufficient personnel and ongoing work. Since human resource management must have good human resources planning. The prediction of the future human resource needs. Which must correspond to the direction of the organization and planning. As well as activities of the organization are expected in the future, also taking into account labor market of human resources. To predict that the organization needs of any number of human resources when planning to enable people to work. Training and development. And other resources for replacement if necessary. This will result in work organization have adequate staff as necessary. And personnel working in various functions continuously. Consistent with the expansion or contraction of business organization Organization can result in performance according to preferred direction and goals.

2.2 is good and the ability to work in the organization. Good human resource management will bring recruitment process. Selection and appointment of people packed a good and capable meet the needs of the organization.

2.3 result in the development of human resources. Training and human resource development is the role of human resource management. The training and development are associated with people working in the organization. The people who get into work and people working on a new old To enhance human resource potential of these to work work work is more efficient. And work in line with changes in various factors in the management organization

2.4 result in management compensation and benefits to staff appropriately. Human resource management will result in better compensation and benefits matters and consult with a quality life. Attract and maintain the people to remain with the organization. The morale of the organization work.

2.5 makes the prevention and solution behavior deviation of personnel In human resource management will be put regulations or discipline of personnel engaged according to the nature and objectives of the organization.

2.6 result in the staff evaluation and appropriate support workers well. Human resource management is the process of evaluation of personnel is good and fair Will result in awarding Promotion for people who work well And the punishment of the poor performance and cause damage to the organization Which motivate people to work more efficiently and effectively.

2.7 the relationship between the workers and people working together with management. Since human resource management will focus on developing good relationships between people working together. And between workers with management or labor. To ensure a good working atmosphere. And reduce conflict and international conflict that will adversely affect organization

In conclusion, human resource management is critical to organizational management. It requires people who provide essential services. The human resource management will help the workers adequate and continuous. Good people have the ability to work with the right job. Is to keep people with organizational development. Providing compensation and benefits. And evaluation of appropriate As well as build relationships with workers. This will result in the potential use of human resources in the proper organization of work to achieve the objectives.

Chapter 2.

Human resource management processes.

Human resource management can be divided into 3 phases, from the key people working in the organization. (Acquisition) of care to people in the organization work effectively (retention) and oversee the work of people out of work (separation) in each sub-process is related events. In the process, human resource management will be influenced by laws relating to labor with the first image.


Image is a process and human resource management activities.

Source: Rakich, Longest, and Darr, 1994: 613.

1. Period of acquisition.

From acquisition of human resources will work in Key activities will include the management of human resources, including human resources planning and recruitment, selection and orientation of new people come to work.

1.1 Human resource planning (human resource planning) is a human resource management activities first step prior to recruiting. Selection and recruitment staff to work the human resources planning. Forecasting the future demand for human resources. Both in terms of skills and abilities. To ensure that the human resources needs of the organization. Planning is necessary because the organization has changed the dynamic environment within and outside the organization, so the human resources needs of the organization is changed dynamically as well. Factors affecting future demand for human resources in key organizations such as the growth of the organization. And exit of workers such as customer demand for services increase Services are extended. Or increase the quality and level of work up Including the resignation of the issuance and retirement of older workers. If the lack of good planning will make the existing older workers and new workers have been insufficient. Sometimes exceeding the needs of the organization. Impede the quality of the service organization Or affect the cost of the organization in case of people over etc.

Human resource planning process requires analysis of demand (demand) from the human resources business plan and plan activities that will be in the future. Able to predict future needs. At the same time to analyze supply (supply) the human resources of various organization like in the future. The existing resources of the organization (such as moving the position of migration of existing workers, etc.) and the labor market outside the organization. Analysis will enable executives predict that workers will be broken up or the future If the expected lack of workers. Need to plan for recruitment. Training development. Increasing productivity of existing workers. Or resource use alternatives if possible in the case predicted that workers will be over Need to plan to reduce workers in various forms such as the retired prematurely Or extended in accordance with the number of workers to increase productivity, the more so that when people plan to raise or lower then. The budget must be used. And human resources to such standards of workers skills, knowledge and skills required. Including determining how to control the operation as planned.

Although planning is defined as the first step of the process of human resource management in the acquisition phase. However, human resource planning will be an overview of human resource management is the process of acquisition and maintenance and due to his different about the third term corresponding to the two images.

Figure 2 Human resource planning process.

Source: Clark, 1992: 45.

1.2 Recruitment (recruitment) and recruitment process to find and convince people who are qualified to run the application. Organizations will be chosen to be the most appropriate one to work. Nomination can be made from sources both within the organization itself (eg, promotion and transfer) or from any external source organization. Both sources have advantages and disadvantages vary as Table 1 (Cherrington cited in Fottler, and Joiner, 1998: 151).

Table 1: Comparative Advantages and disadvantages of recruiting workers from sources within and outside the agency.

Recruiting workers from sources within the organization.

Pros and cons.

- As an incentive for workers was working better.

- Allow workers the same opportunity to advance

- An opportunity to assess the worker

- Increased morale and loyalty.

- Workers can start in the new location.

In a short time period - the new thinking is narrowly and stripping

Imitate the idea.

- The political and organizational pressures.

- Require a management development program.

Order to prepare workers to be promoted.

Recruiting workers from external sources.

Pros and cons.

- The ideas and views New.

- Can change things. Without having to worry about. Must satisfy the various factions.

- Does not cause changes in organizational hierarchy management from much - time-consuming to adapt to new workers.

- Destroying mechanism of the prize promotion by the same workers.

- No ability of new workers that Will be able to fit other parts of the organization or not.

However, before using a new method of recruitment to work. Corporate executives should first consider other options, such as that existing workers overtime. Or hiring temporary employees or part-time work. To avoid the burden of human resource management in the long run. If no alternative proposal. Need to work recruiting a new one in the organization. Nomination can be used many ways.

1. To apply to candidates themselves (walk in) a suitable place is situated in the popular and easily accessible candidate.

2. The worker was recommended to friends or acquaintances that have given the job specifications.

3. Advertising through various media such as newspapers, professional journals, or radio, television, etc.

4. Notifications through institutions that train where organizations want

5. Notifications of work through professional associations such as Council or Council to the hospital etc.

6. Notifications through the center Employment. Both the public and private, as Department of Employment Private Employment Office or etc.

7. Broach who is well known, and work organization or other agencies. The talent and experience meet the need. This job is suitable with a high level.

8. The company's Executive Search (Executive Search Firms) is a company that acts find people who are capable and experienced in the position to receive This is often a position as executive director of organization Manager of corporate marketing. The company will locate and broach such person. (Headhunters) work in other organizations to work with organizations that want People often have a high ability to work immediately. But to charge higher rates.

1.3 Selection (selection) to select the screening job applicants. To get the best person for the job opening available. This is a continuing process of recruiting people to join in the amount and satisfaction. Selection process will be a good person to suit the desired or "Put the right man on the right job." นั่นเอง the process of selecting the three images.

Figure 3 Human resource selection process.

The process of selection may vary in each department and each location, such as some agencies may not be interviewed primary, but a test written first, especially where people apply a lot for screening people properly. the remaining less Or some jobs may be a test like practical administrative staff positions. May provide a type test. Or where the computer etc, some have indeed set the standard in professional medical, such as nurses or pharmacists might consider instead of licensed professional examinations.

For an interview for employment. This is an important step forward one step. It can collect information on characteristics of candidates face Has the opportunity to meet the information is very real. It can observe the reactions of interviews with The interview will also be information about the personality of the candidates skills, knowledge, aptitude and experience related to job application then. The interviews also provide some information about the real job of the organization. To determine whether applicants meet the expectations or not. At the end of the interview should assess candidates themselves that Appropriate position to accept or not.

Health check prior to working people aiming for.

1) screening people with health is not strong enough to run away.

2) prevent damage to the organization must pay for workers in case of illness due to the work. You can check the basic information critical to consider the illnesses caused by work.

3) prevent disease. The potential harm to the service and colleagues.

4) to contain the individual functions to suit the health of the applicant.

Checking references and resume review. To verify that Information the applicant provided in the application and interview is false or true. To check the contact with people often refer to the applicant on the application. This is often a teacher Or advisors. Or older supervisors worked with To ask behavioral characteristics of candidate recessive. In general, this process is often considered to apply to people who have work experience than those just before graduation. It must have cost in the operation.

Decision is final. This is the responsibility of the commander of the line where space is opened up people. The people who decide the best and most appropriate number of empty positions.

May have a backup position. If someone has the right to the next. Supposing that the final selection has been withdraw Do not have to waste time opening a new application. After consideration and final selection. Human Resource Management is responsible for selection and announcement process contains one person running. The notification to a qualified presentation and introduction to the new employee orientation to the testing and evaluation of probation. To fill the following permanent staff.

1.4 Orientation (orientation) after selected. Introduction and orientation of new workers is the process to continue. The purpose of orientation is to provide new employees understand the corporate philosophy and objectives. Perception about the organization and their roles properly. Learn how to work and culture of the body. Friends and new colleagues and to work together. The organization ล should provide information to workers about a new philosophy and objectives of the organization. The physical condition of the organization. Management structure. Practices and fire safety. Health and other support for key policy and benefits that workers receive. Including time and method of providing care, training and probation of new employees. This orientation is a good place to start a new job to help people learn to work and behave according to organizational expectations.

2.-Term care.

Term care organizations working in human resources. Aims to provide human resources to run the most. Includes key activities include performance evaluation and placement of people training and development discipline management compensation and benefits. Help / advice. Health care and safety.

2.1 The evaluation (performance appraisal) and evaluation of the performance measurement system that people do during the time period specified. Then compared with criteria or standards set The evaluation of employees as a measure to make executive-level information about the work of each worker, compared with the set criteria. And feedback for improving the performance of workers. Executive compensation Considering promotion or transfer duties. Training and development. And human resources planning. The evaluation is performed four types.

1) performance evaluation, to include post-trial work.

2) evaluation of the performance year.

3) evaluation during the first acting appointment to a new position and

4) evaluate the potential for promotion.

2.2 The placement of persons (employee placement) data from assessments will enable administrators adopted decision placed in various locations to match the potential exists, such as promotion and relegation or transfer. etc.

2.3 Training and development (training and development) Human resource development is the process of adding capacity and performance of workers in the organization. Using training and development in various forms for reasons important to the training and human resource development, including five reasons.

1) To improve the performance of the workers better. That workers lack the skills required to work is a priority that must receive training also workers, some have been promoted, and the lack of skills and abilities certain position. new I need to be trained as well.

2) to allow skilled workers cope with the pace of technology, organization and management methods, such as when adjusting system of the organization. Workers need training on using computers in various agencies etc.

3) to help the agency problem has been resolved conflicts, such as workers leave for work, etc. The standard of training workers is one important way to help overcome these problems.

Four) to prepare the workers to be promoted to work in a higher level. The motivation of the workers' move to be made in conjunction with a program of training and development worker with extensive

5) Orientation for new employees. Said that the details above.

These reasons. Training and human resource development is contributing to the operations of departments and agencies achieve organizational goals. And help achieve the goals of individuals can also help to drive and create a culture of the organization shall be in the direction desired by the training and development.

Process for training and development needs to start with the find. The analysis, which needs three aspects.

A) the needs of organizations. To consider the plan of organization and human resource plan.

2) needs work. Determined by analysis Knowledge and skills required for such

3) personal needs. Based on performance evaluation and capacity of individual When a demand for them can be solved with training and development. This must be the objective, methods and curriculum materials for training and development of appropriate The implementation and evaluation of training and development to stop.

2.4 discipline (discipline) When it comes to discipline. Most people tend to look negatively associated with the punishment. If looking positive discipline build a good working atmosphere and the workers have a good attitude to each other. And the adoption of organizational policies and practices. This is an important part to making the organization successful. The policies and regulations that must be reasonably determined. And workers understand what the organization expected him to follow. And workers must accept the authority of the executive to issue discipline to help promote the good work of the workers. And the acceptance of any action of the management when workers violate the discipline.

Discipline or counseling to improve workers (corrective counseling) that should work on the practical reality is clear to the judge. With the practices consistently. And determine how to modify the discipline to workers who make a mistake very strong at the behavioral expression, such as from 1) the warning verbally 2) added a warning in the file history of employment 3) to suspend work or reduce wages. Or reductions in salary. And severe is the fourth) of the displacement or expulsion

For discipline of employees in the organization. Should be strict order from the most to the least in the following.

1) life and safety of clients and workers.

2) discipline-related convenience in providing services to clients.

3) discipline-related convenience of working together of the workers.

4) discipline related to the unity of the workers.

5) code of conduct relating to general practice.

2.5 Executive Compensation and Benefits. (Compensation and benefits administration) is an important one to keep people at work and work as intended with the following organizations. Without moving or resignation of executive compensation is that workers are properly Both in monetary compensation as direct salary and bonuses as compensation in monetary indirect, such as Social Security. Life insurance and accident Grants for child education and pension savings, etc. and the non-monetary compensation such as vacation leave to sick leave and Works of the rest work to set worker The drinks or food while the fate afternoon and night duty etc.

Executive compensation should be considered a) Remuneration policy (such as equality in regard to organization The ability to compete with external Determining the performance of workers. And policy management to the practical, etc.) 2) Executive compensation techniques (eg, to analyze and evaluate in each location. Labor market survey and compensation structure of the various agencies to consider the performance of workers. And planning and evaluation process on. Executive compensation, etc.), and 3) the purpose of management compensation (eg for the performance of workers and the efficiency, equality, etc.) as Figure 4.

Figure 4 models of executive compensation.

2.6 Support / counseling (employee assistance / career counseling) because human resources are valuable resources of the organization Meanwhile, human resources, each of them have personal problems. And family problems that vary. Some people can face and resolve various manually, while others can not edit their own effectiveness and impact of such work may cause to call off work to run restive mood at work. , Or an accident at work, so each organization should focus on programs of assistance or advice to workers in various forms of welfare such as low interest loans. The clinic provides relaxation. The smoking cessation clinic organized and quit alcohol for workers who have in it. Counseling on career To develop their workers to meet future human resource needs of the organization etc.

2.7 Health Care and Safety (safety and health) than the law requires workers to various organizations and health care workers and security. Workers position the organization to work at some risk to health.

3. From removal from office.

The workers leave the job are many reasons other than the working out of retirement. Or due to death. Especially in the current number of various private organizations to provide workers out of work increased. Because it is widely used to increase the need for workers in some jobs dwindle Or enhancement of the organization by reducing people Or uses or hires from outside agencies (out source) to work instead of hiring regular workers with higher pay and benefits liabilities. As reducing costs. And increased ability to compete that Even result in human resource management within the leave is more important.

Human Resource Management during the leave. Involves the support and supervision of workers from the organization. In addition to normal activities the human resource management must take care equipment, such as withdrawal of various organizations have given to workers to use. Key storage and file summary report various employment history. The process of payment before leaving work. And before the interview to gather relevant information and the reasons for resignation. Many organizations today are focused on retirement planning activities for the workers to be prepared and workers can adapt to retirement. Activities, and find a new job. (Outplacement) to workers in case the organization was a dissolution or merger with a new business such as training workers to be ready to go out to work with new agencies that have provided the contact for When the organization was to dissolve. Or advertising to find a new job in the name of the same organization. Or counseling about career options etc. This is to assist workers who have to leave work to go.

In the case of payments to the descendants of workers who died. Compensation cases for workers laid off or out. And distribution of funds or cost of living retirement case. To comply with labor laws that set.

One thing that administrators should be interested in the case of workers out of jobs human resource management should be interviewed before leaving (exit interview) to store information about what possessed Mr. Head of convenience. Compensation and Benefits. Note that the weaknesses and strengths of human resource management organization. And data can be used to improve the data collection process, however, and reporting should be reliable and confidential.

In summary, human resources and management processes will be conducted from one of the people working in the organization. Maintenance workers in the District has a maximum benefit. And oversee the work of people out of work. The term management of human resources to obtain work. Includes key activities such as human resources planning and recruitment, selection and orientation of new people come to work in management-term care for people work benefit maximum Includes key activities include the evaluation and placement of people training and development discipline of management compensation and welfare Help / advice. And health and safety. The stage management is to quit his job will involve support and supervision to leave. Preparation before retirement. Finding a new job. Interview and before.

Chapter 3.

And management of human resources.

1. Patronage (Patronage System).

2. The moral (Merit System).

3. System Executives (Senior Executive System).

1. Patronage system.

Issues that all countries in an early implementation of this system.

The second issue is a system of systems Upatham selection of persons to work By political reasons or personal relationship basis. Regardless of knowledge, ability and fitness is important respects.

Three other issues that a system such as the relative popularity supporter supporter system Patronage System, Nepotism, Spoiled System, Favoritism.

Principles of the patronage system.

1. The beneficiary. Eldest son will inherit his father's position. Originated from China.

2. A special fondness. Appointment of a close person or a special favor, holding various positions.

3. Exchange The goods or property were to exchange positions.

The effect of the patronage system is based practices in human resource management in the organization ...

1) to consider the appointment contained graduate preferred. In accordance with the personal satisfaction is the main leader. Is not considered knowledge.

2) Selection of members equal opportunities for people to meet. But the opportunity with people, their first

3) The operation aimed to appease head or working assumption rather than follow the duty to achieve the objective.

4) lack of fitness because workers do not know. The ability to work The job is not progress. Not achieve the objective of the organization.

5) political interference in the operations.

6) workers without security functions are doing.

The advantage of the patronage system.

1. Can be managed quickly. Since there are no more major rules. Administrators have the power to command in any.

2. Can be modified easily. Because no written rules. And no more rules. You can modify the rules if that was not available today.

3. Less conflict in the organization. Because they are mostly the same friends all the relatives from the same province. Graduated from the same place as it is to think of the line.

In the same direction.

4. Appropriate for some positions. Because some positions require the trust as a key financial position. Position to maintain the confidentiality of the Organization of the associate as a trust and will be close to work is easy fast quick and efficient.

5. Consistent with the government of any political party system. If you can not live any patron is difficult to reach high political position. Because in every country are either political party to state power to become the government almost everything

Disadvantages of the patronage system.

1. No guarantee that people will have the ability to work. Because of qualified candidates stick to the satisfaction of the selection rather than knowledge.

2. Aim for the people rather than agencies. Focus cringe authorities concerned over the purpose and goals of the Organization. The organization does not develop.

3. The lack of operational stability and no security on the career path. There is no exact criteria for recruitment or to leave everything to the satisfaction Day that workers are not a favorite of authority anymore. Position may be raised to a new favorite.

4. Political interference has come easy. Because one person is appointed as political. Require assistance in areas such as grants. As the election campaigner.

5. Organizational development difficult. Patronage system is not considered work and basic education. The development is slow and difficult.

2. The moral

Resulting from efforts to eliminate deficiencies of the host system selected individuals to work with test forms. To assess the ability of individuals. Without regard to political reasons or personal relationship is important (and fine Si Sa Auychai Chaba).

System of moral principles.

1. Principle of equality of opportunity (Equality of opportunity) equal opportunity to apply for employment for qualified candidates. Experiences and background knowledge as prescribed. Without the barriers caused by gender as skin color and religion. And no such barriers in determining compensation.

Principle "equal work equal money."

2. Main Skills (Competence) ability to adhere to the criteria for selecting people to work. By selecting those who are capable of locating the most appropriate.

3. Major career security (Security on tenure) people will be protected. Not be persecuted. Or to leave without guilt Whether for personal reasons or reasons.

Politics gives workers the feeling of security functions.

Principles used in the management of security, career ...

- To attract (Attraction) to try to attract people who are qualified to join the organization.

- Security (Retention) maintaining employee with these capabilities. To work with.

District because of security progress.

- Motivation (Motivation) encourages employees to be committed to a career that is.

- Development (Development) has developed the potential opportunities and progress in career.

4. The principle of political neutrality (Political neutrality) does not allow the use of political influence to interfere with work activities. Or under the influence of any politician or political party. To implement the official policy of the government to fully and proudly. In a democratic political system.

The advantages of system integrity.

1. The agency has the ability to work with. Agencies to more efficiently and effectively targeted.

2. The security personnel on the progress of system integrity. Shall have the morale to perform. The agencies develop

3. Promote equality And fairness The principles of democracy.

4. Promoting dignity of government. And cause the relationship between politics and government official In the private sector to promote the administration. The participation and result in two-way communication in the organization.

5. Prevent political interference. Not allow the government greed to public confusion and work mainly Not do for politicians.

6. Promote democracy. On equality and equality Allows a person with the same properties all have the opportunity to get government is not limited to any ethnic group to another group.

Disadvantages of the system integrity.

1. Delay. Than to get people into work. Process requires many steps. Need to take to be good people to come.

2. Have cost much. Due to many regulations. Must have come about very responsible. Oriented and managed to get a majority of such materials and personnel to many

3. A formal relationship too. System is filled with many regulations and procedures. Everything must be made officially out. Be made difficult in practice. No need to contact an official with Will work with great success.

4. Will impact on all parties to cooperate.

System integrity protection strategy.

Safeguard integrity in the bureaucracy. Is another strategy of the Office of the February mission protection measures such as moral. Structured mechanism Disciplinary procedures and complaints. Crime prevention system discipline Including a central organization to protect the legitimacy of government benefits. And provides law discipline center for all government officials to the same standard.


System integrity and patronage aimed at recruiting foreign individuals to work. To aspire to the performance of work as well. Instead, moral principles in a test of ability. And open to all qualified to compete. Recruiting suitable people to work in the civil service position.

The patronage system. The critical consideration from people who know. Intimately familiar Or a relative. Associate fellow Academic reasons is lack of trust that the person selected by the patronage system are good people. Capable indeed.

3. System Administrator level.


Executives believe that this system is a high powered one of the reform the government needs to create and develop high-level executives in government.

The objective of the system SES:.

To create and develop a new generation of leaders capable, and operational efficiency. Have sufficient staff to modify the bureaucracy. Including the appointment system is transparent and fair.

Material and guidelines.

1. The list of core competencies tested on the management of the account in February.

2. The selection committee. The President of the experts appointed by the February list O.u.po. Ministry is offered.

3. To justify the position on key administrative performance. Related to job performance. Performance targets in the past. Management's vision and behavior, and other features. Necessary to work

4. Have declared to apply. To those who are interested and capable application.


Executives can make the vision a potential recount and appointed a new system is transparent and fair. Government to modify the system to be efficient.

Elements of human resource development (Human Resources Development).

Management personnel need to be successful, understand the elements or functions of the major human resource development. Because executives, including executives and human resource development, some people have mistaken that staff development is job training. The agency serves people in the training track and evaluate the success of human resource development in organizations. CEO-level executives often have questions that are always organized and trained staff to develop the capacity to do or not. "

So to understand the correct match. Elements of personal development is not simply training only. Found that many scholars to study the concepts and elements of personal development. The author offers principles to consider elements of staff development on the idea of Jerry W. Gilley, Steven A. Eggland and Ann Maycunich Gilley in the book Principle of Human Resource Development component divided by the Human Resource Development in the dimension. Focus (Focus) and dimension results (Results) are responsible for the framework to develop the following.

Can see that elements of human resource development and 4 on this important tool that enables management personnel in every subject is successful. Capacity (Competency) that many of the organizations set up Many of the organizations or plans to determine the capabilities of each job up to the Competency also considered as a management tool (Management Tools) to be used to develop the individual Career Development staff. Management performance. And organizational development. For the perspective of developing individual Competency will be used to evaluate whether each employee has the ability or the strength (Strength) and capabilities which are weak (Weakness) The supervisor shall a capacity to be developed that is supposed to be about something. Then the tools will be used to develop The tools that administrators should be aware of is that. Training tool, not only in the classroom. Development tools, the ability of employees to many including Teaching (Coaching) a mentor (Mentoring) assignment difficult and challenging (Job Enrichment) to increase the amount of work (Job Enlargement) and self (. Self Learning) to make it look as an example (Job Shadowing) etc.

Competency is also being used on. Career Development, the lack of progress in the vocational plan (Career Path) that is not to move jobs (Promotion) is only For career advancement will include relocation (Job Transfer) Competency, which will be used as criteria in determining whether employees are ready with enough capacity to move and transfer work or not. If employees have the ability not ready. What executives must continue that plan is to develop the potential of individual employees. In addition to plan and prepare for career advancement then. Plan and develop good people good people (Talent Management) is also one of the importance of career development at several organizations started realizing the importance. And began recruiting good people and good people in the organization. So that organizations can find a way to attract and retain qualified personnel in these organizations is the longest. The organization that these people are prepared to be a descendant or heir inherits job (Successors) for executive job to.

Performance Management (Performance Management) is another important Competency which will be used as one factor in measuring and evaluating the performance of current employees. The evaluation of employee behavior that employees have expressed the expected behavior of superiors do much. Level evaluation will focus on assessing how often or frequently occurring behavior of individual need. The supervisors are made aware of the frequency of the behavior of employees when the supervisor will need observation and note major events (Critical Incidents) that reflect the behavior of each employee. With a record of behavior. The government officials are determined to create good government record. This can be considered as a good model to encourage other organizations. From the preparation of notebooks, as the behavior of government employees that are deployed in practice.

For the last element of human development is. Organization Development. (Organization Development) focused on implementation of human resource management tool used to change the behavior of the organization. To create an organizational culture based model of the Competency Management to be used as a mechanism to drive the behavior change throughout the organization. Concepts of organizational development can be considered the various elements of personal development to integrate with each other. Because the District will be developed if the organization must develop each employee. Medical them with career development of staff continues. And change management guidelines for the performance to create justice in performance evaluation.

Concluded that human resource development plan can be considered as several major organizations. In many places, has set up a strategic business. District focused on the issues in each component of each organization is different. This work is important for organizations to consider is. Analysis that what the organization needed. So that organizations can focus on the elements of personal development and to be the right place.