Assessment on Organisation and Behaviour

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Assessment on Organization and Behavior

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An Organization Structure is the display of how the roles, responsibilities, work and power are distributed, controlled and harmonized and how the information passes between the different levels of management. There are mainly two types of structures formal structure and informal structure. A structure mainly based on the organization’s objectives and policy. In centralized structures most of the decisions are taken from the top level and has tight control over all the departments where as in decentralized structure powers are distributed and decision can be taken from any levels of the organization.

An Organization Culture is based on sharing attitudes, beliefs, and customs, written and unwritten rules that have been developed overtime and are considered valid. Organization culture is expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, style symbol etc. We can also say the way organization conducts its business, treats its employees, customers, and the wider community.

I choose two organizations for comparing the structures and culture first one is Aman Marble & Granite industries Ltd and other one is Papa Doom Gents collection. Both of the organizations are doing sold trader business.

Aman Marble & Granite industries LTD

Aman Marble & Granite industries LTD started business in 2003.They are the importer dealer & supplier of various design of marble. They import all kind of marble from turkey, and Italy.

Organization Structure of Aman Marble & Granite industries are given below:

Aman Marble & Granite Ltd follows formal structure this is a big size company and most of the decisions are taken from the Managing Director. It is a tall organization they has a large number of level of management chain of command. By this structure it is brightly clear that the structure contains a clear focus on different segments. Each line gives more care for the target segment, (i.e. they identify customer needs more accurately).Definitely when each sector has its own team, for instance having a maintenance, Contract and management team then definitely that product will be monitored more effectively (i.e. better planning and strategy making) Some positive competition is seen as well, as because each team want to prove more worthy than the other. This may also enhance the efficiency in the management and among individuals as well. If sales increases for a clear focus on different market segments and if costs are reduced for rise in efficiency then it is quiet natural that with this structure the company will have higher profits.

Culture of Aman Marble & Granite industries LTD:

Aman Marble & Granite industries Ltd follow role culture in each sector managers are individually focusing on the activities or the duties .This clearly matched with the characteristics of the company’s structure as different roles will be available. With role culture Aman marble ensure that their operations is running more efficiently. Aman marble & Granite industries ltd employees has also some exceptional culture like they don’t get any holiday during any kind of festival except Eid. They always need to carry wireless phone if they are inside the factory beside that their dress code is black shirt black pant. They also can’t switch on their cell phone during the working time. In case of any emergency calls are received by the managers of the individual department. The employees of Aman Marble & Granite LTD are very much disciplined and in each year they have some reward session like best employee of the year,

Papa Doom Gents collection:

Papa doom is one of the local fashion houses in Bangladesh. They have started their business in 2002. They have various collections of products for Men’s apparel.

Organization structures of Papa Doom Gents collection are given below:

Papa Doom follows informal structure this is a small organization. Over here power is divided between everyone collection man have his own freedom to choose all the dresses. In this organization there is no middle man for communicating each other. As this is a flat organization each member is playing different role at a time for example manager is also handling cash as well. In this structure they need to face lots of difficulties to run the business because everyone is taking decision as they want there is not that much proper control.

Culture of Papa doom:

Papa doom follows power culture for example there is no time table of opening the outlet. They can go outside for a break during the duty time. They are taking holidays only by giving a letter to the boss without taking permission. They don’t have any dress code or that much extra particular restriction. So in one line we can say there is no discipline or proper control in this organization.

So after comparing both the organization Aman Marble & Granite industries Ltd is more profitable organization then Papa doom their structures and cultures are far more better then Papa doom. If Papa doom can change their structure and culture they might be more profitable.

Now let’s see how organizations structure and culture affects the business performance. Sometimes it is easier to identify the structure of the business and this can be figured out by looking at what type of business it is. Now if we look at Aman Marble & Granite industries LTD then we will see that their structure is formal and this structure is needed to be maintained by those businesses as well which are planning to increase their product line. However in terms of culture, role culture has been followed by Aman Marble & Granite industries ltd for improving their performance. As Aman Marble & Granite industries follows formal structure over here employees are getting lots of facility like job security, pay on time, reward, bonus, over time holiday etc. So the employees of Aman marble are satisfied and they are very much motivated with their work. The system and procedures which is following in Aman marble came from their structure and culture and this system is helping their company to run smoothly and as all the members of the company is giving equal support day by day performance of the business is getting higher. Aman Marble and Granite Industries LTD Structure and culture have positive impact on their business. In other hand if we talk about Papa dhoom they are following Informal structure over here power is divided to all member of the organization so the level of misunderstanding is very much high. Employees of papa dhoom don’t follow any time table and they are also not that much skilled. For example if the outlet opening time is 10am employees are coming at 12pm. In papa dhoom there is no job security in each month they are recruiting new sales man. Then sales man is taking holiday whenever they want because from management no holiday has been declared. The behaviour of the owner is not that much good told by the employees so they are totally de-motivated. Sometimes sales man doesn’t deal properly with the customer because of all the lacking 2months before Outlet was closed for 2 weeks as there was no salesman. The system and procedures of Papa dhoom is not properly arranged they have lots of problem in their structure and culture so Papa dhoom structure and culture has additionally negative impact on business.

Let’s discuss the factor which influences the individual behavior at work. In each and every organization there is a mix of different people with different personality, Attitude, knowledge, thought, individuality etc. In Aman Marble the personality of the employees is very good for example the way employees deal with the customer, the way they talk, their dressing style, talking style calculating all of this we can say customers is very much satisfied with the company. The employees of Aman Marble are very much skilled and all of them are male as this is a marble industry the average age of all the employees is 25years to 30years. The manager of Aman marble study the variables linked with job to generate the work atmosphere in a helpful way that employees are tempted to form a positive attitude towards their individual jobs. So the employees are performing better in the company because they form a positive attitude. The Five big factors are Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism or natural reactions.

Openness to Experience- Represents the tendency to be creative, imaginative, perceptive, and thoughtful. For example in Aman Marble each and every employees have a stunning imagination and excellent ideas and they have the power to understand everything quickly. Conscientiousness- Represents the tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement. For example in Aman Marble employees are always prepared for their new task and they always pay attention to details. They like to take order and try to follow the schedule.

Extroversion- Represents the tendency to be friendly, self-confident, and dynamic and excitement seeking. For example in Aman Marble the employees are very much friendly with their customers they feel very much comfortable around people they start conversation and talk a lot of different citizens.

Agreeableness- Represents the tendencies to be kind, gentle, trusting and trustworthy. For example in Aman Marble employees have lots of interest in other people they sympathize with others feelings and have a soft heart. They also take time out for others and make people feel no difficulty.