Assessment of personal skills required to work in an organization

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A skill is a kind of learning competence to get results done, which are pre determined with the minimum time and energy capacity. In other words, skill is a measure of a worker's expertise, specialization, wages, and supervisory capacity. A skill is of mainly two categories such as: basic skill competence and general skills. Basic skill means reading skills, writing skills and computational skill (simple mathematics) and a person is meant to have this competence at least to be a minimum level standard. General skill consists of academic skills, communication skills, transferable skills, innovation skills, miscellaneous. To be a standard level skilled person, one must possess these skills at one's highest level. However, the transferable skill is considered as the key skill in comparing with other skills in working with an organization.

2. Literature Review:

Transferable skill is achieved in one setting, which can be applied in another. Normally these skills can be developed and used across a wide range of jobs and experiences. However, to be successful in the workplace, employees have to possess transferable skills as these are combination of talents, traits and knowledge. These skills also determine how a person responds to new activities, work situations or jobs.

To achieve all these skills, personal development is a pre-requisite. A person who works in a company as a manager or in a management level needs lots of skills to run the organization smoothly. As organizations are ever changing, so managers are expected to become more knowledgeable and self motivated in different areas of business. They need to recognize their self development, create opportunities for learning and develop their self initiative. To do so requires authority and flexibility from the top organization or management to support their development.

3. Case Study:

Now I am working as a Sales Floor Supervisor in Boots for last few years. After completing my graduation from university I joined this company as a fresh Sales Assistant and later I have been promoted into higher level and hopefully I will get another promotion soon according my skill development because the higher the position one gets the better qualities and more skills one needs to develop in the meantime. As far as I am concerned about my experiences, to work in an organization one person definitely needs a lot of skills and he needs modifying and updating his skills for the time being. As working environment is always changing so the person needs to change his skills in line with the company policy and working environment. Last few years have really helped me a lot in developing my skills fruitfully so that I have achieved promotion. Some of the skills have developed automatically that means situations made me learn and some of them have gone through. The following are some of the skills I have developed so far-

1. Academic Skills 2. Communication Skills

3. Time Management Skills

4. Inter personal Skills

5. Organizational Skills

6. Problem Solving Skills

7. Self Assessment Skills

8. Technical Skills

However, it does not necessarily mean that I have developed all the skills required level. As a part of a management role position, I think I need to develop my skills more and to be updated as well. After self assessment, I have found some lack of proper application of skills especially in time management, negotiation, leadership and also in updating my other skills. Now I am going to describe some special skills that are highly essential to work in an organization.

Time Management Skills:

Time Management is an essential part of transferable skills and also begins with the commitment to change. This tool helps one to achieve everything within time. One needs to be very active and have plan before starting anything because without taking care of time, one cannot run or accomplish any task meant to be finished on time. Basically planning and saving the planned time involves re-conditioning one's environment, and particularly the re-conditioning the expectations of others. In terms of time management, one is at one's most efficient, the day before one starts one's leave.

So it is logical that organization's whole prospect depends on good or poor time management as this tool is directly linked with the utmost level productivity and at the same time collective implications of wasted time, People who use these techniques routinely are the highest achievers in all walks of life, from business to sport to public service.

Negotiation Skills:

The second important skill among other transferable skills is Negotiating Skills. The objective

Of this skill is to persuade or drive the other person to agree to the so called process. There are many ways applied to motivate people. For examples, simple fear, inner likings, respect for other person or simple avarice and greed. Actually all these motivators result in a negotiation. Negotiation skill is a vital part of leadership skill. It is true that every day we somehow negotiate whether we realize it or not. As a part of management, I really realize how important this skill is in driving the staffs. Different staffs have different views and different temperament and according to their views and temperament, they respond some time positive and some time negative. If one does not have this skill, s/he will definitely face terrible situation or uncompromising or imbalanced situation.

Group Work Skill:

Another skill that is required by almost every company is team work. Wherever one goes, all employers look for this quality or skill. Basically group work skill helps one to achieve certain kinds of things such as compromising attitude, helping motivated, cooperative, and ready to understand the combined goal, overall fellow feeling and without these, no one can go far. So this skill is one of the key holder skills. I realize from bottom level to top level everyone should maintain group work skill otherwise the target cannot be achieved at all.

Interpersonal Skill:

Interpersonal skill centers round developing relationships, interacting positively with others, and working with team work having empathy for others and being good listener while other audiences expressing their ideas with respect and responsibility. To run an assessment on the basis of performance of interpersonal skills and behaviors the following forms can be taken:

Face to face evaluation

Team or group assessment by members of the group

Recorded video of student's performance

Recorded audio of student's performance for verbal skills

Self-assessment; checklist

4. Recommendation:

From my past few years work experience, the skills I really feel inevitable to work with an

Organization is the followings:

Performance Appraisal Form:

Performance appraisals are essential for the effective management and evaluation of staff Appraisals help develop individuals, improve organizational performance, and feed into business planning. Each staff member is appraised by their line manager. Performance appraisals are important for staff motivation, attitude behavior development, communicating and aligning individual and organization aims, and fostering positive relationship between management and staff.

Time Log Book:

This is an important part of evaluation one's performance on the basis of attendance. Normally time keeping is the pre requisite of getting permanent of a job le4t alone promotion. There are several kinds of gross misconducts like misconducts on attendance, misconducts on performance and misconducts on behavior. So it is the log book that specifies a staff's attendance and in the respect it really play a vital role. By maintaining time log book, it becomes quite easier to asses a staff from that kind of misconduct.

5. Conclusion:

Skill is an indispensable part of a person. Without skill, nobody can achieve anything. So, to achieve success in life, one has to possess certain qualities and skills by which he/she can reach the goal. However, out of lots of skills, transferable skill is considered the key skill that everybody has to go through. It is true that nobody is perfect. So, obviously it is recommended to develop as many skills as one can. At the same time one has to be modified and update.