Assessing the Top Management Team At Faraz Foods

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Best Juice Company was established in 1975 by sheikh Yousaf and his brothers, basically this business was a family business. The organization decided that the CEO of the company was Sheikh Yousaf. In the beginning the business was doing very well and within first five years they expand their business all over the Pakistan but suddenly the death of Sheikh Yousaf in 1989 property distributed among all his brothers and other family members. The best juice company took over by his eldest son sheikh Younas. The team which was working under the consideration of sheikh Yousaf was extremely good most of the team members were foreign qualified but when sheikh Younas took over the company he fired all the team members which was working at his father's time. He also makes some others changes such as he changed the name of the company from BEST JUICE to FARAZ FOODS. He also hired the new team with different organization. Faraz foods were established in 1993 and the new CEO of the organization was Sheikh Younas. After six months he realized that sales are declining and the company is losing the market share day by day.

Ashraf consultants were also being in the consultancy business from last 13 years. Mr.Ashraf who is the CEO of the company was also a foreign qualified person and has good experience in his field (consultancy business). Sheikh Younas called him and took the time for meeting discus about the issues related to is business. After two to three meeting sheikh Younas decided and make a team which was based on head's of different departments such as plant manager, the manager of the functional department, finance manger and Human Resources manager (Admin Manager) and the marketing manager. All the managers have the great knowledge in their respective fields and have a great skills in their respective area of their jobs but even then they were not that much good as they have their previous team which was working at his father's time. When sheikh Younas make the team to resolve the problem facing by the company at that time they decided everything such as when they have the meeting, time. It was decided that they will meet thrice a week after the lunch time. In the beginning everything thing was going according to the plan which was decided but later on as the time passes everybody was started to give lame excuses to leave that meeting. Some time they come late for the meeting, some time they are interrupted by the cell phone or messages, sometime they have the meeting with their departments or somewhere else outside the organization. They were continuous breaking the rules of the meeting and like this they were not reaching the problem. Most of the time they try to post pone their meeting on base less excuses at last they fail to follow those rules and regulation which was made in the beginning and for this reason those member who were really want to solve the problem or reach to the problem they were more confused.

This is only happening because all the members were from different organization and nobody was cooperating with each other and they were busy with their own work and they were working with each other from last 7 months app.

In this type of situation where all members from different organization and they have not that much experience to solve that type of problem where company's sales are declining and company is losing its market share. There should be required more experienced members and also required maximum information about the problem and especially when the members are new and from different organization and were not cooperating with each others.

Diagnosis of the team's design components answers the following questions:

How clear are the group's goals?

The team members have not the clear goal that what they have to do. They were just passing out the time and they were doing their own work, they were not finding out the problem. This is only because of this that they have not the clear goals.

What is the group's task structure?

The task of the team members is to come on time share their views find out the problem why the company is losing the market share and why the sales are declining. And for this they have to meet thrice a week on lunch (which is face-to-face interaction).

What is the composition of the group?

The team is here to solve the problem and the team is consisted of different departments such as plant manager, the manager of the functional department, finance manger and Human Resources manager (Admin Manager) and the marketing manager.

What are the group's performance norms?

The group norms are those that how the team members will perform the task and they have to maintain the standards of the meeting and they follow the rules and regulation of the meeting.

What is the nature of team functioning in the group?

After studying about this organization and their management team. The only problem that they were not cooperating with each other because they were new to each other and they were not from the same organization means they were not from the same culture.

Application 6.2 presents an example of Individual-level diagnosis to job design.

Job Design At Sajjad Knitwear

Sajjad Knitwear was founded by Sajjad Ahmad in 1980 and the next unit was launched by brother of Sajjad Ahmad and his name was Ijaz Ahmad in 1985. From the company was doing well and from the beginning they were in export business. Sajjad Knitwear have a knitting unit, house unit, dying unit stitching unit, manufacturing unit under one roof. In the beginning they were taking their own orders from different companies from all over the world such as NIKE, ADIDAS, GAP, FILA, CALVIN KALEIN, CHAPS, NAUTICA etc. in the beginning they don't have the latest equipment in their production house even then they were producing 1000 dozens per month but after some time they improved their equipment when Ijaz Ahmad also entered in this business there was peek of the business they also improved their production from 1000 dozens per month to 8000 dozens per month and in 1989 they have 7 different units on different places. They also started target to the local brands such as BONANZA, ROYAL TAG etc in mean while the also start working with LEVIC. The objective of the organization is 0% defect rate. They have also the ISO 9002 certification. In 2009 the production was almost 250,000 dozens per annum and they were trying to achieve 350,000 dozens per annum and willing to touch a turnover of Rs 1.7 billion. The employee grows from 100 permanent employees to 1200 permanent employees and daily wages employees are extra.

Mr.Ahmad is the marketing manager in Sajjad knitwear from last 5 years and now the company is going to change his job design of Ahmad. He has 17 year experience in his field. He is a foreign qualified person and has experience in larger organizations such as UNILEVER, PROCTER & GAMBLE etc. His duty is to increase the sale according to the organization policies and to take the maximum orders from all over the world. This procedure involved is to contact with their existing customers, visit their offices give their rates and compel them to give the business to their company once the objective is achieved then he has to start the procedure again for the new business. Each task which is mentioned above should be finished in the specific time because new task should be start in the next time frame. He has been working like this from last five years and now a day he is facing a lot of problems duty the economy of Pakistan. He used to handle both routine and nonroutine works professionally. The duty which is mentioned above performing by Mr.Ahmad is very good and for this reasons it very difficult for the organization to replace this person. But because of his too many responsibilities the efficiency of the work is not good and the organization is affecting by this so one day Mr. Sajjad called to his friend Mr. Waqar who is also the consultant and running his own consultancy firm from last 22 years. When he visited the company he suggested to Mr. Sajjad that change the design of his job and try to give only those task which is included in his job and also provide organizational support. He also suggests that also compensate him in sense of cash and any different way.

Diagnosis of the team's design components answers the following questions:

What is the design of the larger organization within which the individual jobs are embedded?

The design of the larger organization is already mentioned above that it has 10 units of their organization and after that when Mr. Ijaz Ahmad joined and after that there was a great boom in their organization and the job of the individual (Mr. Ahmad) has enriched a lot. Mr. Waqar suggest that change the design of the Manager so for that reason efficiency is decreasing.

What are the personal characters of job holder?

The personal characteristics of the job holder are that he has a very great experience in his field. He has been working in the same organization from last 5 years which shows that he is very loyal to the organization. He is performing his task very patiently even he has too much work load. He is trying his level best to increase the sales of the organization but due to his work load the efficiency of his work is decreasing.

How much skill variety is included in the job?

There is too much skill variety is included in his job because the job what Mr. Ahmad is performing because he performing the job of brand manager as well as marketing manager. He has also to take the orders from their customers and also increase the sale of the organization.

How much autonomy is included in the job?

The autonomy is not that much is given to Mr.Ahmad because has to follow those rules and regulation which is mentioned by the organization he can't make any decision at his own. He can't give any concession to any customer. Sometime any customer who has been doing business with the organization from long time and he want some favor than manger has to take permission from the head office.