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Hp (Hewlett Packard) is one of the most leading technology companies; it's been operating in over 170 countries worldwide. Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett have made their partnership official in January 1. 1939. Hewlett Packard Company which is based in California is best known for its manufacture, also for sale of personal computers and its accessories. Hewlett Packard has started many years before the personal computers and internet became household (domestic) items.

It explores how the technology and its services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams.

In the small business sector Hewlett Packard is competing again Dell, Acer, and Apple. HP Company recommended as number one in printers and second in computers.

Dell is one of the competitive companies for HP; their products are made to supply homes and offices (mainly small businesses). Dell computers are also very affordable for people who need access to computers but they can't afford computers like Apple. A basic laptop is less than $500 for a 15- inch screen, and around $800 for a 17- inch screen. A basic desktop is about $550 for a 17- inch screen.

Acer is a globally recognized brand. Acer Company pride itself that they are making product which are easy to use for day to day basic. Acer products are made for home and the office. The Acer Company has been ranked as number 4th in Canada for mobile computing solution and overall PC shipment.

And Apple Company is expensive and high recommended Brand in Worldwide. They have designed the first product as 15.4 inch mercury- free LED display as part of the recent going green initiative. Apple website layout is simple and easy to use and even easier to navigate. Apple Company offers Apple Care, which is an excellent form of customer service and support. This attracts costumers to this brand.


Hewlett Packard has competitive advantage that enables them to adjust and learn. The depth, width, and the strength that come alive daily through the form's value.

As the products been producing the value of each products are analysed.


Hewlett Packard facilitates to our daily activities. Hewlett Packard offering a wide range (variety) of laptops in mobility, performance and style. They have also added the personal touch to our busy lifestyle.


Executive Summary. Don't fall behind with lost data. HP has 50 times more disk utilization offering data de-duplication. Let HP protect your data, reduce backup, recover lost files and recovery costs. Whether it's within your small business or your personal life, HP will always fit. After all, one size doesn't fit all. So let HP find your perfect fit. A Brief History Hewlett-Packard, or HP has been in business since 1939. That is fifty years longer , than Dell and forty years longer than Acer, the top two competitors in the field. Over the years, HP has made a name for themselves by creating affordable, reliable desktop computers and notebooks. The company currently holds the top position in printer sales. As far as computer sales are concerned, HP is number two behind Dell. Purpose The purpose of this campaign is to attract a new target market-women who own small businesses. These women are between the ages of 40 and 59. They are also on a very tight budget. Many of them are divorced with two or more chil- dren. As a result, they are constantly on the go. Portability and flexibility are the two most important aspects of owning a personal computer, whether it is a note- book or a desktop computer.

Company Analysis From Humble Beginnings…. "Hewlett-Packard had its beginnings with Stanford University graduates, William Hewlett and David Packard, who were encouraged by Professor Frederick Terman to start their own business. With only $538 and workspace in a garage behind Packard's rented house in Palo Alto, California, the two men began working on a resistance-capacity audio oscillator, a machine used for testing sound equipment. After assembling several models--baking paint for the instrument panel in Packard's oven--they won their first big order, for eight oscillators, from Walt Disney Studios, which used them to develop and test a new sound system for the animated film Fantasia." Taken from ... To Endless Possibility "While Hewlett-Packard may be known for product innovation, the company's corporate development is a tale of reinvention. HP provides enterprise and consumer customers a full range of high-tech equipment, including personal computers, servers, storage devices, printers, and networking equipment. Its software portfolio includes operating systems, print management tools, and OpenView, a suite that encompasses application, business, network infrastructure, and product lifecycle management. HP which already boasted an , IT service organization that was among the world's largest, acquired Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for about $13.9 billion in cash in 2008."

Market Analysis Industry description outlook September 24 , 2007-PCs in-use reached nearly 1B units worldwide at year-end 2006. The U.S. retains a large PC usage lead with over three times as many PCs as the second place Japan. The U.S. accounts for over 24% of all PCs in-use compared to 4.6% of worldwide population. PCs in-use growth is slowing, but the U.S. is on track to have more PCs in-use than people in five or six years. The rapid growth of mobile PCs is the major reason for current and future PC expansion. When mainframes, workstations and other computers are included, USA had 250M computers in-use while the worldwide count topped 1.03B units in 2006. PCs per capita in the U.S. topped 80% in 2006 and will reach 98% in 2012. 2006 will be the last year that PCs per capita will remain higher than cell phones. USA and Canada are the only countries that have more PCs in-use than cell phone subscribers. Worldwide PCs in-use surpassed 1B in early 2007 . .htm Specially designed for the woman on the go As a modern woman, you want the latest fashions and technology. HP delivers the ultimate technology fashion statement to help keep women looking and feeling beautiful while they're in control of all the roles they play, from mom to CEO. The HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition is also mobile and light to help fashionistas stay more connected and simplify their busy lives.

Product Analysis The two most popular HP products under two categories: notebooks and desktop PC's.

Notebooks There are two types of notebook computers. One is the mini notebook computer, and the other is a versatile performance notebook. The mini notebook computer is available in two sizes-an 8.9-inch or 10.2-inch diagonal high-definition widescreen. It is the perfect companion for those who are constantly on-the-go. Stay connected with instant access to e-mail, instant messenger, favorite blogs, and search engines. Most importantly, enjoy traveling light with this sleek and ultra-lightweight HP Mini Notebook. It weighs in at astonishing 2.25 pounds!

The versatile performance notebook is a highly functional computer that is available in several different colors and special editions. With a 15.4-inch diagonal high definition widescreen, the versatile performance computer is best for multitasking-watching movies, listening to music, and editing photos. It comes with optional edge-to-edge flush glass, discrete graphics, Blu-Ray, TV tuner, and a range of connectivity solutions including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Broadband.

This particular laptop is based on the Compaq Presario CQ50Z-series with thin lines, a stylish touchpad design, and a sleek, touch-control panel. Weighing in at seven pounds, the Compaq Presario CQ50Z-series redefines simplicity. In addition to being ultra stylish, the PCs in the Presario CQ50Z-series are durable, powerful, and value-priced.

The new HDX premium series is an entertainment powerhouse. It is available in 16-inch, 17-inch, or 18.4-inch widescreens. This particular computer has endless cutting-edge entertainment and gaming capabilities.

Product Analysis The two most popular HP products under two categories: notebooks and desktop PC's.

Desktops and Other PCs

HP desktops and other PCs are both affordable and simple to set up. They are easy to manage, and they leave a small footprint as far as the environment goes. HP computers are density optimized for flexibility and ideal for multi-server de- ployments. They contain rack servers, the best components for high performance computing. Most importantly, HP computers deliver truly scalable backup with 50 times more efficient disk utilization. This allows users to protect data better, recover lost files more quickly, and reduce backup and recovery costs.

However, one size does not fit all. That is why HP offers consumers a choice in new and enhanced data duplication solutions designed to fit a range of business sizes and needs.

According to, HP is the top provider of PCs, servers, and printers to small and mid-sized business worldwide.

HP was recently recognized for Excellence in Service Operations by the Service & Support Association.

HP offers free online training to keep employees ahead.

SWOT Analysis

Bullet points....

Strengths Creates a strong corporate culture; Caters to consumers; Offers a wide range of peripherals; Has humble beginnings; Global recognition; Aesthetically pleasing products; Unique approach to advertising; Affordable Weaknesses Customer service and support needs improvement; Website has not been modernized; Needs to provide higher performance for certain applications; Poor execution Opportunities Market for laptops is expanding; Untapped market in middle tier Threats Dell's customization; Mac's innovations; State of the economy; Taxing on small businesses.

In Detail...


Hewlett-Packard's primary strength is its business position. The enterprise has a large amount of cash in hand about $10 billion.

Hewlett-Packard is a global enterprise and especially after its merger with Compaq, the company became world's biggest computer hardware and peripherals consort in the world and has ranked 20th in the Fortune 500 list.

Hewlett Packard is operating in more than 170 countries including both developed as well as under-developed.

Being a global dealer of computer hardware, it gives HP many advantages like dominating printers market, both laser and inkjet. The company attracts and focuses on consumers from even newly found markets all around the world, multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations etc.

The company compete both at local and international level. It has increased its competitiveness through policies and strategies that supports free-market economies. This is one of the reasons that make HP a leading supplier in the growing IT markets.

Hewlett Packard is said to have a complete product portfolio.


The company was in a long term debt for many years which kept it from investing in different growth opportunities.

A major problem and complaint about the hardware supplies of HP is its touch pads. The touch pads of the notebooks of Hewlett Packard like the dv series, dm3, and Envy lines needs improvement. These touch pads are either finicky, unreliable, or are difficult to use because of friction.

The mouse buttons on various HP supplied machines are said to be clumsy to use, too.  Poor shelling life of HP products plagued some mainstream systems and net books.

When it comes to Software that HP provides there are also some weaknesses. Some heavy software's were paired with slow hardware like Touch Smart.

The past acquisition of Peregrine made the HP's portfolio even more diverse and complete but HP Open View's lack of mainframe management capabilities created several problems. Another weakness was that it did not yet hit a CMDB product that includes discovery and mapping. This cause many customers to switch the brand.


The recent acquisition of EDS puts HP at a strong position in the computer market and makes it portfolio more impressive.

Hewlett-Packard was able to generate large number of revenues and profits from its different deals and raised more than six billion which it can use to pay off its debts as well as invest in different research and development activities.

If the products by the company are supplied at reasonable prices, there will be more chances of growth as the demand would increase.

The company has formed Customer Solutions Group that helps in selling the complete IT solutions, products and services by HP.


Operating in global market means many competitors and therefore, the company has to be at the forefront of changing technologies as well as addressing the changing customer demands and needs.

The global economic recession is also a threat for the company's sales and profits. The prices have also fallen as the stock markets are at historic low positions.

Many other competitors including Dell are entering the printer business whereas IBM has become a market leader.


HP customers will benefit from

standards initiatives that HP is involved in. Benefits

include purchasing products that will have a higher

degree of interoperability and easier portability of

management applications. Costs to integrate multivendor

solutions will be lowered. The ability to easily and rapidly

deploy 3rd party software and hardware components will

be achievable. HP provides specific benefits in

reducing the cost and complexity of enterprise

management. This will ultimately lower a customer's cost

of owning and operating homogeneous and

various IT environments.

Sales Promotion "Buy a notebook; get a free skin," To emphasize our pledge to personalize the computer, we have partnered with to provide our customers with free customized skins for their notebooks.

"Recycling point reward system" To emphasize our pledge towards a greener environment, we have created a rewards system for our customers. Each customer will have an account where they can receive points for sending in their used HP ink cartridges. With ten points (ten returns) you will receive a free HP ink cartridge. This will also build brand loyalty, ensuring our ink cartridges are being bought.

Evaluation The campaign can be evaluated to determine its success by observing website hits on Hewlett Packard's website to see if the site's popularity has increased, and by examining financial figures to see if Hewlett Packard's sales increase.

Conclusion: HP is the finest and the most recognized industry present in IT Company understands and responds to the needs and preferences of the customers. Its main strength is its well developed and professional human resource. Development of various projects delegated to social responsibility and welfare. It's the right place for carrier growth. Hp is picking up well in this fast developing IT sector.

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