Assessing Personnel Management And Hr Management Business Essay


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Personnel Management - Personnel Management is thus basically an administrative record-keeping function, at the operational level. Personnel Management attempts to maintain fair terms and conditions of employment, while at the same time, efficiently managing personnel activities for individual departments etc. It is assumed that the outcomes from providing justice and achieving efficiency in the management of personnel activities will result ultimately in achieving organizational success.

Human Resource Development - Human resource management is concerned with the development and implementation of people strategies, which are integrated with corporate strategies, and ensures that the culture, values and structure of the organization, and the quality, motivation and commitment of its members contribute fully to the achievement of its goals.

HRM is concerned with carrying out the SAME functional activities traditionally performed by the personnel function, such as HR planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection, employee relations, performance management, employee appraisals, compensation management, training and development etc. But, the HRM approach performs these functions in a qualitatively DISTICNT way, when compared with Personnel Management.

Main Differences between Personnel Management and HRM

Personnel management is workforce centered, directed mainly at the organization's employees; such as finding and training them, arranging for them to be paid, explaining management's expectations, justifying management's actions etc. While on the other hand, HRM is resource -centered, directed mainly at management, in terms of devolving the responsibility of HRM to line management, management development etc.

Although indisputably a management function, personnel management has never totally identified with management interests, as it becomes ineffective when not able to understand and articulate the aspirations and views of the workforce, just as sales representatives have to understand and articulate the aspirations of the customers.

Personnel Management is basically an operational function, concerned primarily with carrying out the day-to day people management activities. While on the other hand, HRM is strategic in nature, that is, being concerned with directly assisting an organization to gain sustained competitive advantage.

HRM is more proactive than Personnel Management. Whereas personnel management is about the maintenance of personnel and administrative systems, HRM is about the forecasting of organizational needs, the continual monitoring and adjustment of personnel systems to meet current and future requirements, and the management of change.

27 Points of Difference between Personnel Management & HRD

S. No.


Personnel Management

Human Resource Development

Beliefs &Assumptions


Careful delineation of written contracts

Aim to go 'beyond contracts'


Importance of devising clear rules/mutuality

'Can-do' outlook; impatience with 'rule'

Guide to management Action


'Business - need'

Behaviour Referent

Norms/custom &practice


Managerial Task vis-à-visLabour



Nature of Relations







Key Relations

Labour Management





Corporate Plan

Marginal to

Central to

Speed of Decision




Management Role


Transformational leadership

Key Managers

Personnel/IR Specialists

General/business/line managers





High (e.g. 'parity' an issue)

Low (e.g. 'parity' not seen as relevant)

Prized management skills





Separate, marginal task

Integrated, key task


Job Evaluation (fixed grades)

Performance - related


Separately negotiated


Labour Management

Collective bargaining contracts

Towards individual contracts

Thrust of relations

Regularized through facilities &training

Marginalized (with exception of some bargaining for change models)

Job categories &grades




Restricted flow

Increased flow

Job Design

Division of Labour


Conflict Handling

Reach temporary truces

Manage climate &culture

Training &Development

Controlled access to courses

Learning companies

Foci of attention of interventions

Personnel procedures

Wide ranging cultural, structural &personnel strategies




Vacancy is known in two situations (generally):

An employee leaves and there is a vacancy created

Business Growth

The vacancy is intimated to the HR department by the concerned technical department.

Ensure that judgement of abilities, experience and qualifications is made against the requirements of the position in question.

1) Defining the Requirement - Decide what vacancy you have. If you need to fill a new role quickly you might find it helpful to adapt one of the models provided here:

Task analysis - Draw up a detailed list of tasks that the person will have to do.

This helps in determining the qualities and qualifications genuinely required for the job.

Job description - Produce an outline of the broad responsibilities (rather than

detailed tasks) involved in the job.

Person specification - Decide what skills, experience, qualifications and attributes

someone will need to do the job as defined in the task analysis and job description.

2) Selection - Select your candidate being objective and unbiased. Choose the person who best fits your person specification.

Short listing: Review applications on the basis of the person specification. Ensure

that you select for interview those who match the specifications, regardless of age, sex, race etc, and that the specifications are not themselves discriminatory.

Interviews: Interview your short-listed candidates remembering that your job is

not only to assess the best candidate for the job, but also to create a great impression of your organization.

3) Candidate assessments - The interview will provide you with some information

but check it out before offering a job.

Ask the candidate to show you examples of previous work, do a presentation, a case study, some tests or full assessment. Tests can be done before the interview or after the interview. It depends on the number of candidates being interviewed and the type of job.

You must have the specific permission of the applicant to do so, particularly if you wish to contact their current employer. If you need them quickly, try phoning.

4) Making a Job Offer - If you think you have found the right candidate, it's time to make the job- offer.

5) Induction - Help your new recruit to settle in quickly and become productive as soon as possible.

Now, Let us see a little more in detail how this process can be divided into stages and how best to execute the process:

The Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process begins when you know you need someone new in the Department, either because an existing staff member has left, or because there is new work to be done. It doesn't finish until after the appointment has been made.

The main stages are identified in the below flow chart -

Identify Vacancy


Prepare Job Description and person Specification




Managing the Response




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