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Nowadays many business people start to run their own business.Some of them have become the famous entrepreneurs, some of them are still unknown. But no matter how they are, they all fight for their own work. An entrepreneur is someone who individually set up a company and assume all risks and shoulder responsibility in the business. Entrepreneurs create value where there was none before and combine resources together in a special way. Entrepreneurship means it is the process of creating value through bringing together a special combination of resources to open up an opportunity. There are seven aspects on the nature of entrepreneurship,creation of wealth,enterprise, innovation,change,employment,value and growth.

People always say that "born entrepreneurs" means that make them innately entrepreneurs. In the current world, many scientists and economists discuss about that whether entrepreneurs are born,or made,and this problem has been argued for a long time.Some scientists maitain that entrepreneurs are born,not made. They utilize some advanced technique to support their point and analyse why the entrepreneurs are born,such as genetic technology . Others think entrepreneurs are made, not born. These scientists cling to the belief that people can be made to an entrepreneur by education,growth environment,work experience,hard working and so fotrth.They have their own ideas,and insist they are correct.

Critical discussion of the statement

Many scientists think entrepreneurs are born. Gartne,the professor of Princeton University,thought entrepreneurs are born,not made. The scientists who support him all said, the born entrepreneurs have the strong desire when they were young,for example,conquest,and the desire of honor. They stress these qualities are born,not made. They think if someone who does not have any talent, no matter how hard he works,he is less likely to be successful, though he can run a small personal shop. So the scientists suggest that gene will effect entrepreneurs. They believe that the genes have a subtle,but powerful impact on the job and career. From the newspaper, "Scott Shane did a scientific research to assess the role that genes play in careers and career choices. His aim is to state the role of heredity at work.

The strength of his account is that it calmly brings an uncomfortable subject to the fore, laying out the research data in admirably plain English and describing in detail how scientists match specific genes to specific traits."( Wall Street Journal). Scott Shane is the Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Case Western Reserve University. He is an expert in management and entrepreneurship. And Scott Shane wrote a book "Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders,How Your Genes Affect Your Work Life". In this book, he did many researches and showed a various of evidences that how the gene affect work life. He used genetic techniques to compare 857 pairs of same-sex fraternal twins and 870 pairs of identical, considered all the factors inside, he found that 42% and 37% of differences between people that they started business, is affected by gene. A new evidence shows two-thirds of entrepreneurs say they run business by innate desire,not by training,skills,education and work experience. There are more than 200 U.S. Entrepreneurs surveyed, only 1% claim that they run business through the high education, while most of them say they run business by their innate entrepreneurship. Among these entrepreneurs, they found they have the innate entrepreneurs when they were young. They like to do some thing risky. It seems that the innate entrepreneurship is discovered within the individual. For instance,Bill Gates who is the richest man in the current world with 56 billion net assets. When he was a child, he thought if he can create some thing can put all the things in inside,and this thing must be smaller than the cigarette package. And some years later he really had the desire, he created the first chip in the world,then running his company in 1975.Obviously, he is different with the other children,he is a talent in doing business and innovation. Genius have something special and talent that we can not deny. All in all, entrepreneurs are in the heart, in the soul.

So many evidences show that entrepreneurs are born,but still have a lot of scientists think entrepreneurs are made,not born. Thomas Alva Edison said "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"(Thomas Alva Edison 1903). The talent by itself is almost irrelevant, a capacity for hard work, the courage to execute and the willingness to persevere are far more important. Many entrepreneurs say they run their own business because of the hard working,belief,high education,growth environment,work experience and social relationship. All of these factors come from external factors.

As an entrepreneur, you should have some necessary conditions,you must set a strong sense of professionalism and high sense of responsibility that can motivate yourself to get success. If you operate a company, you should be responsible for the company,this responsible will drive you to get more profits and achievement. Have a business vision and catch opportunity. If you have a good vision, you will find some chances that others can not realize,and you catch this chance to start your business, you will be the first person do this business in the area. You can find out many commercial opportunities to expand and develop your business. Maybe in the future, you will be another Bill Gates.You also need the courage to try some thing new and unknown and can organize the team together to do the work more efficiency. As an entrepreneur, you can not be timid. You will face many different things that you have never seen before,at that time, you need to encourage yourself to have a try,and maybe this try will give you a new chance. As a good entrepreneur, you also need to have the high qualities. Honesty,integrity and do not abuse power for personal gains. In some countries, we always can see such news,some entrepreneurs corrupt and they are brought to justice. And you should be erudite,open horizon to think,analysis and try. Study more can get more knowledge that will motivate you to create, develop. Some scientists did a research that they ask entrepreneurs what is the most important factor affect them in business. There were thirty percent entrepreneurs choose the high education, twenty-six percent entrepreneurs said it came from mentors and others said it came from work experience. Having a good leadship is also very important, you can manage your company, you can control your employees and lead them to achieve the goal. As a boss, you should be prestigious that your employees will obey your order. Meanwhile,you must have a good psychological quality, if you face some troubles, you can solve these problems easily. The most important is you should have the skill, if you do not have any skill,you can not be a good entrepreneur,you do not understand the theories,process,sources. Like Steve Jobs, he was interested in technology when he was a child. He liked to research the technology and analysis reason and he got the main point of the technology then try to make a new product, he tried thousands of times for his product, and he was very good at it. This skill laid the foundation for him in the future.

All these conditions and qualities shows, the most entrepreneurs are made by many different ways. And all these conditions and qualities can be made during the period of growth and working. All entrepreneurs study from the life, environment, experience,maybe they failed many times and these are the main reasons make them become successful.

Critical use of relevant resources

We discuss about entrepreneurs are born,or made. I disagree that entrepreneurs are born, nor made. I stand by entrepreneurs are made,not born. In the discussion, we all known that as an entrepreneurs should possess some characteristics. And maybe one of the they are made by hard working. Wang Chuanfu who is the CEO of BYD and one of the richest person in China and Warren Buffet’s also support him. He insist that working hard is the only one way to get success. In his company, all employee know that he is a workholic,always work overtime. He likes to ask the questions,tries new technique and analyses the reasons. In the company, he told his staffs when you work hard, you will toward your team to the same dream.

The second secret of success is belief. Howard Schultz is the chairman and CEO of Starbucks and a former owner of Seattle SuperSonics. He was born in a German-Jewish family in New York. His family was very poor when he was a child. So at that time, Howard Schultz had a belief that he want to run a special company, he does not want to be looked down upon by others.He stole a coffee for his alcoholic father when he was 12, but his father gave him a good beating. He refused to see his father when he was 29, one week later when he went home, his father died. In the relic, he found a rusty coffee pot and a letter. His father hopes him can run a coffee shop. Howard Schultz was very regret and he promised that he must satisfy his father's desire. Some years later, he was successed. Now he owns more than 17000 Starbucks in the whole world. And his new book Onward was published in April 2011. In this book, he told us, no matter how hard your life,do not give up,the future will be beautiful. His experience, life is difficult, if you have a strong desire, your dream will come true.

The work experience will affect you to be an entrepreneur. Nowadays, Mcdonald's become the most famous and successful restaurant in the world. Charlie Bell who is the chairman and CEO of this company,he owns more than 30000 multiple shop in the world. Bell is from Australia, when he was 15 years old, he started to work in the restaurant as a waiter, four years later, he became the youngest manager in the local restaurant. After working for twenty years, he became the executive director of Mcdonald's in Australia. For such a long time work experience, he became an entrepreneur to own such a big company.

Many entrepreneurs are affected by their growth environment and experience.

Sir Ka-shing Li who is the richest entrepreneur in Hong Kong. He was born in a poor family, his father was dead when he was 12 years old. So he dropped out of the school and to be burdened with the family. He knew money is very important for his family and he started work in a watch shop. He treasured every penny to support his whole family. It pays off, he found a business chance and struggle for it. Finally he succeed. But he still to be a frugal person until now. He puts his money on many kinds of investment projects and never waste, so he built a large store of wealth.

There still have many external factors to affect people to be an entrepreneur. For example, having a good social relationship is good for you, wide range of resources can help you to build business easily. You can find many customer and business opportunities through the social relationship.


From the former discussion,I disagree that the entrepreneurs are born,not made. I stand for entrepreneurs are made, not born. We can see evidently that an entrepreneur can be made by many external factors. Maybe some one has talent in doing business, but if you just have talent but never struggle for you business, you can not be an entrepreneur. Maybe you are very mediocre, do not be depressed, try your best and work hard, you will have a bright future. Such as Howard Schultz said in his book, do not give up, your future will be beautiful. Most of us are ordinary person, and most entrepreneurs are also commons, they are not clever, they do not have any talent, but they can fight for their life and dreams. They work hard than others, they study more knowledge,they like to analysis and research, they try to create new products. They are not afraid of fail. As a song singing" no body can be succeed easily, and the rainbow always follow the rain-storm"(Emil Wakin Chau--Rain or shine) let's come together and do our best to face the coming challenges.